Songs From The Academician – PT Seven

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I have about thirty minutes until I have to go to Darren’s apartment to get a ride from him to the restaurant. I stopped by at Darren’s to see what I needed to wear, he said that his mom was taking us to some fancy restaurant cause she’s like that.

I feel like Darren grew up in a rich family, something tells me that he did. But the thing is that most people that grow up in rich homes are usually rude and uptight. But Darren isn’t like that at all whatsoever.

So here I am, standing in front of my closet, trying to figure out what to wear. I texted Jessica earlier and asked what I should wear, she started freaking out as to why I’m going out to dinner with Darren and his family. I’ll obviously have to tell her later, but she suggested something stylish.

I take out a tight black skirt that ends at about my knees, I also take out a white spaghetti strap loose top.

I get undressed and put the outfit on, I then look in the mirror. The skirt hugs on all of my curves which makes them stand out. The outfit actually really goes together, but I don’t know if it’s for me.

I shrug my shoulders and decide to just go with it seeing how it’s fancy. I also want to impress Darren’s family because I don’t want them thinking I’m some low life or some trashy girl that was in his apartment.

I walk towards the mirror, I gasp at looking at myself. I totally forgot about the bruise on my cheek. I take my finger and slightly touch it, I curse.

What if his mom and sister saw the bruise?

I put on some foundation and powder, trying to cover it up. After applying my mascara and foundation, you can kind of see the bruise but not that much.

After I curl my hair and brush through it so that it’s wavy, I grab my phone and a small black purse, putting it inside. Just as I’m about to walk out of the door, I realize that I’m missing shoes.

“Shit.” I curse once again.

I run back to my bedroom, looking through my closet. My eyes land on black high heels that actually go with my outfit. I quickly run through my apartment, tripping quite a bit seeing how I never wear heals.

Finally I get to Darren’s and knock on the door. I hear feet moving and the door finally reveals Darren. God he’s so sexy, help me lord. He’s wearing light brown pants, a white shirt that goes down to his elbows, a gray tie, and black shoes.

I notice him looking me up and down, this is the best feeling ever. “You look… great.” He states, his eyes finally meet mine.

“You don’t look so bad yourself.” I say back, smiling and blushing.

I notice the sides of his cheeks are pink. Is Darren blushing? “Y-you ready to go?” He stutters, looking me over again.

I nod. “Nervous?” I ask him as he shuts his door, locking it on the way out. He places his hand on the side of my waist, leading me towards the elevators. My stomach is a mess from the feeling of him touching me. He has such a great effect on me.

He smiles while he laughs quietly. “A little, because you’re quite breath taking right now, even though you’re breath taking everyday.” He states, while we walk into the elevator.

If I’m not a tomato already, then I know I’m one right now. I can’t stop smiling right now, it’s incredibly hard to stop. I take my hand and move it down to his, lacing my fingers through his hand.

“So my mother knows we are kind of a thing, she just doesn’t know you’re one of my students.” He states, but continues. “I-I don’t know if I can lie to her, but if it’s about keeping you, then I’ll lie as much as I have too.”

My body aches from everything he’s saying right now, everything he says has such a great effect on me. He’s by far one of the sweetest guys I have ever met before, I know he’s not going anywhere. Hopefully.

“You’re my professor, but I have a feeling, a feeling that this will work out.” I say while smiling at him.

“Me too.” He states.

Darren and I enter the restaurant which is quite filled with lots of people. Couples, families, and friends are all in here. Earlier when Darren said that we were going to a fancy restaurant, I didn’t think it was going to be this fancy.

Chandeliers are hanging from the ceiling, everything is glass, I think the chairs may even be glass if I’m being honest. People are wearing dresses that you would wear on a red carpet. Here I am, wearing a skirt and a shirt. Also, everyone here is so beautiful, I feel like a low life. Something that I don’t want to look like.

“Are you okay?” Darren asks me, noticing that something’s wrong.

Like I’ve said before, I hate crowds of people, I get nervous and I sometimes get anxiety. I was never around big crowds of people, I always stayed in my bedroom once my mom passed away.

I only went to school and that was it, I didn’t meet Jessica until a little while after my mother passed. Jessica was a life savior though, she kind of broke me out of my shell.

“Everyone is so dressed up, I feel like I’m underdressed.” I say quietly, seeing how the restaurant is quite quiet.

Darren takes both of my hands so that we’re facing each other.” Lucy, you are beautiful, it’s okay.” He says.

“Darren!” A familiar voice says.

We turn around to see his mom and his sister. I wonder where his dad is. “Hi mom.” He states, giving his mom a kiss on the forehead. “Hi Nola.” He also says, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

So his sisters name is Nola, that’s quite beautiful. “Hi, I’m sorry that we didn’t meet like we were probably supposed to, but I’m Lucy.” I state, awkwardly smiling.

“Hi dear, you can call me June, and this is my daughter and Darren’s sister, Nola.” June states.

June is wearing a lose black dress that really suites her well, seeing how she looks really good in dresses. Usually aging people don’t wear dresses. But then again, she doesn’t look that old.

“Hi it’s nice to me.” Nola smiles. “Aren’t you the girl from the bar? The one who spilled water on me?” She asks me.

Oh god, there it is. I laugh embarrassingly. “Uh, yes, and again, I’m really sorry about that.”

“Oh no it’s okay, it was kind of funny after.” She says while she laughs.

A big sigh of relief leaves my shoulders because she doesn’t care that that happened, maybe she’s not uptight after all. Neither is her mom. “Alright so we should go sit down, I made reservations.” June says.

Darren takes my hand a leads me to the table. He pulls out the chair for me, I give him a small smile, telling him ‘thank you’. He then scoots me in.

As the waiter takes our orders and drinks, June speaks up. “So where did you two meet?” She asks us.

I look over at Darren. “Uh, Nola, remember the bad and Grill we went to? Well that’s where we met each other.”

“Oh that’s nice.” Nola says. “So, where do you work, Lucy?”

I cough awkwardly, thinking of what I should say. “I’m actually taking classes at a college at the moment, but I’m going to major in science.”

“What college?” Barbra asks, titling her head.

Wait, what if she knows where Darren works at? Maybe she doesn’t, so should I just say it? “St. Johns University.” I blurt out.

I take a deep breath, realizing that she’s figuring everything out. Oh god, did I just ruin everything!


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