Songs From The Academician – PT Five

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I got the job, last night I signed up which was Saturday and today I start at the Bar and Grill. I work on Sunday and Monday evenings. I haven’t seen Darren since I left Saturday morning.

A part of me wishes I would’ve been sober when I gave him a hickey, but I feel like I would’ve painfully regretted it right after. Since I was drunk, I didn’t know what I was doing. Plus I couldn’t control it.

I finally get to the Bar and Grill, it’s around seven o’clock in the evening. I meet eyes with a lady behind the bar.

She seems like she’s in her late thirties, she has short blonde hair, bright green eyes, and a small petite body.

I walk towards her and stop behind the counter, I smile. “Hi, I’m Lucy, can you please tell me where the manager is?”

She smiles. “Well, I can’t do that because you’re looking at her.” She says in a small accent. “You’re the new worker here, come quick. I’ll get you your shirt.”

I walk with her to the back, as we go into the back I see all the workers behind the kitchen, which there aren’t many of them but just enough to keep the place running.

We walk into another door which reveals a room full of lockers. “This Is your locker, four hundred, don’t forget it.” She says as she hands me a shirt. “And if you don’t want people to steal your things, I suggest you put a lock on it. Oh, and by the way. My names Cara.” She says as she walks out the door.

“Well thanks for the nice, warm welcome. “I mumble to myself, oblivious as to the fact she didn’t tell me anything I actually needed to know.

I shrug my shoulders and open up the locker. I quickly take off my shirt, revealing my bare skin. I put the shirt on Cara gave me, which is black with writing in the right hand corner saying ‘Bar and Grill’.

I put my shirt that I had already had on into my locker and shut it. I then open up the door and walk back out, running into someone.

“Woah, easy there.” A deep voice chuckles, a familiar one too.

I look up at the familiar face. The guy from the party I told off. Now, I actually look at him since I was kind of just focused on following Jessica so I wouldn’t get lost at the party.

He has dark brown hair, he also has glasses which makes him even more cuter but I can’t tell what color his eyes are. I’m pretty sure they’re green. He has the same shirt on that I do, black pants down to his knees and black and white shoes.

He tilts his head as if he remembers me too and in just a matter of seconds, he smiles. “You’re the girl from the party, aren’t you?”

I play it off as if I don’t know because whoever that girl was at the party, is not who she is right now. I’m also positive that he saw me dancing on the table, according to Jessica “everyone saw you dancing on the table” which she said last night over the phone.

Jessica was also very pissed at me that I left her. I hadn’t checked my phone until that night because it was stuffed away in my bra, it was also on silent so I didn’t get any of her thirty messages and twenty phone calls. But thankfully, she’s fine now.

“Um, what girl?” I ask as if I have no clue what he is talking about, I decide to turn around and walk into the bar area hoping to take someone’s order. Unfortunately there’s no one here except for a family that is already eating.

“I know a girl when she makes a show.” He states, making me laugh.

I laugh. “Okay fine, you got me.”

“See there it is, I don’t like girls who lie.” He says. “It irritates me.” He says sitting at one of the stools while I sit in front of him.

“Well, I don’t like guys who question me.” I say. “And by the way, whoever that girl was at that party, is not who she is right now.”

“So, you only do that when you’re fully intoxicated?” He asks me.

“Yep.” I answer back, popping the p.

“Well, hit me up when you’re going to another party, there’s one next Friday again.” He says running a hand through his hair, which is very sexy but not as sexy as when Darren does it.

I nervously cough as to what he just said. “Um, did you just ask me to go with you?” I clear my throat.

“Well, I guess I did.” He says, smiling.

“Too bad pretty boy, I don’t go anywhere with strangers.” I say a bit too harsh than I meant if.

His face goes straight. “I don’t like it when girls deny me.”

“Well, you just got denied.” I say.

The door opens, which makes the bell ring to let the workers know that someone has just come into the Bar and Grill.

I look over to see who it is and my heart instantly breaks as I see that it is Darren and some very, very beautiful girl.
Okay, yes it’s obvious. I like Darren, which is the worst thing that could possibly ever happen because he is my college professor. He could basically be fired because technically you’re not allowed to have a relationship with one of your students in college. If this would have been happening while I was in high school, he’d be fired and arrested because it is illegal.

Seeing him now with another woman makes me angry, and when I say angry, not just a little angry, but very fucking angry. Of course my heart aches, but I was just with him yesterday and we were talking about us or whatever the hell we are.

Whoever this bitch is, she should be ready to get some shit spilled on her, ALL over her. Wait, I can’t do that, I would get fired. But actually thinking about it now, it’s a pretty good idea.

He looks at me, his mood changes like he’s relaxed because before he came in he looked a bit tense. It’s like I calm him down, which makes me a bit happy because I like the fact that I affect him. But I guess I didn’t affect him that much because he’s with a another woman.

She has short wavy hair and bright blue eyes, kind of like Darren’s. She’s almost as tall as Darren. Why would Darren choose a woman that looks exactly like him? Is he crazy? She has on a pair of blue jeans and a pale nude shirt.

I’m jealous, that’s also a bit obvious too. “Hey no name, go get that table.” The guy from the party says, I look away from Darren and look at him.

“It’s Lucy.” I state, getting a pen and paper from the bar.

“I’m Chris.” He states.

“Nice to know.” I sarcastically smile.

I take a big breath before stepping over to their table, I try not to make eye contact with Darren whatsoever. “Hi, welcome to bar and grill, can I get you something to drink or eat.” I ask as I stare at the table.

Darren awkwardly coughs. “Uh, I’ll have a beer.”

“I’ll have a water with lemon.” The beautiful lady says, I look upwards at her and all I can look at are her eyes. Darren and her have the same eyes, they look so similar.

“Alright.” I say, writing it down on the notepad. “Anything to eat?”

“Uh, no we are good.” Darren states.

I nod my head and walk off to the counter, I grab a beer and place it on the bar, popping off the tab. I then grab a plastic cup and fill it up with water and placing a lemon on the side of the cup.

Just spill it on her. I walk over to their table, placing the beer on Darren’s side of the table. I make sure none of them are paying attention, within a matter of seconds I trip myself, spilling the water on her jeans, making her yelp.

“Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry.” I say, holding in my laughter which is really, really hard. I start hanging her napkins from the table and I pick up my cup.

I look over at Darren, who is laughing very hard, he makes me laugh quietly a little bit but the rest of the time I’m there helping the girl clean herself I hold my laughter in.

Once she’s settled, I walk into the back and into the locker room, and right when I get inside, I laugh until I can’t breathe.

That felt very, very good to do.



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