Songs From The Academician PT-FOUR

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After knocking on several people’s doors, slurring my words and asking if Darren Andrew lives there, I come down to the last door. Hopefully this is him, if it isn’t, then I’m going back to my place.

I knock on the door, waiting impatiently until whoever lives here opens the damn door because at any minute now I will pass out. Finally I here footsteps coming towards the door, it opens.

There in front of me, reveals Darren, thank god. I watch him widen his eyes as he looks me up and down seeing how I’ve never revealed his much skin in front of him before. “Eyes-” I start, but my drunken self takes big breathes. “up here, pretty boy.” I giggle.

He scrunched his brows up as if he’s looking at a psychotic person. “Are you okay?”

“I’m-” and with a matter of seconds, I fall, thinking I’m going to hit the floor, but muscular arms swoop under my waist, stopping me from hitting the floor.

“Oh god, I’m assuming you’re drunk. I can basically smell the alcohol coming from your breath.” He states, picking me up, bridal style while shutting the door.

If I wasn’t drunk, I’m pretty sure I’d be freaking out because he’s basically carrying me, but my stomach is going crazy. It’s probably going crazy at the moment because he’s touching me or it’s just the throw up, or it’s probably both.

He sets me on the couch so that I’m laying on a comfortable surface. “God, stop assuming things.” I slur my words.

“What?” He says while going through his fridge, handing me a water after he’s done.

I sigh. “Y-you know.” I continue. “You assume it’s a bad idea if we talk and are with each other, I know I agreed with you, but maybe it’s not.”

My eyes droop downwards, trying to make eye contact but I can’t seem to look upwards. “Lucy, you’re drunk. You don’t mean anything you’re saying.” He states, sitting down on the chair right next to me.

“Y-yes I do, I really, truly mean this.” I say honestly, finally my eyes look up at his with strength.

He sighs, running a hand through his sexy hair, God do I hate when he does that. I somehow manage to stand up, walking towards him and sitting down on his lap.

“Lucy.” He states.

“Darren.” I whisper, aiming my head down to his neck, while carefully biting his flesh. I hear him gasp, surprised that I’m doing this right now.

His hands grab the sides of my waist, pulling me closer. My body is on fire because his hands are touching my bare skin, while fully intoxicated.

See, I know exactly what I’m doing is the worst idea ever because it’s just making us want each other even more, but I don’t care, that’s just how I am when I’m tipsy.

Finally, he grips my waist tighter, and lifts me up so that I’m standing on the floor. “You’re drunk, am not taking advantage of you.” He states.

My drippy eyes clothes, collapsing into his warm body, along with me falling asleep.



My eyes open, I look around, not recognizing my apartment. Where am I? My head aches from drinking too much last night. All I remember is going into the house, did I ever get out?

I’m never drinking ever again, especially because that was my first time ever consuming that much alcohol. I feel like throwing up, but I know it’s just the hangover.

I feel a hand grip my waist, my eyes widen. Who the hell has their hand gripped on my waist? Yep, never drinking ever again. Goddamned Jessica Cooper.

I begin to freak out. Did I lose my virginity? Yeah, yeah I’m a virgin, get over it. I believe every ones first time should be special, especially myself.

I slowly, turn myself around, trying not to wake whoever is next to me up. My eyes close, scared to find out who it is. Don’t be scared, just open them. My eyes open, I want to scream, I’m pissed at myself.

When the hell did I come to Darren’s house or most importantly, how the hell did I get to Darren’s house?

At least I know who it is and he’s not a complete stranger. I look under the covers, thankfully I have clothes on. But I don’t remember wearing a sweat jacket. Darren must’ve given it to me because it smells exactly like him, which smells amazing.

I silently laugh at myself, God Lucy what the hell have you done?

I go to take his hand off of me, but I’m actually enjoying watching him peacefully sleep. His muscles are so peaceful, they’re not tense like they’re usually when he’s around me.

Little pieces of hair stick out of his head from bedhead which is adorably cute. Man, what have you done to me Darren Johnson?

Suddenly his eyes flutter open, all his muscles go tense, his peacefulness drops, and he quickly takes his arm off my waist, making me feel lonely now.

I take the covers off and get up out of the bed, so does he. He has on a muscle shirt that shows up his muscles, which makes me stare for awhile. I must’ve been staring for too long because he then raises a brow.

He raises a brow at me. “U-uh sorry.” I say quietly.

“Do you remember anything from last night?” He asks, nervously itching his head as he walks closer to me.

The thing is that I don’t remember a thing at all from last night. Oh god, what did I do? “Nope, not at all.”

He runs a hand through his hair, turning his head a little bit, a small purplish and pinkish mark is on his neck. My eyes widen. “Did I do that?” I say, walking closer, putting my finger on the hickey. As I touch him, his muscles tense up.

“Yes, but I stopped you from doing anything else. I wouldn’t let anything happen while you were clearly not in a sober state.” He says, chucking at the end.

I laugh quietly while smiling. “Thank you for that.” I say, thanking him for not taking advantage of me.

A few hours pass by and I’m still at his apartment, I should’ve left earlier but we’ve been having a good time since we woke up. Here we are, eating pizza and drinking coke while talking about ourselves.

“So, tell me about your parents.” He continues to ask my questions.

I laugh quietly, shaking my head while biting my pizza and wiping my face off. “That is something I will tell you another day.” I say, not wanting to bring up anything about what happened to my mother and about my dad abusing me.

“I understand.” He states while taking a bite of my pizza.

“Listen Darren, I should go, I don’t think I should stay here any longer.” I speak up, standing up and throwing away my paper plate.

He nods in understanding. “I’ll walk you out.” He says while getting up and walking me towards the door.

Just as I’m about to walk out, he stops me by grabbing my wrist. “I just wanted you to know that I’ll miss you.” He states while looking me in the eyes.

My heart flutters, but slowly breaks every second he’s touching me. “Goodbye Darren.” I say, slowly running my hand along his hand.

He looks at me, I can tell his eyes are full of emotion and his body goes a little weak. I give him a slight sad smile, while walking out of the door.

What the hell is this guy doing to me?



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