Moonlight Desire – Chapter Four

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“I didn’t know” I spoke glimpsing at the dark clouds which conquered the sky above

“It rained here.”

“This is a part of earth.” Tony replied coldly. He was still mad because he hadn’t got the chance to fight. He didn’t want a favour from Shivani.

“Well the creatures living here aren’t.” I said thinking about my encounters with them. This place was a complete mess. With unexpected and unpredictable things happening most of the times.

“You are one of them.” Tony moved faster as the drops poured on us falling from the zenith.

The rain had started pouring. The cold drops slumped down my hair and then moved to my face.
It had been this way, the first time we met. There after the party. Aaron had offered me to drive and then everything happened. A spasm of pain hit my head. The world was a roller coaster rounding off and then fading in the dark.

After the dark, there was light which called me. Voices blazed through my ears and I shot my eyes open.
Rain… But I wasn’t wet. The surrounding wasn’t the trees and the leaves it was a lonely road and a car stood before me. And Gigi stood beside it. It was 11pm and the date was 2 months ago, when I met him, Aaron. I was watching it. As if I was the third person and not myself who stood there.

“Come, I’ll drop you.” Aaron said from the car.

“It’s okay, I’ll manage.” Gigi said.

But I wanted to go with him at that time. The rain was so heavy that the streets were deserted, no cab to be seen and her car had been set in her friend’s house, futile as it was due to the deteriorated engine.

“Come in fast. Or I’ll shove you inside forcibly.” He said.

Gigi got into the car and I walked behind them, I was fast, faster than a vamp would be. It was because I was in my dreams, maybe.

“Where do you live?” He asked.

“Dalven street.” Gigi replied. She was shy. And I wanted to throb her for that.

“Oh. I’m going exactly that way.” He said.

“You don’t have to lie. I saw you going the opposite way.” Gigi shot him a smile.

He chuckled. He was going the opposite way, but he had come for her, for me. He switched the car on and rushed through the street.

After he dropped Gigi home. She inched towards her house.

I knew exactly what had happen next. I had hurt my leg at  that time. I still bore the marks. ‘Stop! Stop!’ I yelled and she did. Gigi did stop, noticing the stone below and jumped over.

How?! What was going on?

Everything was true. I could feel each and every moment. Every bit of it had happened and I had changed something. The mark on my leg had disappeared. Could I change the past? But how?
Gigi entered inside her home, but I didn’t. I decided to follow Tony…


“Gigi! Gigi! Wake up!” Voices reverberated in my ear.

It was Tony, shaking me, jerking me. It was dream, wasn’t it?

I stood up. “What happened?” He asked.

“I don’t know, I was..” the mark on my leg was really gone. If it were a dream, how could this happen?

How did I change the past. And dreams indeed couldn’t be so precise.

“Tony. I went into the past, I could change it. Everything was true, I’m sure it isn’t a dream.” I said looking at him with a questioning eyes.

He thought for a while.. and then said staring at the tree behind me, “Some vampires have special powers. Each blessed with a different one. I don’t have it. But maybe you have…”

Tony was now walking behind me. Though he reasoned it by saying that he was having an ache, I knew he stood  there for me. After I had fainted earlier, he was worried. This was my special power? To go into the past? How useless! Well, going into the future was something.

I felt his gaze. He was watching me, with his cold gaze, cooling me from behind. I could feel it. I flinched.

I cleared my throat. Nothing.

“Umm..” I said biting my lower lip.

“What?” He said.

“Is there something disturbing?”

“No, why?” He asked as if staring at a girl was as normal as drinking tea.

I turned around. “You’ve been staring at me so…” I slipped due to the stone beneath, ready to fall and ready to feel the pain, but it didn’t come.

He was holding me. Ripping me through his gaze. “For this.” He said.

“What?” I asked.

“You are an absent minded person. I was watching you to save you from situations as such.”  He replied.

I gulped. “Fine.” I climbed to my feet and we started walking again.


In the night, as we stopped by the campfire, I rested against a tree trunk.

The smell of ash had thickened the air. Tony had left to collect water from the river that flowed about 2 miles from there. He would return fast, he was a vampire.

I closed my eyes, returning to the past. Using my vampire power.

“You,”Aaron said as Gigi entered his car for their first date “look pretty.”

Indeed, She looked pretty for she had spent a couple of hours to get ready that day. It had been thirteen days since he had dropped her. They had met twice again at other parties and chatting followed for the days. He had come to her place and they had spoken for hours. Then had he demanded for a ‘lunch’.

“Thanks.” Gigi said settling down in the car. She blushed at his compliment. Gigi was attracted to him since she first saw him in the party. All handsome and well dressed. Aaron had worn a white shirt and a skinny black jeans. His jacket rested on the back seat. It was blue.

He was pale in colour. The brown of his eyes had a shade of red, she knew now why. His hair were a darker shade of brown, often appearing to be black. He drove past the curve leaving behind the city centre. This was a calmer area. The traffic was less and steady. Greenery had increased here. Large trees stood alongside the roads. We finally stopped before a restaurant.

‘Plais’ it read. A quaint name for a place.

He opened her door and they entered the place hands in hands. Small tables were placed far apart of each other. Privacy was given preference here. Gigi and Aaron took their place on the table at the right corner. A beautiful plate was set before them after a while. Colours of the salad carefully set along the boundaries, red, yellow and greens. At the center slept a beacon topped with some kind of syrup. A meal you would get in some kind of five-star place.

“You like it?” He asked Gigi.

“It looks beautiful.” She commented.

“I hope it tastes so.”

v cut a tiny piece and slip it inside her mouth. The syrup wasn’t sweet as she expected it to be, but it had a hint of spice and chili. Indeed, it tasted good. It could’ve been spicier, being an Indian, she thought. But the taste was exquisite, all the flavours melted into her mouth.

“It’s delicious.” Gigi said.

“I’m glad you liked it.” Aaron smiled at her. Gigi returned back his smile.

“I’m glad you brought me here.”

The meal was pleasant. The desert was a combination of fruits and ice cream, the best part of the lunch.
After they finished eating Aaron paid off, despite Gigi’s failed attempts to contribute, and they settled into the car.

Aaron gave out a breath. He looked uncomfortable, as if thinking about something. He placed his hands over the steering wheel.

“Okay. I should’ve done this earlier in the restaurant, but I couldn’t.” Aaron spoke.

“What?” Gigi gave him a puzzled look.

I smiled as I watched the moment. I knew what was happening, I was glad I could relive it again.

Aaron opened a tiny trunk, situated at the floor of the backseat. He thrusted a bouquet of red roses out of it. Pleasant, beautiful and lovely. He breathed heavily and finally said.

“I.. I love you Gigi. Would you be my girlfriend?” He said.

Gigi jumped back in surprise. She had wanted it. But she didn’t expect it to happen so early and so straight.

“What?..” She asked absentmindedly.

“Gigi… I..” Aaron chocked.

“Yes.” She interrupted.

“What?..” It was his turn now.

“Yes. I’ll be your girlfriend.” Gigi smiled.

Aaron returned the gesture and gave her a warm smile.

He hugged her, tight and loveably.

He gave her a soft kiss. His lips tickled  hers, sent chills to her body. And then the kiss grew intense, Aaron shifted to her seat, licked her bottom lip. Oh so tempting it was. He had a pull, a very strong and quaint one. She had felt it that first day in his car. He bit her lip, and blood trickled down. She was surprised as to how such a small and gentle bite had caused the blood to usher. He licked it. She trapped his lips in hers. They moved in sync. Gigi touched his cheek feeling the warmth which surged inside him, she could feel his beard and his firm jaw. They finally broke, she heaved deep breathes while he looked vaguely calm. She hadn’t expected this too, so intense, so satisfying and yet demanding. Demanding more.


I returned back to the world where I was. The present wasn’t as pleasing as the memories of the past. What moments had those been.

Alluring, tempting, lulling, longing and wild. It was still the dark. The time here so slowly. Tony had however returned. He sat on the fallen tree trunk by the campfire which burnt in red-orange flames. Larger, as it was refueled by the wood.

“What did you see?” Tony asked.

I smiled. A blush crept my cheeks. Bliss , I thought.

“Nothing interesting.” I said smiling.

“Your face doesn’t indicate that though.”

“So inquiring you’ve become, haven’t you?” I glared at him with narrowed eyes.

He smiled at me. An expression which showed so occasionally that you couldn’t imagine him with a smile.I returned the smile too.

His golden-red eyes burnt into me and his smile abated. His eyes didn’t aim at my eyes now, they thrusted down my body. To see the details, which he hadn’t observed till then. My eyes brown-red, as they looked in the lake water, drifted apart. His gaze made me uncomfortable, an effect which only Aaron had. This was going wrong, wasn’t it?

To be continued…

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