Schooling Mr Bass -Chapter Three

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“Samantha Penelope Brooke, are you crazy???” Jamie says almost choking on her food, as Samantha relayed everything about her run in with Mr Bass.

“Er..No Jamie I am not crazy, I mean what is wrong with the lot of you. How can I stand there and have him talk to me like that, who the hell does he think he is?’’ Samantha crosses her legs under her, and shoves food into her mouth as her friend stares at her as though she was an alien.

“DURH!!!! Hello!!! He is Jake fxxking Bass, hot, rich, handsome and a frigging Multi-billionaire..I mean..are you crazyyyyyy!!!?’’

Samantha laughs “oh Jamie don’t be too dramatic, okay what did I do wrong?”

“Everything with a capital E, you are lucky you are still working there, in fact how come he didn’t fire your ass, I should slap you for even talking to Mr Bass like that…hawt hawt stuff..damn girl, something is wrong with you, I think Christopher did a number on you. You are on this hating men spree and you are all out to even hate on the innocent and dashing ones, including Mr Bass” her friend pouts

“No I don’t hate all men…just men who are egocentric, proud and pompous , who thinks that all women should bow and lick the ground they walk on, plus men who cheat and lie and who are serial womanizers. I like men, honest men, men who are considerate, loving and all lovey-dovey and mushy. He isn’t classified as such a man, Christopher isn’t either..and my dad isn’t, they are all the same..Men”

Jamie shakes her head “Let us pray, Father please reach down and slap my friend, she sees chocolate creamily..yummy hawt stuff and calls it plain ol’ pizza. Forgive her please, Amen”

Samantha rolls her eyes “PS..I think he is sleeping with his PA”

“Well I would sleep with him if he gave me the chance. Hell a thousand and one women want to sleep with fact the entire world of women want to sleep with him”

“Well I don’t “

“Yes you do.. I mean let’s be honest, don’t you find him attractive and arghh just want to tear his cloths off?”

Samantha thinks for a second “I do admit he is terribly attractive, handsome, exudes class and a strong $3xual appeal, but I also see him as an annoying, condescending bastard. I do not want to tear his cloths off, in fact I don’t even want him close to me. You all can have him, I am too concerned thinking about me to think about men and he is one man who I would never fancy.” she pause

“Can you imagine he threatened me..challenging me and he thinks I would chicken out..nooo!!! I went back into that office, got him his damn food, made sure his cloths were fitted, all of it, I even sat there and watched him until he felt uncomfortable and asked me to leave..and he was like “I need those files on my table first thing in the morning’ Argh!! I wanted to slam my heel into his face. I mean, just because he is Jake Bass, he should learn how to talk and treat women right, the way he threw off the scent of His PA , he really didn’t care about her feelings because he would have wanted to protect it, he is shameless and you all are bunch of dxxkheads for not valuing yourselves more…he is just all about his business, money, class and women..he don’t care about the lot of you”

“Well, we don’t care, we love us some Mr Bass, quit hating” Jamie pouts

“Oh..your lives! Now…I have to get to those damn files. Thank you for bringing me dinner and you should stop living cash for me..”

“Hey, you are welcome. But until you get your first pay…I won’t stop. I mean Christopher cleared you to your last dime, I wonder why you never reported him to the police. Guy was a thief, simple”

“It’s over now, doesn’t matter. I swear I would pay you back”

“you don’t have to, you did a lot for me while we were in little compared to all that but if you insist, you can follow me to that gig later on tonight..”

“Work remember, files..Mr Bass”

“Oh right, you can pay me later. But I have to go and please..don’t get into other run-ins with Mr Bass, he barks when he gets angry, and sometimes he bites”

“Oh I am made of steel Jamie, sadly, I don’t scare easily”

They hug and bade each other good night


Mr Bass alights from his car, the attendant carries his briefcase, then he looks up and sees her walking towards him.

Well well well…

Who says he didn’t know how to tame them.

“Goodmorning Mr Bass” Samantha says, her smile stiff

“Goodmorning Samantha , what’s my schedule today like?”

Oh… I am thinking along the lines of, why don’t you find out for yourself but… I would be nice.

She begins to tell him his schedule as they walk into the  building then up the elevator and out to his floor, Sophie greets him excitedly and then turns away, he stops her.

“Sophie, let Samantha do it, I think she is more than capable”

“But sir, I always get your coffee”

“I know Sophie but I want her to do it…you can tell her the way I like it…so she doesn’t make a mess of things”

Sophie turns to her “ Ok he likes it hot, not stingy, he likes two spoons of..’’

“Milk, one and the half spoon of sugar, and the milk he likes it on the side of the coffee so he can stare it himself, and on Mondays he likes his coffee black, Tuesdays he likes it a little African and then on Fridays he takes it light, so it doesn’t disturb the bourbourn he drinks after work ..did I get it correctly? “ Samantha stares at him

Sophie is surprised “I didn’t tell her that sir, even I am not exactly accurate”

“oh I am very observant, shall I go get your coffee sir while you relax in your office ?’’

He gives her a sly smile and walks away

Samantha rolls her eyes,


Three hours later as the last person leaves his office, his call came through on her desk

“Yes sir”

“What is the time Samantha?”

“A few minutes past 12noon”

“And my lunch?”

“Would be here in 20 minutes”

“Cancel it, I am going out to have lunch, tell Todd to be ready and you wait for me in the car”

“Wait what?”

“Are you deaf Miss Samantha??”

“No obviously I am not deaf but I am just wondering why I have to wait for you in the car when you are going to have lunch”

“An order is an order Samantha..And PA stand for Personal Assistant and you would be personally assisting me all day..even while I have lunch breaks”

He cuts the call

The asshole

A few minutes later she is fuming in the car, some attendant opens the door and he slides in next to her
She doesn’t say anything,

“Todd, my usual place please’

“Yes sir”


So it wasn’t bad that he was arrogant and annoying during work hours, now the time she had to herself , her peace of mind is now threatened because she now has to spend it with him…right in front of him as he eats..
She hopes he chokes on his food

He coughs,

Yay!! Samantha 0ne- Mr Bass -0

Wait, was this the part she has to tell him sorry?

She bites her lips instead and presses her phone

“You could at least pretend to be caring to your boss”

“Oh I am sorry, I didn’t realize pretence was a criteria”

He wipes his mouth and leans back “What is your deal Miss Brooke, you seem uptight and rather …spiteful”

Oh really, she was uptight? She laughs “oh nothing sir, I just have a problem with pompous bastards’’

“Excuse me??’’

“Oh I meant…men without mustache”

He smiles “ You don’t like me very much do you??”

Oh I don’t like you at all. Point of correction.

“You want the honest answer sir or the dishonest answer?”

“Whichever one you dim fit”

‘’Well I think that you are-“

“Jake  darling” a woman sees him and walks towards him, reaching him she leans him and kisses him full on the mouth

“Hello Veronica, how are you?”

“Marvelous Jake, Marvelous!!!’’ she hugs him, touching his face, then she looks across at Samantha

“You are on a date?”

He shakes his head “Don’t be ridiculous Vero, I rather spend my time doing something meaningful than go on a date with someone who looks like that. She is nothing but my stand-in PA, very infuriating I might add, you on  the other hand are pure divine, join me for lunch?”

Oh no he didn’t,

“Mr Bass I-“

“Do be quiet Samantha, know your place. Kindly do leave your sit for Veronica and take the one behind hers.” He says cutting her off
Veronica is looking at her, the lady looked familiar, was  she a designer form one of those fashion magazines, No..she was the model.. , that face  can never be missed . And she looked ready to pounce. One of his many bed graces maybe.

“Very well sir”

She gets up and takes a seat behind, and having to bear their presence for an hour

“Oh Jake darling I have missed you, what plans do you have for tonight , I long to be with you, it’s been so long”
He smiles, “Vero, you are a beautiful woman, but I told you that it wasn’t going to be serious with us,’’


“No buts, if I need you I would call you ”

“I know that’s what you said but I miss you so much, I can love you if you let me?” she purrs leaning into him

“I don’t doubt that Vero but…I am a man of many needs and  right not you are not one of them, but I appreciate the offer darling,” he leans in and kisses her

“Okay, if you change your mind, you know where to find me” she gets up, touching his cheeks and leaves
Samantha felt like going to her and giving her a slap

Here was a man who was out rightly telling you that he just used you and you mean nothing to him and here you are begging him, telling him to call you if he changes his mind.

Wow!! Women, Who did this to us ?

Okay..those women because she was definitely not on that train with them all..

Wow!!! Mr Jake Bass, whatever Jazz you are using for this women…got them bad.

Oh wait, did she just make a Rhyme?
“If you are done staring can you call the waitress and pay her so we can leave.?”

Samantha blinks, and turns away. The waitress comes, she was the same woman he had been with just two nights ago, she walks right past Samantha and goes to him, touching his shoulders.

“Hello Mr Bass, I hope you enjoyed your meal?”

“Indeed, I did”

“I am glad, how come you didn’t call me back, after that night?”

‘’I believe we had an understanding Donalyne is it?”
“Ashley, “

“Oh Ashley, my apologies”

‘But it was great wasn’t it, I was great?”

“Absolutely you were, it still doesn’t mean I would call you back’’

“I don’t understand Mr Bass” She seemed  hurt

“We both had fun, no strings attached, you got paid, you gladly took the money, I see you got yourself something expensive and even accepted the gold bracelet I sent over, and now, you want more, not the man but what you can get out of the man is that it?”


“No?’’ he repeats , touching her by her arm and running his hands over her arms “Okay, what would you say if I take you on a cruise Friday night, a night in the ocean, and do all things sweets?”

her face breaks out in a smile
“I would love that..”

“I thought so..sadly, I am no longer interested, try not to contact me again Miss Ashley, even I have my limits. “

Then he walks away, Samantha walks up to the girl who suddenly had tears in her eyes

Giving her hanky, she touches her face

“You are too beautiful, to allow a man treat you like that. You should learn to love and value yourself, so men like that would love you too. Stop crying, I think he is a jerk too so that makes two of us”

She wipes her eyes “He slept with you too”

“Oh no God forbid, that would never happen, I just feel sorry for the girls who fall for his cute face and charms. You need to begin loving yourself..then let another man treat you like that, not even him.”

Then she walks away, he was in the car, waiting

“Another minute, you would have walked down to the office Samantha” he says

“Oh I am sorry sir, I was just trying to mend the vase you broke in there”
“What vase? I didn’t break any vase’’

“Exactly!!’’ she says


It is 5:00 pm, everyone is leaving, Samantha is packing up for the night when Sophie leaving his office comes to her..

“Mr Bass needs you in his office”

“Wait, now?””

“Yes now”

“But..we have closed’’

Sophie shrugs, walking away. She knocks and enters

“Grab a sit Samantha, we are going to have a long night”

“ I don’t understand”

“I have a meeting I need to prepare for tomorrow, but I need different approaches to garner up points, I would be meeting with different CEO’s of the oil companies tomorrow and we are to chip in possible projects that we all can partner together in. so I need you to be my point man, meeting man or whatever ..”

“And we couldn’t do it during the day when you had some free time?”

“I decide how and when I choose to work Samantha so grab a pen, and a file and get to listening”

Oh no way

“With all due respect sir, I believe in what was stated in my acceptance file that working hours begins from 8am to 4pm, and I even give an hour of myself more to tidy up things around the office now you are asking me to stay behind without asking me if I do have plans for the evening?”’

“I do not care if you do have plans for the evening Samantha, when I give an order I expect you to shut up and nod”

“Sir, I am not a dog, so I cannot just shut up and nod, secondly with due respect, I work for you and I believe even your workers are expected to be treated with respect, it is earned and not forced sir, and working hours ended an hour ago so if you need me to stay after hours for say something important you should ask me nicely… I do have and know my rights as an employee in this company, even though temporarily, and it is stated clearly that we should exercise it if we think we are being treated unfairly and right now sir, you are. I have a life outside this office sir and that life begins at  6am before 8am, and then it ends..leaving me to be your supposed slave from 8am – 4pm, and because I am generous I give you an extra hour, and then my life gets back on track from 5pm to before 8am the next day. So sir, if you need to encroach on my personal space , you would need to ask, nicely because during that period of time, I am my own Boss Mr Bass”

“You are not afraid that I could let you go right this minute”

“No sir, infact I am not. I did mention I know my right… so you can either let me go, terminating my internship here and which you have to state reason why you did it, can ask me nicely if I am free to help you attend to your thingies for tonight’’

What the hell was wrong with this man, he should learn how to talk and treat people, she wasn’t one of those girls …she was Samantha , and no one talks to her that way, she was her own person, and leaving here wouldn’t even cause her to blink.

Okay fine, it would make her jobless and maybe without money but at least she would walk out of here with her head help up high

“Fine Miss Samantha, I give it to you, you are not exactly stupid, but be careful, and tread lightly, it’s not everyday you think you can step on the lion’s tale and don’t expect it to bite. That being said, if you don’t have plans for tonight, could you kindly stay back to help with my meeting for tomorrow”

Much Better Mr Bass, Much better

“Fine whatever. I can spare a few hours more, but I intend to get home in due time” she says sitting

They stayed till midnight,

“Todd, take her home, and then come back for me” he says to the driver, then turns to Samantha

‘’We would be leaving by 10am tomorrow morning, we would be taking the second flight out, back before evening, make sure you prepare the files, and bring it along with you’’

Samantha is confused “Wait,where are we going tomorrow, thought the meeting is in your company?”

“Out of state. Drive Todd” he shuts the door

Argghhh!!! He did it again, forcing his will.

How dare he!!

To be Cont.

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