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Apartments are places to live, living costs money, which means this apartment will cost money. It’s a bit odd to think about, but I think about it all the time. In order to live you have to survive by buying food and living in a shelter.

Now, here I am, standing in this apartment that I had just started renting with my OWN money (which I had been keeping up in my OWN savings) thinking about how in the hell I am supposed to afford this place.

I could just get a job, but for me, school is important to me and I will do anything to pass which means I won’t have time for a job. But then again, how will I keep this apartment if I can’t afford it?

I could have just stayed in the dorms at the college I’m attending which is St. John’s University, but it wasn’t qualified that you had to for the first year. So of course I wasn’t going to, seeing how I hate sharing everything with people.

I’ve actually always been that way, I’ve never been the type to share with anyone. Plus I’m an only child in my family so I never shared with anyone.

Now back to the part about getting a job, I could just get one at a small restaurant. That seems easy enough seeing how New York City is huge.

I look around the apartment, seeing the images I saw on the internet in real life.

As you walk in from the door, you stand in the living room. As you look ahead, you see the kitchen, which is small, but that’s okay because it’s just me in here. There’s also a window right in front of the sink, overlooking the whole city which is quite beautiful. It’ll be even more beautiful at night because of all the lights.

Then right between the living room and the kitchen, there’s a hallway leading down to a door, which is my bedroom.

I open the the door to a big bedroom and another door leading into the bathroom with a big bathtub and a shower.

This is perfect, this is all I’ve ever wanted. Ever since I was little I was determined to get out of Florida and come here. Things back home weren’t too great, they still aren’t. That’s why I came here.

My stomach started to growl, just realizing that I haven’t eaten breakfast or lunch. That’s how focused I was to get out of Florida. I was so determined on leaving that I hadn’t even cared for myself.

I decide to put my unpacking off and go get a bite to eat since it was almost dinner. I quickly open up my suitcase to get appropriate clothing to go out.

I pick out my dark blue jeans and a black shirt that I decided to tuck in. I put on my white shoes and start to brush my long blonde hair that ends to my waist, trying to get the knots out seeing how I hadn’t brushed my hair all day.

I put on a little bit of mascara and nodded at myself in the mirror to tell myself that I’m ready. I look at my watch which reads that it’s almost seven o’clock.

I throw my black small purse over my neck also shoving my phone into my back pocket and I head out the door.

I hit the elevator button, which opens quiet fast. I quickly walk inside and press the button to go down to the first floor.

All of a sudden, my phone starts buzzing. I read the name and take a deep breath. I answer it. “Dad.”

The elevators open and I start to walk out of the building, trying to find a small place to eat at. Finally after a few seconds I hear him talk. “Lucy, where are you?” I gulp. “I’m in New York City dad, you told me to go while you were consuming alcohol like it was water.” I answer back to him in a bit of a tone.

The sky thunders, like it’s trying to mimic my mood. Water droplets start to pelt my head, I move under the store roofs so I don’t get wet.

His voice booms through my phone. “Lucy, I didn’t mean it. I’m sorry.” He says, for about the thousandth time. ‘Sorry’ is all that comes out of his mouth.

My jaw clenches and I bite the insides of my cheeks. “Oh really you are? Because if you were you wouldn’t have hit me every night I lived in that god awful home.” I spit out and hang up.

My hands tremble as I reminisce the nights I was in that home. Keep walking Lucy, you’re out now. I shake it off and finally, my eyes land on ‘Bar and Grill’. I watch for any cars that are coming, the signs clear so I quickly run across the road while getting rained on.

I open up the door in frustration and walk in, I decide to sit up at the bar area where the workers are.

A few people are sitting at the tables, a guy and I are the only ones sitting up at the bar area. I sigh out loud and take a sit, putting my head down.

There’s always something that ruins my day, and my dad’s always the something.

I hear someone stop in front of me. “You want a menu? Or do you already know what you want?” A lady asks, who looks like she’d rather be anywhere than here.

I pop my head up. “I’ll have a cheeseburger and fries please.” Unzipping my purse, I hand her a ten dollar bill. She licks her bright pink, uneven lipstick as she gets change out of the register, practically throwing it back at me.

“New Yorkers.” I mumble to myself.

“I know what you mean, they’re awful here.” A sexy, deep voice says, catching my attention. Did I really say that out loud?

I look to the right of me and my eyes land on the most gorgeous guy I have ever seen in my life before, which is sitting seats away from me.

He smiles. Oh good lord, his smile. As he smiles you can definitely tell that he has good hygiene, seeing how white his teeth are.

“You seem on edge.” He states, tilting his head as if he were trying to study me.

I laugh quietly, though it’s true. My father always puts me on edge, I never get a break from him.

“Because I am.” I say, running my hand through my wet hair.

“Why’s that?” He asks, suddenly moving to the chair right beside me.

My body tingles at the feeling of how close he is to me. Wow, just met him and I’m already feeling this way?

I smell his cologne (which smells amazingly good). He’s tan, muscular, and has a great jaw. He has a little bit of facial hair which makes him look manly and mature. His dark brown hair really shows off his eyes. His eyes are probably one of his best features he has, other than his adorable smile.

I raise a brow. “You’re a stranger, why would you want to know my problems?”

“Because I’d like to get to know you better.” He says, still not breaking eye contact with me.

“I’m not that interesting or appealing in any way, there’s not much about me to get to know.” I say, resting my head on my hand while looking at him.

“You’re lying.” He says while sexily smirking towards me.

I move the straw around in my water that the lady had just given me. “Again, you’re a stranger, I don’t even know your name.”

He smiles. Oh god, now I know what my weakness is. It’s this strangers smile. “I’m Darren.” Gosh he even has a sexy name.

I’m not trying to play hard to get or anything, it’s just not very many hot guys talk to me.

“Well Darren, I’m not a very open or friendly kind of person, so I’d advise you that I shouldn’t be the one you’re talking to.” I answer back with a small smile on my face.

He laughs quietly. “Well, you really know how to give an honest truth, don’t you?”

“I guess so.” I answer. He tilts his head once again and just stares at me as if he’s trying to find something. “What?” I nervously smile.

“Nothing.” He says and looks away.

“No, you’re obviously trying to figure something out. What is it?” I ask curiously, taking a sip from my water.

“I’m trying to figure you out.” He answers back.

“There’s nothing to figure out about me, I’m just in this restaurant, getting a bite to eat.” I say. “See? Nothing interesting.”

“You know what?” He asks. “You can really tell a lot about someone by their name, so what’s your name? Stranger.”

I bite my lip nervously. “It’s Lucy.”

“Ah, Lucy.” He says. The way he says my name sends chills up my spine. “They say Lucy is a Latin word, bright, Huh?”

“How would you know?” I ask.

“I’m studying English.” He answers. “You just learned something very interesting about me, I don’t tell many people that.”

“Well, are you sure you’re not telling it to the wrong person?” I ask with a small smirk.

“I’m positive.” He answers back.

The lady that took my order finally comes with my food in a small box. As she hands it to me I decide just to eat it at home seeing how it’s getting late and I want to be home early because of college tomorrow.

I stand up and pick up the box. “See ya later, Darren.” I smile as I walk out of the Bar and Grill.

I hear someone running behind me and I immediately assume it’s Darren, I smell his cologne right beside me. “Are you stalking me?” I ask.

“Nope, I’m walking back to my apartment. I just happen to be right besides you.” He says, I swear I can see his smirk on his face without even looking.

“You know, this doesn’t happen everyday for me.” I say in an honest truth.

“What doesn’t?” He asks curiously.

“You know… a guy showing interest in me.” I say. “Back home, I was known as the freak who only focused on her school studies, nothing else.

“You’re quite beautiful though, I don’t understand why no one else wouldn’t think that.” His words send shocking waves through my body. Woman up Lucy, you just met the guy.

I smile and look down at my feet, but I stop right in front of my apartment complex. I look up at Darren, just realizing how tall he is compared to me.

He’s about 6’2, and I’m about 5’5 and a half. I also just notice what he’s wearing. His black sweat jacket also shows off his vibrant blues eyes. He’s also wearing brown shorts and black shoes.
As I realize this has come to an end, I suddenly get sad seeing how know one really shows this much attention to me. “Well Darren, this is my stop. So I’m going to go upstairs and eat my food, while you go back to your place.”

“Well this is a coincidence because I live here too.” He smiles cheekily.

My mouth drops as he walks past me and into the building. He lives here? The guy who has been taking to me all night and flirting with me lives in the same apartment complex as me?

I frustratedly run my hand through my damp hair and quickly run towards the elevator as I notice it’s shutting. I quickly just made it inside, as i look up, Darren is facing right in front of me, staring right at me.

The elevator door dings, signaling that it’s closed. I look at the elevator buttons, while still standing in front of Darren, noticing that floor six has already been pressed. I immediately know that that is where Darren lives, I press floor seven.

I turn back at Darren and see that he’s still staring at me.

Now, this is something that I would never think about doing in my whole nineteen years of age, but I do it anyways.

I throw my arms over Darren’s neck and I place my lips on his, he immediately responds and places his hands on my waist. In this minty moment, my body feels like it’s on fire. I entwine my fingers through his hair, slightly messing it up.

After a few seconds of making out, he turns us around and backs me into the wall so he is in control now. Everything about this moment is hot, even though I just met him, it feels so completely right.

The elevator dings as it signals us that we are at floor six, sadly this means that we have to stop making out.

We pull apart, gasping for air and breathing heavily. Darren looks me in the eyes with complete surprise. “Well I was not expecting that.” He smirks, I feel his body almost touching mine.

Before I do anything more to seduce this guy, I place my hands on his chest and give him a push out of the elevator, along with him stumbling back with a confused look.

As the elevator door is about to close, I smile at him and wink, leaving him with a complete and utter surprise.

My eyes open slowly and groggy as I turn over to my side so I can shut off my alarm on my phone. I press snooze just so I can lay in bed a little longer seeing how I got no sleep, due to moving all of my furniture into the apartment.

Mostly everything is where it’s supposed to be except for my clothes, I still haven’t hung them up because it was around two in the morning and I was already tired enough. So I’ll probably just do that today after my classes. I stare at the picture frame of my mom and i when i was little, I shake my head and put it into my drawer so that I don’t have to think about what happened.

I came here to forget, not to remember.

I have more of the hard classes today which is English (communication and speech). I’m surprised I actually got in because that class is only for college sophomores and college juniors, but seeing how I do pretty good in school, it doesn’t surprise me at all. It’s just cause I’ll be the only college freshman in there.

Then I also have Human Physiology which I’ll enjoy since we’re identifying body parts, but I’ll have to take that class very seriously if I want to become a surgeon. I get a handle of things very quickly, so hopefully that class will be easy.

Finally, my snooze button goes of which indicates to get out of bed. I groan as i get up, picking up the covers and putting them to the side.

I make my comforter neat and then put my decorative pillows on my bed so that my bed is made for when I come home.

I walk into my bathroom while putting my hair up, I turn on the shower and get undressed. I hop in, meeting the nice warm water, making me relax and quite calm seeing how I’m pretty nervous for my first day. Once I’m done washing my body, I turn the shower off and hope out.

I wrap my towel around my body and start to brush my teeth in front of the sink mirror. I spit out my toothpaste and gurgle water inside my mouth.

Now onto outfits, which is going to be a hard decision. It’s the first day, so I should wear something cute.

I put on my gray leggings along with a white, silly spaghetti strap shirt. I put on socks and put my feet into my white hightop sneakers with laces.

I take my hair out of my bun and straighten it so that it’s neatly straightened, even though it’s already straight. I just hate some of the frizzy wavy parts of my hair that I develop from sleeping with it wet.

I apply some mascara to my long eyelashes, making my blue eyes pop. After I’m finished, i walk into the kitchen and make some coffee, pouring it into my white coffee cup.

After a few minutes I decide to leave to go to my college now, I dump the coffee in the sink and put it in the dishwasher. I then grab my black bag that has notebooks, pencil and pens, paper, and my books on English and human body parts. I also put my phone inside my black bag as well.

I walk out of my apartment, locking it on the way out, and put the elevator button to open. It immediately opens up and I walk inside, pushing the first floor which is the lobby.

I lean my back on the back of the elevator and patiently wait for it to take me down all the way. It suddenly stops to let someone in on the sixth floor.

The elevator opens and my eyes immediately lay on Darren, my stomach feels all different kinds of feelings.

I step aside so he can come in, I try to hide my smile from embarrassment because of last night and from myself blushing because whenever he’s around me I smile.

He walks inside, i look up and i see him smiling. “Lucy.” He nods, butterflies tingle inside my body as he says my name.

“Darren.” I say back, doing the same as he did to me.

He’s wearing a white buttoned up shirt with sleeves that end to his elbows, also tugging on his muscular arms along with black jeans and professional black shoes.

I can feel the radiation off of his body on me seeing how close we are to each other. I suddenly bite my live as to how nervous I am.

He clears his throat because of how awkward it is, but then starts to talk thankfully. “You really surprised me last night.” He says smirking at me while I look at him.

If my face isn’t red already, it probably looks like a fucking cherry now. I start laughing at what he said because that was something I would probably never do. “Actually, I surprised myself.”
He chuckles as the elevator doors opens, Darren holds his arm out, letting me out first. I smile and nod at him, walking out of the building and on my way to the college.

“No goodbye, huh?” I hear his voice a few feet from behind, I smile while I look at the ground.

I turn around, waving my hand and smiling. “Goodbye Darren.” I say along with him smiling.

I already have been to the college before, i flew up here a few months ago so I could tour it to actually see if I wanted to go. As a few minutes pass I finally stand in front of St. John’s University.

I breathe slowly as I walk down the path and enter inside the doors, seeing many, many people inside.

Of course I try to breathe slowly, but when I’m around crowds I usually tense up seeing how I have anxiety about particular things because of my father.

As I walk down the halls, I hear squeals of happiness coming up from behind me. I quickly turn around and im engulfed in a huge hug, tumbling down to the ground.

“Lucy!” A familiar voice squeals of excitement, I immediately know that it’s one of my close friends, Jessica Cooper.

I smile forms on my face as I hug her back. “How long have you been here?” I ask as we both get up from laughing.

“I just got here late last night, I was going to call you to tell you I was here bit I figured you were in bed already.” She states, running her hands through her hair.

I notice that she’s changed a little bit since I’ve seen her seeing how I haven’t seen her since the last day of school because everyone was busy getting ready for college.

Her hair is a bit shorter, it was down to her waist like mind but now an inch or two has been chopped off. I notice that she has contacts now because she used to wear glasses that always covered up her beautiful green eyes. She’s gotten a bit tanner from her being inside most of the summer due to her packing.

But of course shes still the goofy Jessica that I’ve known since the sixth grade. We’ve been inseparable since then. She’s the closest person I’ve ever had and knows basically everything about me. She also knows about my father, she’s the only one that knows about him.

I’d always go over to her house late at night if something bad happened with my father. Of course I didn’t have my mom seeing how she died when I was little which was when my father started abusing me.

“We need to catch up, how have you been?” I ask her, moving to the side of the hallways so people can get by.

“I’ve been great actually, you?” She asks, taking her books out for im guessing her first class she has this morning.

I decide to tell her everything about what happened from me meeting Darren until this morning and when I said everything, everything as in me kissing him.

She bursts out laughing once I’m done, wiping a tear from her eye. “For the first time ever, Lucy Brown makes the first move.”

“I was just in the moment, plus it probably won’t happen again!” I defend myself.

“Just in the moment?” She asks. “No honey, I think you just wanted to seduce him.” She says as she laughs.

I smack her shoulder. “I wasn’t trying to!” I argue.

My alarm goes off on my phone, signaling that it’s ten o’clock which means that it’s time to go to class. “What class are you going to?” I ask as I turn off my alarm.

“English.” She answers my question.

Excitement overflows my body as I squeal. “Thank god we have a class together, thankfully I know someone.”

As we walk towards our class we basically just update each other about what has been going on in our lives since we haven’t seen each other for a long time.

We walk in the class and both gasp from how many people are in here. I totally forgot that there was like be twice as many people as there were in my high school classes.

We both decide to sit in the first row seeing how there are too many people in the rows up the stairs.

I take out my English book, some paper for notes, and pens to write. As I get settled, I hear the door close, I’m guessing that’s the teacher.
I hear a lot of whispers throughout the room, then I hear Jessica whispering towards me.

“Oh my goodness, who knew English professors were hot in college?” She says as she bites her lip.

I look up at her and silently shake my head seeing how she’s a little horny nineteen year old, she mouths ‘what’ towards me, I start to laugh.

“Hello class, I am Mr. Andrew, your English professor.” A familiar voice says, I immediately pop my head up and come face to face with Darren.

Well, this will be a long semester.


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  • Marypat says:

    d story is very interesting but pls try n finish one story b4 u jump into another one. u’ve not finished featherlight heart n d last petal is still pending for months now. pls do something about it n stick to ur 3 days interval.

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    Wow,Darren,the English professor ,and Mr Andrews

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