Featherlight Heart – Chapter Twenty-Seven

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”MAMA, MAMA!! Please, someone should help her, please, water, get water for her, please mama, wake up Mama!!” Emeka cries begging them to assist her, so did everyone else, except the man who is bloodied on the floor.

Teco-Musa is shaking his head and laughing ”Interesting!!!”’ he is staring at the man who tries to seat up, his vision is clearing, he is looking at the woman who just fainted.

That voice, her voice.

No it cannot be.

He winces in pain as he struggles to seat up despite being tied, the pain coursing through his shoulders was unbearable, blood still oozed out from his shoulders on both sides, he tries to clear his eyes looking around the house, the faces, unfamiliar.

Then he looks again at the woman in the corner, the one whose cloth had been ripped off, she is crying… her face, her face reminds him of someone he knows or have seen so long ago, but who?

He looks back to see Teco-Musa laughing, talking, he shakes his head, Ambross is unable to understand what he is saying, he looks before him.

There, there was Odinaka, his lip bloodied; he was bleeding from his nose and a cut to his lips.

He was the man who ruined him, ruined him, he had no pity on him, but, that means that they are in his house, and all this people must be his family.. And the woman who had fainted..

Why does she, why does she.. reminds him of someone too?.

”Please help her, give her water, help my mother please” Emeka is screaming

She was his mother, he was worried about her, Ambross seats up straighter, Teco-Musa was blocking his view

”Let her die, it would give you sense, and why did she faint, how come she fainted seeing him, how come she knows who he is?” he points to Ambross walking back to him.

”Wake the woman up and bring her here”

”Leave my mother alone, leave her the hell alone and I will give you whatever you want!!” Emeka tells Teco-Musa, his eyes darts to Ambross, no wonder he didn’t show up here, they got to him and now they came for him.

Agede gets water from the dispenser and throws it over Mercy’s face, and slaps her awake ”hey, wake up, wakeup, you don’t die yet till we send you all on one nice trip to hell, wake up woman”

”Get away from my mother, if you are man untie me now and then we can have this talk again!!” Emeka shouts at him, Agede laughs.

”Soon son, soon”

Mercy comes to, she is shaking her head her, vision blurs as she opens her eyes.

”It cannot be. it cannot be. It can’t! The… house, documents, man… Ambross! Tell me that what he is saying is a lie, tell me” Mercy turns to her son ”Tell me that what I am hearing, seeing isn’t true?”

Emeka’s eyes releases another tear, he never wanted to hurt her and put her in arms way like this, and because of this stupid quest for vengeance, he has not only put her in danger but everyone else. He has to do something, anything to get them out of this. if Teco-Musa wants more money, he will give him, but the house? He got it for his mother, she shouldn’t lose it twice, it wasn’t fair.

”Mama, please… I didn’t- ”

”Shut up, bring her here, how do you know this man and it looks like your son has it all out for him, care to tell us why?”

They drag her to Teco-Musa, placing her in front of Ambross who raises up his face to look at her.

His eyes suddenly grows big after a few minutes of staring at her.

Mercy is crying shaking her head, wanting to be far away from him ”No please no, it cannot be, it cannot be, oh Lord it can’t be!!” she cries turning away, how could Emeka do this, why? Why did he? Why is Ambross here, why did I have to see him again, the man who broke me to pieces, why Lord. It cannot be. She cries.

”It can’t be what?” Teco-Musa nudges her with his stick.

Ambross is suddenly filled with shock. That voice, that face… that broken tears.

That… ”Mercy!! Mercy!! MERCYYYY!!” He exclaims… Shock vibrates through his body as his eye nearly pops out of their sockets upon recognizing her. ”Mercy, is this you? Oh God it is you!!’

Mercy is shaking her head, looking at Emeka, Emeka’s heart pulls. The look she gave him, she had never looked at him like that before, in disappointment, as though he betrayed her, like he hurt her.

He didn’t want this, he didn’t want to see his mother in pain, this wasn’t how today was going to be, this wasn’t how he planned it to be, she was supposed to be happy, not crying, not in pains, not hurt, not be disappointed and not feel betrayed. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be, everything was going wrong, everything! His mother was hurting and in pains and it’s all his fault, his friends are tied down, Mama Tito, Olive, Diana..

His eyes darts to Diana… she has stopped crying and staring into space.

This wasn’t how it was supposed to be, what has he done? He should have listened to Tayo, should have listened. Oh God what have I done?

”Can someone tell me what this is all about because it looks as if we are missing something, Mercy and Ambross, anyone care to elaborate what this shocked looked is all about… you both know each other, that is obvious, you both are surprised and shocked to see each other, I see the tears, the very visible pain exhibited by the woman, I do not quite understand the man… is he shocked, is he sad or happy or he is just… shook!! anyone, Ambross?” Teco-Musa kicks his in his stomach, he groans coughing.

”Who is she? How do you know her?”

”She” he groans in pain ”She is … is my wife!!!”

”Ex-wife!!” Emeka thunders

Mercy is crying still, her face turned away.

”She is… my… my… my wife”‘ he chokes

”She is not your wife ” Emeka repeats ”You divorced her you maggot!! She is your ex-wife, my mother is your ex-wife you disgusting piece of shit!!” Emeka flares as his anger returns.

Ambross looks at Emeka, and at Mercy and at Emeka, he is back at staring at Emeka, and then Mercy, he goes back and forth, shaking his head, his lips shaking, words not coming out, he is staring at them back at forth, trying to understand, to make sense, to realise.

No!!! It can’t be..

If this is his wife, if this is his wife, and that is her son… it means… it means, he is..

No!! It can’t be, he wants to speak, his lips are trembling.

”Ohhh lalala! so oh this is wonderful, so I get this, I see it all clearly now, get me my chair Don, oh this is getting better by the second, so let me get this straight , you… this is your mother” he points to Emeka as he seats on the chair crossing his legs “you have a grievance against your mother’s ex-husband” he points to Ambross whose eyes hasn’t left Emeka’s face “so you go after him, ruin him without telling your mother” he points to Emeka, Ambross and to Mercy and then back to Emeka, then he claps slowly, really slowly, ”Clap guys clap, this is wow!!” Don and the others clap, then he silences them, he claps again “wow!! Son you are simply brilliant! So Ambross, what did you do to deserve his hatred eh? No wonder the boy ruined you without thinking, what did you do to your wife or ex-wife and her son? What did you do to the boy’s mother that he hates you so much eh? I mean it had to be something, did you come to marry his mother when he was little and he found out you were a lying cheating asshole, a thief, greedy and all that jazz? I have known you for what almost two years and I already know the kind of person you are, much less a wife, wait, how long were you married to her eh? Eh madam, how long were you married to the fool eh?”

He grabs Mercy by the hair and raises her up slightly, she screams unable to stop his hands with her hands tied.

Emeka, struggles ”LEAVE MY MOTHER ALONE! I SWEAR TECO-MUSA IF I AM FREE I WILL RUN A DAGGER THROUGH YOUR HEART, I SWEAR IT!!” Emeka shouts, his eyes freely let’s the tears flow again as his fist is fisted behind him. God please… not his mother, not his mother.

”I asked you a question, how long woman?”

”Twenty years!!!”Mercy cries, Teco-Musa drops her to the floor.


”So, you hate your husband too, you do? What did he do eh, why does your son hate him?”

Mercy cries harder covering her face with her tied hands shaking her head as she bends low ”Oh she is useless, crying like an old fart”

He goes to Ambross who is speechless, his lips trembling ”What did you do to the boy, you know him? How come you didn’t know your step son? Well I am assuming he is your step son. How could you be married and don’t know your step-son, I assume that if you knew the boy you would have known who he is and would have been suspicious but you didn’t know who he was or than a business man which is what you told us… so… What did you do?”

Ambross is unable to speak. It cannot be, it cannot be! He is shaking his head.

”I will tell you what he did, no need to ask a heartless man” Emeka spat ”why would someone not ruin a man who did nothing but beat his wife on a daily, bring women as young as her son into their bed, made her slave to them, never cared about his family but allowed them to starve for days despite being rich, who didn’t even consider that she was the one that helped to make him who he is, suffered so he can get to where he is, he didn’t care, he beat her, chased her out of their house, beat up his son. Didn’t care for him, didn’t care if they lived or died when he kicked them out to the streets and locked the gates to their faces all those years ago. She was his wife, he was his son, his blood and yet… like the devil he sent them to their deaths and they would have died, a woman who was sick and when she went back he bruised her body and her heart even more. she was almost countless raped, almost. she begged and cooked , she got constantly insulted, she helped a broken son to stand, the one who once attempted to take his life because he was depressed, frustrated, his heart broken by the girl he loved and shattered by the man who was his father. This man… took our life, took our peace, took our source of living, the man who had sworn to protect to love and to hold, who had promised forever to that woman who lays there shaking in tears, a man who had fathered a son but because of money, greed, selfishness, women, material wealth, everything like the size of his ego.. he left his family out on the cold to die but guess what, we didn’t, and I vowed to avenge all the pain you caused us Ambross, I vowed and I toiled day and night, selling water, bread and biscuit, we went days and days hungry, we begged like refuges when we had a big huge house, we slept under the bridge, in cars, in uncompleted building. I got stabbed, I would have died if not for that man over there, Tayo” he beckons to Tayo ”He is much like a brother to me now, because aside my mother, he is the only person who is family. When I finally began to make it, when God decided to bless someone, when it’s their time, he will make it pour, his blessings like rain and I guess that is what he did for me. I made it, without you, without your money, without your fxxking money Ambross, and guess what I did? I made good on my promise when I told you I will make you pay, when I told you I will ruin the ground the very ground you stand tall and mighty like a god above us, that I will take away that thing you love the most, your money, your luxury, your life and I will make you walk the nights like we once did and that all we have suffered for those months and years barely living, that yours would be a thousand folds and I did just that… I did just that and you know the happiest thing, the most satisfying thing Ambross Chikurdi, is that you came to me, begging me for help, me? You came and you begged like a rat for food, and I was happy, because you couldn’t recognise the man from the boy you sent your thugs to beat to a pulp. You couldn’t recognise the boy from the man who stood before you, standing tall on this every earth you kicked him to, you couldn’t recognise the son you tossed away and called nothing, he is the one you called Sir, invited to dinner, took his money, the one who gave you millions and invested in your dying company, the one who bought that same house you kicked me and my mother out from, the one who took away your cars and froze your accounts and took back his money, he is the one Ambross, the son you didn’t want who you thought would never amount to anything . He is me Ambross and I have not only taken away your little wealth, but your legacy, your life and to the streets is where you will roam, and I have given myself the most happiest present, your revenge for me, for my mother, and I do not regret it one bit, not one bit. Yes Ambross, yes… I am your punisher, and karma my weapon, and I pray you burn in whatever guilt you have because I do not forgive you, and I will do it over and over again” when he was done, his eyes had turned red, veins popped out, the tears flows from a place of pain.

Ambross chokes.

”Emeka!!!”‘ finally Ambross finds his voice, he is shaking his head , ”E..m..e.k..a, my .. my son, it is you… it is you” he chokes shaking his head.

”You are no father of mine, I have no father, I rather be fatherless than ever call you my father, you are nothing to me Ambross, nothing!” Emeka spat.

Now, it makes sense, it makes sense, why he just accepted to help him the way he did, how he was friendly to him.

His son has been standing in front of him all this while and he couldn’t even recognise his son, his own blood, Emeka, his son, he couldn’t recognise his own son.

It makes sense now, why he did what he did, ousted him out of the company without letting him plead his case, took the house, he was the one who bought the first one, fronting the man that-

He looks at the men tied up, those men, and those men looked familiar now.

That is Tayo, the one who bought the first house and the other is the lawyer, it makes sense now, he had been planning this, planning this for a long time.. to take him down, and he did..

He wanted to take revenge on him, and he did, and because of his sins against his family, karma visited too.

And it makes sense, it-

He chokes as his heart constricts in pain, guilt, shame. He deserves it, listening to Emeka talk of their pain and their suffering, what they went through, and yet he came out strong and successful, took care of his mother and took revenge on him his father, and for the life of him, this moment, this very moments all the anger he felt for the man who ruined him dissipates and is suddenly replaced… as guilt and shame washes over him.

For ten long years or maybe more, for as long as he could remember, he had done nothing but hurt his wife, Mercy, he didn’t love her so it was easy to treat her as horrible as he did. He was a man, a bad man; he didn’t care about her or about his son. The love for money, his greed, his material things and the love for women didn’t let him care and he wasn’t sorry. Whenever he fisted her down he didn’t care, whenever he hoarded his money from her and his son he didn’t care, whenever his son came to ask for money for food, for school or for his mother’s feeding or her medicine when she became sick, he didn’t care, he didn’t care for the woman, he didn’t care about the boy and he treated them like dirt and for years he wasn’t sorry, because he wasn’t. But today, today?

The revelation of this cripples him, he is shaking as the shame washes over him, he closes his eyes and shakes his head… he had been nothing but the devil to them, and he didn’t care, he didn’t even think about them all these years.

He couldn’t even recognise his own son, his own blood, his… son, blood of his blood, .

What kind of man was he, what kind of man was he? Emeka was right! he was nothing but a heartless pig, he wasn’t even a man, even human. Only those who didn’t have a heart would have done all this to his family and didn’t care. He deserved all that Emeka had done to him, even more, he deserved it all. In fact, he deserved death. This shame , this guilt, all of it was too much for him to bear.

He shakes his head ”Kill me, please, I cannot bear it, I cannot bear this shame and guilt, I cannot face my son, I cannot face her, I can’t look into their eyes and not burn in shame. I have hurt them so much. kill me Teco-Musa, kill me!!!” he cries looking up at Teco-Musa , he turns to Emeka ” I..I ..” he looks at Mercy, he looks at everyone else, and his eyes rests on Diana who is staring into space.

He finally recognises her..

She was Emeka’s girlfriend, Diana, yes Diana.

He looks around, it’s all his fault, if he hadn’t been horrible to his family, if he had loved them instead of hated them, if he had been a good father and husband, if only, today his son wouldn’t hate him, his wife wouldn’t turn her face away. He wouldn’t have been the man he has become, not gotten into trouble with Teco-Musa, his son wouldn’t have ruined him and in the bid to take revenge he wouldn’t have sent them here to the man who ruined him , he wouldn’t have allowed them to come to his son’s house.

Now, not only did he destroy his family then, not only did he do so much evil to them and kicked them out to die. Now, he has brought more evil to them, he had brought Teco-Musa whose signature is leaving death at his wake for those who offends him or didn’t give him what he wanted. What has he done, what has he done? He deserves to die, he deserves no forgiveness. He deserves the hottest place in hell.

He turns back to Emeka ”I know you won’t forgive me, I know asking for forgiveness from all the pain I have caused you Emeka, you and your mother is like pouring salt to the wound infected for years, but I am sorry, and I deserve it, I deserve it all ” he chokes, his eyes tearing up and tears falling ”I do. And I know you hate me, even you Mercy, even you, but I am sorry” he bends his head, close to where mercy laid tied up ”I am sorry, I am so sorry Mercy for all that I did to you, for hurting you, abandoning you, abusing you emotionally physically and otherwise, I am sorry… I am sorry, for the pain for the agony, for the life, for making my son, our son become this man. Because of me, he is bitter, revengeful, because of me… and I am sorry Emeka, I am so sorry” he cried as he bends

”I am so sorry!!”

”Don’t! Don’t say you are sorry, your sorry means nothing to me, nothing to her, NOTHING!”

”I am sorry, so so sorry, I cannot …” he cries ”I cannot even face you Emeka, I cannot face you Mercy. Kill me Teco-Musa, end me. Let me serve my punishment in hell. I am sorry, I am sorry!!” he cries loudly, wailing like a wounded animal ”I am sorry”

Mercy cries softly staring at him, shaking her head.

”You don’t get to say you are sorry, you don’t get to apologise, you get to suffer, for my mama, for me, you get to suffer’ ‘Emeka says, the tears fall from his eyes unbridled as he sniffs in his pain, his heart threatening to burst from the pain ”you don’t get to say sorry, you get to feel every pain, every tiny pain like fire shooting through your veins Ambross, you don’t get to say sorry, you don’t !!” he chokes.

Mercy continues to cry, Ambross too. Emeka closes his eyes, ”You don’t get to say sorry”

Teco-Musa watches the scene for a few minutes..

”Wow!!” he wipes his eyes mockingly ”This is better than soap operas, I get to witness a firsthand master-minder at work, who skilfully sets his father up, ruins him for things he had done to them years ago, son pays back father for his constant abuses to him and his mother, wow!! And the he-goat cries like a little girl awwww Ambross! You are lousy old fxxker damnit!!! If you were my father, I would do worse, I would chop your balls with that suya knife, and feed it to you, yes, and I will cut off your body parts and hey wait!! I am the punisher, Mr Odinaka Uchendu, allow me vent your vent out to him for you yes, yes?” he takes a bow

”Don, Agede, pull the man up, let us give him a befitting punishment for ruining a woman who apparently was too good for him and a son, who was even merciful in his judgement, let us send him on a journey that would never allow him hurt anyone again, the earth would be happy to be rid of you, you scum of the earth, oh, I love this, I love this a lot!!” Teco-Musa laughs wickedly.

They drag him up, he doesn’t struggle, he doesn’t ”kill me, because I cannot even forgive myself, at least my death would bring peace to my son, and to my wife… though I divorced her but…she was a good woman but I never did see. She-she cared and loved me even in my worst, and she never ever complained, she is a good woman who deserves a good life and you Emeka, you, you don’t need me to make you change into something you are not, I did this, I turned you into a man who hates and is bitter, and I am sorry, I hope with my death you can forgive yourself, maybe forgive me, and live a happy life, because I don’t deserve a second chance at life, I don’t! I will accept it, my fate. I am sorry Mercy, God knows I was horrible and disgusting, I pray one day you forgive me, I pray one day you never have to think about me again, as the man who ruined you… never again, I am sorry. Do it Teco-Musa, do it, end me, let me rot in my hell” Ambross says staring at Teco-Musa.

Teco grabs the knife and walks to Ambross.

”Any last prayers?”

He looks at Mercy who is crying, Emeka’s tears treking down his face.

”I pray my family will forgive me, that is all. Go ahead!! I accept my fate”

”Okay” he dangles the knife and reaches for Ambross’s shoulders, a second away before he plunges it into Ambross’s chest someone screams.

”DON’T , PLEASE DONT !!!” Mercy screams shaking her head and begging ”Don’t, I beg you, I beg you!!” she cries ”Don’t kill him, please, I beg you… don’t ”

”You want to… you don’t want to see him die? This man that has done all things to you, let me rid you off him ma’am, I will do so gladly” he tests the knife ”it would be a long and painful death”

”Do it!!” Ambross begs him ”I don’t deserve to live. I don’t deserve second chances and I will not be able to right the wrongs I have done, do it Teco-Musa, do not feel sorry for me Mercy, do not… you have your son who would protect you, even from this man he will, as he protected you from me, so don’t worry about me, don’t! Do it Teco-Musa, I accept my fate, my punishment for my sins”

”No!!! You cannot, you don’t have the right to take the life of the man who fathered my son, you don’t have a right, and you don’t own his life, only God owns it. You don’t have a right to kill him, no one does. Leave him please, please ”

”Nah Mummy, this man deserves death, doesn’t he Odinaka, or is it Emeka you prefer?” he turns to Emeka

So did everyone else ”Doesn’t he?” he repeats.

”Emeka?” his mother is shaking her head crying ”Don’t, don’t send your father to his death please, he ..he is my husband, he is my husband, that paper didn’t divorces us because in my heart I never stopped caring and loving the man I gave my youth to. He is your father, your father, he has done all the wrongs, he has hurt you, he had hurt me too yes, but … God forgives, he forgives, and we are mere humans we must forgive too”

”How can you forgive a man who did this to you, how mama, how?” Emeka cries, his heart breaking ”How?”

”The same way God forgives us on a daily, if we mete out evil for evil, pain for plan, an eye for an eye is what makes the world go blind. We cannot cause pain and ruin to everyone who hurts us, not those we once loved, not when they have truly seeked forgiveness and they have, and he is”‘

”They are liars and cheats and horrible people Mama!! Both of them. And he? He is a thief, a cheat, a home wrecker, a wife beater, a son abuser. He is nothing to me Mama, nothing! Just the same way he said we were nothing to him Mama” Emeka cries

”Oh I know! I know. But love is a stronger force than hate, love is. I know you want revenge son, I know it and maybe a little part of me rejoices in how you have meted it out to him, but my heart hurts knowing you had to do this, I trained you better I did, I raised you better than this, I instilled in you good morals, love, forgiveness and a beautiful heart I prayed for you. I told you to never hurt your father not to touch him, you promised me but yet you have done this” she cries painfully.

”I didn’t mama, I didn’t touch him physically, I will never go against you”

“But you touched him Emeka, seeing him in pain, it’s because you reached out to cause harm, to ruin, and have hurt me too. Emeka you have hurt me like this, my heart breaks, my head feels like it would shatter, my whole pretty world is in chaos, because you my son are in pains, you my son are in danger, and the man whom have been my husband, my heart… is about to die, what do I do? I always said I don’t know what love is, never understood it but here I am and I am torn to hate the man who did all evil to me and watch him die. I should be thrilled but I am not. I am in pains, I fear, I cannot see it, I can’t bear to see this man in pain and agony, beaten, crying and seeking death as his punishment. My heart won’t allow it, my heart won’t! I want to protect him. And here my son, you are in danger with your family in your own house and I fear for your safety. I do not want him to die, I do not, because he gave me you Emeka, my boy, my son, my love he gave me you, and yes I may not be able to forget all that he has done, but I can forgive and I will not be party to his death, and neither should you, I see your pain I see it, but you don’t see mine Emeka”

”I am, sorry, mama, I am so sorry, I never want to hurt you, never want to see you cry, never wanted to endanger you, to endanger all of you. i am sorry Mama” Emeka sniffs

‘Believe me son, God didn’t lie when he said forgiveness brings peace and makes your enemies troubled. Forgive him my son, forgive. Do not let your father’s blood be in your hands, God forbids it, I forbid it, and you will forbid it for your children’s sakes, because you will not be able to forgive yourself because that darkness you want to run from would pull you in eventually and I refuse to let my son go under, never! I have raised you better, loved you better and instilled good values into you… forgive my son, don’t make me a failure as a mother ” she turns to Ambross ”For all that you have done to me, to me Mercy Uchendu Chikurdi, I forgive you Ambross, I forgive you from the depths of my heart, from the place of pain and anguish buried therefore I forgive you, and I pray God does too”

”WHAT DO YOU SAY EMEKA, DON’T YOU WANT HIM TO DIE, ENOUGH OF THIS SHENANIGANS WOMAN!!” Teco-Musa thunders ”Emeka, be a good boy and give me some green light baby? Go on, I know you want to see him dead, tell me, I won’t judge you! You want to pay him back right? You want him to suffer right? Tell me, you want it don’t you?” he sneers

”I am so so SORRY Mama!!” Emeka tells his mother painfully, then he turns to TECO ”I do!!” he breathes

Teco-Musa smiles, everyone gasps, his mother’s was the loudest.

Don’t do this Emeka, don’t, I beg you. Don”t sell your soul to the devil for a few minutes of tasteless revenge, don’t do it. Tayo wills him.

Emeka continues ”I do want him to suffer for all that he has done, to feel it all, to die  because his pain would give me peace and satisfaction. I do want him to die”

”Yes!! see, your son hates you” Teco-Musa laughs excitedly, he loves the ambiance of hatred, the eagerness to spill blood of offenders ”Say goodbye papa!!”

”Then do it” Ambross says as the tears leaves his eyes ”DO IT!!!” He screams at Teco-Musa.

”But, I think death is too merciful” Emeka was still talking as the tears continues to fall, his heart threatening to burst as he struggles within ”Death is too merciful for you Ambross, I pray you live a long life and let the guilt make you stagger and the shame, you wear it like a cloth, I pray you live a long life, and though it’s hard, it’s hard to forget all that you have done… and I cannot… I cannot!” he sniffs crying ”I can’t!!” he bows his head ”I can’t ” he chokes as the tears overpowers him.

”I can’t let go of the pain, I can’t mama, it hurts. It hurts so much, for years, for years.. I can’t !!” he cries struggling with pain, and forgiveness.

”Yes you can. Yes you can, let it go Emeka, let it go”‘ Tayo says ”Just let it all go, all of it”

Emeka bends his head further crying, shaking his head, breaking and struggling.

”You will be okay son, you will be okay, let it all go, the pain, let it” Mercy speaks to her son, speaking to his heart, that strong heart he portrays isn’t as strong as he claims it to be, his heart is soft, beautiful, loving, caring, forgiving, not hard like a rock not unmovable, but feather light, his heart was feather light and only where love can and should reside ”Yes, you can my baby, my son, yes you can and I promise you, you will be free, all the pain and weight will be gone, I promise you, forgive… forgive!”

Emeka cries out ”I… I forgive you!! I forgive you..I -I forgive you Ambross, I forgive you father!!” he cries as the tears chokes me.

Ambross closes his eyes as his heart breaks ‘Thank you, thank you son”

”Argh!! You all are no fun” Teco-Musa is disappointed as he stares at Emeka and everyone else. Then without blinking, ”goodbye Ambross!!”‘ he plungs the knife into Ambross’s stomach.

Someone screams as Ambross drops to the floor.



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