Songs From The Academician – PT Thirteen

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“Fine, I’ll go with you to California.” I finally agree as I sit on Darren’s couch along with him pacing around his apartment, trying to get all his stuff together.

He turns around from the kitchen with that big smile of his, taking a piece of paper from out of his pocket and unfolding it to me. “Here ya go!” He says enthusiastically, handing it to me.

I stand up, reading the paper and realizing it’s a place ticket to California with my name written on it. “You knew I would agree with going with you?” I state, while glaring at him.

“I knew you wouldn’t be able to stay that long away from me.” He cheekily smiles.

I try to punch his shoulder, playfully, but he catches it and bring me into a kiss. I laugh while I kiss him back, I push him away from me. “Sorry, but I have packing to do!” I say as I run towards the door, smiling cheekily and waving as I walk out of the door.

“We will continue that later!” He yells through the shut door.

I laugh while walking upstairs to my apartment to start packing to go to California.



After a few hours, it’s finally time to go on the plane. Our plane leaves at three in the morning and is supposed to arrive at eight in the morning.

As everyone boards the plane along with their luggage, Darren and I sit in our seats, tired as hell seeing how we had to wake up from sleeping.

I lay my head on his shoulder as the plane is about to fly off.

“Please, everyone stay in your seats and buckle up.” The fight attendant speaks just as the place starts to move.

Darren quickly grabs my hand, holding it tight and leaning way back in his seat. I start laughing, realizing that he’s scared of riding planes or taking off. “Don’t be scared.”

“Uh, I am not scared.” He says, lying to me. The plane starts to fly off of the ground, leaning everyone backwards in their seats. “Oh my god.”

“Not scared my ass.” I chuckle, laughing harder than I should have.

Finally after we’re in the air, Darren holds my hand looser but doesn’t let go. “So, does your mom know I’m coming?” I ask.

He looks at the window, guilty looking. “Uh, I don’t recall that coming up when I was on the phone with her yesterday.”

I let go of his hand and slap him, harder than I ever have before. “You head ass!” I say, slapping him even more.

“Ow!” He says, grabbing my hands and placing them down on my lap.

“You were supposed to tell her so that she knew I was coming! I don’t think she likes surprises, don’t you remember what happened?” I basically yell, people start looking towards us, but I obviously don’t care.

“Lucy, she knows what’s been going on, I told her that I lost my job but got hired at another University.” He states.

“Oh really? How’d she react to that.” I say while raising a brow.

“Uhhhh.” He says, itching his head.

“Are you stupid?” I yell once again.

“Shh!” A lady says on the row next to us, I turn to my other side and glare at her.

“Shush yourself!” I yell at her, Darren nudges my shoulder.

“I’m sorry.” He says to the lady.

“Oh really? You’ll apologize to her, but not to me?” I ask him with a pissy tone in my voice.

Darren rolls his eyes, looking out the window. “She probably already knows you’re coming with me, she knows that we’re together anyways.”

I sigh, aggravated as hell.

I swear to god if this vacation ends bad, this will probably be the last time I’ll see his mother.
We walk up the path of the beautiful, huge home in front of us which turned out to be Darren’s home where he grew up in.

A fountain of water is placed right in the circle of two paths you could take, it just depends wherever you park.

His home is located in Los Angela’s, California, in the rich people area. The house was made with all different kind of colors of stone along with stone columns in the front, leading to the front door.

It looks like it’s about three stories high seeing how many windows there are. On each side of the house, the roof is shaped as a triangle but right in the middle, it’s straight.

My house was never as neat as this one was because I lived in a downbeat neighborhood. Not that downbeat as you could imagine it to be, but downbeat enough as small houses and shitty landscapes.

“Your home is beautiful.” I say as we step in front of the front door.

“My father… designed it.” He states. “And listen, if your uncomfortable here we can get a hotel or just go back to New York.” He says, changing the subject.

“No it’s fine, I’ll stay here until we go back.” I say. “But, no offense or anything, please don’t leave me alone with your mother.”

A laugh escapes his mouth, him finding it hilarious. “I’ve heard that one before.” He states, understanding my acknowledgement.

Just as I’m about to speak, the door opens revealing his mother, engulfing him in a big hug. “Hi my darling Dar-” she stops once she sees me. “You brought her?”

Darren pulls his mothers arms off of him and grabs my hand, pulling me close to him. “Of cause, if you have a problem with her, both me and Lucy will go back to New York.” He states, gritting his teeth.

His mom takes a deep and aggravated sigh. “Fine.” She says, walking back into the house, with Darren and I following her.

As we walk through the beautiful home, I realize that it’s a bit more warm and cozy on the inside than it is on the outside.

*Enough staring at everything, you’re going to look like your weird.*

“Darren, this year it’s going to be just us three and a new guest joining us for thanksgiving, your sister, is stuck in a different state because of unavailable plane tickets.” June says, walking is into the kitchen.

“Oh, who’s the new guest?” Darren asks, sitting down on one of the bar-stools, motioning for me to sit down as well.

“Hi Darren.” A new voice enters the kitchen from behind us, both me and Darren turn around to look at the person.

Instantly, Darren stands up, obviously knowing exactly who it is. She has long blonde hair, green eyes, and olive tan skin. “Nicole?” Darren asks, looking surprised as hell.

Something tells me that these two had something going on, but didn’t end too well, seeing the way he looks hurt. I suddenly feel jealousy creep upon myself.

“Who’s she?” I’m assuming, Nicole asks looking towards me.

I stand up, standing next to Darren a little nervous. “She’s my girlfriend, Lucy.” He states.

Ever since this girl walked in the kitchen, a feeling has been telling me that I shouldn’t have come.


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