Songs From The Academician PT-Three

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It’s now Friday, a few days later after Darren and I ended with whatever we had between each other. I haven’t talked to him since that night and I’m not looking forward to anyways, if I’m being completely honest.

I have his class only on Mondays so at least it’s only one day out of the week, but then again he lives in the same apartment building with me so basically I can see him at anytime. Whether I’m going into the building, leaving the building, or riding the elevator.

I’ve been searching for some jobs, like the Bar and Grill I had went to the first day I got here, not to mention, the day I met Darren.

I had just made the cut to work there because you have to be nineteen or older in order to work there since they serve alcohol. Normally you would have to be twenty one or older but since it’s also a grill, I’m able to work there.

I’ll most likely just work there because it’s only a few blocks down from the apartment and I’m required to work there on Sunday and Monday nights, so that works out perfectly since I don’t have any classes on Sunday and I don’t normally do anything on Mondays except for college.

So here I am, its around seven o’clock in the evening, drinking coffee with Jessica as we catch up on each other’s lives.

Apparently Jessica has already met someone, he’s a freshman in college as well, and he wants to see her sometime. I on the other hand, have met someone but he seems to be my college professor so unfortunately it won’t work out.

“I heard that there was going to be a party tonight at one of the frat sororities.” She says. “Do you want to go with me? I have nothing else to do.”

I normally never go to parties, but I’m in college now. I can basically do whatever the hell I want, so why not? “Of course.”

“Oh damn, Lucy is doing something entertaining for once in her life?” She says sarcastically.

Actually she’s telling the truth, I never do anything fun and out of my comfort zone. So why not start now?

“Come on, you can come to where I’m staying so we can get ready.” She states, standing up from the coffee table.

“Okay.” I say as we start to walk off to wherever she’s staying.

About thirty minutes later we finally get to Jessica’s house, I didn’t realize how long the walk was from her house to the college. It’s a long ways down the road.

We walk inside and go straight down to her bedroom, which is quite big like mine. She walks towards her closet and opens it as I fall down onto her bed.

A few minutes later she throws clothes at me. “Go try those on, you’ll look hella good if you wear them.” She says.

Jessica has always been a fashion kind of girl, that’s what she’s majoring in, fashion. She always wears cute, stylish clothes.

I take the clothes into the bathroom and undress.

She picked out blue jean shorts and a black spaghetti strap crop top. After I put both of those on, I look in the mirror. My eyes widen, wow I didn’t know that I could pull off these kind of clothes, even though they’re kind of scandalous.

I take a deep breath and walk out of the bathroom, Jessica looks at me. “Damn, you’re hot as hell. Now get over here so I can do your makeup.” She says pulling me over to her makeup vanity.

After about an hour we’re both glamoured up. She gave me her white high top converse, she did my makeup which consists of foundation, mascara and eyeliner, and lastly she curled my hair so that there’s nice and wavy curls in my hair which reaches down a little bit above my butt.

Jessica has on a black mini dress that ends mid thigh (she pulls it off really well). She has black high heels on, which she was going to give me but I said ‘hell no’ seeing how I can’t walk in heels. She also did her makeup which consists of smokey eye eye-shadow, foundation, mascara, and eyeliner.

“In my opinion, I think we’re rocking it.” She states as she poses in the mirror.

I roll my eyes, she’s always been the type to love herself no matter what flaws she has, I wish I was that way.

“Come on, I think we’re late.” She says, grabbing my hand and yanking me out of the bedroom.”

The party is a few blocks down from Jessica’s house, so thankfully it’s not that far.

I’m actually a little nervous for this party because I hate being in crowds, plus I have never been to a college party.

I’m in for a long night.

We walk up the huge sorority house, seeing people passed out on lawns, solo cups everywhere, and loud music coming up from the house.

I’m positive this will be the craziest night of my life because 1) this is a college party and 2) this is the first actual party I’ve ever been to.

As Jessica and I walk inside, we come to see people grinding up on each other, people downing vodka and other types of alcohol, people dancing on tables and counters, and most of all, people making out?

Honestly, just have sex right in front of me, you’re close enough to it. I say to myself as I roll my eyes

“Let’s get some drinks!” Jessica tries to yell over the music along with me barely understanding her.

Why not drink? Even though I’m only nineteen and it’s illegal, there’s free booze and people my age are drinking already, so therefor. Why the hell not?

As we move between people, some puts their hands on my waist, I can basically feel the bulge through this guys pants.

My eyes widen as his hands move further down, I turn around to see a very, very hot guy, but unfortunately I don’t know him, and I don’t like random strangers hands on me.

I grab his hands off of my waist and throw them to his side, I then put my hands on his chest and push him away from me along with him stumbling backwards.

“Hey!” He yells. “I was just trying to have some fun, you know?” He says, running back towards me.

As I’m still trying to follow Jessica, I run my hands through my hair along with the hot stranger following me. “I don’t like random strangers feeling me up, now I think you’re wasting your time.”

I can basically smell the alcohol and cigarettes coming from his breath when he breathes. “C’mon babe.” He says, putting his hands back on me.

I grab his hands and push him once again. “No means no, I suggest you go feel someone else up.” I say, people start to stare at me and cheer me on as if I did something good.

“New freshie has guts, guess she doesn’t know who he is.” Someone says loud enough for me to hear them.

I shake my head and stand on my tippy toes, trying to find where Jessica went, I find someone with a drink in their hand. “Where’s all the drinks?” I ask.

The person points straight ahead to a room, which I’m guessing is the kitchen. I quickly walk down the hall in and out of people, trying to get through.

I see Jessica mixing some drinks together, she sees me and smiles. “Bon Appetit.” She says as she hands me my drink.

“What’s in it?” I ask, smelling the red solo cup, whatever is in it, is strong as hell.

“Ninety five percent vodka and five percent cherry juice.” She says, downing her drink.

Did I mention that Jessica is a partier too?

My eyes widen. “I’ve never drank before, is this safe?” I ask.

“Well, you’ll have the worst hangover ever, but why not? We’re in college baby!” She screams over everyone talking, people start to cheer her on.

I bring the cup to my lips, taking a small drink. I instantly widen my eyes, is it okay if it burns? My idea of fun is learning science and watching Netflix, I didn’t sign up for this partying shit. But who the hell cares now?

I walk into the group of people grinding up against each other and dancing, everyone dances to the song ‘Skateboard P’ along with the song blaring through the house.

I let my body dance to the rhythm, downing the drink with an aching pain, wanting to throw up. But because I’m living my life, I go and get more.

It had to have been a few hours later, and now I’m drunk as hell, while dancing on the table in the kitchen. People scream and cheer me on as I down the vodka bottle.

Once I’m finished, I hold it up and scream. “Say cheers to college!” People scream until they’re out of breath.

Because of how drunk I am, I can barely stand up. My world is spinning and I feel like I’m about to pass out. But college life is fucking amazing, I’m glad I’m out of high school because honestly, this is the best place ever.

I get down off of the table, slipping and falling on the floor, the crowd goes silent, but somehow in hell I get back up.

The crowd goes wild, I move around everyone until I’m outside on the front lawn.

I trip a lot as I walk down the side walk, I look down and realize I’m missing a shoe. When did that happen?

My body feels like it’s going to tip over any minute now, I feel like I’m floating up in the air and gravity isn’t pulling me down.

My eyes are about to shut any minute now, but I feel the need to go somewhere and that’s exactly what I do.

Somehow I get back to my apartment complex, still wobbling, along with a lot of people staring at me. Oh man will Jessica be pissed that I left her, but oh well. She’s probably having sex in some bedroom with a hook up she found because that’s what Jessica is like. I love her anyways.

I go to push the elevator button, but I end up punching the wall instead of the button, I get up closer to the wall and finally see a blurry button going up.

Once it opens I walk slowly into the elevator and press floor six, thankfully the buttons are bigger.

Wait a second, how will I find Darren’s apartment if I don’t know what room? Guess I’ll just have to knock on certain peoples doors.

After knocking on several people’s doors saying that ‘Darren Andrew’ doesn’t live here, I come to the end of the hall.

He has to live here.


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