Moonlight Desire – Chapter One

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Staring right into the eyes of my fear, I stood before the deadly woods. Vampire Meadows, that’s what they referred it to.

The cold winter breeze chilled the atmosphere, making the ambience deadly even further.

I held the knife tightly.

This all was to be done for a cause. I shut my eyes.

It was not winter that chilled me to the bone, it was  the summer heat that I felt. The weeds were no more, it was Aaron who stood before me. It was his sparkling skin that tempted me.

His body blocking the sun-rays from reaching me… Oh what a pleasure!

No! I didn’t have time to move into the past. This had to be done. Fears had no place now. Nothing could set me back.

I checked the knife again. It had become cold due to the wind, or was it because I myself had grown ice cold?

It slowly touched my skin, the sharp end slicing me. Goosebumps popped up on the small place where it touched me.

As if my skin were butter, the knife cut through it. The blood slowly dripped, staining my palm and the knife even more. But it was not pain now that struck me, but it was the fear, utter fear. I sniffed in breaths. Unknown of the future, unknown of my fate, I dropped the knife.

Slowly moving into the darkness of the woods, I watched my steps. The blood flow seemed to never end, similar to my desire to live. The more the blood flowed, the less I could feel any part of my numbing senses.

The tall trees of the forest, which forbade even the sunlight to enter, were now falling in their agony.

Everything was just a hazy outline. I could feel my breath, I could feel the rotation of earth. The earth pulled me down now, and I didn’t resist either.

I fell on the cushioning ground, tasting the mud. I could feel the chilling earth and sounds from the deepest hell, the mud flying into the air as I breathed out.

Suddenly a great spasm of pain rocked me. Something was leaving me. Maybe my soul. But death wasn’t what I had planned for. I wanted to be undead and immortal, to get what I desired.

With all the power I had left in me I twisted my neck to glimpse what the source of the pain was.

It was no thorn, no stone, no branch. But a monster. A monster who I’ve been waiting for.

“Don’t kill me. Make me a vampire.” I uttered and finally let the darkness engulf me.



‘Silent night… Holy night…’

Oh, was I in hell now? God for whatever deeds I had done please don’t send me to hell.

Wasn’t I serious enough these last days?

My head started pounding.

No, I wasn’t dead. My eyes slowly opened revealing the grotesquely tall trees surrounding me. But there was a strange warmth blanketing me. Almost luring me into it as I stood up, resting on a stone nearby.

The source of warmth was the fire which burnt beside me.

The bushes moved. Stumbling left to right. I could hear the sound of footsteps.

“Who’s there?!” I yelled.

A tanned muscular figure emerged from the weeds. He was half naked just wearing brown shorts as a savage. Patches of mud stained his body. He was definitely attractive but not as attractive as he was; my love.

He had a well built body with firm chest and sturdy thighs as if he were a sport legend.

And those red eyes which were now consuming me.

“Oh, so you were the one who bit me.”

I state, face black with no emotion, struggling to keep the smile off my face. I had done it; I am now a vampire.

“I bit you?” The vampire asked, rasing an eyebrow, acting as though he had no clue as to what I was talking about. But you could see it in his deep, red, eyes that he just wanted me to shut up and act as though he didn’t.

“Yes.” I stayed boldly, lifting my head as though I somehow overpowered him. “I know you’re a vampire. I’ve had enough encounters with then recently to know the difference.” My words made his eyes to only darken even more. “By the way I’m Gigi.” I said, extending my hand.

“So what?” He replied not even making an eye contact with me.

I smiled sarcastically.”The least you can do is to tell me your name, arrogant man.”

“I’m Tony.” He said, finally looking at me, siting on a log beside the fire.

The moonlight had started illuminating the woods now, casting shadows onto my feet as the fire whisked and frolicked, casing the shadows to do their own little routine as well.

The way I had come from had disappeared. It appeared as if we were in the middle of the forest.

“How do I get out of here?” I asked. He gave me a disgusted smile. “What?” I asked, becoming quite annoyed as he hadn’t answered my questions yet.

“These are Vampire Meadows girl. There are thousand ways to enter, but no path to exit.” Tony explained, that wicked smile not leaving his face.

I swallowed hard at his words. “Are you insane? The way we came from is the way we can get out. I shall find a way out.” I said, not even being confident myself.

For those who had not seen whatever I had gone through these past months wouldn’t be able to fathom the tricks of this dirty world.

Where we thought that only humans lived, some mysteries always existed. Such creatures, which we thought, only existed in the tales had crept into our world long ago.

“Okay, go ahead. Best luck.” His words broke me from my thoughts. He had a smirk on his face.

“Yup. I shall.”  I stood up, intending to leave. It didn’t matter if it was day or night, I had to get out of this crooked world.

I inhaled calming the pace at which my heart was throbbing. I was a vampire now.

That’s what I had come here for. To be undead and get my love. I was unsure if I could escape from here with my task done and moreover in one piece.

But thanks to that nasty, egotistical, and annoying man who didn’t kill me- it took me by surprise that he didn’t do so

Now that the forest was becoming denser and the moon had become bigger, I could hear the spirits which lied within this forest. All trees were of uniform lengths.

The mist and fog had changed the green leaves to violet. The ground was green too due to the grass. While the weather was chilling cold.

Everything you could imagine of in a horror movie.

As an icing on the cake, some green emeralds showed up from the bushes. They were eyes, staring right at me.

Though I was a vampire now, but in no way could I figure out what powers I have as one.

And then I could see a shade of white beneath. Those sharp teeth which scared the hell out of me.

The roar came next. I exactly knew what they were; Werewolves.

And there were five.

They jumped out from the bushes. I felt like watching my own death inching nearer.

Almost twice in figure than a normal wolf these creatures were a perfect killing machine.

“Stay away!” I yelled as they jumped over me.

But then my saviour came out of nowhere.

It was Tony, his muscles tensed as he grabbed the wolf’s neck while kicking the other.

He bit the wolf he had grabbed, and slayed him to death. The red fluid smelled sweet as it dripped down the wolf’s body.

Hell, my vampire senses were up.

I could see Tony struggling with fighting them, so I decided to jump into the fire. I chose the brown one, a smaller to start with. I jumped over his neck and bit him.

My fangs had come up which now sucked the creatures blood as a straw would.

The tasty fluid filled my mouth. Giving me thrills as well as horror. I was a monster but I didn’t care. I had done it to get my love and didn’t regret even a bit.

“You, Girl. Stop it.”

I finally came out of my thoughts realising how much blood I had consumed. I wiped my blood-stained mouth. He had finished all of them. All laid down around me.

“I told you my name is Gigi.” I spoke to start a conversation.

“And I told you that you wouldn’t be able to get through this. You won’t survive even a minute if I’m not around you.” He said.

“That’s great!” I almost hoped towards him grabbing his shoulders.

“You can help me get out of here.” I squeaked in excitement.

“No, I wouldn’t.”

He turned around and began leaving. I could just follow him. Only he could save me from these hellish meadows….

I sat by the fire warming up my body. The feel in the forest cannot be matched by anything else, it’s one of its kind, full of beauty and fascination with a pinch of horror sprinkled hither tither.

Tony was sitting perfectly opposite to me also gaining heat from the fire.

“So what do you say?” I asked, knowing he still has yet to respond.

“About what?” Tony responded, seeming annoyed that I still continue to talk to him.

“About helping me escape.”

“Forget it.” He said with no variation in his tone. But to be honest, that really added up to his beauty.

“Please?….please!…please!!” I started.

“Just shut up! Who told you to even come here?!”

“Oh! Its a short story but we have all the time so I’ll make it a bit longer to entertain you and me too.” I exaggerated, getting on his nerves. I could almost see the slight clench of his jaw.

“Your poor sense of humour won’t make any change. Do you understand?”             

“Right away.” I replied. I peeped into the fire. The red fire, the fire which now burnt into my red eyes. I snuggled the warmth. I could feel it in each and every part of my body. My ears were warm too. I loved it.              

“You know.. They say, when there’s nothing left with you, you’ve no fear. But there always is..” I continued, “The fear of getting someone who’ll be with you forever. I’ve not been that lucky child, not that I really wanted to be. I am what I am because of my life experiences of the past. I was orphaned at the age of five. My parents had lost their lives in the firings of 1987. I didn’t grow in a very loving atmosphere. That made me vulnerable, I guess.

I met Aaron at a party. He was all I had wanted- a friend, an optimist, and a trustworthy man.               

He was the best I had ever had and ever will. He respected my choices and may be gave me the love I had so greedily wanted. We went out for some months. It was all very cool. You know when someone becomes the reason of your untimely smiles, he was that to me.

Hell, I wanted him. I decided to confess. I invited him some days later for dinner and he did come…” I took a pause.

To my surprise Tony was looking at me as if he wanted me to complete. It was maybe the third time he had looked directly into my eyes?  I smiled and continued,”I did confess. I confessed my love for him. My priorities had involuntarily changed, I wanted him the most. Above everything.

But he didn’t answer. I waited until he uttered. He was a vampire. And..and he couldn’t be with a human. He loved me and couldn’t risk my life any longer. He left leaving me vulnerable as I had always been.
And then again I was a fighter, I had to change the situations once again. If he couldn’t be with a human, I decided to be a vampire. It took me a month to figure out everything about vampires and that this was the place where I could become one. That’s what I did, thanks to you who didn’t kill me.” I moved past the fire. He hesitated a bit, but then I hugged him tightly. “Thank you.” I said meaning it. I decided to take seat beside him.

“You risked your life for him? You’re such a silly girl. I have gone through worse than this. But I wouldn’t sacrifice my life for reasons so frivilous and silly.” He said. It was the most he had spoken by now.

“Let me be silly then. So you’re helping me, right?” I anticipated.

“Only as much as I can.”

“Well, that’s better then not getting help at all.” I chuckled.


As the morning advanced both of us decided to leave and fetch the exit of this enormous meadow.

“How many days will it take to reach there?” I asked TonyF after only a good couple of steps.



“Weeks, or months, or years.” He replied in his patented short way which was usually vague and unintelligible.

Being a vampire was not really different from being a human, only I could listen, see, walk and fight a thousand times better and in a more amplified way. And not to mention that neither could I sleep nor could I breath. While I could still consume a little bit of human food but blood was my staple diet. It felt so good to mention that.(You bloody killer!).

The previous trees raced back while even taller trees replaced them. I could hear the sound of birds who were one of the innocent creatures residing in the forest. Poor birds, or were they any sort of killers too? Only God knew which kind of organisms lived in these woods and of course the man walking before me did.

Tony had a strong back. You could predict his strength no matter from which angle you looked at him.

“You didn’t tell me anything about yourself Tony.” I rushed to meet his steps.

“I don’t think it is necessary for you to know about me.” He replied.

“Yes, it is! Aren’t we friends now?” I asked, baffled at his blunt reply.

“I didn’t accept to be your friend first of all.”

“You don’t have to accept to befriend anyone, you fool.” I replied.

“Don’t wit me by your words girl. Just shut up and walk straight.” He ordered.

“You mean that we should walk without uttering a word like we are some kind of dumb arses?”


God this man made me mad. I felt like to throb him,…. only to end up alone and in great trouble. I rejected the tempting idea. There was nothing I could do than cherish the beauty of this quaint forest, which in no circumstances I would do. I had wasted enough time in describing the features of this place.

The cacophony of the birds suddenly made me reminded of a way I could certainly entertain myself. Thanks to those chirping birds who saved me from dying out of boredom.
Music was the way! I started with some humming.

“Shut up!” A chilling voice interrupted my musical play.

“Oh! Mr. Tony-and-whatever-your-last-name-is, you deprived me of speaking which was the only way of entertainment. You might be that stubborn, irritating and moreover boring man but I am not one of your kind.” I hissed. And then, like a stubborn creature, which I was, I returned to my song.

“Grab on my waist and put that body on me…. C’mon now follow my lead..” I sang. “Tony! Follow my lead” I jumped right ahead of him, walking to find our vague destination.

“Will you stop singing now?!” He yelled.

“Not at all. Cause I’m in love with the shape of you.” In my enthusiasm I continued my way dancing just to end up falling and getting a bruise on my knee. “Ouch! You shitty stone!” I cursed the small thing which was the crux of this damage. And what did I just see?! Did Tony just smile?! Yes, he did, just a little as he moved past me. “Hey! What was that?” I yelled.

“What?” Tony asked.

“Why are you smiling?! You should rather help me, you mannerless lad!”

“I’d told you not to sing-n-dance girl. But you didn’t follow. Now bear the pain.” He replied just to annoy me even further.

“In the first place stop calling me a girl! I have a name.”

“Indeed.” He replied and proceeded.

I climbed on my feet trying to keep up with him.”You are an inane person, Tony. But I owe you cause you didn’t kill me out there.” I said.

“I’m regretting that now, you see?”

And what did I do next?

“We push and pull like a magnet do, I’m love with the shape of you.” I began singing and dancing my way all over again.

To be continued…

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