Let’s Play Cupid – Chp 15 Finale

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“What..what do you mean you are Sterile Gerald” Adam chokes out the words, Marybeth can’t believe what she is hearing

“Yes.. I didn’t know at the time. After the incident I wanted to forget, it like a bad dream, like it never happen. To hear her tell me all she had to endure for me… instead of thanking her I lashed at her, blamed her for my misfortune, told her she seduced him, hated her for saving me, giving her body to save me. No matter how many times she cried for forgiveness or begged I didn’t listen. I began to drink, quit my job, spent time outside and I couldn’t wait for her to give birth to my son so I could take him and leave…I thought you were mine Adam..I did. I couldn’t touch her anymore, couldn’t stand her and I resorted to hit her whenever she came close..I just didn’t know how to handle it all.. then the accident , I was drunk and drove that night, and woke up to find her, a girl not more than 15 years old in the car, I was arrested that night. She was raped and was dumped in the car I had passed out in. so they had to do a check up on her, and they thought because I was found with her, I was the one.. so they tested my..sperm and ran tests on me..and that’s when the doctor gives me the news, I was free to go..it didn’t match..

The police wanted to know why.., and he told them it was not my sperm he found in her body, I was sterile. And I have been sterile and would never be able to get a woman pregnant.”

Adam shakes his head “I don’t understand what you are saying..does that mean ..that I am not your son truly?’’

Gerald nods his head ..

Adam’s throat closed , Gerald wasn’t lying.. he truly was a bastard ..A Jackson Onel Bastard, then..that meant…

Gerald was talking , tears following

…”I went home, and falling to my knees I cried , wishing that just maybe God would be merciful, but aside making me go through this..this pain, he had to make me impotent..I was useless as a man, but I would be dead to have another’s man child as mine.. a man like Jackson Onel. But Thelma did’t see reason with me, she..she didn’t want to get rid of it when I told her I couldn’t have children and the only way I could forgive her ..was if she aborted you, because she being pregnant reminded me of things I wanted to forget and being pregnant was a constant shame and disgrace and worthlessness in my face so I wanted her to get rid of you but she didn’t..she refused, saying she couldn’t kill a child and I felt, maybe she loved him, maybe she enjoyed those times with him so…my hate and anger grew..but nothing I did to her made her do it and when you were born, I wanted to rip you off her breast and feed you to the dogs, I left you out in the cold and locked her inside but she broke the glass and covered you up..I didn’t want you, never wanted to accept a seed that wasn’t mine and the pain of realizing that I could never father a child was too much..anytime you looked at me and called me father I wanted to rip your tongue out, I wanted you to die..I would have killed you myself since I couldn’t kill the man who fathered you, but nature was kind to him, he met his end a month later but that wasn’t enough for me..not until you left too.” Gerald cries..

“I know …I know I was wrong but…I could never love you.. accept you. You were never mine, you reminded me so much of my inability of not being a man..and your mother bared the burnt of it all.. but she loved you, she loved you even more than me and I hated it so I lashed out some more …I did. “

Adam closes his eyes..”You were never my father, you always told me that”

Gerald shakes his head “I wasn’t but, you were innocent of it all but I didn’t care I didn’t. I hated you…with a passion…Thelma, started falling sick, depressed, pained, the agony and misery took a toil on her health but I didn’t care…I stayed away from her because of you..because of the stigma and what you reminded me off..’’

“then..that means Damien, Damien isn’t yours too” Adam looks at him

Gerald laughs in his tears “Damien, Damien was my miracle baby, my flesh, my blood..my light ..my all” he cries

“How, you..you are impotent you said, how?”

“it was that couple’s retreat, you remember, we went away for a month. By then, Thelma had reconciled with her family and they had helped us to move outer state and her mother had come, she stayed with you while we left, the church had come and interceded when they found us, fighting. They were counseling, doctors appointments, everything …the world was advancing, technology ..it was a miracle . therapy, drugs, treatments..Artificial insemination..after three weeks of trying, Thelma was pregnant with my own child..my own child. I never thought I would ever hold my own child in my arms and love him until I found out that I was going to be a father, and I had only one chance of that happening…Damien was my miracle baby..he was my boy..my sweet boy” he breaks down remembering him..

“I was happy, I forgot all about it all, we had a second chance at happiness, at love, at a family..a child I could call my own…DAMIEN POPE, my son” he touches himself as tears continuous to fall

Marybeth can’t hold her tears.., Adam is shaking with emotion

“And when he died I blamed you for it because you were the reason for my pain from the beginning and I felt you were sent from hell to continue..what was I supposed to do, to feel. The only chance I had of being a father gone, all in one night..my son, my doctor..died in your company while you were driving. I know Thelma was truamatized and it caused her to become paralyzed due to the shock but I didn’t care as much for her as I suffered in my pain and seeing you alive and well and going about your life was like a twisted knife in me…hating you was real enough, despising you even more was easy…and now I know, now I know I shouldn’t have and I am sorry, so sorry..it wasn’t your fault, it wasn’t your fault when I was arrested, wasn’t your fault when your mother thought it was her right to save me even, even if she was selling her body and I hated her for it but in actual fact I shouldn’t have and I am sorry Thelma …for holding it against you for so long and not loving you or thanking you enough for your sacrifices…for giving me Damien..for your youthful years and …for having a son like Adam who loves you.. I am sorry forgive me Thelma, forgive me..just don’t leave me too, I ..I cant be alone, it would shatter me “ he held onto Thelma’s hands and cries

Adam is speechless “I am so sorry….I am so sorry for taking Damien away Gerald…”

“’it wasn’t your fault, I know that now..I was too blinded by rage and anger to see, for everything, for you, for Thelma and if I had loved her enough she wouldn’t have been here..I did this …I did this, I destroyed my home, her life..I did this” he cries

Adam gets up, walking to the otherside of the bed, for the first time, he understood Gerald’s pain, his anger, his hatred..his reason and his mother’s silence

She never wanted him to know about this.. she didn’t want him to find out that his real father was a Mine Construction Manager who practically forced her, or to let him see himself as a bastard. She had given him all the love and happiness she could, she had also given him Damien..

He reaches out and touches Gerald’s shoulders “Forgive me Adam” Gerald says, calling his name differently..softer.. for the first time in years, “Forgive me, I know I am not your father but if you would forgive me, I would love to be one to you now. I hope you give me a chance to be…SON”

Adam breaks down, grabbing Gerald and pulls him up, Gerald is crying “it was my fault, all of it. And I want to make it up to you. I lost my son, I may lose my wife tonight, and I don’t want to lose another family just because of something that happened years ago..I am tired. I am done…I need you to forgive me Adam, forgive me son..please..lets start all over” Gerald says

Adam is crying “Forgive me Father, forgive me “ they hug, crying

Adam felt like his heart would burst, for years he had waited and longed for Gerald to call him son, to hug him like this and it doesn’t matter what the truth is, it doesn’t, all that matters is that here and now, the only man he knows as Father has hugged him and called him Son..that was all that he needed…he hugs him tighter as Gerald is crying and asking him to forgive him, both of them are…
Marybeth is laughing and crying..

The monitor beeps…beeps again and then a flat straight line is shown..
The doctor and some nurses rush in,

“What’s happening. What’s happening..mother..MOTHER!!!”

Adam reaches for his mother but the Doctor is telling them to take them out

“THELMA!!!’’ Gerald is screaming, the male nurses pull them out, they see as they use the Defibrillator to charge her up, her chest going high and low as they charge her up again, the door closes in their faces

The straight line on the monitor screams louder..and then it stops

“Stop nurse…call it. Call it” the doctor tells Marybeth who can’t stop charging Thelma’s chest,

“No, she can’t die, she can’t die..not yet please “ she pumps her again

“Nurse Stowe..she is gone” The doctor says..he touches her arms, but she hits him off, tears blurring her vision, shaking her head she charges her again and drops it on her chest, Thelma’s chest rises and drops

“No Thelma…no please..she can’t die..not now…Gerald and Adam..she has to see them..see them “ she orders them to increase the voltage, no one moves, she screams “Increase it NOW!!!”

“she is gone Marybeth..nothing can be done”

Shaking her head and crying

“INCREASE IT, “ the doctor nods,

“Charge!!wake up please wake up” she pumps her again.


“Call it Nurse. Stop it, Call it” the doctor stops her .

“Time of death,11:08” she chokes out the words, crying she runs out of the room

Never get attached, she was told, she should have listened


Adam saw her coming out, towards them, crying, understanding immediately he falls to his knees and wails like a wounded animal, Gerald grabs him and they cry together in each other’s arms..

Richard holds onto Meredith, emotion raw..pain and agony…

Marybeth goes to them, on her knees she gathers them into her arms and rocked them..as they cried..

Right before the white cloth went over Thelma’s head, no one sees the shadow of a young man, sitting by the side of the bed..touching her hands, tears in his eyes

“hello mother, I know you miss me, and I miss you too. Hell I miss all of you.. you really need to see what’s going on out there..they need you..more than I do now. Don’t hurry up, I can wait for a bit longer, Adam and papa…they..they” he cleans his eyes…”I love you mum..and tell Adam I told him I was going to remind him of this day..when him and Pa would be crying into each other’s arms and saying I am sorry to each other’’ he laughs “he didn’t believe me. Tell him…it came to past and he lied, he said he didn’t love Pa but mama, did you see..they love each other…everything would be okay now. Tell them I love them..my grumpy papa and my amazing brother, tell him I saw the book..I read it, that picture of me was good, I always look good” he laughs cleaning his eyes  “tell Adam I am proud of him, tell papa…he is the best in the world and tell Adam…I like Marybeth..she is the Angel in your lives now… they have to let me go, its time mama, you all have to let me go..but don’t hurry up mama…I love you” he says ,

The monitor beeps once, twice..three times…and then it continuous as the nurse drops the cloth in shock and runs to call the doctor…

They rush into the room,

“I can’t believe it..its not possible” The doctor exclaims, laughing “She ..she is aliVe, I can feel a pulse, oh my God” he is in shock

A nurse runs out to them

“Come quick..come!!!’’
Gerald, Adam..Marybeth and the rest run into the room..

Laughter in their eyes as tears glistens, throwing themselves over her hands they cried in happiness, reaching out Gerald pulls Marybeth closer, hugging her “Thank you..thank you..” he says, turning back to
Thelma, Adam hugs his father, placing kisses on Thelma’s face

Whatever just happened they couldn’t explain but his mother was alive and that was all that matters


Three months later, Thelma is out of the hospital, back home..better.

But things were different, and for once after a long time…it became a home..not just a cold house that Marybeth had walked into.

The Doctor had told them about a new drug that helped with patients suffering from Paralysis and that soon it would be approved to be used on patients after the test.

It was a 40/60 chance but …there was no harm in trying, if it did, Thelma might regain use of her lower body, and constant therapy, drugs and treatments would cause her to heal permanently from other traumas associated with depression and memory loss .

“I dreamt of Damien” Thelma says one day as Gerald and Adam strolled with her in the garden, she told them her dream, it gets them teary eyed..

“He says he loves us, and that we should let him go. He says, I should tell you Adam that he told you so..and that Gerald, you are the best father in the world..”dont hurry up mama..I love you’’ I felt him as though he was real, but it was a dream.. I love you too Son’’ she whispers

“As do I”

“As do I” the Pope men say, holding hands

“Adam..he likes Marybeth, I like her too” Thelma smiles

Adam turns, she is standing afar off,

Gerald chuckles  “Me too. She is a pain but, It’s safe to say she would give me grey hairs before I get grand-kids”

“Father” Adam laughs

“Oh I want them too, we need little Popes running around”

“Hey, we aren’t even dating yet” Adam smiles, liking their train of thoughts, he didn’t mind it at all..

“Well life is too short son, go get your girl” Gerald nudges him, ” and if it’s not too much trouble, I need a grandson first.And then two pretty girls” he smiles

“Aye Capt” Adam nods to his father and kisses his mother  ” I just have to convince her. You know she has a sharp mouth and quick reflexes”

“You are man enough Son ”

“Thank you Papa”

Going to Marybeth

“So I wanna ask you a question”

“Which is?”

“Why you standing there like a central monument?” he frowns, Marybeth had a sharp retort in her mouth but as she saw him laughing she hits him

“Ha ha ha, very funny” she turns away, Adam had to be Adam, was that how he tells her goodbye, she was leaving , bags packed

“Don’t go Marybeth’’ he says, she turns

“Why, my job is done here. Thelma is fine, grumpy-wolfy Gerald is ..kinda, nice and sweet. Creepy” they laugh” and you aren’t broody and sad, your family is back together, Cupid did a good job here..Nurse leaves”

“Mother needs you”

“She has Gerald now, she has you”

“Gerald needs you”

“He has you and no he doesn’t”

“Well..I need you Marybeth ..please don’t go, stay, with us, with me..’’

“Why… that’s not enough reason. I am no longer needed here” she says, but Adam closes the distance , pulling her to him

“You are, in my life, your scent is already in my head, you are already in my heart and I can’t live without you Marybeth …I love you”


“I love you..marry me, I want to spend my life with you, have children with you…marry me Marybeth, “

“You are …”

“What? Cute, handsome, $3xy, hot..I know”

“Insufferable “ she says

“Is that a yes ?” he pulls her closer

“It’s a I-would-think-about it” She replies

“SHE SAID YES!!!!” Adam screams, cheers are heard

“What I didn’t “ she says hitting him, but he sweeps her off her feet spinning her

“But you will..so yes yes yes” he drops her down “I love you Marybeth “

“I love you too Adam’’ she smiles kissing him deeply, and Gerald and Thelma close in, Meredith carrying the wine and Richard the glasses

“A toast, to family, to love and to new beginnings” Gerald says bending to kiss Thelma, and hugs his son Adam

“To family..to love, to us” Adam and Marybeth kiss.

Everyone hugs, everyone is happy…

A shadow of a man is smiling from afar, that same smile. “Goodbye” he says, then he turns away and fades into Nothingness


“Life is too short so love, no regrets, forgive, live, be happy, pray, soar. REPEAT”


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