Songs From The Academician – PT Ten

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Everything happened so fast. Darren and I were just fine last night and now Darren probably already got fired. I’m sad, I miss Darren even though I just saw him today. I need him but he probably wants to be alone.

Fuck it. Maybe he needs someone to comfort him, but I’m probably the last person he would want to see, seeing how I got him fired.

I take a loud sigh as I get up, I open up my apartment door and walk out into the empty hallway. This is pretty sketchy because it’s twelve in the morning, but if I’m doing it for Darren, then it’s damn right worth it.

What if he’s not even up? I really hope he is because I need to talk and apologize with him. God, what if this is the wrong choice?

Finally, I get onto his floor and walk all the way down the hall. I look like a rats nest, I’m literally a mess. My hair is up in a messy bun, I have grey loose leggings on and the black sweatshirt Darren had lended me a few weeks ago.

I knock on the door, I hear footsteps coming towards the door to open it. It’s opens, revealing Darren, fully wide awake. I decide to rant. “I know you probably don’t want to see me, I’m probably the last person you’d want to see right now. But I wanted to see you to apologize because I’m the reason you lost your job plus I can’t go a day without seeing you because you just affect me in so many ways and-” in the middle of my ranting, Darren interrupts me by engulfing me in a warm hug.

“Lucy you’re the first person I want to see when I wake up in the morning, you’re the first person I think about, and never think that I’d never want to see you because you’re on my fucking mind twenty four seven.” He states, holding me tighter.

My arms wrap around his neck, I snuggle my head into his neck, smelling his scent. “What are you doing to me?” I mumble.

“Huh?” He asks me, while we pull apart from each other.

“Nothing.” I shake my head.

“Listen, I want to take you somewhere, will you come with me?” He asks, holding both of my hands.

“Yeah, of course.” I smile.

As he locks his apartment door he walks towards the stairs as I follow behind him. He opens up the doors to the stairs and starts to walk up them.

As we walk up two flights of stairs, a door is right at the top saying ‘Rooftop’. “I didn’t know there was a door to the rooftop up here.”

He opens it up and holds his hand out, letting me out first. “I know, I just found it a couple of days ago when I couldn’t sleep.” He states as I walk out.

I gasp from seeing the view. I’ve never seen something so beautiful before in my whole life, this is one of the best things I’ve ever seen. You can basically look over the whole city. The bright lights, people, and all the towers really show off how beautiful this city really is.

“Beautiful, isn’t?” I hear Darren’s voice besides me. “I wanted to take you up here right when I found it, but I wanted to make sure it was the right moment.”

“And is this the right moment?” I ask him, still gasping from how beautiful the view is.

“Yes, because I wanted to ask you something.” He says, enlacing his fingers into mine.

“What’s your question?” I ask.

“Be mine?” He asks, my heart flutters.

I turn to face him. “Even after what happened today?” I ask him nervously.

“Lucy, I lost my job, I can always get a new job at some other college, that way we can be together.” He states. I nervously bite my lip, thinking everything over. “Be mine, dammit.”

I smile, nodding my head, I lean into kiss him on the cheek. “I’ve never wanted something so much more.” I say as I lean back.

Finally, Darren is mine and I’m his.

As we lay on Darren’s couch, my phone starts buzzing again. Its pretty late for someone to be calling me. “Who is it?” He asks as he runs my head.

“I don’t know.” I say as I get up from the couch and take my phone off his coffee table. I look down at the caller ID. Dad. “It’s my father…”

“This late?” He asks, looking at the time to see that it’s almost two o’clock in the morning.

A bad feeling comes over my body, the feeling that I got when Chris took me in the bedroom, but this feeling is weirder. I tap my finger on the ‘accept’ button, holding my phone up to my ear.

“H-hello?” I stutter, scared as hell to see what my father is going to say. Darren looks at me weirdly, like ‘it’s only your father, what’s wrong?’ kind of look. But sadly he doesn’t know what’s happened.

“Hi, are you Steve Brown’s daughter?” A quiet voice comes through the phone. Wherever this person is right now, it’s very loud and hectic. Who has my fathers phone?

“Yes?” I answer, but it mostly comes out as a question.

“This is a nurse from the Orlando Hospital, am informing you that your father has been in an accident, I don’t know if you’re around the area or not but if you are, you need to come now.” She states. My breathing stops, it’s like I can’t breathe. When I try to talk, nothing comes out. “Ms. Brown?” She asks.

“I-I’m in New York, t-there’s no way for me to get there.” I say, my eyes wide. “Is he o-okay? What happened?”

The lady sighs, I hear her shutting a door or something to make it quieter since wherever she was, was very loud. “Your father was heavily intoxicated while he was driving, I’m sure you know what could have happened from there.”

Darren puts his hand on my shoulder, tilting his head with a worried face. A tear forms in my eye. Why the hell am I crying for my father?

“He’s bleeding internally and he’s now going to surgery, are you sure you can’t get on a plane?” The lady asks.

“I-I have classes, I-I can’t leave.” I say, stating the obvious truth.

My father needs me right now. “What’s going on?” Darren asks, wiping the tears from my face.

“Okay, Ms. Brown, but he was asking for you.” What the hell? He was asking for me? “I’ll keep you updated though.” The lady says, hanging up the phone.

After all these years of him abusing me, he was fucking asking for me?

I put my phone down on the coffee table, still so dumbfounded as to what to do. Should I go to Florida? He didn’t do shit for me, that bastard doesn’t need shit from me then. My breathing picks up and soon enough Darren is hugging me tighter than ever.

After a few minutes, my breathing calms down, I finally can speak. “My father was in an accident.”

His eyes widen. “Do we need to go catch a plane?” He asks, worriedly.

“No, he didn’t do shit for me so therefore he doesn’t get shit from me.” I say, pure venom in my voice.

“What do you mean” he asks, dumbfounded from the words I just said.

“Remember when I said you didn’t know everything about me yet?” I ask him, he nods his head. “Well you’re about to hear the whole damn story.”

And so the time has come.


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