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Diana couldn’t believe her ears. Emeka,the rich billionaire, who was her ex-boyfriend, the one who has a multi-billionaire company, a sexy convertible, many houses to his name, was going to give her a second chance at their relationship?

She was happy.

Now, really was the time for her to enjoy her life, all these years… ever since she broke up with him, it has been from one maga to the other, whenever she was tired of one, she went to another and whenever that one didn’t or couldn’t afford to meet up to her needs, she flunked him aside and went to another.

She had planned her life; after university, she would serve and maybe meet one rich bloke who would fall in love with her and then settle down with her but it has not always worked out.. and she hasn’t been really lucky with her relationships. Some had been loaded, but they didn’t last long enough to commit and maybe she never did care much, she was just in it for what she could get out of it, and she always tends to benefit from them still.

She never did care to fall in love,she liked them well enough to pretend with them but she was concerned about their pockets before their looks, their looks was a bonus..

But all that doesn’t matter, it was her past and Emeka doesn’t need to know all about her and what she has been up to for the past ten years. All that matters now is that he was forgiving her for what she did years ago and now, she was going to enjoy all that he had.

And she was going to play her card so right that he would fall back for her, fall hard so that he never wants her to go. With Emeka she can have all that she wants, even the world and if he gives himself as the whole package to her, she would gladly accept.

It was as if her stars where shining on her, there was a God who wanted her and Emeka to meet again.

What if she didn’t recognize him or came back to look for him, she would have just missed this opportunity,…

Hay God!!

“You mean you’ll give me another chance Emeka?”‘ she reaches for his hands

“‘As long as you promise that you won’t leave me again” Emeka tries not to pull away.

Relax Emeka, relax.

Diana is smiling,

*With this much wealth and you name sounding like money? Abba Emeka, I aint going nowhere!!*

“I won’t! I promise I wouldn’t leave. I would do anything you want, I would never leave you again, I am sorry baby, I am sorry” she goes on her knees

Emeka sighs “Okay Diana get up okay. One step at a time, first are you hungry? And what were you doing at my company the day I met you?”‘ he beckons for the waiter

“Yes, famished. A job I was supposed to have an interview there, but because of you I missed it””

“I am sorry”‘ He wasn’t

”But you are the owner and since I am your girlfriend now I am sure you can pull some strings and get me the job, better yet make me your assistant director babe, won’t it be awesome? power couple running your company together”? she says,her eyes sparkling

*Your gold-digging runs deep Diana, Girlfriend? Assistant Director? Why don’t you ask me to step down so you become the CEO Diana!!*

Emeka smiles as he held the glass looking at her. If  only he had known how this gold-digging attributes he would never have fallen in love with Diane in the first place. He shakes his head

“I’ll set up an interview for you Diana”‘

“Oh wow, thank you baby, thank you” she says smiling bright as her order was placed in front of her, Emeka watches her eat, his face a mask of disgust and disappointment, he grabs his glass of wine and drinks it

Oh well, like a deep well I will pull you in Diana till you begin to drown.

“Oh I missed you so much Emeka, so much. Thank God I found you again” she says after eating she touches his arm.

He doesn’t pull away  “You have no idea how broken I was all these years not knowing how you were and if you left the streets. I know I was really horrible to you then and I am so sorry. I promise to be a better person baby, I promise”’

Liar! I never crossed your mind Diana, you lying through your teeth.

”I know, I know” Emeka says with a smile not reaching his eyes.

They leave the hotel and he drives her home..

“‘You want to come in, talk some more, catch up, snuggle?” she says lowering her eyes

“‘No Diana, I need to get home… I need to process all this”‘

“‘Fine, I’ll wait, I know you say you have forgiven me and I shouldn’t rush you…I just miss you a lot”’

”Yeah… see you Dee”‘

She breaks into a smile

“See you baby” she leans in and kisses his cheeks..

He waits until she disappears into the estate where she resides, then he zooms off, his face turning to granite.



”My son, are you okay?” Mercy walks into the living room to find Emeka seating, legs crossed, wine in hand and the tv muted, he was staring at it but not looking.

“‘Yes mama, I am”‘ he says

“‘Then why are you seated there but not watching or listening to anything on tv?” she seats next to him

“Nothing mama, I am just thinking”‘

“Thinking about what? Is something troubling you at work?”‘

He sighs shaking his head, he drops the glass on the table and faces her “How are you expected to feel when someone you once cared about suddenly appears to be someone who you have never imagined to be?”

“I don’t understand my son”

“What I mean mama is that, you have always had this idea of this person being perfect, in looks and in attributes and you felt the reason why that person was no longer in your life was solely because they couldn’t cope which ordinarily tore you apart because it meant the person wouldn’t want to stand with you even in your pain and you have always thought this person would, but this person didn’t. Now, this same person… suddenly becomes like a big splattered dirt on your shirt and you realize that this person wasn’t ever perfect, this person was flawed from the beginning and you have just been blind. You begin to see this person’s true colours and it is disgusting, disappointing and you just feel the sudden anger rising inside of you because all this person is and wants is that thing within your hands, not you, not your heart but your pocket. That’s it. How are you supposed to feel about all that?”

Mercy stares at her son, whatever he was saying didn’t make sense “My son, did someone upset you in the office?”‘

Emeka sighs,then he smiles “No mama, just ghosts that didn’t want to stay buried” he says leaning back and taking his drink and sipping, staring back to the muted screen “But don’t worry mama, I am fine. Now I see and now it is easy for me to act accordingly and I won’t regret a single thing. Not one. The plan is already in motion, they wouldn’t see it coming”

“Who are you talking about Emeka,who is they. Are you okay Emeka, are you running a fever son?” She reaches out and touches his forehead and his neck..

He takes her hands away and places it to his lips, brushing her knuckles with kisses,laughing “mama, my mama, don’t worry mama. I am absolutely fine, really. I was thinking out loud.Go on, it’s late, head on to bed. By the way mama, how is your shop coming up? The new one you have in town, is everything okay to your standard, goods and all, do you need anything?I noticed your car wasn’t in the drive way”‘

“Yes my son, everything is okay. I went to make sure the new manager was settled in and it is fine. Yes, one of the tires pulled out, it was just God my son.The driver took it to the mechanic”

“Jesus! while he was driving?”‘

“‘Yes oh my son, hmmm, I was so scared and good thing that he wasn’t on high speed and no cars was coming that moment”‘

“‘That car is already a year old, I will have them bring you another one tomorrow”‘

“Haba!! Emeka it’s just to change the tires now, the car is new”‘

“Well, I want my mother to have the best things of life mama and I can afford to get you the world if you ask and even if you don’t ask. My being alive, my reason for staying alive and for being successful was because of your love, your prayers, your belief in me, your sufferings and your encouragement… all I have mama is because of you and I will gladly give it up for you, I am here today and I will give you all the luxury you want and all that you lack. Mama, if I don’t do all these for you, who will ehn? The queen of my heart, my blessing and my joy. Please mama, I will get you another car,  two,  three, a hundred sef. Thirty million for your account ehhhhhhh ehh” he sang the last part

His mother laughs ..”Chei my son, may God bless you more and more.”

“Amen mama”

Then she touches his face “But you know what will make me so happy that money can’t buy?”

“Mama?” he says bending his head, he knew what she was going to say

“I am getting old my son, at least I want to carry your children, bath them and feed them and watch them grow a little before I die na eh. Let me have a daughter-in law I can call my son’s wife hmm, biko. Find a good girl and settle down with na hmm, for me hmm. What about that fine girl… what’s her name?”


“Yes Monica, she was good”

Emeka laughs “‘Mama, of course she was good, she has good qualities but… mama, she is short tempered, money conscious and she is a bit nasty to lower people, not a good wife material and besides mama, I am not ready to settle down just yet. Once I find someone I love, maybe.”‘

Which may be never, he thought. He had closed his heart to love ever since Diana, he trusted no woman. Not one to give his heart to again and right now all the women that flocked around him only came because of his money, he wanted a woman who cared and loved him first before what he is, a rich man.

But sadly, there were either no women like that or if there were, too few but he hasn’t met her. He hopes he does, he wasn’t getting any younger and he would want to make his mother’s dreams come true but he wouldn’t want to just pick any girl and marry.

No, he wanted to be in love,madly in love with his wife,b e able to open his heart to her, love her everything, her flaws, and imperfections and she would be able to give him 100 percent of his 101 percent.

He didn’t want to marry like his mother, who hardly knew the man she married and who didn’t love her nor cared about her, it was a marriage by convenience he would say,to have a companion and that’s it.

No, he didn’t want a marriage like his parent’s. He wanted a home of love,understanding,honesty, peace, companionship,a good foundation,of friendship and by the time the novelty of love wears off, those initial stages of butterflies..he wanted to be able to look at his wife and fall in love with her over and over again, to be her friend, her husband, her rock, her confidant and her all. He wanted that marriage that his children would always grow up in love, peace and unity. Not the one he grew up in, in tears, pains, anger and abandonment.

No! When he marries, it would be because he had found a woman who is more concerned about his heart, his soul, his body, his desires, his dreams, his love, his mother, his everything before his wealth.

Then he would give her the entire world whether she asks or not.

But sadly, he hadn’t come across a woman like that. Maybe she was out there, but until he finds her, he wasn’t willing to risk his heart for another woman, another woman like Diana Nkenchior who was nothing but a gold-digger growing her fangs hoping that she could sink her teeth in him; bite all you want Diana, bask in the idea that you have me back you have no idea that you are being played.

“My son, love is never a criteria for marriage” his mother’s words cuts into his thoughts

“It will be for me mama. But it is late, don’t worry, I will make your dreams come true mama” he gets up pulling her up, he hugs her placing a kiss on her forehead ” you will have a house full of grand children mama, don’t you worry. Just give me a little time okay?”

She sighs, “‘Okay my son”‘

He watches her go to her room,then he goes back to staring at the muted screen,thinking of what to do



“Sir?” his PA knocks entering into his office the next day

“‘Yes Agnes”‘

“‘Mr Ambross Chikurdi is here to see you, but he doesn’t have an appointment and he refuses to leave, he seems unsettled”‘

Emeka stares at her “Tell him to book an appointment, you know I don’t see people impromptu”

“He says it’s a matter of dire situation sir”

”Do I have any opening for the rest of the day?”‘

She checks her tab “Yes by 4pm. That is eight hours away sir”

“Good, fix him in by then”‘

She nods leaving him

But Emeka doesn’t see him that day, nor the next, nor the next.

Every time he is about to leave for home, he sees him waiting downstairs at the reception area, today Mr Ambross saw him, got up and followed him

“Sir, Mr Odinaka Sir please, I have been coming here for the past five days and I really need to see you please” he begged

Emeka stops as the security opens the doors for him “Mr Ambross, I am a very busy man and I have no time for people who are not ready to do good business and your timing is wrong”‘

”But I have been fixing appointments with your office for the past five days at most and I come here to wait but you don’t see me”

“‘Well, I said I am a busy man, right now I need to be at the airport, I have a meeting out of the country”

“Hay God!!! So when are you likely to see me sir?”‘

“In a month’s time, if you can wait by then, we can have a sit down” Emeka says

“My company might have gone under by then sir, please, I don’t mind if we cut a deal now please, right now, I… I don’t want to lose it, it is all that I have, help me please. Change the name if you want, change the production if needs be, just help me from this situation. I am a shy away to combing the streets for survival, my staffs can’t be paid and they are on my neck, business is bad, I am owing, help me Mr Odinaka Uchendu, I am begging you with God, please, I will lose it, this is my legacy, my name, my life, my means of survival I beg you” he begs

*Good father, beg, I want you to beg like we did.*

“I am sorry Mr Ambross, where I need to be would give me more money not make me lose it like you want”

”Sir, I would do anything I beg you, please I beg you, if you want me to change my name too I will. Please, help me as you have helped others in my situation I beg you” he begs

Emeka looks at his watch “Agnes?”

“Yes sir?” she steps forward

“Book him for tomorrow, cancel my flight”

She frowns “Your flight sir? But you don’t have any-”

Emeka turns and looks at her

“Very well sir”‘ Again adds

Emeka turns back to Mr Ambross “if you don’t accept the offer I have Mr Ambross, then I am afraid there is nothing I can do for you. Have a good evening” Emeka leaves him standing there and exited his company

“Thank you sir” Mr Ambross called after him, he turns to Agnes ”What time tomorrow will you fix me in?”

“10 am sir” she says ..

He thanks her walking away, but Agnes is frowning

“But Mr Odinaka doesn’t have a flight booked for tomorrow, not for the next two weeks, but why did he lie?” then she shrugs walking away.



Emeka is cross-legged staring at Mr Ambross the next day waiting for his reaction. He had slipped him a file and asked him to go through it and gave him a pen for him to sign when he was done and satisfied with the deal.

“‘I don’t understand this” Mr Ambross raises up his head as he read a few pages

“You went to school did you not?”

“Yes sir” Mr Ambross nodded ” but, this was not what you said you would do, I don’t understand it” he says again

“Simple! I have decided that I won’t change the name again, nor change the production of what your company does, I will invest and pull the company out of the gutters you have run it into… I just need you to sign that you agree to giving me 20 percent shares of your company while you keep 80 percent. I believe it’s a fair deal”

Mr Ambross breaks out in a smile ” I can’t believe this,which means I retain ownership of my company, name and everything, and you only get 20 percent as an investor?”‘

“Absolutely! but you should read the rest of the files so you can sign it”‘ Emeka persisted, he was ready with smart words when he sees it, but he wanted to give him the chance to fight it.

“No need, no need at all, everything so far looks great, just what I wanted, where do I sign?”‘

*You are a fool Ambross!!*

“There..everywhere your signatures are needed” Emeka says pointing.

Mr Ambross quickly takes the pen and signs happily.

Emeka is smiling.

Oh father, you really should have read that file back to back, you really should have.

A fool at 60 is a fool for ever, at least I gave you the chance to fight what is embedded in those files, but fool that you are, you don’t read it all, you see money signs and you loose sense, well this would be your downfall amongst orders.

”Oh this is wonderful Sir, wonderful” Ambross tells him

He is smiling. “‘Yes! Glad you see it that way”‘

”Good business with you Sir Odinaka Unchendu, you really are a life saver, just like everyone says”

”Oh, you flatter me” But I wouldn’t be saving your life Papa, would be digging a nice deep grave for your demise.

Emeka’s smiles reaches his eyes.




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