Songs From The Academician – PT EIGHT

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“The one you work at, Darren?” June asks in disbelief.

“U-uh, yes mom, the one I work at.” He says, giving her the truth.

I feel like I’m going to throw up, literally I’ll throw up right now. “Awh, that’s cute, it’s like one of those stories you sometimes hear.” Nora says, everyone turns their head towards her.

I look at Darren in disbelief, he looks pretty surprised from what she just said. But his mom, June, does not look happy at all. “That’s very unprofessional, Darren.”

I feel Darren tense up. “Mom, can we not do this here?” He asks her, I keep my head down at my hands, not making eye contact with anyone.

Nola leans towards me. “She doesn’t understand the meaning of love, she hasn’t felt it in a while.” She whispers into my ear.

She hasn’t felt it in a while? I wonder where Nola and Darren’s father is then. Did he pass away or leave?

“Lucy, let’s go, we’re not staying.” He states, getting up out of his seat.

His mom doesn’t say anything, she just glares at him with that mother type of look when she’s pissed.

“Bye Darren and bye Lucy, it was nice meet you.” Nola says.

I get up out of my seat and push it back in. “It was nice meet you too, and you June.” I give them a small smile.

“You’ve lost the respect to call me by my first name, so that’s Ms. Andrew to you now.” She states with a little anger in her voice.

Well, she just lost all respect for me.

“Come on.” Darren states, taking my hand and leading me out of the restaurant and out on the streets.

“I’m sorry that didn’t go too well.”

“No I’m sorry, it’s my fault. I was the one who made that happen.” I say because that’s basically the honest truth.

“No Lucy, she would’ve found out anyways.” He states. “She’s smart, she’s not dumb.”

I laugh quietly. “Well, still. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry.” He says. “And you know what? Let’s go get some food, you must be starving.”

I’ll take that offer because I am really hungry seeing how I haven’t eating anything all day. I was so nervous about going to dinner that I forgot to care for myself.

The dark sky thunders and soon enough it’s pouring. Darren and I are practically soaked as we run through the streets of the city. It’s like the first day I met him, I was trying to find food and it started raining. But it’s different because we’re with each other.

We finally spot a little diner and run inside there, our clothes are dripping with water on the floor as we make our way to a booth. “You picked a good night wear white.” Darren says, laughing while smirking at the same time.

I look down at my shirt. Oh my god. My laced black bra is showing right through my white shirt. I glare at him and smack him on the shoulder. “Eyes up here buddy.” I say pointing towards my face.

“Ouch, you’ve got a hard hit.” He says, while he looks at the menu.

“I bet that’s what Chris thought last night.” I jokingly say, bringing my hand up to my face. My hair is wet, my mascara is running, and my foundation has probably gotten washed off by the rain. So, my bruise is probably showing now.

“He won’t touch you again, I won’t let him.” He states, making me feel safe like he made me feel last night.

My phone buzzes, I curiously take it out of my purse, looking at the caller ID. Dad. My smile turns to a frown. “You okay?” Darren asks.

I decline the call and put my phone back into my purse. I look up and smile. “You know Darren, we don’t know everything about each other yet.”

He raises a brow and tilts his head. Should I tell him about my mother and father? Can I trust him? I know I trust him, but I’m not ready to say anything yet.


Finally we’re done eating. I ordered a chocolate milkshake and chicken tenders and fries. Darren ordered a chocolate milkshake as well, but he got a cheeseburger instead.

We talked more about each other and got to know each other a lot more. We talked about ourselves. Like what we like and don’t like.

“You know, this could be our first date.” He says, while giving the waiter the money.

I giggle. “It could be.”

We get up out of the booth and we’re about to walk outside but we realize that it’s still raining. “Guess we will have to go through it again” I say as he opens the door for me. “But first.” I take my heels off seeing how it was very hard to run in them before.

He holds out his hand, I grab it with mine as we lace our fingers together. We run through the streets, through the crowds of people, and alleys until we finally make it back to the apartment complex.

We get into the elevator, soaking the floor so that there’s a huge puddle. “You want to go back to my place or do you just want to go to yours alone?” He asks.

“Obviously I’ll stay with you.” I say.

He smiles happily. “Good.”

The elevator opens, I try to walk out of the elevator but from the floor being so slippery, I slip and scream, getting ready to hit the floor. But instead of hitting the floor, an arm wraps around my waist.

My back is against the elevator wall while Darren’s arm is wrapped around my waist, realizing that our lips or inches away.


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