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Margaret followed Red quietly on foot with her midnight black stallion stallion following behind them at a constant pace. The simple minded tired animal seemed glad to be relieved of his pressure to run from the wolves. Margaret on the other hand was still much worried. Red was a stranger. One with years old legends surrounding her. Her small frame cladded in red and sharp yellow eyes stood out in the morning sun. She looked like a goddess of the morning, beautiful and bright. Around her it was as if the things were coming to life and getting better than before. As poetic as it seemed, the girl in front of Margaret had an indefinable magical aura that Margaret had never seen in anyone before, not even Eliana.

The walk was shorter than Margaret expected. Soon enough, by the time the sun was nearly all the way above the horizon, they reached a small red coloured cottage with a sign saying Robin Red. The nearness made Margaret wonder how scared she was that she thought the house was miles away.

“Welcome, to my humble adobe.” Red said with a bright smile. From behind her hands emerged. Margaretlooked above Red’s small frame to see a handsome man hugging the small girl from behind. From his looks Margaret guessed he was in his late teens, a couple of years older than the young girl and around the same age as herself.

“Hush, not in front of the guests.” Red said slowly while smiling and tapping at the man’s arms lightly. The young stranger gave a small laugh with a slight hug and stepped back. Margaret couldn’t help but smile seeing the sweet scene that played out on front of her. When thought of it, a small cottage in the middle of the woods with a loving partner seemed like a very nice idea to Margaret for the time she would like to settle down for good.

“Alright, alright.” The man said and finally took in the fact that someone stood in front of them. “Who is this fine lady?” He continued and looked at Margaret with a keen interest.

“This here is Margaret. She was one of the unlucky ones.” Red spoke in a riddle and opened the door to her house.

“I am so sorry. She doesn’t seem like a bad person. Was anyone hurt?” The man questioned.

“No, I was able to get her friend. It was near daybreak so he wasn’t in danger.” Not in danger? Margaret thought and looked at Red for saying such a ridiculous thing. Then just before Red could take notice she changed her expressions to normal remembering that the curse was not known to all.

“You really are a life saver Red.” The man said amazed by the little girl. Margaret wondered if she had done something amazing.

“Where is my travelling companion?” Margaret asked. Unlike the two she knew that the morning was not a good sign for the prince.

The inside of the house was like any other. A long table and about ten chairs on one side and a few rooms around it. A cream colour was applied on all the walls and a basic flat wall was used, much unlike the prince’s manor. A long tapestry hung on the wall in front of the gate hiding many secrets that were perhaps portrayed in the delicate scene that was stitched beautifully.

“When I touched him I got a glimpse of his condition. You need not worry about him love. He is safe at the moment. I gave him a potion to help him sleep. He should be up in a few minutes.” Glimpse of his condition? Margaret wondered if she saw him for real. Had she seen him wouldn’t she have freaked?

“Do not look so confused. Have you not heard the Legend of the Red?” Red asked and suddenly any doubts Margaret had regarding the legend being untrue was gone. Margaret’s eyes went wide and her heart started to beat faster. Was she in danger? From the looks of it none of the two looked anything dangerous but Margaret had learned long ago that looks can be deceiving.

“I have but..” Margaret started but her words trailed off and she was cut in between by an excited Red.

“I am Robin Red from the legend and this with me here is Loke. I live with seven more people and they must be coming in a bit too.” As though it was a signal the door opened behind the three and seven men, all tall build like Loke, stepped in.

“Welcome Home.” Red wished with a smile.

“Good to be back. ” The men collectively answered.

“We have a visitor? No wonder.” One of the men said massaging his right shoulder and rotating it.

“Hush. Be nice boys.” Red said and started to walk towards them. “Go sit, I will make you something. You too Margaret, you are free to get acquainted with them. ”

“Thank you.” Margaret said and took a seat alongside the eight others.


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