Featherlight Heart – Finale

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Tayo walks into the house greeting Mama Tito as he opens the door for him, he sees Mercy in the parlour, he goes to her ”Mama Good Evening” he greets her bending to hug her.

”Hey Tayo my son, how are you?”

”Great Mama, and you, how are you holding up?”

”Good good!!”

”So, where is the grumpy one?”

She laughs understanding ”brooding somewhere in the house, this is worse than I thought, tell him to go do the needful and stop brooding all over the place”

”Oh, what to do?” Tayo sighs ”He is stubborn, he is your son!”

”Sadly, he is.” Then she turns to Tayo smiling sheepishly “‘What if we do it for him?”

”Do it for him, really. How do you mean Mama?”

”Well, if the mountain doesn’t want to go to Mohammed, we take Mohammed to the mountain or bring the mountain to Mohammed, however which way works for me”

”What do you suggest we do then?”

”Oh I have a few ideas” Mercy rubs her hands together in excitement.

He bends down to listen to her as she tells him.

”Oh I see!”‘ Tayo nods ”That could work. You are a genius Mama!”

They laugh. Mama Tito turns to see them whispering, she smiles, she had a feeling she knew what they were up to.



”Hey grumpy! You good? You haven’t gone to work for two days, I know you are the boss but… lead by example!”

”I couldn’t concentrated”

“How could you eh? When you are thinking of matters of the heart. So are you going to stop pacing your house and go to her?”.

”I can’t!!” He sinks into the chair.

”Okay fine, then stop thinking about her”

”I can’t either!!”

”Boy, your case is worse than I thought ” Tayo laughs

”Not funny Tayo!”

”You won’t go to her, won’t stop thinking about her, son, you are just… stubborn”

”Something I got from Ambross!!”

”Yeah!! So stop thinking of woman for a bit, I need you to come out with me for a while”‘

”What, Why, Where?”

”Must I have a reason to take my best friend out? I want to talk about girls and drink beer”

”I don’t want to” he gets up from the chair and plops down on his bed.

”Well, if you don’t get your ass up I would flood your house with g-string prostitutes and video you with them outing their ass and boobs in your face and boost it on social media”

“You wouldn’t dare!!”

”Oh I will, dare me!”

”Fine, but I don’t want to talk about girls”

”Don’t worry, we can talk about one whose name starts with capital letter D and her name goes like this ‘Dee’. Come let us go…up man, up!!”.

Emeka sighs getting up, grabbing his jacket and they leave the house, driving away in Emeka’s Ferrari.

As soon as they leave, Mercy gets up.

”Mama Tito, this is what I want you to do, bring out the candles, some nice plates and make a delicious dinner, have the staffs leave the main house by eight pm. Leave the door unlocked and leave too”

She looks at her ”Mama, I don’t understand! Who is going to eat the food? And why are we all going to leave?”

”Because I say so”‘ Mercy is smiling” please do it now okay, ask one of the helps to decorate a little, let this place be beautiful; like I said, leave the door open, and let the securities not stop her when she comes”

”Stop who?”

”Who else Mama Tito, who else?”

”Ohhh!!” Mama Tito nods understanding what she was up to, she smiles ”I will do everything right away Ma”

” Good! I need to make a call!!” Mercy walks away dialing.



”Do you think it would work?” Grace is on the phone ”okay ” she nods smiling ”Indeed, take the mountain to Mohammed” she laughs ”okay, don’t worry, don’t worry mama, I will. Okay, bye”‘

Diana walks into the room ”Who were you taking to in hush hush like that? Junior is asleep, the nanny is here. Look, I know I have overstayed but I would be gone tomorrow”

”Nonsense Dee, you can stay as long as you want, and I wasn’t talking to anyone, I just… erm… crap!!” Grace explains touching her temple.

”What?” Diana turns to her

”I know we were supposed to go out tonight but I can’t anymore”

”Why not, your nanny is already here, she will watch junior”

”It’s not that, they just sent me a report for me to address for work and I have to finish it tonight, I just forgot and I have to send it Asap, I am sorry” she apologises to Diana.

”Argh!! So much for a movie and girl’s time” Diana pouts.

”I will make it up to you, I promise!”

Diana’s phone rings ”You better” she says looking at the caller, picking ”Mama, good evening, how are you?” she is about to sit down ”what?” she jumps up ”okay, I am on my way Mama, don’t move please!!” she cuts the call.

”What is it Diana?”

”Erm-” she is catching her head ”Mama said she is finding it hard to breath and no one is around and I don’t know how come. She said she has called the hospital and they are no their way but she wants someone with her, Mama Tito has gone to visit her son, and she can’t get through to Emeka and she is scared and she can’t breathe and -”

”oh dear, you have to go to her, here, take my car, go really fast okay!!” Grace pushes her keys into Diana’s hands.

”Okay, see you soon” Diana rushes out of the house, Grace is smiling.

”oh!! See you soon Diana!!” she laughs, and then she dials the caller back.

”Hey mama, she is driving to you, okay?” She laughs again as Mercy says something ”I know right? Don’t worry, it would work out, have a little faith. See you soon.”‘



” What mama, are you okay?” he seats up as he answers his call. ”okay, Ma- calm down Mama, I am on my way okay?” he drops the beer and gets up.

”What’s wrong Emeka?” Tayo is worried

”Mama said she can’t move her legs, she can’t even- I have to go. She said no one is there, how can all the staffs not be available, I will fire them, I have to go home Tayo, let’s go”‘

”óh!! Erm, okay…you go ahead, I will come by immediately, run run!!”‘

”okay man!!” Emeka rushes to his car, Tayo grabs his phone and dials.

”He is heading your way Mama, you deserve an award Mama for being a good actress”

He laughs, gets a taxi and heads to Grace’s house.



The securities let her in, she drives into the estate, barely locking the car she jumps out, running up the stairs and rings the bell, no answer, she touches the door, it swings open. It was strange.

The house is empty and the lights are off, she finds her way into the house, up the stairs, she goes to Mercy’s room, it’s empty, the whole house is empty in fact. She dials her number, it’s switched off.

”Oh God!!!” she tries it again, it’s off, she dials Emeka’s number, but cuts it immediately, no! Mama has to be around somewhere, but what if something had happened to her ‘Mama, Mama?” She checks again… empty. No one was in the house.

She makes her way downstairs slowly, worried. She has to call Emeka.



Emeka runs into the house, it was quiet, dark, no lights were working as he tried to put it on ” Mama, Mama?” he calls out rushing to the stairs in the dark, heading up when they meet.

They freeze.

”Diana, you?” He breathes.

”Emeka!!” she exclaims

Then he shakes his head ”My mother” he rushes past her, rushing to her room, checks it, it’s empty, he checks all the rooms upstairs, its empty, he comes down.

”Did you see my mother? she said she was paralysed and couldn’t move”

”No!! She called me and told me she couldn’t breathe and no one was at home and –” She trails off as it dawns on her, Emeka shakes his head understanding, it was a ploy.

”Tushei’ Mama!!” He mutters under his breath smiling.

”Wow! We actually fell for it!!” Diana shakes her head walking down the stairs.

”Yes! We did, she was pretty convincing ” he rubs his jaw ”hmm, no wonder Tayo didn’t come with me”‘

”No wonder Grace cancelled our girls night out”

”oh, I am sorry!”

”it’s fine! When Mama is obviously okay, I should go home though” she turns away

”No! Don’t, please” he stops her.

”I have to” she walks away going down to the parlour ”Oh how strange! This wasn’t here ”

Someone had obviously gone all out to set out a beautiful candle light dinner, well decorated in the middle of the living room, the room that was dark a few minutes ago is illuminated in a dull glow only in the centre of the room, Emeka comes down to see it, they hear the door close and then lock, they turn.

They see his Mother waving from the window and walking away excitedly.

Emeka laughs ”You sneaky woman come here” he goes to the window, he sees her entering her car and driving away.

”So your mother lures us in here, sets dinner for us and locks us inside? I think she has been rubbing off on some master minder of recent, I wonder who” Diana taps her jaw.

”Ouch!! I deserved that!!” Emeka rubs his chest

”Wasn’t my intent” she smiles

”It’s okay, so..” Emeka walks to her ”Well, as you can see, we are locked in my house and a beautiful dinner prepared for us, we might as well eat right?”

Reluctantly she goes to the middle of the room as he pulls out a seat for her, he takes the opposite one.

They eat in silence, he puts the stereo on, and they continue to slowly eat, avoiding each other’s eyes, lost in their own thoughts.

It’s been weeks since the gun shot, he hadn’t come. She figured he was dating Olive now since he didn’t come… she was hurt and sad but she had to accept it.

Where was Olive anyways?

Done, she gets up, she might has well keep her hands busy… she begins to pack the plates, he helps her with it, they take it to the kitchen and wash it, neither speaking.

She walks back to the living room leaving him in the kitchen; she sits on the cushion, staring into nothing. He whisked out his phone to shout on Tayo ”I swear I will break your neck Tayo!!”

”Yes, I love you too brother, thank me later, bye bye”‘ line cuts

Shaking his head he goes to her, and takes a seat beside her and puts on the Tv, a soap opera comes on.

They are watching it, they are quiet.

He stares at her for a long time, too long.

”You are staring at me Emeka”

”Sorry”‘ He turns away.


”Infact! I am not sorry!” he exclaims turning to her.

”Not sorry?” she raises an eyebrow looking at him.

”Yes! For looking at you, for looking at how your heart had turned out. I won’t apologise for looking at you Diana because you are a rare sight to behold… and ..” he trails off as his heart beats within his chest.


”I know I have been an asshole, I didn’t come to see you, I didn’t come to thank you. All this while I couldn’t bring myself to look at you straight in the eyes, because of my shame and my guilt, I am sorry Diana, for hurting you for all I did to you that day… you saved my life, you risked yourself for my life. I am sorry, so sorry… I never realised how hurting you could affect me so much”

”It’s okay!!”

”No it’s not okay” he shifts closer to her ”I messed up, yes, you were a lot of things years ago, did a lot of things, hurt me, broke me, but this woman now is different, this woman… you, is the one I have already dreamed about and when you got shot I thought you were going to die and I beat myself up over it for weeks and I know you hate me because I did and said hurtful things to you, I am sorry, forgive me. Thank you for saving my life, but next time, don’t go in front of a moving bullet, let me take the fall for you, I don’t want to lose you Dee, not again, not ever” he says staring into her eyes.

”It’s okay Emeka” she sniffs

”No it’s not Dee, I can’t sleep. I can’t think, I can’t function because I keep trying to run away from the only thing that matters right not… you! I love you Dee, from the first day I saw you I fell in love with you, and years later despite my anger I still couldn’t let go of all the pain but seeing you lying there at the very edge of death my whole world felt like it was crumbling down, and I am truly sorry for hurting you when you changed, I am so sorry, forgive me”

”There is nothing to forgive Emeka, but you don’t love me, you love Olive, you said so”‘

He shakes his head ”I don’t love Olive, that was all an act but yes I care for her and what we had was long after you and then later on, but… I didn’t love her, I couldn’t, because I love you, always have, always will and now all my heart does is keep beating fast within my chest just thinking about you”

”What happens to Olive? But she loves you”

”Olive is a great woman, yes she loves me, but she also understands this salient truth, ”The heart wants who it wants, and that is you Dee, I just don’t love you Dee, my love for you runs deep, seated in my bones, my thoughts, my mind, my body, my all. I love you Dee”

She blinks back tears, was this for real? He actually… he loves her, he never stopped loving her, Emeka loves her, he loves her.

”I am madly insanely in love with you Diana Nkenchior, and I was stupid to have done all that to you, I am so sorry. I couldn’t face you because of my guilt but I always checked on you, making sure you were okay, taken care of, I made sure you never lacked, I made sure-”

”I didn’t want any of that” She sniffs as her tears trek down her face ”I just want you, just you and you never showed up”

”I am sorry Dee, I am, forgive me. I am here today, that is all that matters” he pulls her into a hug as she cries

”I didn’t think you could ever love me again, my past, the way I was and all, I just wanted you alone and when you said you didn’t want me, it broke me, and and—”she trails off as he holds her tight to him.

”It’s all in the past now. Now, today, tomorrow is all that matters, I don’t care about your past but our present and our future Dee, that is what I want, I love you Dee” he holds her face away from his chest and stares into her eyes ”I LOVE YOU!!!” he exclaims searching her eyes “and if you will have me I will love you the only way I know how””

She laughs in her tears “I never thought you would ever choose me, let alone love me”

He laughs “I couldn’t love another woman since you, my heart choose you since day one, my body choose you, my everything choose you. All those years ago I was broken about you and my father, I was bitter, I wanted to hurt and vent it pain for pain. I wanted closure and I wanted revenge and when I saw you again, him again, I felt yes, this was the time for me to do it and I did. if only I had known the mistake I was doing iI wouldn’t have, Tayo goes on with his torturous talks of ‘I told you so, I told you, you will lose yourself’ And he was right, no matter how much I want to fight it I can’t, I can’t!”

”Then why didn’t you come” she searches his eyes ”Why didn’t you come to me?”‘

”I was scared, scared you will be angry with me, scared you will reject me, hate me, don’t want to see me again, I was guilty too for hurting you, for putting my family in harm’s way, and I felt shame because no one should hurt someone they love like that, doesn’t matter what the person did, no one should repay pain for pain, so I couldn’t face you, I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror. I can’t even forgive myself yet for Ambross, I couldn’t face you Diana, right now it doesn’t matter what you did years ago, it broke me, it shattered, it hurt me, that’s the past, the present and future is all that matters, because it’s you. This you loves me unconditionally, this you loves me wholeheartedly, this you is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. I am in love with you Diana Nkenchior, I have been in love with you for as long as I remember and today, today I love you a little bit more, and I want to love you forever and a day more, to infinity and beyond , just you alone just you” he searches her face, her face still held by his hands.

She closes her eyes and sniffing ”You have no idea how long since this happened I hoped to hear those words from your mouth, you have no idea how much I beat myself for what I did to you in the past, you have idea that I never hated you even when I landed in the hospital because I know I deserved all that I got from you, I didn’t hate you Emeka, in fact… I accepted my faults and my mistakes and all this past weeks I accepted the fact that you were right, you were right in your actions”

”No I wasn’t” He is shaking his head.

”You were, I don’t know what I would have done if someone had treated me the way I treated you, maybe even worse. But here we are!”

”Yes! Here we are” He agrees.

”I do love you Emeka, and yes I accepted you the day my heart did, the day I began loving you even in my doubt, how it happened I have no idea but it did, maybe I would attribute to your mother setting the foundation for that I don’t know… but I am happy that finally, we are here, and I would be the most stupid not to love you right back, so this time, let me love you Emeka, let me amend the hurts I have curse, let me love you more than you love me because you loved me forever and I just started loving you, let me show you what me loving you can feel like… yes Emeka I accept you, but I will be the one loving you more than you love me,” she says looking into his eyes, she places her hands over his as he held her face still ”I will be loving you today, tomorrow, always… always as long as this heart keeps beating in my chest, as long a I am standing, even when my hair is grey and my teeth have fallen out”

He smiles ”I love you still Dee, even when you are feeble and have no teeths”

She laughs ”I may not look beautiful”

He shakes his head ”beauty isn’t only in the looks Dee, beauty comes from within, your heart, physical beauty fades, it does pane out, but the beauty within transcend from the inside and burns like a torch never dying out, you were beautiful to me then, even now and you will still be to me when you are all grey and you mumble unintelligent words to me, I pray Ii may be strong still to lift you to places you can no longer go”.

”And I too able to love you still when you no longer can”

They smile at each other, Emeka places his head to hers, their eyes are close, foreheads touching..

”Give me a second!!” he jumps up dashing upstairs and then comes back holding a velvet box, he seats down back on the chair facing her, he opens the box and brings out a diamond ring, it was the same one he gave to her earlier, but this time he bends it and shows it to her, she sees it as he takes it to the light.

”Diana Uchendu Chikurdi” she read it, it was inscribed inside the ring

”I had this ring sent back, had that inscription made, but didn’t know how I could give it to you after it all.” He says looking at her.

She smiles in her tears.

He goes on one knee as he seats ”Diana, today Ii go on my knees again, not as the man you know, not as the man who hurt you, not as the man who is broken, not as a man without bruises and flaws, today I go on my names again, as the man who is imperfect, who has many flaws and who is willing to be imperfectly perfect for you. Diana, I go on my knees again, as one who wants to spend the rest of his life  with you, who loves you, who appreciates you, who wouldn’t be able to live another day without you… I go on my knees again, today, because you are my queen and you deserve all the happiness you ever dream Dee. Marry me Dee, marry me!”

She goes on her knees with him ”Maybe I should be the one asking’ she smiles staring at him.

“I have been the most awful, the most spiteful, the most unrealistic person… I have been uncaring and unloving and I loved myself, money, and allowed myself to be your pain, I am sorry Emeka for years of pain, for everything. Today I kneel here as a changed person, a better person, maybe because God decided to humble me, maybe the harsh words of your mother shook me maybe because I didn’t realise how my leaving affected you, I didn’t know, but today I kneel here a changed and better person, and all I want to do is remain that to you, a good wife, a good woman, a great mother to our children. I want to show them that love forgives all, amends all, supersedes all. I want to be that woman for you who would love you unconditionally, never hurt you, never leave you, Iwant to love the man… the boy who has become this man, and I want to start today to forever, Emeka Odinaka Uchendu Chikurdi, will you marry me, I promise to love you always and forever”‘ she stares at him

He laughs shaking his head ”You know I will marry you”

”Then yes, I will marry you”

He slips the ring into her finger, he kisses it ”It’s always been you Diana, for me, always being you”

”And you will always be the one for me from here on out..” she smiles back at him

He seats pulling her off her knees and pulling her next to him. He pulls her to his chest, she lays her head there, she wipes the tears falling from her eyes.

They lay there for a few minutes, listening to each other’s heart beats.. as he caresses her arms, his heart at peace, his heart content, his love for her washes over him. Why the hell didn’t he just go get her since? He chuckles shaking his head.


”Just laughing at my silliness that’s all. I shouldn’t have delayed, I feel… elated, happy, at peace now”‘

”You shouldn’t !!!”

”Why?” he stares down at her.

”Because, when you tell someone you love them, its usually accompanied by a kiss, and… I am here wondering when you are going to do that” she smiles under his chin.

He lifts her face up with the tip of his finger ”Yes, I shouldn’t be at peace until I kiss your lips, this lips that only I can understand its effect to me, only I can truly understand how intoxicated i get when i am near you”

”Shut up and kiss me already” she begs looking at him

He smiles ”You had no idea I wanted to do that for as along a I realized I couldn’t live without you, hold you in my arms and love you like I can’t breathe” he leans in softly, slowly and captures her lips in his, she kisses him back, he urges her mouth open, running his tongue over her lips he kisses her, blending lips over lips he caresses her lips , and when it felt as though he wasn’t getting enough he lifts her from his side and gathers her in his arms as he places her on top of him. She grabs his neck as she hungrily kisses him, meeting him tongue for tongue; as they savoured and drank form each other.

And they kissed for a long time, their hearts beating fast, their bodies responding to that feeling that only both of them would understand.. They kiss which such intensity and passion that threatens to burst from their hearts. They kiss until they could feel the thud thud sounds which their hearts makes, until she is squirming in his arms, allowing him more access to her mouth they kissed, wanting more.

He kissed her like he had never before, like he had never kissed another before; every taste, every bite, every caress of her lips sent shivers down his body, he responds to her in ways he has never responded with/to anybody..

They kissed, barely coming up for air, until all that was left is for them to rid their cloths and sink into the warmth their body was independently generating..

”If we don’t stop now, I won’t be able to stop myself” Emeka confessed between kisses, trying to restrain himself

”Who says I want you to stop” she whispers back into his eyes ”i Idon’t want you to stop!!”

She kisses his neck and his cheeks and back to his mouth, running her hand down his chest and back up wrapping her hands around him.

”I don’t want to either but…” he breaks away from her… ”if we would do this, we would only do this right!!” he says pulling her up.

”What do you mean?” Diana is dazed from that hot make out session.

”I am going to wife you and I would make mad love to you afterwards Dee” he says kissing her

She laughs ”Well, I am not ashamed to say I am looking forward to it”‘ They hear a car drive in. He holds her hand kissing her forehead.

”Come, I think our master minder is back, let’s go tell her the good news yes?”

”Yes!!” they walk hand in hand to the door as Mercy opens the door and throws her head inside to peep

”Boo!!” Emeka exclaims

She laughs sheepishly entering the house ”I erm… just came to check if all is well”‘

”Well, if this rings is any indication, I think all is awesome” Diana says showing her the ring

Mercy clasps her hands together and laughs ”come on in guys, I think our plan worked” she calls over her shoulders,

”Really?” Tayo enters first, followed by Grace who is jumping and dancing .

”Oh Grace you too? Tayo too?” Diana is laughing

”Come here Diana, welcome home daughter-in-law”‘

Diana rushes to her and buries her face in her arms ”Thank you mama”

They hug.

”Son, you did the right thing, just know if this day had turned differently. I would kill you myself, so, when is the wedding?” Tayo tells his friend.

”As soon as we can fix one” They laugh

Grace is hugging and gushing over the ring, then she comes to hug Emeka ”Glad you stepped up”

”Glad I did”‘

”I think we can fix a grand wedding for the weekend, yes, don’t worry Emeka, your mother would plan everything, everything, it is going to be the talk of the town” Mercy is planning.

”It doesn’t matter, as long as you all are there, and my husband, that is all that matters, I don’t need a big wedding to marry the man I love” she smiles at Emeka who pulls her to him .

”I don’t either;” he leans kissing her slowly on the mouth

”ohhhhh!!!” everyone says ”Get a room”

They roar in happy laughter.



They were in the hospital a few days later when they got the call, they rushed down there..

”You can go see him now, he is stable, it’s a miracle! He is coherent, he would have to go into therapy once he is discharged but other than that, everything is okay. He would have to exercise to get his body functions back to normal, but he is out of danger and you can speak with him” the doctor tells them smiling as they thank him.

Emeka and his mother enter, Ambross stares at them.. ”Me..r..cy, .E..me..ka ” he says as they walk in ” I..am..so..r..ry.., for..gi.ve..me”‘ he manages ”For..give me!!” he breaths

Mercy goes to seat on the bed and takes his hands ”There is nothing more to forgive, we forgave you, we forgive you and that is all that matters, you will be fine, we would all be fine”

She stares at Emeka who nods, his father’s eyes reaches his

”Y..o..u..are..my..son..my..blood…I…sw..ea.r,..to..never…hurt you..again, never hurt..your ..mother..not..you again!!” he tears up, Mercy leans in and cleans his eyes.

Emeka comes closer, he places his hand over his father’s in his mother hands ”that’s in the past, today is all that matters father, today, we all are here, that is all that matters, another day to start all over again”

Ambross cries again.

Mercy hold his hands, Emeka places his hand on his father’s shoulders.

Ýes, today henceforth, all would be fine. Emeka thinks to himself. All would be just fine.

There is a God somewhere.


”And I pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride” the officiating Pastor ends.

”Come here baby” Emeka pulls her to him, Tayo his best man laughs, Grace who is her chief bride’s maid tells Junior to close his eyes from across the room, everyone laughs.

Mercy is seated next to Ambross who is on a wheelchair, the doctors says they need to take it one step at a time. They are smiling at the happy couple. Tammy is cheering them, everyone who was family was there, it was like no one wanted to miss Odinaka Uchendu wedding.

Hearty cheers and whistles filled the room as the couple kissed till their heart’s content. They usher the bride and groom outside as they all head to the reception.

It was beautiful, it was amazing and he couldn’t keep his eyes off her.

”Congratulations handsome” he turns to see Olive standing there, his face breaks out in a smile.

”I didn’t think you would show”

”I wouldn’t miss it for the world” she says coming to him and kissing his cheeks ”Diana would make you a beautiful wife, but just in case she messes up, I am one call away” she winks

He laughs ”Oh Olive!!” he hugs her tight ”You are one funny woman” She laughs.

”’Hey, that’s my man!!” Diana says coming behind, Olive smiles turning after winking at Emeka

”Who told you he is your man?”‘

Diana’s face changes

”Ha!! Got you!!” she points at Diana and laughs, so did Emeka, Diana lets out a breathe

”No games this time, he is my man sister” she dangles her ring finger

”Sadly he is, too bad I couldn’t whisk him away, you should give me the potion you used Diana, there is this new bloke I want to charm”

Diana laughs ”Don’t worry, he would be stupid not to see how great of a woman you are” Diana says, Olive Smiles. ”Thank you Olive, for everything” Diana looks at Emeka

”Eh! pfft!!! He isn’t my type anyways ” she winks at Emeka and then smiles at Diana ”You kids run out of here before I change my mind and take him with me” she tells them, she kisses Emeka’s cheeks, touches Diana’s hands and walks away.

”You know, she can be your second wife, I actually kinda like her a bit more today”‘

”Shut and come here wife!! I do not know how to share my heart woman, kiss me… or i will go kiss someone else” she laughs as he pulls her to him.

”Oh! Don’t you dare husband, that’s my lips, and this is my butt” she grabs his bottom, he laughs raising her face up to kiss her.

As they kiss, Mercy wheels Ambross to them, Diana bends smiling down at him as they talk, Emeka hugs and kisses his mother, soon Tayo and Grace joins them as they laugh and talk and hug..

It was a happy family, a happy ending.

The beginning of their lives began as they lived in peace, in love, in unity, in family.



”So I remember a certain man telling me he was going to make mad love to me, I wonder if he will keep to his words” Diana climbs the bed to Emeka who was checking some things on his phone, they are in a hotel overlooking the beach, their honeymoon suite outside the country.

”Hmm, yes, I know that man” Emeka touches his jaw

She takes the phone away from him ”No working while on honeymoon, Agnes can handle things, Tayo is there, Grace seems to happy with him these days, and your father is better, his divorce is finalised with Belinda, he is making steps to get with your mother, old love, and you and your father are..okay..no bad blood, and yet I am the only one not getting some good loving , and worse on her wedding night, you are not nice” she says pouting

He smiles at her ”I am not nice, tell me, how do I make it up to you?”

”By finishing what you started that night you proposed to me, else I am going to rape you!!”

He laughs pulling her over him ”you don’t need to do that my love, but if you want, I will gladly offer myself to be raped by you” he laughs kissing her. She pushes him down to his back and straddles him, bending to kiss him.

”In that case let me begin” she nibbles his earlobe. He smiles closing his eyes.

He wraps his hands around her caressing her back, touching her thighs and trailing the silky nighty she has on ”hmm, before that I better make do of my promise, you know I am a man of my word” he smiles rolling her over and lying on top of her in one quick move.

”Tonight I would love you the way I have always loved you…my wife, my life, my everything, I love you Dee”

”I love you too Emeka, now don’t keep torturing me with those words, I can’t stand the wait …” she pulls his head down to her lips and begins to kiss him.

He kisses her back, while his arms roams over her nighty, from her arms, to her chest, to her tummy and her thighs, he ran his hands beneath her and squeezes her bottom as they kiss.

He found pleasures in her bosom as he suckled on one perkiness to another, tracing his tongue over the folds of her bosom over her silky nighty that sends shivers down her body, she is holding him tight.

He kisses her, he savours and drinks from her lips, trailing kisses down her neck, her chest, to her tummy, when he got to her thighs he kisses her there, trailing tongue over smoothness and softness, his hands walks their way between her thighs and peels away her panty exposing naked flesh… he kisses her legs as he peels the panty away and drops it on the chair next to the bed… he pushes her nighty upwards, then he goes down staring at her as he kisses her centre, the lips between her thighs, she aches moaning.

He wanted to please her like he had never pleasured a woman before, and he did..

Ever caress, every tongue flicking, every finger touching and flicking her labia he hears her moan, she squeezes her toes together, calling his name, squirming in helpless delight. He kissed her lower lips a he would kiss her upper lips, letting his tongue reach pleasures that course sensation to run through her body, she moans louder.

He would kiss, flick, replace finger with tongue, watch her explode again and again as he sent her over the top until she couldn’t bear it anymore, she grabs his face as she pulls him towards her, she kisses him, tasting herself from his lips, she holds him tight to her as she could blend herself to him, wanting more, seeking more… can’t wait to get more..

He peels her nightwear off her shoulders, over her head, he takes it away and buries his face between her bosom while his finger continues to stroke between her thighs causing her to ache towards him, she bites her lips .

”Emeka” she moans ”Please, please..” she begs as her fingers are raised, she pushes his briefs down… searching for what she knew would give her an unimaginable explode of pleasure.

He kisses her still, taking his time, he didn’t want to rush it, he wanted to imprint the woman Diana in his head and heart and his senses the way he imprinted the girl Diana, and he did. Savouring and kissing and touching and sulking as he trials every contour of her body giving her into pleasures she had never felt until he too couldn’t hold back the throbbing between his legs as it began to glisten, he take his finger away and replaces himself at the entrance of her core, staring into her eyes, kissing her, he whispers sweet nothing’s into her mouth and ears as she moans out his name, telling him he was torturing her holding out..

And when he was finally ready, slowly he parts her flower as he thrusts slowly and deeply within her, entering her core and filling it, she squeezes him tight, pushing him further within her as she spreads her legs and held him there. They kiss, they kiss more as he begins to move in slow – gentle thrust after thrust, body and soul in sync as he made love to her, to the woman he loved.

Enjoying the pleasures he gave his wife and enjoying that which she is giving to him. They entwine in a loving embrace drinking and savouring and sinking into each other, satisfying each other till all they could feel is excitement, building up till they reach their top, she holds tight to him as he fills her walls constricting…and her moaning going a pitch higher, he closes his eyes as he gets to her, tipping her over they go over the top, reaching the 7th heaven , tap into bliss and falling, falling until they shatter together, spent, happy, satisfied.

They lay in bed, Diana in his arms, falling in love with each other again and again during the night.

”I love you Dee”

”I love you too”‘ she lays on his chest,

And for the first time since all this started, he sleeps, not like a troubled man, but a fulfilled man with his wife by his side, his family safe, and all was right in his world.


Ambross was given back his company, but the house remained in Mercy’s name after he told them the house belongs to Mercy. He became a better man for his son, and an even better man for Mercy as they walk towards renewing their marriage and getting back into the folds of a family. After the wedding, they moved back into the Ibekwe’s residence.

Emeka and Diana welcomed their twins a year later, Mercy was able to hold her grandchildren and loved them and Mama Tito dotted on them, Tayo was a happy friend-Uncle, and Ambross was given another chance to show love from the start, he loved Emeka’s boys like his own.

Grace and Tayo got engaged, Tayo adopts her son junior after they get married.

Olive finally found someone who loved her as much a she loved him. She never stopped loving Emeka, but she had to let herself be loved by someone who made her forget him. And she was happy.

They got married soon after Diana and Emeka welcomed their third child.

And every christmass, they all came tighter to celebrate life, love, and family!

Because in the end, Love forgives all and covers all sins, forgiveness is the best revenge, Love the greatest weapon and family is all that matters.

*** THE END****



” There have been times we have been so broken and shattered to pieces by the ones we loved and we figured the only way to stop this pain is if we hit them back as much as we were hurt, but i am here to tell you that it doesn’t take the pain away, it only intensifies it and leaves you with guilt you never thought you would get.

Yes it hurts, i know how hard it is to forget that pain caused by a loved one, trust me i know, but i also know letting go is the best gift you can give yourself. I know forgiving is hard, but when you do they have nothing more to hold over you. Your pain and sadness and bitterness would shape you into a different person no doubt, but it is better to be a different good person, a better person than to be a different person who wants to mett out the same pain one had caused to you.

I know it’s not easy, but i know it take one step at a time. Try, let it go, forgive, show love instead of hate, because it might not work out the way you want and you would leave those you love damaged and you yourself more damaged than you way you were.

It isn’t worth it, that pain, to keep fuelling it? It isn’t worth it.

Do one better, let it go, let love in and trust me it would spread across your body and lifting your broken heart, mending the broken pieces and gives you a better chance of life. Don’t lose yourself to hatred; rather, lose yourself to love, because it is the greatest gift of all.

I think God knew what he was taking about when he says Love, because love is the only thing that can elevate you and keep you soaring higher.

So be happy, forgive, love, have hope. Let go, and let love. Above all, trust God, cast all your pain and he will care for you.

Don’t let this grace of love pass you by, .

Live, love, pray, forgive, let go, be happy, be very happy, live is too short to be anything other than happy. So just live, then REPEAT”






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