Schooling Mr Bass – Chapter Seven

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Samantha stares at him..

“can I help you?’’ she frowns

He is taken aback , “Well it depends. The last time we saw you spilled coffee on my suit and had the tabloids gossiping for days, took a whole lot to kill the story and an awkward interview to state that…the mystery girl was non other than an intern whose stay was brief and unsettling . Good thing I kept your name out of it. It did cost a lot too, some media houses can be quite the leech and-“

“I am sorry but is there a point to this?’’ she cuts him off rather impatiently

He smiles “You haven’t changed much, you just added a bit of arrogance to your stance, how original”

“Mr Jake Bass I believe you-“

“Oh you do remember me. For a second there I thought you were a robot and –“

“Oh make no mistake Mr Bass I do not only remember you but I do remember that I never liked you. And again, my question, why are you following me?’’

He is taken aback again..

“Well, I just wanted to make sure it was you”

“And you have, is there anything else I could help you with?’’

“Yes… can you put your guards down, this doesn’t fit you… I mean the dress is beautiful on that body of yours and I’d say you did clean up nicely “

“Flattery Mr Bass doesn’t work for me, and how I look shouldn’t be your concern”

Okay now this was rather strange, he didn’t believe his eyes when he saw her. That once nerdy looking girl that had been a pain in his neck on her brief stay in the company.

She had always had that sharp mouth, always trying to counter things but now, even her tone was different, she even looked different, more sophisticated oozing with class and confidence, which she had always had but now it was even more annoying. Maybe he thought if he walked up to her, she was going to be …well, submissive seemly the fact that she made him lose an opportunity, embarrassed him in front of staffs and guests. She should be apologizing about now, maybe even asking on how she could make it up to him for being … incompetent and un-mannered ..but here she was..being the typical her, only this time…an extra dose of “I-still-don’t-bend-to-your-rules-Mr-Bass’’.

Okay maybe he should try another tactics

“Hey relax, no need to be on a defense, I came in good faith. Okay, I looked for you when you left.”

“Why? To fire me … oh you did that already. Why did you look for me, to get back to me for ruining your suit? “

“oh no,  actually, that file, the one you forgot to bring along …”

“Right, I apologized for that and it’s what.. over three months ago, are we still on that?’’

He smiles “I just wanted to let you know that I ran into the head of Council of leaders about a month ago after you left and I gave him the file, he was impressed… more impressed about the addition you made to the project, it was quite revealing. I had a sit down, it took a few weeks but I finally got it, the approval, now I would have waited another year, I guess they liked it too much… I got it. Work commenced 3 weeks ago.

Something that would have taken another year for a sit down, within three months, I had my baby project up, and soon…it’s going to be a great place for innovative minds and the best professional engineers in the country. “

“Is this the point where I say congratulations?”

“If you will yes. But I had hoped whenever I see you again I would say thank you and apologize. Who knew I would run into you today”

“I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. If you gave your staffs half the chance at things, I am sure even your secretary would have come up with something better.. I just took what you had and made it into something more… your ideas… my expertise and added knowledge, pure semantics”

“But still..thank you. I believe I still owe you for your duration of time you spent at my company, there was no forwarding address or account number, I actually kept it for you… well hoping to give it to you. I don’t owe people, and if you would give me your account details I would have the accountant do justice to it” he brings out his phone, she raises an eyebrow

“When I left and closed down my accounts it’s because I didn’t need your money, so there is no need for that now… if you would excuse me” She began walking away, he stops her by holding her elbow

“we are having a conversation… besides I am being polite even talking to you. I don’t even know why I am thanking you, in fact you are right, it was my ideas you just expanded. It was all mine not yours. Plus it was because of my persistence that got me back into the good graces of the council of elders and made him push for approval. I only came here to say hello, because when you left you left without your due pay but if you don’t want it, it is fine, but you will not walk out on me like that while I am talking Miss Samantha Brookes”

She looks at his hand on her hand,

“You will let go off me right this minute Mr Bass or I will call security on you”

He laughs “You wouldn’t dare. Do you know who I am?”

“No the question is, do you know who I am? Out there in your company you may be Mr Bass and everyone bows and kisses your feet and throws themselves on the floor for you, but in here… I am Boss and I can have you thrown out for disrupting my event. And before anyone could query me for embarrassing Mr Bash, the multi-billionaire, the big sponsor of this gig, the damage has been done. I do not work for you any more Mr Bass and you are not the Boss of me. And if you don’t let go off me you are going to regret it, and I mean reputation-wise.. I am sure you can be able to spare some loose cash to rid the tabloids of such an unfortunate incident that would happen, now I won’t be that mysterious girl anymore, I will be the huge frown on your face… I know you don’t like to be on the other side of the divide, or the coin or when you are not the calling the orders, but at the moment I think what I want right now is way bigger than your over sized now, let me go!!!” he lets go off her, shock on his face

“And by the way of speaking, it was an honest mistake when I forgot that file back in the office and costed you that opportunity, but I am glad you got it back. But you Mr Bass had left me stranded in a city with no means to come back at all. How I got home, I am sure you had no idea, and that is worthy of my anger, yes I made a mistake which was unknown and unplanned but you made a graver one by choosing to kick a girl out of your car just because, did you ever think that I might have come to harm’s way, I was your employee, you already sacked me then, I get it, my fault, I was trying to apologize but in anger I was put on the streets and literally had to make a call I had promised not to do unless it is to make the person happy.., and the coffee spill was only a light dent to your ego. Now, all that is past and over, you do not need to seek me out for talks or for us to reminisce on past times… it was a Boss and Employee relation gone bad, and severed, I left and all went well. I do not see why you are standing here and talking to me Mr Bass, surely I believe there are more important things for you to do… like never leave your lady unattended to and talking to another, that is very ungentlemanly of you Mr Jake Bass” she says

“What lady?’’ he frowns

“Typical, still very typical Mr Bass” she replies shaking her head

“Bass Honey I have been looking everywhere for you” Veronica purrs coming behind him and hugging him, he tenses, then she turns to Samantha

“Oh hi, Samantha Brookes is it?..this..the event is so beautiful, you did a great job, your boss must really be happy to have such a gifted mind and hands in his fold, everyone wants to meet you, they all seem to want to organize something ..I mean WOW!!!…but wait, have we met before today, your face looks familiar?’’

Oh yeah we have? About a couple of months ago when you were practically throwing yourself on Mr Bass despite him telling you that you were nothing but his bed mate when he feels like and on other days you mean nothing to him..

Samantha smiles “Oh, in my former life. Mr Bass , Miss Veronica, enjoy the rest of the evening and don’t forget to carry a souvenir home , it’s our thank-you package for being amazing sponsors” and then she walks away , Jake Bass watches her leave, Veronica speaks

“Baby, is everything okay, you look as though someone upset you, “

“I am fine” he smiles stiffly . “And don’t call me baby please, Jake or Bass is fine. I will have Todd drive you home, have to get to the office for some urgent work’’

She frowns “Really, you didn’t mind me calling you more than baby a few hours ago when you were enjoying the feel of my arms and the warmth between my legs and now you want to send me home? I thought I was coming back to your place ?”

“I told you Vero, no strings attached.’’ He says walking away

He was upset, and it wasn’t Vero.. it was that lady named Samantha Brookes.

How dare her talk to him, him Jake Bass that way


“Thank you everyone, have a good night” she was seeing off the few of the remaining guests..

“Samantha dear, so you would think about it and accept our offer?” the lady standing in front of her asks

“Yes ma’am , I would run it over with Mr Shelton, and I would get back to you’’

The lady smiles and walks away ,

“Okay Samantha , have a good night..” Mr Shelton comes forward with a smile

“Oh thank you Mr Shelton, “

“Should I have one of the drivers take you home?’’

“Oh that would be awesome sir I just-”

“Oh no need for that Mr Shelton, I would take her home” they both turn to see him walking towards them

“Mr Bass, I thought I saw your car leave already, didn’t know you were still around” Mr Shelton says as Jake Bass gets close to him

“Yes it did, went to drop a friend of mine home, but my car is here”

“No bodyguards or security details sir, not trying to play invisible Mr Bass are we?’’ he laughs

“Oh no Mr Shelton, I just have some unfinished business with the lady”

Shelton raises an eyebrow, Samantha was a beautiful woman, it’s understandable that any man would want to sort her out, in fact a couple of men had been staring at her and a few had made advances, but like a lady she had politely put them down.

And now, Mr Bass was lurking around to talk to her, he smiles, everyone knew that women fell over themselves for him, maybe he has eyes on Samantha. But for the short period of time he had known her, She seemed not easily swayed off her feet, but was focused and determined, she had never shown him a boyfriend or excused herself to go on a date. He had even asked her once if she was into girls and she had laughed wholeheartedly and told him she liked men, but… there are men and there are men. He didn’t understand what it meant but..he let it slide.

Now Jake Bass is looking at her as though she had stolen something from him, why would anyone see a fine woman like her and frown. He shakes his head

“Goodnight Mr Bass and Samantha, have a good night” he says kissing her cheeks, shaking Jake Bass and leaves
Samantha without looking back at Jake Bass made her way upstairs, she needed to pick her bag and leave, why was he still here, why didn’t he follow his lady friend and leave.

She told herself that if she ever ran into him again, she was going to use her slippers and chase him, she was wearing heels… she wouldn’t want to put a hole in his head but if he as much as annoys her, she would make the hole really big.

“A lady who is so confident, do you think it’s right to be the last person here, it’s not safe” he says following behind her

“It’s not your concern Mr Bass, you can leave, I can take care of myself and if you are so concerned about what is safe and what isn’t… leaving me stranded in a city shouldn’t have been an option. Please stop following me” she says opening the door to her office and shutting it, she bends to pick her bag, he opens the door and entered.

“What in the world are you doing?”

“Look Samantha, no one talks to me the way you do and it infuriates me, and you walk away when I talk to you, who the hell do you think you are, spoiling my evening, and that day? you deserved it, you were lucky I didn’t do more”

“If that makes you sleep well at night then carry on, just please step out of my way’’ she told him frowning

“And if I don’t?’’

“You really want to go down that road? I know you don’t like being told what to do Mr pompous rich and whatnot, I also don’t like to be told what to do, but in my case, it’s within my rights. Now step out of my way Mr Bass, there is no reason why we must continue talking to each other, I need to get home and you are making my evening sourer by the minute”

He stares at her, wondering why she was making him really upset. Maybe because other girls would have been swooning but she, she was a thick skin. He never looked at her as anything other than his Intern and part time PA, he was terribly infuriated after that day in the city and kicked her out without thinking and he didn’t regret it, coming back to find the file and see that she had worked hard on it, he felt a little guilty and tried to reach her, not to apologize but to make sure she got paid, that little stunt in front of his guest… was a blow, but he shook it off. Now standing here with her and all he sees is a feisty woman willing to make a point “I don’t bend for no one, I don’t care if you got the dough, I am my own person” which should have been commendable but it was annoying, he was used to women, his bed-interests,his workers and swooners bending over for him, even if they were just passing by or random faces… but her… this Samantha Brookes is a different specie all together … she was supposed to be part of the weaker vessel and here she was telling him to his face that he doesn’t mean shit and doesn’t flutter her feathers… not that he wants it to but… it was really upsetting not to be…erm..treated the way other women treat him, with sparks in their eyes.

Or maybe she was one of those women who put up a front, maybe a little push would do, he was so going to tame her

“Get out of my way Mr Bass”

“Maybe this would shut you up” he grabs her and kisses her. Yes, she would give in now, women, they were all the same.

He felt her shock and then in another second, he felt dazed as he held his face,

She had pushed him and slapped him, Hard on his face

“Don’t you dare ever do that again Mr Bass, I am not one of those girls and you think you can enforce your will on me, do you think I actually do like you and you think you can just kiss me and I will melt? Try that again and you will regret it… I am a strong independent woman and your charms, all this doesn’t work on me, don’t you ever try that ever and stay the hell away from me Mr Bass, what the hell is wrong with you… MY GOD!!!!” she spat to his face, nudges him out of the way and goes down the stairs
He is shocked..

Ok..this was strange, this was really strange, then he became angry again and follows her down the stairs.

She was gone .

“Damnit!!’’ he swore

He didn’t like her, he was trying to shut her up… and now it only got him a slap… he touches his face..

Oh Miss Samantha, this is far from over.

You would be seeing more of me..

He dial’s a number “Hello Mr Shelton, I have a preposition for you”

She wouldn’t know what hit her, he smiles


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