The Last Petal PT 17

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Margaret woke up yawning. Her sleep had been extremely peaceful and uneventful. The words of the innkeeper had unnerved her when she had entered her room with her things but once her head had hit the bed, she was off to sleep quicker than the stars would have ever witnessed.

From the looks of the scenery outside the window, it was a little around five maybe. That would mean she had over an hour to get ready, get supper and then be off to the journey again. She just hoped the horses felt well rested too. After the monster had chased them Margaret was worried she had tired her horse too much. Knowing that the possibility of another monster chasing them that night was enough to keep her on her toes and want her horse well rested. Although her sleep was not plagued by the dreams of monsters because of the fatigue, her thoughts now that she was wide awake consisted of nothing else. Oh the horror it would be were a monster to chase them again and the horse feels too tired to run ahead of it. This time there was no Red to save them and give them time to run away.
Seeing that there was enough time to spare still, Margaret wanted to ask for a bath to be drawn. With that thought in mind Margaret went out of the room past a few doors and made her way downstairs to find someone who could show her the bath.

Margaret could here loud voices. The tavern that was oddly silent just the day before had lots of customers eating and drinking in the evening. Margaret pushed the divider the separated the housing from the dinning area and reception and was welcomed by the sight of the crowd making the noise. She had forgotten this detail while her mind was busy recuperating from the other incidents. The reason the inn keeper had firstly refused to give her a separate room. The crowd in front of her was the very definition of unruly and barbaric. With hair of some in dread locks, some covered in ink, and most with deep visible scars, the crowd could only be described as a group of bandits or pirates. Seeing as how far from the coast the were it was probably the first. At the reception, the innkeeper stood with a sunken ash white face. To add to Margaret’s discomfort, all eyes had taken to her the moment she had pushed past the divider and the chatter had stopped. Slowly, as if it would have helped, Margaret retraced her steps without turning back. The divider opening and shutting with a little creak. With quick steps Margaret went back towards her room and knocked at the one besides her before shutting her own. Footsteps had followed her and the intention of the men upon seeing her was clearly written on their faces the second she had been seen.

When she was young, she had heard stories. Stories of wondering bandits who took what and whom they wanted in such small towns. She just hoped that the prince had woken up with those few knocks she had left on his door before latching her own. She could feel the thud of the footsteps on the floor. The vibration was way less than that of her heart’s rapid beating. She felt powerless yet again. How she wished for power. She had never yearned it more than these past few days. How can she see the world and have an adventure when she knew she wouldn’t survive two days by herself?

Loud thuds were heard outside and then silence.

“Margaret.” Came through the gate a voice she had badly wanted the hear. Quickly she unlocked the door and studied the corridor outside. On the side lay three brute men with blood seeping through their noses and broken bones. Margaret breath a sigh of relief.

“Thank you,” She whispered earnestly looking at the man in front of her. He just nodded.

“Let’s leave.” The prince spoke a moment later. “There are sure to be more coming.”

Within a moment they gathered everything. Margaret saw the Prince go still for a second. In a flash he took up everything of use and motioned her to do the same and then they were out of the room and down the stairs.

“Someone’s coming.” Margaret hushed. Opening a door the prince pulled her in just in time for a group of rowdy people to pass by.

“The window. ” The Prince said and latched the door from the inside quickly following after her. With a little struggle the window of the room opened and they ducked out of it. Sneaking around the houses and constantly looking around, the two quickly made their way to the stables and got the reigns of their horses.

With a few quick tug of the reign the horses trotted out of the stables and on towards their destination. However the danger was yet to subside. The road to their destination meant crossing the inn they had stayed in.

“Fingers crossed.” Margaret mumbled and they raced through the road in front of the inn hoping no one would have realized that they had left three men wounded behind.


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