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I left and got the hell out of there before I really broke down crying.

Thankfully I got on one of the spots on the next flight out to New York City. I had to pay a little extra seeing how the plane was booked to begin with, but I begged enough to get out.

As I sit down on one of seats of the plane, crying my eyes out while people look at me strangely, I think about all the words Darren has ever said to me before.

All this time he was saying he was in love with me, he’s been loving someone else too. I just wish I would have known. But then to see him and Nicole kissing, that actually broke my heart to pieces.

There’s this pull in my stomach, an aching pain that I can’t seem to describe. I’m completely heartbroken now, and I have no one anymore, it’s like I’m missing something. And I know exactly what it is. Darren.

Darren is what saved me from my past and now I’m just going to go back into it. Even though my father apologized, i’ll forgive but I won’t forget.

Finally it’s about six o’clock and I’m finally home. I open up my apartment door, revealing the dark and gloomy apartment. I close it, dropping my bags on the floor and walking into my bedroom.

My body falls onto the bed and once my head hits the pillow, I can’t tell you how many tears are falling out of my eyes right now.

You know the feeling where you’re crying so hard, you feel like you can’t breathe? Or the feeling when someone kicks you in the stomach? Or that feeling when you’re in a dream and you’re falling, desperately wanting to wake up before you touch the ground? Well, those are the exact feelings I’m feeling right now.

I’ve never experienced a heartbreak before besides this one, and let me tell you something. It hurts like hell, it’s something that makes you feel like complete shit and helpless.

It’s agony, complete and excruciating agony. I might be taking this out of proportion, but he’s the love of my life and the first man I’ve ever loved.

I didn’t know that you could fall in love with someone so fast, but you can. And once you’re in love, it’s the best feeling in the whole world… until you reach the heartbreak part.

This pain hurts more than the pain I felt when my father used to abuse me. The pain I felt when my father beat me was physical, but the this pain is hitting me mentally.


It’s been a few hours later since I got home. Jessica came over to spend the night, also she brought ice cream and scary movies, knowing that those are two of my favorite things.

She came over to support me because I had called her up, crying my eyes out. So she came over and talked to me while I explained everything that had happened while I was in California.

She gave me the support I needed, but not enough to make me feel better. I mean, no one can heal heartbreak except for time. Time is the only answer to heartbreak.

I scream, jumping up at one of the scary parts in the movie while Jessica bursts out laughing. “Shut up!” I say, smacking her on the arm.

“Hey! It was funny!” She argues back, rubbing the spot where I had slapped her.

Just as I was going to argue, I hear someone anxiously pounding on my door. Both me and Jessica look at each other, as in ‘who the hell is banging on the door at eleven o’clock at night?’

We both get up, standing smushed next to each other so that there is no more room between us. As we walk towards the door dressed like hobos, we stop once we are inside.

I realize that I probably look a mess because I’m still in the clothes from this morning, my messy bun is half out of it, and my mascara has stained my cheeks.

I unlock the door and slowly open it up, revealing a heartbroken Darren.

Both Jessica and I take a big gasp, both surprised that he’s here, at my door step. “Uh, I’ll go to your bedroom so y’all can talk.” Jessica awkwardly says, while stepping away quietly to my bedroom.

I step outside of my apartment, closing the door so that it’s shut and we can have privacy. “What.” I say harshly, a little bit louder than I meant for it to be.

“Lucy, I am so sorry.” He states, I notice tears swelling in his eyes, but I don’t care because he shouldn’t be the one crying.

“You’re sorry?” I ask with pure venom laced in my voice. “You’re sorry for being in love with someone else while you say you are in love with me? That Darren, you should’ve told me and I wouldn’t have been so upset. But for you to say sorry when you were obviously enjoying that kiss with Nicole is fucking sad.”

He acts as if he’s surprised or has no clue what I’m talking about, but I can definitely tell that he’s guilty because of the kiss.

“Lucy, after hours of trying to get what my mother had said to you out of her, she finally told me. She lied about the whole damn thing. She says she wants what’s best for me but she doesn’t approve of anything I do, she didn’t approve of any of the girls I took home during high school.” He states. “I’m not in love with Nicole anymore, I used to be in high school, but I’m not anymore. She didn’t break up with me, I broke up with her when I caught her cheating on me. Yes we did kiss, but she kissed me. When she kissed me, I thought of you and pushed her off of me, so you must’ve seen the mid-kiss. But Lucy Brown, I’m in love with you, no one else, only you.”

I sit there dumbfounded, not being able to take in all the words at once. “Your mom lied about the whole thing?” I ask, reassuring what he said.

“Yes.” He says. “And when she told me she did, I told her I never wanted to see her again, so I grabbed everything and left within ten minutes after her telling me everything.”

“Darren, I thought you were only staying with me so you wouldn’t hurt me, even though you were in love with Nicole. I thought you were in pain and misery.” I say, tears once again swelling up in my eyes.

“Lucy, I’m in love with you, I’ve never been this much in love with someone ever before. Like I said before, you were like coming up for fresh air, I was drowning and you saved me. You are the person I’ve been looking for my whole life, someone that I could be myself around and still love me for who I am. And I found that person, it’s you. It’s always been you.” He says, stepping a bit closer to me. “But I’m sorry, please forgive me.”

A tear falls, but he wipes it away. “I forgive you because you are the love of my life, I can’t let you go, if I did, it would be the hardest thing I would ever have to do in my life.”

“These couple of months have been the best months I’ve ever encountered in my life, and I’m looking to spend more and more with you.” He states, pulling me in for a kiss.

So here I am, kissing Darren Andrew, who used to be my English teacher and who now is the love of my life.

My life is finally complete, I have found what I’ve been looking for and I couldn’t be any happier.


Writer – Anonymous 

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