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There’s only one thing I don’t like as a vampire. Why the hell don’t I get tired?

After 8 hours of continuous walking accompanied by singing while dance sprinkled all over along with it, I should be panting, right?

But no! I am still walking straight on my way, behind Tony of course, not even needing to rest. But the bigger problem is that I’m out of songs! I don’t know what to sing now?

And there’s possibly nothing I can do because my companion right here keeps his mouth shut as if he were an abiotic statue.

“Don’t you think we need to stop. Considering the speed at which we are walking, I think we’ve covered a considerable distance by know.” I demanded.

“It worth’s as much as a penny does in million dollars, girl.”

“You call me ‘girl’ again and I’m stabbing you right away.”

“Okay, so it worths as much as a penny does in million dollars, boy.” He replied.

My mouth dropped upon.

“Did I tell you that you are a mere piece of shit with arrogance stuffed inside?”

“No you didn’t tell me that, boy.”

“Shut up! I’m not a boy. Call me Gigi.” I yelled at him.

“I’m not used to taking anybody’s name girl.”

“So be used to it. Because your repeating that, annoys me to such an extent that I feel like running through the forest like a wild monkey and then pulling out your hair till you end up bald”

“You indeed are a monkey.” He continued walking.

“God bless you. Anyways can we stop for today. I am really fed up of walking all day.” I repeated my demand.

Oh lucky me, he did stop. And I was in a state of nirvana for whatever he had done. I sat on a large stone nearby while Tony arranged fire wood. Soon the fire was lit. I now realised how much a vampire was obsessed with warmth (rather than heat) or at least I was. Tony managed to be a good ‘couple of meters’ or maybe three away from me.

“Why don’t you sit here?” I said patting the place beside me.

“I don’t want to get spoiled.”

“No, no its completely clean. You can have a seat.”

“It’s not the dirt I’m worried about, it’s you.”

“You vile abomination!” I hissed.

“A pretty decent language from you, girl.”

“I’m a well cultured creature, you know. It’s you who brings out those words from the deepest-darkest dungeons of my brain.”

“Well said. You indeed are a creature, a filthy one.”

“Of course Mr. Tony followed-by-your-vague-last-name I am not a human anymore. And as per my knowledge, vampires are creatures, right?”

“Forget it.” He said wandering off to the mountains that stood high in the east.

“Fine.” I started humming again.

Soon getting bored of the act I was doing I decided to have a little conversation. I moved fast reaching out to Tony before he could escape. I still wasn’t used to this vampire speed which was involuntary most of the times.

“Vampires don’t need binoculars, do they?” I asked.

“Would you stop asking silly questions as such?”

“Do you think so?”

“Considering the small amount of time we have spent together, which has given me enough idea of your nasty self. I would say no.”

“Wow Tony! Such a great achievement by ‘thee’. You managed to speak funny or at least you tried to. But don’t you think you should bring variations in your tone while speaking such exceptionally ‘hilarious’ sentences?” I taunted.

“I didn’t intend to sound funny. And no I don’t think I should bring variations in my tone.” He replied.

“Oh! I just forgot how stubborn we are, aren’t we?” He moved swiftly a good 3-4 feets away from me. And I just managed to purr.

“Why are you moving away?” I demanded.

And he answered just like I had expected, SILENCE. And not a *pregnant* one. I decided to let go and instead sat down near the fire. Further laying on the ground, I stared at the stars which shined bright above me. And then something clicked in my mind!

‘City of stars… Are you shining just for me? City of stars… There’s so much that I can’t see. Who knows, I felt it from the first embrace I shared with you…’
I closed my eyes blanketing the darkness around me.



The lout that led me all the way through was growing a bit less cold now. He had stopped calling me ‘girl’..

“Walk faster girl!”
..or may be not.

But anyways I could convers with him a bit.

The density of trees was abating now, I could rather see more and more mountains ahead. A river flowed parallel to us. And the breeze was warmer. Maybe we were closer to our destination! Or maybe not because..

“Girl! We’ve got to go this way.” Tony said.

“Why are you changing the path?”

“Do as I say.”

“Right away!”

I followed him back as we move to the right entering into the denser forest.

“Silly me that I thought we were inching towards the exit. But thanks to you for making me realise the might of this forest.” I taunted.

“Fine. Go on only to get killed by the tauras.”

“Tauras? What are those?”

“Creatures. Dangerous creatures.”

“Well, I was inquiring about their anatomy but anyways, isn’t it a funny name for creatures of such strength. Tauras.” I giggled.

“So we’re safe now.” I said.

“I didn’t say that. This entire area is theirs but if we are lucky then they won’t come this way.”

“And which we definitely are. Lucky!”

Suddenly I heard a noise from the bushes behind.

“Shit!” Tony exclaimed.

He grabbed my hand pulling me behind a huge mountain like stone. And guess what I was pinned down on the ground with him over me. His hands were still holding mine and his entire body rested upon me except his cold eyes which stared right at the direction of the noise. What, me? I was shameless enough to stare straight towards him. His hands were strangely strong and not at all soft. His entire body was a rock, a rock which was carved extremely exquisite. His green T-shirt hugged his body enhancing his body muscles. He was a buff man, no doubt. His face was a similar perfection. Those thin lips and red eyes which appealed me.

Intruding me, Tony slowly rose up while I was still looking at him.

“We’re safe. Get up and get going.”

I did follow my master’s orders.

“So, no man has ever been this close to me.” I said reaching up to him.

“I’m… I’m sorry.”

Good lord! Did this man just apologize?

“Oh no it’s okay. I enjoyed it.” I joked.


“Nothing. Who were they?”

“Tauras. Maybe because you accompanied me, our luck had degraded to serious levels.”

“Very funny. How do they look like?”

“You’ve had encounters with werewolves. Those are some kind of were-tigers.”

“Oh my! I can imagine why we didn’t fight them.”

Woho! Our conversation was going quite well…..

“So what’s next?” I asked.


Why did he have to contradict all my sentences?

“Well I’ll be waiting for tauras. I can check you out again then.” I chuckled.

“Shut up!”

“Your words are my commands master!”            



‘Cmon Cmon turn the radio on. Its friday night and I won’t be alone…
Till I, hit the dance floor, hit the dance floor..

And then there was dancing again…

“You really have a rock body.” I said.

“What?” Tony replied.

“I said you have a rock body.”

“And how did you realise that?”

“Remember yesterday you were on top of me and I was sandwhiched between your sturdy body and the ground beneath.” I smiled.

“And you were busy checking me out?”

“Of course, I was.”

He shrugged and continued moving.

I danced my way in front of him. I rolled up to face him and began moving in reverse manner.

“Don’t you think we should do that more often?” I winked at him.

“Do you realise that you are seriously flirting with me?”

“Yup. Of course I do realise and I don’t regret it even a bit.”

“Better do that with your boyfriend.”

“He’s outside and we’re….”

My words trailed off as I  slipped due to the stone beneath, I shot my eyes close waiting for the pain to hit. But it was not the pain that I felt, I could sense two rocks beneath me, hard rocks which supported me. The rocks were Tony’s hands, He had caught me in his arms. His red eyes were bored into mine. I could feel goosebumps poop over my skin. And he wasn’t releasing me yet. I’m engaged! Though I was the one to flirt with him but it all was a mere joke.

Okay I won’t do it again.

“Oh… okay.” I said getting up awkwardly.

Tony smiled and continued on his path. And this time I couldn’t dare to speak. This was all so embarrassing! Suddenly we were welcomed by a sound in the bushes ahead. They were five, five werewolves staring right into our eyes. They changed into their human form. Those well built body and tanned skin appeared as a huge rock but I had mountain by my side.

“What a pleasant surprise. So.. Tony’s here.” The eldest one said.

“Let us go, Steve.” Tony demanded

“Oh Tony’s new girlfriend is here too.”

“What do you mean by new girlfriend?! You had a girlfriend earlier Tony?!” I said.

“She isn’t my girlfriend.” He said staring at me. Oh god! He could kill me by his mere cold looks, couldn’t he?

“Well.. Well.. Well. Or you will kill us as the others, huh?” The wolf said again.

Oh yes. We had killed werewolves. I had killed one of them while Tony encountered the other three, bingo!

Tony could  manage to give a formidable smile.

“If I can kill four in minutes. I can kill five of you too. So let us go” He said.

I moved closer to him and whispered in his ears. “You killed three last time Tony. It was me who killed one.”

He looked towards me and smirked again. And it was not a threatening smile. Oh boy! This was going somewhere else. I had to stop talking to him now.

“Oh, so little boy and his girl want to fight then.” The other one said. They all gave an evil smirk.

We aren’t fighting duff…

Tony was warming up beside me now, you know cracking his neck and all that..
…or are we?!

Fine. Today I will kill two then! And drink to the last drop of their blood. At once all of them jumped on Tony. While I jumped on two of them. But could grab only one. My fangs were ready and I rewarded them too. I was welcomed with warm blood filling my mouth. The second werewolf grabbed my leg. I throbbed the one who was in my embrace and slayed him to death but by the time I could do it, I was entrapped by the other. He had bit my right leg. Blood stained my leg and clothes.

“Gigi!” Tony yelled as the wolf dragged me. I kicked the wolf with the other leg and when he released me from his grip I stumbled and grabbed him too. With my hands I entrapped his neck throbbing him as the previous one.

Somehow I managed to get up. The mark was deep and I knew that I could not walk now. By that time Tony had slayed the last one of them too.

“Are you alright?” He asked.

“I don’t think so.” I replied checking out the injury.

“We need to leave fast. I’m afraid that the others of their clan will arrive here soon.”

“I’m afraid too for I don’t think I can walk.”

He inched towards me and bent down.

“What?” I asked.

“Get over me.” He said.


“Come here.” He said pulling me.

My hands now circled round his neck while my feet trapped his waist.

I could feel his tensed muscles and each and every curve of his body. My body was pressed against his cold one.

“Don’t worry, you’ll recover soon.” He spoke.

“I hope so.”

“Only then will I get rid of you.”

I smiled at his words. I breath in his smell.

He had a peculiar smell. The smell of forest mixed with a vague one. And together they smelled great to me.

“You smell great.” I said.

“Shut up.”

And there he was again. I was a fool to think that he had become sweet.

To be Continued…

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