Schooling Mr Bass – Chapter Twelve

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“Samantha?” he calls her name again,

“No. Get out!!”

Shock vibrates through his body

“if you need validation just because you did a good deed and you expect me to reward you, you are sadly mistaken. If you wait for someone to tell you how to treat people, then you are really pitiful. You should know the difference between right and wrong, you hurt someone’s feelings, you should apologize, you don’t like someone, you tell them, not to use them just because…. it doesn’t matter if you are rich, your heart is what should matter. I don’t know how messed up your childhood was but I believe you should have done better for yourself. You don’t come here to tell me you apologize to someone you hurt and expect me to clap for you… No Mr Bass, you should be ashamed of yourself. Were you doing it for me?
Then you are wrong. You should have done it for you… because me? I mean nothing to you for you to think you are pleasing me. And asking for a kiss, how dare you? Get out of my house Mr Bass… and I hope you treat people better because you want to, because it feels right not because some girl with a sharp mouth had to tell you that” she says out of breath

“I am… I am sorry, forgive me” he says taking a step back as shame washes over him, he leaves. She closes the door, resting her back to it. she didn’t realize her hands was shaking, not of fear, but of something else.


Her words tormented him for days, and he even began losing focus at work

“Mr Bass, are you feeling well?”

“I am fine. But tell me honestly Samantha… what do you think about me?”

She raises an eyebrow

“No, –am sorry Sophie” he closes and opens his eyes

“Well, honestly you are a great boss but sometimes you can be, excuse my forwardness a pain in the ass but we don’t mind it sir, promise’’

“Let’s assume for a moment that my looks don’t matter”

“That’s hard not to notice”

“Just assume, and that I am an egocentric arrogant dxxk. Would you still be working for me, would you like me?”

“Honestly? Hell no!”

He sighs

“But Sir, really, we don’t complain’’

“That’s the problem. Sophie, really, I am sorry if I ever come off as arrogant towards you, from henceforth I would try to do better”

She looks at him, frowning “Sir, are you sure you aren’t sick?’’

“I have been sick for a while Sophie, for far too long, I just had a wake up call and I realize that… sometimes, you need something to shake you up to know how messed up you have been”
“Okay sir, thank you sir”

She keeps staring at him as she leaves

He is facing his window as he gets up.

Yes, he hadn’t been himself since that night at Samantha’s, her words plagued him and every fiber in his being has been burning of guilt.

Everybody he had misbehaved with, every woman, every passing stranger, it was as though they tormented him in his sleep. He wasn’t a bad person, he never went out of his way to hurt anyone, but he never suffered a fool and when it came to women, he didn’t care if his actions hurt them, and but now, he regrets everything.

He sighs running a hand over his face..

He really wanted to kiss her, he did. But she turning him down and telling him to get out of her house hurt him so much and he didn’t blame her, he blamed himself, he had been an ass, a proud pompous jerk… everything she said about him had been right and he wants to change all that.

For her… and he had no idea why.
His thoughts of her had been so strong and un-explainable, and every time he thinks about her his chests hurts…

She hated him, that’s what makes it even worse..and for the first time in his life, he wanted to make things right..

For her, for him..

Everyone had taken his bullshits, ate it, and acted like they weren’t hurt about it, but she had called him out..and he was thankful. If she hadn’t come into his life albeit in a dysfunctional way, he would have been the same person he had always been..

A rich Man who had no regard for others, especially women . But now he wants to change all that.. and he would.


So he began, changing his attitude and the way he spoke, how he treated people even those he thought were beneath him. What he told Ver was true, he didn’t have feelings for her and wanted to be her friend…and she accepted.

He even came across the waitress at the restaurant, she had walked out on him and he followed her and apologized, the shock on her face was…strange. He felt, relieved. And there was Betty, she threw a tantrum, but he told her… he was sorry too. Like a burden, his weight lifted .

Even his staffs looks at him strangely now, wondering if he was feeling unwell.

He had never felt better in his life… all because Samantha had waltzed into his life and told him to his face how messed up he was… no one cared to, okay maybe they were scared to but because of her… he wanted to be different and better.

He sighs looking at his phone..
It’s been two weeks since that day… and every single day he was tempted to pick up his phone and call her… and he felt the thing he had never felt in his life before..



He turns away from the window…

He thinks about her a lot, and if only he could talk to her… he was going crazy and he couldn’t explain the feelings he was having..

“Samantha!” he breaths


“Are you gonna ever talk about it or not?” Jamie walks beside her


“Why not?”

“Because there is nothing to talk about”

“Samantha, it’s been two weeks, what’s the big deal? Look, a guy like Mr Bass ever hardly changes but in his rarest of moments he had been emotional open with you… why didn’t you just go for it”

“Because I don’t like men like him, being vulnerable so that they can get girls like us to feel sorry for them. I mean what, allowed him to kiss me and then what, I lose my senses?’’

“Maybe that is what you need. Isn’t it obvious he likes you?”

“Mr Bass doesn’t like anyone but himself, his fat account and his pretty face”

“You never know… he has changed… the way he talks and acts towards people, people are saying maybe it’s because of a woman or because he is sick”

Samantha seats on the chair, staring away “It’s not of my business, if he has, good for him”

“Samantha, tell me honesty, why didn’t you let him kiss you that night, what were you scared off?’’


“Of losing myself” she closes her eyes

Jamie nods “Maybe this time would be different, he seems to like you”

“No… men are all the same, and he may think he likes me because I am different, I don’t fall all over him, I challenge him and I am a supposed upgrade, not like the women he has around him… like a new game he is just intoxicated about the idea of me, he doesn’t like me and God forbid I allow myself into that web of confusion”

“Do you like him, even a little?’’


“You are lying”

“I don’t, there is nothing to like and I am glad that I will never see him again. Forget Mr Bass, I meant it when I told him to leave, he is a proud man Jamie and I bruised his ego, they never heal from that. At least if he is changing, I am glad I was able to teach him some things and I hope it makes him a better person in life, and he needs no validation from me. He should change for him”

“But I still think he likes you a lot Samantha”

“Well you should stop thinking and let’s go have that ice cream okay?” Samantha gets up

“What if he shows up out of the blue… what if he wants something more… more than he had ever asked or given someone… what if Samantha?”

“Fairy tales are for children Jamie. And I and Mr Bass’s classes are over. Glad to know he Aced , but really I don’t care, stop talking about him already”

“Okay, at least I want to formally admit that I am rooting for you two, take one for the team’’


“Fine, let’s go”


Samantha lays on her bed… staring at the ceiling. For the past hour she had been trying to concentrate but all her thoughts keeps going back to that night.

“I can’t stop thinking about you Samantha, you drive me crazy… can I kiss you please” she remembers his words as clear as though he was standing beside her

She closes her eyes to will it away, but she ends up seeing the scene in her mind’s eye, him being close to her as she backed the wall, she could literally hear her heart beating…

And all the while she was praying “please don’t kiss me, please don’t kiss me”

The first day he kissed her, she was furious and slapped him. The second time, she had been shocked and weak and felt… unsure, and she didn’t know why she didn’t slap him

She had stayed up for hours, fighting the thoughts seeping into her mind “You like him Samantha, maybe that is why you couldn’t hit him maybe, just maybe you didn’t mind that kiss”

She sighs

And when he now had the good sense to ask her, she had been sacred. Yes scared, that if she had said yes, she would have liked his kiss and maybe kissed him back.

And she didn’t want that, him being close to her almost made her lose her senses, and he being, emotionally vulnerable almost made her want to give into him.

But now, she didn’t come out of a messed up relationship to let some pompous rich dude kiss her, No!.
Mr Bass was ruthless and heartless, and the fact that he just turned down a girl barely a few hours ago and went to apologize so he can come get a kiss from another only upsets her more… and yes, she meant everything she said to him.

But why did she feel bad, why did she feel as though she had hurt him. And then when he left she kept thinking about it, and she hadn’t stopped for two weeks and she had no idea why… why she felt the way she does.

And every time her phone beeped, she wondered if he was the one.

Of course he would never ever call her again. She had told him not to. He was proud, he wouldn’t, after being humiliated and rejected. He would never call or see her again. She told him not to.

But yet, she missed not fighting with him. It was crazy but… when was the feeling one had ever any reasonable?
She lied to Jamie that she didn’t like him, but the truth was that she didn’t know how she felt. She knew she despised him at first, hated him later on and now… now when she thinks about him her heart skips and she doesn’t know why.

She sighs..

Now she would never know.

It’s been a month now, and whatever change he had, had was probably some sort of show off, that he could do better, it didn’t mean that he actually have changed.

Men like Jake Bass remained pompous, egocentric and heartless… everything she hated in a man and it was distasteful.

She was glad they would never have to see each other again

But why couldn’t she stop thinking about him?


Bass didn’t mean to do it but every single day he finds himself parked outside her house at night, fighting the urge to go up and knock on her door, but he couldn’t be able to bear her sending him out again.. so he would sit there and then wait, till her lights go off then he would go home.

“Wouldn’t you want me to go up and knock sir?” Todd asks him one of the days

“No, Lets go” he tells him

Sometimes he would go by her office, go up to see Mr Shelton… but he really wants to see her, but he doesn’t.
He should forget about her, but he couldn’t..

Whatever thing he was feeling for Samantha was deep, and if only he knew what it was.


“Good evening sir “ Jamie says ,

“Oh hi, it is Jamie right?’’

“Yes sir, one and the same” she says as she met him leaving the building, she was leaving too.

“Lovely” he tells her opening the door for her because she had something in her hand, inside it was a ribbon package box, and it was written

“Happy birthday”

“oh wow, thank you sir”

“You are welcome. Have a great weekend, and happy birthday! ”

“And you too sir” she says  frowning and then she follows his eyes “Thank you sir but it’s not my birthday”

“Oh boyfriend’s?”

“No” she laughs “not close, but technically she is like my sister, my boyfriend and parents all summed up into one”

“Oh… your partner?”

She scoffs “Oh don’t be silly Mr Bass” she laughs, realizing herself she apologizes “Oh I am so sorry , forgive me”

“Oh no harm done Jamie, I don’t bite, not anymore”

She smiles, he smiles back “well, it’s my best friend’s birthday and I just wanted to get her something, I would be going away for the weekend so I wanted to drop it by before I leave “

“Okay, well happy birthday to your best friend” he tells her,

“Thank you” she begins to walk away and him too

“Mr Bass?”

“Yes?’ he turns

Samantha was going to kill her but, she can apologize to her later

“Its Samantha’s birthday tomorrow” she says, then she turns and leaves

He stands staring at Jamie until Todd comes to him

“Sir, the car is waiting, your flight is by 7pm, everything has been booked, shall we?”

“Change of plans Todd,”

“I don’t understand sir”

“Neither do I”


‘’Thank you Mum” Samantha says into the phone as her mother wishes her a happy birthday “I love you too” she laughs into the phone “And tell your husband I kind off love him too even if he is an ass” she laughs as her mother scolds her for calling her father an ass

“Oh what I would do today?? Oh nothing,Jamie is going away for the weekend with her new beau,so I would be home watching movies,eating chocolates and feeling 27.., oh gatto go mum, Jamie is here,I love you” she cuts the call

“Hi jamie, aww you didn’t have to” she hugs Jamie

“I know but still, sure you don’t want to travel with us for the weekend” she asks Samantha

“Three is a crowd babes, no go have fun with that fine stud of a man , I am good, I got lots of calls and messages from work,. See, presents on the table” she points, Jamie ‘wows’

“That’s a lot”

“See I am loved so go have fun okay”

“Okay, happy birthday again Sam” she kisses her

“Thank you James” Samantha kisses her back, they laugh and she leaves

It’s barely 10 minutes later when the knock comes to her door

“Argh Jamie, this girl”

She opens to find Him there

“You!!’’ she breaths

“Good Morning Miss Samantha,happy birthday!!” he says giving her a small sealed box

“Who is this from?’’

“I think you know from who” he walks awa , she closes the door frowning, her heart beating as she pulls at the ribbon and opens it to find a smiley face turned upside down with  large tear coming from its eyes.. she frowns, seeing an envelop , she reads

“Hi Samantha, I know you told me you never want to see me again nor talk to me ever but… I swear to God it’s been hard. Really hard. I want to see you again, I want to apologize for all that I have done, I want to quarrel and fight with you about things that don’t make sense, I don’t know, at least I would get to have you in my personal space.”  she laughs

“I know It’s your birthday, and that well… you are home alone obviously, please at least let me do something nice for you and if you still hate me because I hate me too, I’ll never bother you again. I promise I am not the same guy you used to know, I have changed, not for you. I was stupid to think I needed your validation. I changed for me and I swear it’s been great…but at least allow me tell you thank you for messing up my world and making it spin out of control in ways I still don’t understand. Please, let me do something nice for you today and if it’s a yes, I would be waiting in the car, you just have to pack a weekend bag” he drops a closed eye smiley” I am not ordering, I am begging”

She finds herself smiling , there is a knock on the door

“Miss Samantha?”

She is frowning, she hands him the box, “Tell Mr Bass that he never learns, I will not just up and leave just because he says” she says

“I know” she turns hearing his voice

“That’s why I said please,”

She smiles shaking her head “ I’ll be out in 20 minutes” she turns walking inside, she didn’t see him smile, neither did he.


“Okay, let’s go”



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