Songs From The Academician – PT Fourteen

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Darren shuts his bedroom door, so that we finally have privacy after being pelted with questions for over an hour from June, Nola, and Nicole.

But still that whole hour we were in the kitchen, I was mostly thinking about how Darren and Nicole knew each other and what was between them before he left California.

Darren’s bedroom is huge, almost as big as the apartments where we live. I couldn’t imagine living somewhere so big, but it definitely would be awesome.

“Listen Lucy, I know you want to know who Nicole is and how I know her and the most honest answer I can give you is that Nicole and I go way back, we were once a couple but we’re over now. So over.” He says, explaining himself, also saying the ‘so over’ part a little bit louder so I can hear him. “And when she was asking you questions, she was only being jealous.”

Thank god, but she was a little intimidating. I mean, she was beautiful and I could totally tell that she’s one of Darren’s type.

“But, she acted like she still liked you.” I say.

“That was the jealousy talking.” He says. “Plus, if she still does, then too bad because I’m in love with you.” He states pulling me close and kissing me on the temple.

Now I’m satisfied and feel a lot better.

The whole day surprisingly went by fast, neither Darren or I saw Nicole since the morning thankfully.

It’s around ten o’clock and everyone’s sleeping besides Darren and I, I’m also about to take a shower. I’ve been excited all day because earlier I went to the bathroom and saw how big the shower was.

I walk into the bathroom, taking a towel out of the the linen closet and placing it on the hook right by the shower so that it’s easy to grab for when I get out.

I turn on the warm water, stepping inside and feeling refreshed. I shampoo and condition my hair, I wash my body, and lastly I wash my face.

I rinse one more time and turn off the shower. I grab my hair and ring it like a towel, getting all the water out of my hair. I grab the towel and place it around my body.

I walk towards the counter where I placed my clothes when I first came in here. I first put on undergarments then a black oversized t-shirt that reaches down to my knees, so no pants are needed.

I hang up the towel behind the door and run a hand through my hair, making it presentable for when I enter back in the room seeing how I didn’t bring my brush with me.

I walk back into the bedroom, seeing Darren completely shirtless, going through his dresser to probably find a shirt.

He looks behind me, noticing I’m behind him. “May I?” I ask, motioning to touch his tattoo.

He waits a few seconds and nods.

His scars have faded over the years seeing how his father beat him as a kid but you can still notice them. I place my finger lightly on his scars, I feel Darren flinch under my touch. His tattoo goes down his back and a little bit up his shoulders, I wish I could describe what it looks like, but it’s mostly just lines curving. In a matter of fact, it looks quite hot on him.

I trace my fingers over his tattoos, but after a few seconds Darren turns around and places one of my hands on my cheeks. He moves a piece of hair out of my face and tucks it behind my ear.

He then leans in, kissing me. This kiss is different, it’s one of the ones where’s it hungry, wanting more every second.

His hands move down to my waste, gripping it, causing butterflies to form in my stomach and other feelings that my body hasn’t met yet until now.

I wrap my hands around his neck, my fingers entwining in his hair, messing it up sexily. A loud moan escapes my mouth, making him smile through kisses.

His hands move down to my legs, using his muscles and strength to pick me up and pin my back against the wall. As he picks me up, my shirt goes further up my body, leaving my black thong underwear and legs to be totally in the open eye.

The feeling of his hands on my bare skin sends shivering tingles up my body. His hands are practically gripping my ass to hold me which feels incredibly good because the feeling of his touch anywhere on my body feels good to be honest.

His lips move down my neck, leaving small kisses down on my neck until he starts to tug on the skin leaving marks like I did on him when I was very, very drunk a while back. Another moan leaves my mouth as I regain my regular breathing seeing how we were making out for a while.

Just as he’s almost done leaving another mark on me, the door swings open revealing Nicole.

Damn you Nicole.

Darren instantly puts me down, I hide behind him, very, very embarrassed but a little happy because of how jealous she looks right now.

She’s definitely pissed, but forces a laugh. “Oh oops, forgot this was your room and not the bathroom.”

And that right there, was one of the most fake lies I have ever heard before.


I wake up, turning over, expecting to see Darren on the side next to me, but sadly he’s not there.

I pout as I look at the ceiling, seeing how every time I sleep in bed with him, he’s the first thing I like to see to make my morning.

I get out of bed, going through my suitcase to get out a pair of leggings so that I don’t look trashy if I go out there with no pants on. I pull them up and put my hair into a messy bun so that my hair doesn’t look like it has bed head.

I walk out of the bedroom, trying to find Darren and hoping that I don’t run into June or Nicole so that I don’t have to talk to them. I wouldn’t mind running into Nola because she seems to really like me.

Just as I’m about to walk downstairs, I hear voices coming from a bedroom. I walk closer, eavesdropping on who’s ever talking in the bedroom.

“Nicole, we are over, we’ve been over for years.” I hear Darren say angrily, wait what are they talking about?

“Yes I know, but I want you again. Seeing you with that girl, makes me want you more than ever before.” Nicole says. “Be mine again.”

My heart is on fire, there’s no jealousy or sadness, it’s on fire because I’m angry. “Oh, hi dear, come have some coffee.” I hear a perky voice say. June.

I turn around a bit startled, oh god. I internally groan inside, not wanting to talk to her whatsoever. “Uh, okay.” I say, following her down the staircase.

I really wanted to hear what Darren had said after Nicole mentioned her desire, but of course, June has to ruin that.

She hands me a cup of coffee, I take a sip, moaning from how good it is. “You know, Darren and Nicole go way back, those two love birds used to be so cute.”


“Nicole has been Nola’s best friend for forever, I can’t even remember when or how they met. But when Darren and Nicole first met each other, there was some spark between them that no one could understand.”

I sit there, wanting to know more and hoping that she continues so that I know the full story, no matter how it ends.

“They hung out every time Nicole came over to our house, this one in fact. But every time Nola went to hers, poor Darren got so depressed and upset.”

“All through high school they dated, everyone knew they were in love, in fact, they confessed their love for each other the day when Darren graduated and good golly, it was the cutest thing ever.”

They loved each other. When the words leave her mouth, my body aches in pain and tears sting my eyes, but I won’t let them fall in front of her.

“But then sadly, because of their age difference, Darren went to college and Nicole started her last year of high school. Nicole broke up with him because she knew they wouldn’t see each other that often.”

“So soon enough Nicole moved on, but I could still tell she was in love with him, but the day Darren found out she had moved on, he was heart broken, but that poor boy was still in love with her.”

“Then he met you, and I know he says he’s in love with you, but he doesn’t love you as much as he loved Nicole. I could tell when he saw her, he was still so deeply in love with her, he just doesn’t want to hurt you, so he’ll stay with you and be in pain at the same time.”

A tear falls from my eye, feeling so completely heartbroken.

“Oh honey, don’t cry, hopefully he will get over Nicole sometime soon.” She says wiping a tear from my cheek, smiling and walking out of the kitchen with her coffee.

With that, I walk upstairs, into his bedroom to gather my belongings. Just as I’m about to leave, I decide to stop by the room I first saw them in.

My heart stops beating for about a few seconds when my eyes lay on Darren pinned up against the wall by Nicole.

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