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Sean slowly drops the laughing child on his shoulders down, she grabs his legs, hugging it as she would as though climbing a tree, not wanting to come down..

“‘Kiki, stop it, let go off him” Megan tries to pull her daughter away but she wouldn’t let go..

“Carry me back, carry me back up” Kiki cries shaking her head

“Kikina, stop it!!”

Kiki shakes her head holding on tight, “I don’t want to mummy, please, it was fun pleaseeeeeee” she holds on tight, Sean looks down at her..

“It’s no problem Megan, I don’t mind”

“She is my daughter and she has to listen to me” Megan is pulling and Kikina is screaming loud

Oh no Kiki, you are not going to throw one of your tantrums, not today, not in front of him. No way! She is peeling Kiki’s hands away from Sean’s legs but she wouldn’t let go.

God! she was strong for a four year old and if she uses her strength, she might hurt her daughter.

“Damnit Kiki!!!”

“Really Megan,it’s fine”

“Please mummy, just one more time, I promise I won’t do it again, pleaseeees” she sobs

“Kikina I will spank you”

Kiki wails,

”You really don’t have to do that” Sean says bending,

“Hey kiki, do what your mother says” Kiki shakes her head hiding her face from him “Please?”


Kiki looks up at him “One more time, no one takes me high like that ever, pleasee” she begs with tears in her eyes

She has such beautiful eyes and there was something endearing about them. No, there was something about this little girl that just seems to pull him in, he smiles .. ”Just one?”

Kiki smiles, her smile contagious, Sean returns it “I promise”‘

”Kiki you will let go of his leg right this minute” Megan stamps her feet

None of them was listening to her, Kiki and Sean seemed to be in their own world smiling at each other, communicating in a language that they only understand.

”So you can let go of my leg now right?” Sean is talking to Kiki

“Kiki, you will come here-” Megan is cut off as Kiki lets go of Sean’s legs and stretches out her hands towards Sean, her eyes shining.

Sean carries her and flings her over his shoulders, making her seat on his neck.. “Good to go Kiki?”

“Yes!!!” she squeals

“Kiki come down… how dare you, Sean put my daughter down!!” she points at him gesturing from up to down, but kiki is smiling,

“Look Megan, I think it’s no use, she just wants to have a little fun, relax, would put her down after one more round, right kiki, you promised?” he bends his neck to look up at her

“Yes I promise mummy” she nods

Megan opens her mouth to protest and then she closes it, looking at him and frowning “You look hideous with that on your face” she says

Kiki covers her face laughing “he looks like Grandpa Sean”‘

Sean laughs ”Yeah, I know right, you left your makeup where she could reach” he says tickling Kiki’s toes, she squirms on his neck

Turning away Megan storms to the kitchen, trying not to fling things about in her anger.

A few days ago she was fine, she was great with her little life in her little house and with her little daughter. Now, all of that has changed, not only has the boy-turned-man who got her pregnant four years ago; who refused to listen to her to know for sure whether she was lying or not but leaves her on the road crying, she had, had issues with her parents, was almost forced to marry some total stranger, she left home, losing relationship with her parents. Four years later amidst the pain and struggles and all of that, she has managed to get her little life on track and he shows up out of the blue and guess what, without her doing he is here, in her house and her daughter who has no idea that he is her father is warming up to him as though she knew him all her life.

Was God not messing up with her right now? Was the devil not laughing at her right now too? Jesus!! What can she do to get Sean O’Conner away from her daughter.

The more she hears Kik’s excited voice in the kitchen accompanied by Sean’s laugher, the more angry she got.

Something was wrong with her, she should be happy that somehow Kiki is with her father, unknown or not but she isn’t. What if he eventually finds out that this is his daughter and he doesn’t want her, how would it make her feel, how would Kiki feel, knowing that her father didn’t want her before and doesn’t want her now. Now, it was hard raising her alone as a baby, Kiki is very intuitive and sensitive, she doesn’t want anything to happen to her daughter emotionally. Sean has to go far away from them and in order not to put her daughter in that state, he doesn’t have to know who Kiki is to him and neither does kiki.

She was an innocent child who obviously is happy about making a new friend, older or not, maybe that is why she is drawn to him and Sean, he probably felt guilty for almost running down a little girl and almost letting Child services take away the girl from her,  nothing about this was genuine, give it a few days and he would get tired, stop showing up and won’t care.

Men like Sean, men like Sean O’Conner were exactly the way they looked, too handsome, lots of women hanging on their shoulders, no time for family much less children, he was the original rich bad boy, spontaneous as they come.

Men like Sean don’t want to assume responsibilities for kids they fathered unknowingly and even when proven, they would do anything but run the other way.

Kiki doesn’t have to be put through all of this, No!

The bell ringing brings her out of her thoughts.

It was bright and sunny, time for him to leave anyways. She goes back to the living room only to find Sean at the opened door with a very surprised Tonia staring at him..

“Sean, you!… Megan what is going on?” Tonia looks from Sean to Kiki on his shoulders, his made up face… or makeup mishap and then Megan who has bread in her hands

”Hi Aunt Tonia!! I am taller than you..” Kiki squeals

“Yes I can see that, but Megan?” Tonia looks at her, Megan turns away back to the kitchen, Tonia follows her

”Told him?”


“Then, how come, or are you guys sleeping together? How come is he here and..?”

“Look, we went to the movies, ran into him, our car wouldn’t move, he offered to drop us, he fell, got his waist injured, woke up to find them like that and Kiki wouldn’t listen to me my God Aarrgg!!”

Tonia turns from puzzled expression to laughing

”Why are you laughing, it isn’t funny” Megan slams her hand on the table, Tonia doesn’t stop laughing

“It is actually, because it seems that as much as you try to keep this two apart you can’t. Did you see Kiki’s face, she is happy, not knowing that, that is her father and you see Sean’s?”

“He is like that because he feels guilty”

”Guilty for what actually? For four years ago? He has no idea”

“For the ball and the child services”‘

“Megan don’t be silly ,he seems genuine to me, I’ll say tell him, he wouldn’t be any different”‘

“He will and I won’t”‘

“Fine but tell me you don’t have a certain joy in your heart seeing them both like that”

“No, I feel sadness, fear, uncertainty and forbearing ”

“Don’t! just let it happen okay” Tonia says picking up the bread, a smile tugging at her lips. “He is really handsome you know, all suited up that day; and after a sleep over, even with the weird make up on his face, Kiki really did a makeover on him,i f she ever decides to become a makeup artist, she would be a disaster” she laughs

Against her better judgement, Megan laughs ” I nearly screamed out of fear seeing his face like that” she laughs

“And he still didn’t mind, most men would have bitten her head off but look at him going on with her like that..”‘

“Yeah, he didn’t mind” Megan admits then she frowns

“So where did he sleep, in the room, on the bed with you two? And whose tracksuit is that? Did he carry an overnight bag?”‘

”On the couch don’t be ridiculous. No, that’s my father’s.. i’ve always had it, I just gave him to wear, and I saw him naked last night”‘ she adds closing her eyes, waiting for it

Silence!! Then an outburst!!

“‘You what?How? Wait you just said you guys didn’t then…I don’t get! Wait, does he look good as he does with cloths and without it? Wait what am I even saying, you guys have already slept together before,y ou got a kid… silly me” Tonia shakes her head smiling

“No! I was drunk and I don’t remember what he looks like because I didn’t wait to see and it was four years ago and was I younger, now he is all manly has a great body and erm…” she blushes and turns away

“That great of a body right? You’re blushing” Tonia smiles stuffing bread into her mouth

“Nope not that great and I am not”‘ Megan lies

“‘Yeah, your cheeks turn pink and your hands are shaking, how long has it been since you.. .you know… went down that path?” Tonia winks

“Since Kiki”she admits, Damn! Four long years… wow! she should get into Guinness book of records for being celibate that long.

“Yeah would explain the way you are looking, your blush can be seen from mile away” Tonia is laughing,

“For what it’s worth, your baby daddy is hot, it won’t hurt to fantasy a little Megan, I mean… it wouldn’t hurt to erm, want him again”‘

“Get out Tonia!” Megan throws crumbs of bread at Tonia who ducks laughing, they turn hearing kiki squeal and Sean’s laughter

“See, those two are having fun, live a little Megan, let her have a little joy okay, I bet she hasn’t been this happy for a while.. let her, you live a little too, don’t worry about what’s about to happen, let it, if you don’t want to tell him, fine, your decision but let them enjoy the company that is coming to them naturally, you never know what God has planed. Let them Megan, without you or me, they are here ..enjoying themselves..father and daughter unknown, let them, whatever happens will happen okay”‘ Tonia says coming to Megan

“I am scared”

”I know, don’t be, for today, let her be happy with a father she never knew”‘

“okay, for today, once he leaves he needs to stay away”

”Fine” Tonia rolls her eyes, Not if God has a say in it.



They come back to find Sean’s face clean and Kiki and him playing cards..

“Go brush your teeth Kiki”

”Done, Uncle Sean helped me .””

Megan mouth drops open, Tonia looks at her and whispers

“Daddy duties already,would you take a look at that Meg” she whispers and walking away.

“And he said he would get me a present for my birthday next Saturday, right Uncle?”

“Right Kiki” He nods

“What? Kiki, up, breakfast” Megan snaps

What would she do with this kid?

Sean gets up… its 9am already, he should get going .. “I should get going-”

“Yes you should” Megan snaps again

Sean looks at her, she is still defensive, fine “‘Thank you, for your hospitality” he tells her, he already had his cloths over his shoulders, “Nice to meet you again Tonia” He says “and I will have these returned…just in case er… the boyfriend or the husband won’t frown down from heaven”

Tonia looks at her, Megan shakes her head… they watch him leave with Kiki shouting her goodbye

“Husband frowning from heaven, really?” Tonia turns to her, Megan shrugs

”I am not responsible for what he thinks Tonia” turning to kiki ”And you little lady have a lot of explaining to do’

Kiki turns pouting, giving her puppy eyes

“Oh, that cute baby face won’t work”

Kiki makes more baby faces, Tonia laughs kissing her cheeks ”It works for me” then kiki hugs her mother… kissing her all over her face, Megan is laughing

“‘And apparently always for me too. Oh, kikina, you have no idea do you’ she kisses her daughter… Kiki sits to eat and Tonia smiles at her

”Let it be”‘

Megan sighs.



“So, I came by your house this morning, you forgot we were supposed to go balling this morning, but your in-house told me you didn’t get home last night, where did you sleep and whose tracksuit is that?”

Sean alights from his car, stretching, thankful the swelling had gone down and the pain was barely feel-able..”At Kiki’s” he says “Sorry, I forgot, got into a tiny accident but I am good”

“At the little monkey’s house, whoa, you slept with her sexy hot mother? The woman I want to make babies with and marry?”

“Not sleep with her, just on her couch and don’t be ridiculous! You want to bang her not make family with her” Sean enters his house with him following

“I would change for her” Zachary tells him.

Sean goes to take a quick shower and he is dressed ”I need to go do something real quick, can I have a rain-check?”‘

“Er, what you going to do”

“Their car is still at the mall, need to go pick it up, I told her I would do that”

“Oh!” Zachary follows him outside “”Do you like this chick, I mean…?”

Sean frowns scoffing “”Of course not. Why would you think that?”‘

“‘No reason, just curious, you are all over the place that is why”‘

”I took her home, her car is still there, just getting the car that’s all”


Sean turns away looking at the road, he is frowning.

He doesn’t like her. She has a great kid and it was surprising how he suddenly loved playing with her. There was something about the kid that was so awfully familiar but, does he like her mother?

No he doesn’t. He would drop the car, go home, for Saturday, he would get Kiki something nice on her birthday and maybe get back to his life.

He got some missed calls from his girlfriend and he didn’t feel like replying, her messages came too.. and half of them were asking about the new car, more money and about throwing her a party for her new clothing line. He sighs, he really didn’t feel like talking to her.



Sean gets the car tolled to the mechanic, fixes it and then gets it to her house… Zachary was at the door beside him when he rang the bell..

Megan opens to find them, she frowns… Kiki puts her head out..

Sean wishes she could stop frowning every time she sees him, it bothers him… A LOT!

“Your car, Mechanic says it’s good and ready” Sean says..

”Oh wow, nice and you forgot all about your car” Tonia comes out, nudging Megan out of the way..

Megan stares at him, at her car and then back at him, folding her hands “Thank you” it comes out stiffly

“You are welcome” he sees her “Hi Kiki”

“Hi Uncle Sean” she pops her head out, her smile shows

“Hi beautiful” Zachary is staring at Megan who rolls her eye “Hello Little Monst-erm baby” Kiki looks at him funny

“It’s Kikina, I am not a baby”‘

“And I am a person, I am Tonia and you are?”

“Oh, Zachary Spiff, Sean’s best friend since the invention of best friends”


Now they are all staring awkwardly at each other.

“I wonder, do you all want to go to the beach, it’s a great day for it, there is a gig going on, I wonder, would you all like to go, it’s a few minutes away” Sean blurts out without thinking.

”Beach, you didn’t mention anything like that to me” Zachary turns to Sean

“No!!” Megan answers

“Beach yes!!” Tonia and Kiki exclaims…

“Great! so, we can go in my car, big enough for everyone.. ” Sean continues

“No we are not”-”

“Excuse us for a minute” Tonia tells them turning Megan to face her as Kiki jumps excitedly running into the house “Going to get my Beach toys and swimsuit… Yay!!”’she screams

“We are not going-” Megan began

“Let it be Megan, live for today, today pretend like that didn’t happen years ago, today, let it be. We are going, live a goddamn little dammit!. You have been so stuck up for so long you forget to have fun and live, WE ARE GOING!!”




They left an hour later, Tonia had threatened to tell Sean about Kiki if she didn’t agree. It was a hand-turner, she gave in. Tonia wins.

Two hours in the beach and kiki is building castles and burying Sean in it, Megan is avoiding Zachary’s persistent toasting and Tonia is enjoying the water she soaked herself in.

Three hours later, and Megan is still the only one not having fun.

“Come play with us mum”

Megan shakes her head, seated, fighting the will to take her daughter and run but she can’t, Kiki seemed so happy and Sean relaxed.

“Come play?”‘

“‘No baby, mummy is okay here”‘ she replies “I am playing with the sand here, we are good”‘ she pats the beachsand

Sean who had been dug out of the castle-grave, sand in his hair is staring at Kiki whose face smile has suddenly turned upside down with her eyes glistening “You want me to get mummy to play?” he bends whispering to Kiki who nods

“Okay, I will”

Zachary had gone off to get another round of drinks for everyone and juice for kiki, he comes back to seat with Megan who wouldn’t give him the time of the day, he sighs in defeat giving up.

If she likes him, he would have scored by now. She had stood up and he too, it seemed as though she was looking for an escape. Zachary sighs, no hope for him here.

Sean walks up to them “Sup man?”‘

Zachary shrugs “Oh nothing!”

“Hmm, hey Megan?” he eyes her mischievously

She ignores him. He was quick.

Before she knows it, with one quick reflex, Sean bends grabbing her hands and lifts her from the leg, flinging her over his shoulders as she screams and thrashes over the place with her hands hitting him, Sean runs with her into the water… and dumps her inside.

Kiki as clapping and laughing, joined by Tonia.

Megan is thrown deep, she swims out and cleans her eyes to see Sean laughing and giving thumbs up to Kiki who is clapping. She is mad, in her anger she gets to him and slaps him hard across his face.

Sean holds his face,and stares at her “Dammit Megan, stop slapping me, two slaps since knowing you”‘

“Í would if you do it again”‘

Sean grabs her head and pushes her into the water. He hears Kiki laughing and Tonia and Zachary gasps.

Megan comes out of the water and this time screaming she slaps him again..

”Dammit it!!” he exclaims

“‘Stop it or i’ll slap you again”

He does it again, this time two slaps reaches his face in quick successions


“‘Unless what,  unless what?” she says, he reaches for her head to push her down..

This time she slaps him before he succeeds, He grabs her hands, she is struggling..”Stop it Megan”

“‘No! let go of me!!”


“Let go off me, I will scream”

“Go ahead!”

Megan opens her mouth and as her scream starts, without thinking he pulls her to himself and crushes her lips with his lips with a kiss.

Megan freezes, stiffens then suddenly melted in his arms … as she kisses him back.




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