Featherlight Heart – Chapter Nine

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Mercy was reading her bible in the living room when she heard a car drive in,

“Mama Tito, is that my son?”

“Yes ma,he is the one”

“‘Ehen, okay, please is the food ready? This one he said he is bringing a guest home, he never brings female guests home and he said he wants to tell me something important, please set the table oh, and go and open the door” she says getting up and putting her bible on the table.

Some days she feels alone in the big house, lots of servants and no grandchildren. She would be the happiest woman if Emeka settles down, she couldn’t wait to carry little Emeka’s .

She really hopes that he wants to tell her good news She had been worried for a while now.. Emeka was hardly ever seen with a woman, just one, that lady whom she thought was nice but for Emeka to rule her out then that meant she wasn’t good for him. She had prayed to God to open his heart to love again so that he can be happy.

Wealth can only brush happiness, but having no one to share his heart and success with is depressing. And she hopes that he settles down soon.

Mercy walks to the door as Mama Tito goes to open the double doors leading into the sitting area, she could smell the food coming from the food laid out on the table but she was excited about the guest coming in with Emeka.

As soon as Emeka steps in she breaks out in smile “Emeka my darling boy” she opens her arms wide for him to come, Emeka smiles coming to hug her, kissing her forehead.

“Were you waiting for me?”

“Yes now, I was, I didn’t move an inch since you said you were bringing a guest over, you know you never do, so where is she?” She is looking behind him

“Hain mama, how do you know it’s a she?”‘

“Well,because you wouldn’t task Mama Tito to cook a sumptuous dinner like this except someone important is coming and I believe it’s a woman, where is she now eh, I can’t wait to lay my eyes on her” she stretches her neck ..

“Soon, don’t worry mama, you will see her” he lets go of his mother, goes out the door, he comes back in with a woman clasping his arms, her head bowed as one who is shy.

“Mama, here is my guest,Diana Nkenchior, she is the girl I intend to marry mama, God has made us cross parts again after all these years, we have settled our differences and I have forgiven her and I want to marry her… Diana, meet your future mother in-law…say hello to mama” he says smiling and pulling her close to his mother, but the smile doesn’t reach his eyes, and no one knows it but him.

Mercy is staring at the beautiful lady holding unto Emeka’s hands, No it can’t be..



Then it dawns on her..

Diana Nkenchior, the girl whom Emeka had cried day and night for, much more than he cried over the pain his father made him feel, the only other reason he was determined to be better in life.

The same girl,whom Emeka her son had cried on her shoulders those days years ago..

”I love her mama, but she-she left me, like an egg she dropped me, using her heel to smash my already broken heart to pieces mama, I can’t eat, I can’t breath, I can’t… I feel a void in my heart and it hurts mama, it hurts… she left me mama… because, because I couldn’t give her all that she wanted..”

“What did she want my son? she had you, you are a good boy Emeka, I know that, you are my son and I raised you up…. what else did she want? I know how caring you are and how you try to displease yourself to please others, I know you care for her, in all the ways that you can,what does she want?”

”Money, luxury, the life of the rich, she thought maybe because my father was rich… I should be able to get what I want, give her all she wants too”

Mercy had laughed sadly “Had she not met your father?”

Emeka scoffs “She has,and dad had treated her nicely until he realized that she had come to look for me..but the little she saw was enough to make her believe that I never lacked, and even when she saw his other side she believed that it was our fault father was the way he was with us and only a little begging from us would change him. But I thought she understood the situation and loved me for me… but I was wrong, as soon as it became worse… she bailed on me mama, as soon as I mentioned that I was going to sell the car and take you to the hospital she just lost it and told me she was done and all, I begged mama, I told her I loved her but she didn’t care, she told me she didn’t love me, all she hoped she could get from me she didn’t and that she had to lie to her friends and all….”‘

“She wanted your name Emeka, the name that carries wealth not the man “‘

Emeka had wiped his eyes “Still mama, it hurts to realize that that is what she wanted all along, it hurts too much… she was my everything mama, the girl I loved … what do I do? How do I make it stop, the hurting..mama… I can’t make the pain stop” Emeka had rubbed his chest, tears leaving his eyes, Mercy had grabbed him and pulled him to her, rocking her son..consoling him.

“Emeka if she left you, she doesn’t deserve you, she doesn’t, isn’t that what you told me about your father, that if he could let go a good woman like me that he doesn’t deserve me? So she… this Diana girl you love so much doesn’t deserve you and you should cry it out and let it go”‘

And he did. He did, and she held him all those days he gets like that, especially that day he saw her in the traffic so many years ago… she had walked up to him watching him from the road, seen him just standing there and suddenly fallen to his knees, she had gone to him, shaking him away from that state he was in and taken him home. He had fallen sick and when he recovered he had been quiet… he never really got off from the pain, losing the girl he loved and having a father who didn’t care about him and his sick mother… did a big number on him.

And years later, he kept ladies at arms length and never trusted them again since Diana..

But sometimes in her quiet moment watching him, she had prayed to God to open his heart to love and trust again, to fall in love,to be happy and to have a home, a wife to go home to and kids to call his own, yes she had prayed to God to send him a woman who would make him realize that not all women,were like Diana, the girl who left him and she had hoped that the girl would come soon.

So every time she had sat him down, asking him..about women, wanting him to settle down, it would be a thing of joy for her too but he had always shrugged it off. The one time she had seen him with a lady.. he had just merely said she was an acquaintance but she never gave up hope.

And today when he told her over the phone that he was bringing a guest to introduce to her, she had been positively that finally he had found a girl whom he liked, maybe loved who knows and wants to marry. She had already started thinking of wrappers, gifts and baby things she would gift her new daughter in-law..

Yes, she had been hopeful. But the person standing in front of her wasn’t one she wanted as a daughter in-law, not after what she did to him, not after all these years… She was a liar and a scam for all she knew… only came back in search of him after seeing that Emeka wasn’t the young boy she dumped, without a home, a father and no means of survival but a man,who held his own, rich, comfortable… every woman’s dreams.

Never!! Anyone else but her, she could smell her intentions and it wasn’t good.

No…this won’t be.

“Over my dead body Emeka, over my dead body” Mercy says, her smile disappearing, “Anyone but her ”

“‘Mama, please forgive me, I know I must have been rude to you one of those days years ago and I know I hurt your son so much all those years ago too and I am truly sorry. See, I have been suffering all this years about what I did and God decided to make us cross parts, I swear it wasn’t planned, I have apologized and begged and Emeka has forgiven me, and we still love each other and –”

“‘Love kwa!! Did you know how it broke him, did you know how he stood there for hours on that street years ago, did you know what your rejection, abandonment, and walking away did to him? It changed him and made him into a child who felt the world held no meaning, now you stand here to talk of love? Emeka, over my dead body!

I want you to settle down but not with this one, I have always been wary of her around you then, the way her eyes used to glow when she enters the house and keep making comments that made me feel uncomfortable, and I told you but you said she means a lot to you and she was a great person and that you cared for her immensely… I believed you and I wanted you to be happy and I liked her, I did, genuinely and I never stopped you from being with her, not once Emeka, but for someone who can leave a drowning man to drown just because she didn’t want to be dragged into the sea doesn’t have a right to come to him now that he has built his empire on the sand and made it a solid earth; now you want to take the seat next to him without having been with him right from the start? See Diana, listen to me, you have missed road, you hear? FAILURE IS YOUR NAME. You have no right to come here. You should be ashamed of yourself, you should hide yourself in shame, I know what you want, you want his money abi?All these, you are a gold-digger, that is what I see, that is all”‘

“Emeka my son” she turns to him “I beg you not her, I am sure she came back after smelling your money. I need a good woman for you my son, but not her, she will be nothing but a leech and a sucking blood, I see it in her eyes” she spat

“Abba, but mama,mama it is not so, I love-“‘

“Tah Ma-shun-nuuu!!! Shut up!!!” she places her index finger to her lips staring at Diana “I don’t want to hear it, not after all these years… love? I may not know what love is but I know love is sacrifice, it’s unconditional and it is real… you failed in all that. Leave my son alone, go back from where you came, that is the door” she points to it..

Diana’s face was a mask of shock. This wasn’t the welcome she was expecting, this woman would be a stumbling block to her getting Emeka and his wealth.


She looks at Emeka, pleading with him with her eyes

“Baby, talk to your mother na, tell her that I love you and that she got me all wrong, baby,s he is hurting my feelings” she says sadly “Mama please,”

Mercy turns her nose up,and then walks away.

He hadn’t seen his mother this angry for a long time… but it was good. This was the reaction he was expecting… without knowing his plans, his mother was playing the role he had given her unknowingly… and she was doing an excellent job.

Kia mama, I love you die.

He smiles inwardly.

His mother wants the best for him that means that because she doesn’t trust Diana and feels she is nothing but a gold-digger, which he completely agrees with and that knowledge would be secret till he does what he wants to do to Diana, but as long as his mother has already crossed her off as bad wife material, she would frustrate Diana’s plans to tie him down ,Diana wouldn’t want to give up… and he would seat back and enjoy the show… playing both sides of the divide and while all these would be going on, he would strike like a snake at the right time and Diana would be the only one hitting the ground hard this time.

Diana was giving him sad stares, oh Dee you have no idea that you are in for a sad show.

“But mama, I love her, all these years I haven’t been with another woman it’s because I wasn’t able to forget her. I was hurt yes, but, mama, please it’s my heart, my life, my decision”‘

“Emeka, you need a good woman, not her”

“Mama, I have changed I swear it, I love Emeka for him, not for his money”

”Tah Ma-shun-nuu!!! If Emeka is stripped off his money, God forbid, would you still stay and be spewing love? If he wasn’t rich now when you met would you even remember how love is spelt? You are a liar, because you see money you are falling in love, let money suddenly finish now you will be the first to run away again! Not so?”

“God forbid mama, don’t say such things from your mouth, the walls have ears mama, Emeka can’t be stripped from his wealth”

Tah!! God forbid ,not when she has seen a gold mine she was going to relax in, no oh, nothing will happen to his money, nothing,God forbid!Diana thinks to herself.

Emeka stifles a laugh.. “‘Mama, I am sure she loves me without my wealth, we were young and stupid and I am sure she didn’t realize what she was doing then mama.Look we talked,we mended and I know I love her mama””

“And I love him too mama, please” Diana says

“I don’t want to waste time beating around the bush mama, I brought her here so that you can give us your blessings””

“Over my dead body!!” Mercy repeats pointing angrily to Diana “Stay away from him” as Diana goes on her knees begging, Mercy turns to walk away in anger, she prayed to God for a good woman for her son not this girl who left him when he needed her years ago, humiliated him and pretended not to know him on the streets, now that he was the next best thing in town she suddenly remembers love ?Anoifa!!!! “‘ she spat

Emeka laughs wholeheartedly, he hugs his mother “mama, my queen, look, just give her a chance biko oh, you will come to love her as I love her?”

”Emeka I will not give her any chance, I am a forgiving person but this is your life, and you have suffered enough to have someone who doesn’t love you but only wants to throw themselves at you just because of what you can give them materially. I will not be here forever so I need my son to be in safe hands not one who is here with her eyes shining like saucers already scanning the room for what she will get. Tuifiakwa!!!Odinaka, I refuse to bless such union”‘

Diana gets up from the ground ,it was obvious this woman wouldn’t bulge but she was on her own, as long as Emeka has told her he forgives her and has given her another chance, and wants to marry her, she would do anything to make sure it happens. His mother’s tantrums won’t change anything and if she doesn’t like her it’s fine, it wasn’t her she was marrying, it was Emeka, soon..when that happens..Emeka would listen to her and only her and not his mother again.

But she wouldn’t let his mother ruin her dream of enjoying all this wealth of goodness Emeka had built for himself and had to his name, no oh it won’t happen.

All this ones she is yarning is dust, she just has to make sure Emeka loves her well enough, won’t do without her and have him eating out of the palms of her hands, hooked line and sinker in her… then he would be happy to marry her and when they are married, she is queen, yes, she wants to seat next to him on that sand where he has built his empire where the earth is now rock foundation… whether she was there from the beginning or not wouldn’t matter, then, even his mother would have to respect her, ..

Over your dead body??

Diana smiles inwardly… Mama, don’t go and kill yourself oh, Emeka will marry me.

Diana dusts her knees and looks up as Emeka continues talking to his mother,

“‘Mama, for me, please.. see we would talk about it more mama, for now..let’s not argue okay? Look we shouldn’t waste this dinner, let us eat before this sweet meal I am perceiving would get cold. Don’t worry mama, soon we all would be a happy big family” he says taking his mother and leading her to the dining table..

“But Emeka, why?” she wants to know why her, why her, after the pain he had had to endure all these years, why pick her again?

“Mama, please, she is the one I want Mama” he says seating her down, he goes to get Diana who is at the entrance still and brings her to seat too, he turns to see her standing there.

“Mama Tito, you can serve us food now please, I am really famished, I had a long day” Emeka says taking off his suit and then picking up his cutleries “Wine Mama Tito, have them bring wine” he says “Today is a good day for wine and celebrations and family bonding hehe” he laughs

While they ate, he watches his mother, she is obviously displeased..

Don’t worry mama, this is all for show, I won’t let you have a daughter in-law like Diana, God forbid.

But bear with me a little Mama, in time you will realize that I would never let someone hurt me twice. Once bitten , twice shy.

He stares at Diana, her head is lowered as she tries to swallow her food, her dress too short and she constantly tries to pull it down as his mother flashes cold stares her way, shaking her head at Diana and saying God forbid and over her dead body repeatedly as she takes a spoon after the other..

Diana is clearly uncomfortable.Good!.

“Baby, is the food okay?” he asks Diana as he raises up his glass to sip wine” should I have Mama Tito make something else for you?”

“Have Mama Titi do what? Is it not the same food we are eating? if she doesn’t like it she can go through the door and go buy burka down the streets where gold-diggers like her frequent when they have failed in their mission”

Ouch!! Mama, you are savage!!

Emeka chuckles under his breath, unable to hold down the laughter he nearly chokes on his food pretending it went down the wrong path, he clears his throat frowning immediately as Diana throws him a suspicious look “No nah Mama, you don’t know her for you to say that Mama, you are hurting my woman’s feelings? My soon-to-be-wife”

In your dreams Diana, like hell of that happening.

“I don’t see any ring on that finger of hers, not as your fiancé so there is still time to come to your senses. If you can’t find a wife tell me, I can search for a good girl for you my son. I would never be a stumbling block to your happiness Emeka but be realistic.. a girl who left you because you had nothing,your mother was sick and you were suffering, Emeka I nursed you those nights you cried yourself to sleep, Emeka I watch you pretend not to hurt every time you hear her name, I am your mother so I watch a broken boy grow, through his pain. Again I may not understand how love works or how the heart functions in that regard but I believe that your senses is intact.. but you rose out from your pain and brokenness, I am not saying don’t forgive, forgive her, mend your friendship and that is it. Not let her waltz back into your life and claim love like nothing happened, so her love was dormant for ten years… why don’t you find out if she is married, or if she has children and what she has been doing for the past ten years that she suddenly remembered that she loved you eh? I need a good woman for you, when I am no more alive to care and help you like I helped your father”

Emeka drops the glass on the table loudly, Diana jumps, his mother stares at him”Father never deserved you mama”

“As she also doesn’t deserve you either” Mercy says to her son “I will not stop you Emeka, you are a grown man, you have become successful and this is your house but I am your mother and I will always protect you as you have protected me so I will do the same. She isn’t right for you, look at her eyes..she wants one thing… your wealth, not the man, not your heart, but what stands behind him and what he has and controls. I know that look well Emeka. it had never left her eyes, not ten years ago, not today either” she says getting up and leaving the table

“Your mother hates me Eemka” Diana says staring at him

Ÿes, and I probably do too.

“She doesn’t she is just trying to protect me, don’t worry about it. I tell you what, for the next couple of days, weeks, try and win her over. Trust me all this today would be a funny bad dream.”

“You sure??”

No “‘yes”‘ he smiles

Diana smiles, she looks around the house, wow Emeka wasn’t just a big boy now, he was the biggest of the boys..

Thank God she ran into him.

Well, it doesn’t matter that his mother doesn’t like her.. .once she gets into the house and his heart, she wouldn’t have no choice than to accept her and if his mother makes life difficult for her, she would make her life miserable too.

All this while she has been enjoying her son’s wealth, that’s enough, she was here to be the queen of it all.

God punish Satan. She was here and she wasn’t going anywhere.

But wait, this is all too fast.

She just met him again after all this years and she was thinking it would progress from him dating her and rekindling their love, then courting her and then marrying her, instead he jumped all two and wants to marry her? who says God isn’t on her case..

Oh she can’t wait to tell her friend Grace, see..just see.

“Baby, you surprised me today, I didn’t know you wanted to marry me, I mean don’t you want to get to know me?”

“I already know you Diana “‘

”I mean its been ten years”

“I know you Dee, much more than you know yourself, I know you still pinch your nose when you are nervous, how your palms sweats too. I know how you shake when you are scared and how the smile reaches your eyes when you are happy. And I know you are curling your toes right now”

She looks down to see that he is right “Yes I do that a lot” she laughs

“I know you are sorry and you really want to make this right” he says, he knew that she wasn’t sorry and she was here just for the money … wanting to whole package.

“Yes baby I do”

“And I know I want to marry you, Dee my first love, what I don’t know is If you want to too and if there is someone else?”

She gets up walking to him “None and yes I want to marry you  but how can a guy propose without a ring?” She says , she is close to him now, they are alone.. she sits on the table showing lovely thighs, she holds his eyes

“You want a big fat ring? I will get that for you,in fact you can pick out your own ring, all carats, gold, name it. I have found you now Dee and I won’t let you go”

She breaks out in a large smile “You are totally sweeping me off my feet Emeka, I can’t believe this is you after all these years, this is a dream come true, this mansion, the fleets of cars outside, security, that company, how rich are you Emeka?”she wanted to know

“Rich enough to give you a designated wedding Dee, a honeymoon out of the country, a car, a house,a  job, a business and a fortune for our future kids, a lot of money for you to spend on anything you want”

Diana’s head is spinning, she places her hands on his shoulders to steady herself

“Damnit !!!” she exclaims

“Dee are you okay?” he asks her as she raises her hands to touch her head

”Ÿes, I think it was the wine, it is making me giddy”‘

Emeka is staring at her, or you mean it’s the sound of my wealth that is about to give you a heart attack.. don’t lie little Dee.. I can see right though you.

“Maybe I should take you home, you seem overwhelmed, am I going too fast?”‘

Fast ke? Diana looks at him, I can marry you tomorrow self if you ask me.

“it’s late, plus to start driving down.. can’t I just stay the night..?” she asks faking a yawn

Me leave him tonight? Hay God!!! she better just seal the deal tonight self, touch his belly, make him happy so that he doesn’t change his mind, what if his mother spoils it.

No oh, infact she should move in… she don’t want to hear person shoot bird monkey fly…

Marriage? A designation wedding, honeymoon,car, house, fortune.!!!

My God is working for me… she dances mentally.

“Sure you can, let me get Mama Tito to clear up and fix you in a guest room”‘

She frowns ”Me in a guest room? I would be your wife soon, I will stay in yours”‘

”Sure, I am sorry, of course.”



Emeka is staring out of his window, overlooking his estate when she comes out of the bathroom, tying a towel and her hair wet..

“Baby don’t you want to shower and get in bed? You must be really tired and I could help you with a massage to relax”

He is sipping a glass of wine, his face fixed ,he isn’t smiling..

So you can try to seduce me right, all in the bid to get into my bed, my head so I don’t change my mind about marrying you?

Haha Dee, I am alot smarter..


“‘hmm, yes, sure “‘ he says turning, dropping the glass and unbuttoning his shirt, letting her watch him as he is taking off his shirt.

” Yes baby, go shower”‘

You are in for a big night and after tonight, you will be eating out of the palm of my hands and you will love me more than you do and even your mother won’t be able to stop the wedding.

She seats on the bed watching him and crosses her legs to reveal more thighs as the towel goes up

Emeka is taking off his shirt and unbuckles his belt and unzips,.. he would let her see what she wants and leave her hanging like a cold turkey on a stake.

She gets up and walks to him “Let me help you with that..” she slips the shirt away from his body and proceeds to push down his trousers, there was a knock on his door.

“Who is there?”” she turns to frown the door

Emeka sgrugs, “I don’t know, maybe Mama Tito”‘

“Doesn’t she know you have guest? why is she coming to knock? When we get married there would be rules and regulations in this house” she says turning to go to the door and flinging it open

“‘Yes! what do you want–?”‘ she says trailing off, then her words hits her back square in her face

“‘Mama!!?”” she breaths

Mercy is frowning, she stares behind her to see Emeka, shirt open, unzipped and he picking up his wine to drink and this girl, in a towel..

“If you want to spend the night in my son’s house, we have rooms for guests, and guests don’t stray like a dog to the master bedroom”

Diana is livid “But mama, I am going to be is wife-“”

“Until you are, which is unlikely, I do not condone indecency in this house” Mercy turns to someone beside her “Mama Tito, show this lady to the guest room, not the one inside the house but in the quarters, out in the estate” turns back to her

“Please put your cloths on, after ten years of not seeing the first thing you want to do is deceive my son with your body? God forbid!!”she spat

Diana is speechless.. she turns to Emeka with a raised eyebrow ”Won’t you say something?”

”Mama-” He trails off

”Don’t Mama me..out, I am standing here, either you dress up or you will walk out like that to the other side, all the drivers and staffs will see you half naked”‘

Diana stares at her, was this woman serious, wasn’t Emeka going to do anything ”Emeka?”

”Dee, just for now..”‘

She tries not to eye his mother, as she storms into the toilet to get dressed and came out with her back, brushing past his mother and follows Mama Tito.

”Emeka?” His mother turns to him, then she shakes her head walking away, she didn’t see the huge smile playing on his face, he lays on his bed with a thud and laughs hard.

Oh, mama, I love you, you do all the right things without knowing..

He was going to sleep well tonight and she …will seduce the cold bed in the guest room on the other side of his estate. Oh, the look on her face was too epic.



”How did you sleep Dee?” he wanted to know… But she wasn’t smiling

”I am not happy jor”

”Why not?” they were at the dinning table while Mama Tito sets the table





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