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Charles sees his wife, he speaks to her ignoring Megan.

“Ruth, I came to get you, let us go” he ignores Megan speaking to his wife

“No I am not going anywhere” she shakes her head “I came to see my daughter and my little girl, and you should see what a wonderful woman she has grown into and our granddaughter? She is so beautiful and bright and has our chin, oh Charles… you need to see her-”

”See who? The girl who abandons her family to go away to have a child for a man who didn’t want the child and left her alone and didn’t care or possibly has no idea he has a child? The girl who didn’t care how her family suffered when she got pregnant fresh out of college, not even aware how it destroyed our lives too, my reputation and ministry and how I had to start from the start? The same girl who was ungrateful when we tried to help her save face and cover her shame and we sorted out good suitors for her so the child … a bastard child can have a father, grown in a family and be loved. The same girl who ran away in the middle of the night and haven’t returned ever since.that same girl you want me to forgive and take back? No Ruth! she left, so she should stay away, I do not care about her nor do I care about her bastard child.. she is no daughter of mine, she is a disgrace!!”

Megan is standing at the door, tears falling down her eyes, she is trembling in pain and anger and more, but she remains quiet.

Tonia is angry, she flares up “Disgrace you say? The same girl despite her parent’s not reaching out to help manages to stand on her own, raise that child you dare call a bastard and has a good life albeit not fantastic. The same girl who calls you up a thousand times and you refused to pick, sent you hundreds of messages you do not reply to, who drives down every time to drop presents for you and you do no reciprocate. The same girl who has beat herself up for years for her mistake and has been trying to make amends, who has managed to live right and raised her daughter right… and that girl isn’t a bastard..she has a father and I will have you know that he is stan-”

”Tonia, please”!! Megan sobs shaking her head, Tonia bites her lips

”Damnit Megan, for once in your life… speak THE HELL UP!!”

”You! You are the friend right? you were the bad influence on her. If she had listened to me from the start she wouldn’t have gotten pregnant. All these happened because of you… you were bad company right from the start. Ruth, come now we are leaving!!”

”I will not go anywhere, I told you, if you weren’t coming to make peace, you shouldn’t have come Charles… but I refuse to let my heart hurt, I refuse to remain in pain and anger and forgiveness. Charles… you go home, go home to your mystery but I carried my baby for nine months and I cannot be away from her no more… no more!!” Ruth shouts

Sean is speechless, okay what the hell did he just walk into? he sees Zachary coming down from the car and walking towards them.. “What the hell bro,what’s happening?”

“No idea… I think all hell just broke loose!!” he breaths, his heart aches seeing Megan face wet with tears…

”You are coming with me and you are coming now!! Let her and her bastard child stay alone forever!!”

”Will you stop calling her that dad!!”‘ Megan’s lips trembles

”I am not your father. You lost that right a long time again when you got pregnant with no father to claim your child and you left home disregarding us your parents, she is a bastard!! And you Megan are a bad influence on the little girl because if you couldn’t obey and listen to our instructions, I wonder how you can be able to raise her to be obedient and good… I pity the girl, I fear for her” he spat, it shoots through Megan’s heart as though a knife was twisting her heart.

”My daughter-my daughter is NOT A BASTARD, SHE HAS A FATHER!!!” Megan wails

”Oh you do not talk to me Megan, you don’t!!””

”Charles stop it!! Stop it’s enough..!!”Ruth cries

”A young girl who slept around when she was young, got pregnant by a stranger who never came forward to claim or didn’t care to… that child is a bastard, not as way of an insult but a child without a father is a bastard… and she is innocent but that is what she is… a BASTARD!!”

”Okay sir .. that’s uncool!”‘ Zachary shakes his head,

”Sir, with all due respect I think it is wrong to call a child a bastard, regardless of whether they have a father or not… and Kiki, that is her name by the way, she is a beautiful intelligent child, and Megan did a good job… Megan is the most respectful woman I know, she raised her daughter well… Kiki is lovable, I mean just knowing for a few weeks I already have already fallen in love with her innocence and she is a beautiful child, and if only you could come off your bitterness of God knows what… you will see that all your family wants here is for you to forgive.. look I don’t know what happened to your family but right now… all I see is everyone hurting… your wife, your daughter… and to think if your granddaughter was here-“‘

”She is no granddaughter of mine,a nd who the hell are you to speak to me? who the hell are you, get out of my way, Ruth, come here” he pushes Sean aside and grabs his wife’s hand.

Ruth holds on to Megan not wanting to leave ‘Don’t Charles, please don’t. she is our family, she is ours too… kiki is our blood too.. No Megan! I do not want to go” Ruth cries loudly

Charles pulls her out, Megan follows as they struggle out the door.

”Look man, let her go, this isn’t right, she wants to stay with her daughter” Sean shouts at him

”Stay the hell away from this young man, this is a family matter and it doesn’t concern you, let her go Ruth or else” he eyes Megan

”Or else what? You will hit her?” Sean is angry now, he never liked a man maltreating a woman before, he didn’t like it today either.

”Take it easy man” Zachary cautions Sean “Look man, let her go, she is your wife and she is a grown woman to decide to stay with her child,what is wrong with you?”‘

”It explains the separation…” Sean says trying to make sense of that scene in the library when Kiki was saying that her mother always cries when she drives out to some place… Her father must have given her hell,and her mother is here to make peace and he chooses to be an insensitive old man,who does that?… who willingly decides to stay away from their daughter? Yes children make mistakes.. he has a thousand times but his parents had never let go off him even in his worse… he hates to imagine what Megan had gone through but something else still didn’t make sense. Her father said she got pregnant fresh out of college, and the father didn’t want the child or didn’t claim or didn’t know of the child… so she runs away, raising the kid alone..

But Megan said that Kiki’s father was dead, in heaven. And, he frowns, it didn’t make sense, but still wasn’t right that her father would come all this way to disrupt a mother and child from making up and raining insults on her and insulting an innocent child too just because she didn’t have her father to protect her. It was wrong and it made him angry…really mad…like really really mad.. if she were his daughter? he would break the man’s face.

How dare he not see that little girl and love her? How dare he call that innocent beautiful little girl a bastard, only knowing kiki for this past couple of weeks, he has subconsciously come to care and yes, love the girl. he can’t believe that too but it was true.there was something about Kiki that pulls his heart, warms him up when she smiles and when he is with her, sometimes it feels..natural, like..she was more than a little girl named kiki, like she means more and this man here was bitter, old and has no right to punish a child for the mistake of her mother and punish her mother, his daughter all her life… this bitter old man was vile and he deserves to be out in his place.

”Stop him Sean, please” Tonia sobs pulling Megan who is being held by Ruth who is being pulled by Charles forcefully..Kiki had been standing by the door,hearing everything and then crying loudly calling her mother.Due to the commotion no one pays attention to her,no one hears her. Charles is pulling Ruth they are going towards the road… he is flagging down a taxi with one hand and pulling Ruth with the other.

”Let me go Charles”

”No!! let go of your mother Megan or I will slap you”‘

”You will not touch my daughter!”‘Ruth shouts at him, angered now, Charles lets go of Ruth, pulls Megan away and raises his hand to hit her, Sean catches his hands before he could land a slap across Megan’s face, Kiki seeing it runs to them,s he grabs Charles hands and is hitting him..

”Let go of my mummy!!” she cries..

“‘Who the hell are you to dare to stop me from hitting my daughter!!” Charles charges at Sean ignoring the little girl screaming

”You dare touch her and I swear to God, you have no idea what I will do to you, her father or not…no one touches one!!”‘ Sean grabs his shirt..

”Sean No!!” Megan begs..

Charles points at Sean ”You dare to threaten me, Charles? You have no idea what she has done or put us through”‘

”I do not and I don’t care, she is your child DAMNIT!”

”She isn’t not with a bastard child, no she isn’t”

”Stop it Charles!!” Ruth begs

”No, I won’t”‘

”My daughter had a father and I am tired of it all… this ends TODAY!!”‘ Megan screams at her father

They are shouting at each other, no one pay attention to the crying Kiki, no one sees her turning and walking away… running away… from the noise, the shouting and the fighting.

No one does until it is too late…and then……

They hear the tires screech, they see the car swerving and hitting the fence…then they say a girl lying on the floor, unmoving, then finally, they see a small pool of blood.

”KIKI!!!” Megan screams, then she began to run towards her daughter lying in the middle of the road… she wasn’t breathing.

”Call 911 SOMEBODY, CALL 911..KIKI!!” Megan wails, Tonia grabs her phone and dials… her voice breaking and her hands shaking…

Sean has his hands on his head and one to his heart… something happened to his heart… as he staggers..

Charles freezes, Ruth,Tonia and Zachary rushes to Megan as Sean gets there first gathering Kiki into his arms..

”She… she isn’t breathing ” he chokes as tears feels his eyes,

“She isn’t breathing” his eyes meets Megan’s… she began to wail  hysterically like a crazy person.



Sean drives like a mad man, his heart was beating fast, Megan is wailing in the car calling Kiki’s name and begging her to open her eyes, her cloths are stained with Kiki’s blood, so were his.

Ruth is praying and consoling her, Tonia is calling the hospital telling them they are close by. Zachary is behind them following them in a taxi who had stopped at the scene, the couple whose car had hit Kiki were in there with them, they are shaken.. Charles is silent, speechless. He never planned for this to happen.. he never planned for this. He was angry, he had held that pain and bitterness and anger towards his daughter for years… if only he had forgiven, if only he had let it all go and just like Ruth had come to meet his daughter… today he would have gotten his family back.

But today, he knew without a doubt that if that child really died, he would lose it all… he would. He cries silently..”God please, forgive me, forgive me, save her, save the little girl” he cries

Zachary stares at him, turning away. He wanted to open the door and push the man out of the moving vehicle and prays he breaks his bones and dies if possible. He did this… if little monster dies, God help him. How could he come not to make up with his already separated family but to break it up, who does that, because of him and all the vile things he was saying, that little girl wanted to get away from it all and ended up being hit by a car… now he cries?

”You better pray old man that kiki survives it because I swear to you, my friend is fond of that little girl and if I am this pissed and want to do mad stuff to you… imagine what Sean would do to you… imagine that.”

Charles doesn’t answer, he prays harder.



”Kiki, open your eyes, mummy is here… mummy loves you okay, just say anything…anything. You wanted to go to Disneyland right this Christmas? I promise to sell the car and take you… anything you want my princess, see, grandma came to visit, you said you wanted her to come see you just once right see” she cries “‘Mama, mama is here” she grabs her mother’s hands and touches Kiki’s face “Mum, talk to her, tell her to wake up… tell her that, just talk to her”‘


”No mum, touch her face, she would wake up”

Ruth is crying, Megan continues “Kikina, my baby, my star, my moon, my precious little gift from God.. wake up, okay I will take you in all the piggy rides, I will help you set up your pink castle and dress you up everyday with that pink Tiara as well your grown and I would let you play with your tab… anything you want”‘

Sean’s heart constricts in pain, a few tears trek down his eyes, he steps on it increasing the sped. God please please please… hold on Kiki, we are almost there, you can’t die. You can’t!

”Kiki… mummy… don’t ,..mummy is..mummy is…oh God kiki talk to me, squeeze my hand..just..I will not scold you anymore..I will mum don’t touch me..don’t touch me” Megan hits her mother’s hands away as Ruth tries to hold her..

“Faster Sean” Tonia chokes

”God I am” he breaths



They burst through the doors, as the medical team swings into action lifting Kiki from Megan’s hands and rolling her away, Megan wants to follow them she is fighting both her mother and Tonia and the nurses, she is screaming she is kicking and wailing, the couple who had hit kiki is holding themselves in fear as the woman cries ”We are so sorry, we didn’t see her, we are so sorry” no one pays attention to them, everyone pays attention to the distraught mother.

”Don’t take her away from me, she is the only thing I have left, she is my daughter, why do you want to take her away from me, you will not take her away from me, she is my daughter mine… Kiki!! KIKI!!” She fights them off holding onto the rolling bed as they try to restrain her

”Ma’ám please, we need to take her to the theater room, get me a sedative, before she goes into shock, she is hysterical!!” A nurse tells another

“‘You will not take her away from me!!” This causes Sean to stagger in pain holding his chest… it hurts, it breaks his heart seeing her like that, hearing her repeat those words he has come to know her with..

He pushes them away, he grabs Megan and holds her tight, she is struggling and screaming, he holds her face to cause her to stare at him as she struggles ”No one will take her away from you, I promise you..I won’t let them I swear it Megan, on my life… she will be fine, she is coming back to you”

”No… no Kiki!!”

”She is coming back to you, Kiki will” he holds her still, hugging her to him, pulling her down as she wails. Megan grabs him in her pain crying into his chest as he cradles her to him, the tears flows freely from his eyes… he holds her for a while, and lets her empty herself on him.

Charles is by the corner, he is shaken. The couple come to them, to Tonia and Ruth as they hug each other waiting ” we didn’t see her, please forgive us”‘ they cried. Zachary stands there… wishing death upon Charles, he steps away from him so he isn’t tempted to break a flower vace on his head.

He watches Sean and Megan, curled up in a corner on the floor… and he prays that God saves the little monster, if not for anybody’s but for Megan… and maybe for Sean… who seems to love the girl for reasons he cannot explain.



It’s a few hours later when the doctor comes out, they gather him..


”Mother, single mother” Megan says

”We are her family, she is my granddaughter” Ruth speaks up

”Okay, I have good news and bad news, she is out of danger, thankfully we were able to stop the bleeding and stitch it, she has a broken arm but nothing good casting cannot fix in a few weeks, the bleeding came from her head, she had a mean fall and it fractured her skull”‘

”Oh my God!!;” Megan gasp

”But, barely kissed it, it was due to the hard fall and her head is still delicate… so hence the pool of blood from there and also her arm and of course tiny bruises. Good thing that she is young, she would heel faster than a grown adult and in a few weeks all that would be clear and she would be back to normal. Like I said, she is out of danger, she is a miracle.”

”Okay, what is the bad news?” Sean asks

”She lost a lot of blood and the blood bank do not have her blood type presently, and we need to give her blood…so…”‘

”That is no problem, I am her mother, take mine, take mine”

”Okay, come with me.”

”Doctor, what are the charges” Charles speaks

”You get away from here… You did this you-“‘

”Megan”!! Sean holds her “Now is not the time”

“‘We would pay for anything, please tell us” the couple says,

”You don’t have to worry about that “‘

”I do not understand ” Megan looks at the doctor,

”Mr O’Conner paid for the bills not so long ago, “‘

Megan turns to look at him “When did you do that?”

”When I went to get everyone coffee, I spoke to the nurse and she told me of the charges… but that doesn’t matter, you go give her blood”‘

”We are so sorry, we would do anything you ask of us, please, we are sorry” they look at Megan

”It wasn’t your fault, you may have ran her down, but you weren’t the one who made her run. You can leave, there is nothing you can do here… I will not press charges, the one who is at fault has to suffer through the guilt alone”‘

Megan’s eyes pools as she follows the doctor. The couple plead for more forgiveness before they leave .

”Ruth?” Charles turns to his wife

”Don’t Charles, don’t ever!!” Ruth walks away holding onto Tonia who glares at Charles..

Zachary turns to Sean “I swear it, I could crush his skull. How are you, you look shaken up.”

”I am glad she is okay…”‘

”Yeah. It was a nice thing to do, pay the bills without being asked”‘

”It’s nothing, life is more important “‘

Zachary nods



They come back a few minutes later with Megan’s face sullen..

”What is the matter?”

“What is a wrong sweetheart?” Ruth gets to her, the doctor speaks

”She is not a match!!”

”I do not understand, she is her mother?”

”It’s a medical thing, it is how genetics works, a child can have a mixture of genes from both parents or he picks one from one parent. From every independent gene, you get two copies, from either parents, now even though these copies are off the same gene, you can still get different versions of genes and these are called ALLELES…”

”we don’t understand doctor, too medical, can you break it down for us”

”Okay let’s assume this ALLELES is likened to cars, with designs and doors, but these same cars can come in different models with a one door or two as against others. But we all know that all cars do the same thing which is to take you from one place to another right? Okay but these cars are made, shaped and modeled differently. So is the case for human genes. Now there are two main genes in humans, one is for the ABO type, that is the gene codes for a protein that is on the surface of your blood cells, and the different variations or ALLELES for the blood type protein are called AB and O.

The other gene is another called the RH factor, here the ALLELES are called plus(+) and minus (-), ordinarily it shouldn’t matter what type your blood is unless you need a transfusion or loss of blood and you need blood, and in this case it is important that you receive blood that is the same type as yours unless the wrong type of blood you are being transfused with will make one really sick because your body will see the received transfused blood cells as foreign attackers and will destroy the new blood cells.

So again, the two main genes are inherited separately, so here a child can either have a mix of his/her parents blood type or they take one separately from the other. It does not in anyway suggests the child isn’t the biological child of the parent, it’s just the biological makeup of man or how the universe or God designed it to be”‘.

”So what are you saying doctor?” Sean asks, he wasn’t the only one still confused

”Speak doctor”‘ Zachary says

”I am saying that family members should follow me so I can check their blood to see if it’s a match for the girl, and if they are not, there is another type which is the Type O, people with this blood types are called the Universal donors because they can give blood to anyone regardless of their blood type, why because their blood cells do not have any versions of protein of the afore mentioned coded proteins coded for by the genes on their surface and if none of them is neither a match for the little girl but they are of the O type, they can give her blood”‘

”Okay so, you want to check the family members of Kiki to see if they are a match?” Zachary asks

”Yes!” The Doctor nods touching his temple

“Fine, you should have just said so instead of confusing us with medical talk..” he frowns

”I will follow you doctor”‘ Ruth says

”I will too, I am, her grandfather!!” he steps forward

”I do not want him giving my child blood, I don’t!!” Megan screams

”Megan, save your daughter first and then you can trash it all out later ” Sean tells her, all that matters is Kiki, she can deal with her father later.

”Yes Megan!!” Tonia nods

Ruth eyes Charles, then she nods to Megan “this isn’t penance for his sins Megan, but if this helps to save your daughter, you will take it and save your little girl”‘

The doctor beckons for them to follow him, when Sean reaches for Megan, she doesn’t resist him or push him away… she leans into him… praying .



”What do we do doctor??”‘ Ruth says coming out worried, the doctor runs a hand through his hair

“What’s wrong mum?” Megan jumps up going to them, the other follow

”We are not a match for Kiki” Ruth’s eyes pools, Charles is silent, his eyes pained.

“‘Doctor, we won’t be able to get a match not for the next 72 hours”‘ the nurse comes to tell him getting off the phone from the blood bank

”If we don’t give her blood now she would go into shock” the worried look of the doctor causes Megan’s heart to leap

”But, we can be checked too right? I mean, we can?” this wasTonia,

“‘Yes doctor!!”Sean says too,

“Yes of course, come with me”



Sean watches as they take Tonia’s blood and runs it through a microscopic glass, puts it a in machine while it is in a tube, it takes a few minutes for the result to show on the screen.

It does, the nurse shakes her head “‘Not a match, not same blood type”. it was Zachary’s turn. They draw out the blood, Zachary winces in pain turning his face away..

They test the blood,

”Come on!!”‘ Zachary says

The nurse shakes her head, the doctor comes in at that moment.

”what’s the result?”

”No match!!” she says ”I want to check the last one”‘

”Quickly please, I put a call across to the bank again to check and call for donors to donate blood, hopefully we can round it down to 24 hours”‘

Sean takes a seat and squeezes his fist as they draw out blood, he has never liked needles or anything sharp, he swears under his breath as the needle pierces his skin, drawing out blood as it would his essence. The nurse gives him a wet wool soaked in spirit and daps on the spot she pulls the needle out from, it stings, “‘hold it and press it” she orders, he does so getting up.

She runs it, he turns away looking at his hand, such a tiny needle taking so much blood.

The red light goes off, an alarm does too.

“‘What is It?” they chorused ”What is happening, is the machine bad, what’s that noise?”

The doctor turns smiling, ”haha!! A match, a perfect match!! You have the blood type” he claps Sean’s back ” Nurse, take his blood so we can start””

”Oh thank God!! So he has the O type? The universal donor?” Zachary asks

“‘And I thought you didn’t understand the medical terms the good doctor was saying ” Sean raises his eyebrow

”Hey I am not entirely stupid my friend”  Zachary nudges him

Sean is smiling, finally Kiki gets to get blood…. oh another needle in his body. oh well! …anything for the girl.

He seats as nurse connects the needle to him again, this time she connects it to a blood bag… again she pierces the needle into his skin and begins to draw blood, he winces in pain as the blood gushes like a little fountain into the blood bag..

That liquid red thing… literally the essence of life.

The doctor that was smiling staring at the machine, suddenly he frowns… the nurse and him exchange looks as they see it ”Who do you say you are again and how are you related to the family?”

”Sean Philips, friend to the family”‘ Sean says frowning “‘Why?”

”And you are not related to the little girl?”

”I do not understand your question. What do you mean if I am not related to the little girl?”

”I mean Mr Sean, you are not an O type donor, you are infact a perfect match to the girls genes. Your DNA and hers are exact.”

”What does that mean?”

”It means that… from what the results are telling me that you are the 95% percent the biological father of Kikina!” the doctor says turning to him

Sean’s mouth drops to the floor, so did Zachary’s. Tonia gasps..



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