Songs From The Academician – PT Nine

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As we look each other in the eyes, I feel Darren’s face getting closer and closer. His hands move up to cup my face and before I know it, his lips are on mine, which is by far one of the best feelings in the whole entire world.

His hands move back down to my waist, gripping it. I take my hands and move them up to his neck, messing his hair up.

His lips touching mine made the whole world fall away. All my problems, worry, regrets, literally everything is gone as I kiss Darren. Kissing Darren made me feeling like a new person.

I pull him closer until there’s no space between us anymore. He holds me tight which makes me feel safe and comforted. I knew that right then and there, I liked Darren a lot more than I thought I did.

Finally we both tear away, he left me wanting more, but both of us are breathing hard. “That-” I continue through breaths.

“Was amazing.” Darren finishes my sentence for me, I smile as he takes my hand and leads me out of the elevator and into his apartment.

“Let’s watch a scary movie.” I suggest, still breathing hard from the kiss. He left me breathless, literally.

“Good idea, but first, here are clothes.” He hands me black pants that would probably end at my mid calf seeing how he’s so tall, he also hands me a green oversized t-shirt.

“Dang, by the end of the year am going to have a collection of your clothes.” I state while laughing and walking into the bathroom.

I hear him laughing as I put on his clothes. His scent smells so good, I never want to stop smelling it.

I walk out, not seeing him in the living room or kitchen, so I walk down by his bedroom, knocking at the door as I walk in.

Darren is shirtless, I’m telling you, Darren is shirtless. Code blue, Code blue, I’m having breathing problems.

His muscular arms are literally so gorgeous. Holy shit, I’ve never known someone could be so sexy. Don’t get me started on his six pack, wait, you know what I think he should be instead of an English professor? A model. He would be a good model.

I notice tattoos on his back, then I notice scars. Scars. Who did that to him? “Darren.” I say, his head turns to mine quickly, just noticing that I was standing there.

I come closer towards him with pure worry on my face and in my thoughts. “W-who did that to you?” I ask him.

He turns towards me so that he’s not on his side anymore. I’m not even looking at his body anymore, I’m now looking straight at him. “Lucy.” He states.

“No, who did that to you?” I ask again, wanting to know right this instance.

“Just like you said before, we don’t know everything about each other yet.” He states as he put a black shirt on.

I look down at the floor, completely and utterly worried. “You’re right.” I state as I fiddle with my fingers.

“Come on.” He says taking me back into the living room. “And by the way, you look just as good in my clothes as you do in your own.” He says while smirking.

I laugh, but I can’t help but worry about what happened and who did that to him. His tattoo was pretty sexy though. Guys with tattoos is one of my weaknesses. But now I know that this will be stuck in my head for a while.

We sit on the couch as we look for a scary movie. Finally we go with the movie ‘Lights out’ because it’s supposed to be very, very scary. Darren has his arm wrapped around my waste as I snuggle into the underarm of his shoulder.

I hope whatever we have, never goes away because it’s a great feeling.



It’s been a couple weeks since the night Darren and I kissed. We’ve hung out mostly every weekend, we’ve especially gotten closer. We’ve really bonded, but mostly kissed (which is fine with me).

Darren’s sister and mom left the day after she found out I was one of his students. But surprisingly Darren didn’t care at all.

I quit my job at the bar and grill because of Chris, I’m never going back there nor talking to him. I haven’t seen him since that night he punched me and I’m not looking forward to seeing him either so I haven’t had a problem.

It’s Monday and I’m in English class with Darren. It’s hard not to stare or talk to him, we’ve been exchanging a few looks but nothing more than that because our secret can’t get out.

Darren and I are practically dating now we just haven’t confirmed it, but we’ve had dinner a couple times, plus we hang out every weekend and that’s what couples do.

I also caught up with Jessica, she had came over one night and I updated her on everything that has happened, except about Chris because if she found out about him, she would’ve freaked out and killed him. She also found someone new that she likes, they’ve gone out a few times but whoever it is hasn’t asked her out yet.

The bell rings, putting me out of my thoughts and concentrating on the real world. I take a while to get packed up so that I can talk to Darren.

Once everyone is out of the room, I walk up behind him and place my hands on his shoulder quickly while saying ‘boo’. He jumps upwards and turns around. “Ha, I scared ya.”

“And so you did.” He smiles, placing his hands on my waist, pulling me close. “I wish you weren’t my student so we didn’t have to keep this a secret.”

“I know.” I say quietly, trying to hold back my sadness. I hate knowing that I can’t brag about him or else he will get fired, but it’s whatever. I’ll deal with it.

“Mr. Andrew?” A deep voice says, we quickly pull apart from each other and look to whoever the voice said Darren’s last name.

I gasp out loud, seeing the Dean of the college, right there in front of the door, closing it on his way in.

Darren and I both look at each other with pure worry in our eyes. I don’t care about what happens to me, but Darren can lose his job which would be the worst case possible.

“What’s going on?” Mr. Robert, the Dean, says, crossing his arms in a manner of disbelief.

I stand there, dumbfounded from what to say. “Uhh- I was just thanking Mr. Andrew for helping me with what we’ve been learning!” I lie, but obviously he knows it isn’t the truth.

“We all know that isn’t what’s going on.” Mr. Robert says. “You know that you will lose your job because of this situation? Having a relationship with one of your students gets you fired because it’s against the rules here.”

Darren sighs loudly. “Yes, I’m aware.”

“W-we met each other before we even came here though, does that count?” I ask the Dean, regretting even going up to Darren.

“Sadly it does not, and Mr. Andrew, I know you’re a great English Professor, but this violates the rules, you will be fired immediately, and you will have to come with me.” He states staring towards Darren, holding his arm out to lead him out of the door and into the hall. “Please go to your next class.” He states towards me.

I’m pissed, I’m very, very pissed. “Please don’t fire him, he’s a great person and he’s very smart. You can’t do this!” I argue with the Dean, not caring what happens to me.

“Lucy, it’s okay, I’ll be fine.” Darren comes back into the room, trying to calm me down.

“No it’s not! This is my fault, you weren’t supposed to get fired!” I yell at Darren. “And you, it’s not our fault that we met each other and was found out to be my Professor!” I yell at the Dean.

“Before you get yourself in trouble, I’d recommend you go to your next class.” Mr. Robert says, nodding his head out the door.

“Lucy, go.” Darren says angrily.

I glare at him and shake my head, throwing my hands up in the air, angrily. “This is bullshit!” I scream as I walk out of the room and to my next class.

It’s bullshit because Darren’s losing his job and I can’t do shit about it.


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