Songs From The Academician – PT Six

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Five days have passed since the incident with Darren and the lady he was with. It’s now Friday and I’m sitting inside of my apartment, drinking a cup of tea as I look at out of the kitchen view.

I skipped English class which was Monday so I didn’t have to face Darren. I was still hurt and sad about it and I couldn’t bare to go look and listen to him.

There’s a party tonight, the same one Chris was asking me to go to. I don’t know if I want to go because I can’t have what happened last time happen again. I want to go so I can see Jessica, seeing how I haven’t seen her all week since I skipped the only class I have with her.

I did exchange numbers with Chris after my shift on Tuesday, I couldn’t exchange it with him on Sunday night because he had left early. Should I just go with him? I mean, Darren’s clearly moving on so why shouldn’t I?

I’ll just go and if I see him then I will hang out with him there, so it won’t be like I’m going with him to the party. I’ll just casually see him and talk to him.

I grab my phone from the kitchen counter and text Jessica, telling her that I’m going to the party tonight.

I walk into my closet, taking out a pair of leggings and a dark olive green spaghetti strap crop top. I stick my feet into a pair of white shoes, I then straighten my hair and do my normal makeup I usually wear.

I hear my phone ringing in the kitchen, I quickly walk into the kitchen and answer it. “Hello?”

“Hey bitch, i’ll pick you up in a cab, be ready in five minutes.” A familiar voice says, obviously Jessica.

“Okay.” I say, hanging up while laughing.

I stick my phone in my bra seeing how I have no where else to put it. I walk out of my apartment, locking it with my apartment keys, also throwing those in my bra.

I press the elevator button and it opens. I walk inside and it finally starts to go down, until it stops at floor six. I roll my eyes, knowing it’s him but I can’t help the butterflies in my stomach.

It opens, revealing Darren. He keeps eye contact with me until he stands right beside me, I smell his cologne and I feel his body heat radiating off of him and onto me.

He sighs agitatedly, I then feel his arm go around my waist, turning me around so that I’m looking straight at him. “I know that you thought the lady in the bar was with me.” He states.

My body is on fire, not just because his hands are on me, but because he knows exactly what I’m thinking. “Obviously it was, who else would it be?”

“Um, my sister?” He states, within a matter of seconds I feel like the stupidest person ever.

How am I so stupid? Their eyes were similar, they were the same height, they had identical features on their faces. How did I not know that? And I also spilt water on her for no reason.

“My family is in town, my sister wanted to go somewhere so I took her there.” He states. “I would never take another woman out when I have strong feelings for you, plus I wouldn’t do that to you.”

Now, I feel like a complete and utter shit because I was totally debating on going to the party with Chris because I thought that Darren was just playing me.

I don’t know what to say, but when the elevator opens, I quickly run out so that I don’t have to face him anymore. I know that I shouldn’t have ran, but I didn’t know what to do.

My hearts beating a million miles per hour because he just confessed his feelings for me, that was also another reason why I ran out. It was because he told me how he felt and I didn’t know what to say or do.

Running is my best idea for everything that gives me a hard time.



The same thing that was at the party is here, except there’s a lot more people. There’s probably about hundred people here, twice as many as last time and let me tell you, it’s crazy.

People are grinding on each other like there’s no tomorrow, people are chugging vodka bottles, the music is up really loud and I’m pretty sure we will get called for a noise complaint.

I haven’t had that much alcohol, I decided to take it slow tonight and not drink that much because I don’t want what happened last time happening again.

While I’m sitting in the kitchen on a barstool, a hand taps on my shoulder, startling me. I turn around and see Chris with a charming smile. “Oh, oops. Did I startle you?”

I chuckle. “It’s fine.” I say standing up.

He looks me up and down. “You look great.” He states, smirking.

I blush, my cheeks are hot. I cross my arms so that they’re covering my stomach that is showing.

“Thanks.” I say, a little uncomfortable.

I’m actually not that used to guys saying those things to me. I’ve never really gotten into a real relationship before that was serious because that’s not what guys want in high school. They want… other things that I’m not into.

“You want to go somewhere quieter?” Chris asks, stepping a little bit closer to me.

“Uhh, sure I guess.” I say as he takes my hand, leading me through the crowd of people and up the stairs into a bedroom.

There’s a weird feeling pit in my stomach that I’ve never felt before, and the feeling doesn’t feel too good. I hear Chris shut the door once I get inside, I turn around quickly confused.

“Uh, what are you-” he interrupts me by pushing me onto the bed in the bedroom, he lays on top of me, all his weight is literally crushing me.

My heart starts to race as he crushes his lips onto mine, I can basically taste the alcohol on his breath.

“Stop.” I say, loud enough for him t hear.

“What if I don’t want to?” He asks while he still makes out with me.

I go to push his body off of me but he grabs them and places them above my head while holding them there, he’s too strong for me so I can’t do anything. I start to kick my legs and scream, but his hand covers my mouth as he moves down to my neck, biting it and leaving marks.

Tears sting my eyes as I realize what he wants, my heart races even faster. I’m having a panic attack, my body goes numb and soon enough my body won’t move. Tears fall down my cheeks as he simply pulls up my shirt, he leaves kisses down on my stomach. Usually this is supposed to feel good, but this doesn’t.

My arms are still pinned to the bed by his strong arms. He finally lets them go, as he’s still laying on top of me, my body is literally pinned to the bed, I’m not strong enough.

I start screaming once he starts to rip my shirt to get to my chest, he then takes his fist and smashes it down to my cheek, I scream in pain but right as I do, he smashes his face onto mine.

As he holds my face down by kissing me disgustingly and he goes to take his belt off, my eyes widen with realization, I’m going to get raped. I’m going to get raped. I realize that my arms aren’t pinned to the bed anymore, within milliseconds I get enough strength to push him off of me, he falls onto the floor.

I quickly get up, seeing that he’s still on the floor and I punch him, full of anger, he yells curse words.

“Fuck!” He yells again as he holds his hands where his eyes are. My legs automatically kicks him in the balls as if it was an instinct. “Fuck!” He says again.

I run, I run out of the door making sure that I lock it on the way out so that it makes it difficult for him to get out. I run past people who are giving me dirty looks, I then realize that I’m crying.

I run down the stairs, I run through the crowd of people, I then run outside, falling to the ground. No, no, keep running. I find the strength to get up and run further until I can’t see the house in sight at all.

My instincts still tell me to run because of my past. Like when my dad would beat me, I would run anywhere, literally anywhere. As I run through the slightly empty streets, I finally see my apartment complex. Did I take a shortcut? Because I got here awfully fast.

My hearts beating faster than its ever beat before, my lungs burn for oxygen as I run into the my apartment building. People give me weird looks as I press the buttons to get into the elevator. My face aches from when he punched me, the pain is literally excruciating.

I look down at myself. As I’m still crying my eyes out, I realize that my shirt is basically ripped apart. There’s many tips in my shirt, especially for where my chest in. It’s really torn where my bra is. I feel my neck, feeling marks around on my neck. I cry even harder to the feeling that he touched me like that.

I can barely catch my breath, I feel like I’m going to pass out any second now. I’m panicking now because what if Chris tries to do it again? I should never have gone upstairs or in that bedroom with him.

Finally the elevator opens, my eyes quickly look up, making eye contact with those ocean blue eyes that go directly from calm to worry.


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