Songs From The Academician – PT Two

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My eyes lock with his, I can tell all the relaxation in his muscles go tense as if I made him nervous, but then again he is my English Professor so I could see why he just went tense.

Jessica looks at me confusedly as in ‘what the hell just happened?’ And honestly I have no clue what to say if she actually asked that.

My arms go weak because of how bad this is and obviously because he’s in the same room as me and staring me down like he’s thinking. I can’t tell exactly what he’s thinking, other than ‘oh shit’.

He shakes his head and breaks eye contact with me, I look around flushed, and notice people are staring at me like I just committed a crime. Oh god, is it obvious?

Jessica elbows me in the side and raises her eyebrow, looking back to him then me, him to me. “That’s him.” I whisper while looking down at my paper.

She gasps quietly, I can tell she’s freaking out inside because I mean, who wouldn’t. “Oh my god.” She whispers.

I look back up at Darren, or should I say Mr Andrew, but he’s already staring at me. My heart flutters, but I can tell a lot of people seem confused as they all look at me.

I open my eyes widely at him, signifying for him to continue so it doesn’t make it obvious as to the fact that we know each other already.

He finally snaps out of it and continues his speech. “This semester you will learn about different kinds of communications and speeches, some that you don’t even know about.”

As he continues his speech, my mind blocks him out and I think about the worst that could happen. Either people find out about what happened between Darren and I or what if it gets around to all the professors that work here and end up getting Darren fired?

Therefore, whatever the hell Darren and I have, it has to end, I have to talk to him about us so it doesn’t get any worst than it already is.

I can’t let Darren get fired, I won’t let that happen. Even though I just met him, I care about him enough for his career not to end.

Finally the class is over, people start to pile out of the room, leaving Jessica and I in here alone with Darren. “We will talk later, but I have to go, my next class is all the way on the other side.”

I nod my head, watching her leave the room. I then just realize that it’s only Darren and I together in the room. I take a deep breath, and decide to speak up.

I turn around and of course, he’s already looking at me. “Listen, I care about you enough for you to keep your career.” I state, fiddling with my fingers while looking down at the floor.

As I look back up at him, I can tell he’s pissed, all of his muscles are tense like they were in the beginning of class, but this is different. “Okay.” He says quietly.

As I’m about to walk out of the room his hand wraps around my waist which makes me spin around. Here I am again, face to face with Darren. The feeling of him touching me makes my heart beat faster than it already is.

“Lucy, please let me stop by tonight so we can talk about this.” He pleads, making me feel like shit because I know he doesn’t want what we have to end.

I think about it in my head, I think it’s best if he does, but thinking about it again makes the idea a whole lot worst. If he does it gives us more time to talk about things but then I feel like it could lead to something more than that.

I decide to nod my head just so we could talk stuff over. “Yes, come by whenever. I’ll be home.” I say.

I look down at where his hand is on my wrist, he finally lets go. I give him a small smile as I walk out of the room, leaving with a small aching pit in my stomach.

Now I’m on my way to Human Physiology, but how the hell am I supposed to think about human body parts with Darren on my mind. I know for a fact I’ll be thinking about him until I get home.

I finally make it just in time as people are still trying to find seats. I find a seat right on the end of the row and decide to sit there so I don’t have to wander anywhere else.

As the small petite, short brown haired lady Professor starts to talk, my mind starts to wander off and think about Darren.
I set my book bag down on the floor and dive onto the couch, frustrated, sighing out loud while I think about Darren. I’ve only known him for about a day and a half and he’s been on my mind ever since, he just won’t get out, he won’t leave.

I don’t want to get up, I’m overly stressed and tired at the same time. Seeing how I went to bed pretty late last night, my eyes start to close and I’m left in a deep sleep.

I open my eyes, disoriented from my long nap. I realize that it’s night time so it has to be about eight o’clock, I decide to get up and pick up my phone.

I look up pizza places in town and click on ‘Dominos Pizza’, ordering a small pepperoni pizza since I’m starving.

I walk down home and to my bedroom, I decide to unpack all of my clothes. Once I’m done hanging up everything and setting clothes in drawers, I put on comfortable black leggings and a black sweatshirt.

As I’m finishing taking off my makeup, I hear the doorbell ring, I quickly put my hair up into a bun and take out some money I hid in the back on my drawer.

I walk towards the door and unlock it, opening it up, coming face to face with Darren once again. “Oh I thought you were the pizza guy.” I say.

He looks down at the floor, breaking eye contact with me. “Can we talk?” He asks.

I sigh, stepping aside. “Come in.”

He walks inside, I shut the door. As he walks past me I can smell his cologne, which smells good, I’m pretty sure it’s a different one then last time.

We stand right in front of each other in awkward silence but thankfully he starts talking. “I like you and it’s insanely weird that I do because I just met you, but…” he says but never finishes.

My heart is going wild at the moment because he just confessed his feelings for me but he never finished, so I decide to do it for him. “I’m your student and you are my professor.” I say.

He sighs, running a hand through his hair which is insanely sexy. “Exactly.” He states. “Whatever we have, I like it, b-but it’s just wrong.”

I nod, understanding. “It’s not professional, I understand.” I say. “And it’s not professional for a student to like their professor either.”

“Yeah.” He says.

“You seem very young to be a professor though in college, did you just graduate or something?” I ask curiously trying to find out.

He nods, answering my question. “I really liked English, so right as I got out of high school, I joined college and aimed my career to be an English professor. I’m twenty two years old.”

I nod my head. “God, why do you have to be my professor?” I say, letting my thoughts out of my head.

He smiles sadly. “Why do you have to be one of my students?” He asks.

“I guess not everything goes as you want it to.” I state.

“Just because whatever we are is ending, it doesn’t mean I wanted it to.” He states, slowly walking towards the door.

“I know.” I whisper quietly.

I walk towards the door and open it for him to let him out of my apartment. Once he’s halfway out of the door, he stops and turns around, placing his hand on my cheek, making my body flinch. He kisses me on the temple and looks me in the eyes.

“Goodbye Darren.” I say.

“Goodbye Lucy.” He says and walks out of my apartment, I slowly close the door, sliding down and sitting on the floor. I put my hands on my face while looking down at the floor.


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