Curse of the Full Moon (The Amanze Beast) – FINALE

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Episode 8 – FINALE

At Elekko

Even though the dead lay unnumbered and perhaps innumerable, there seemed to be equal casualties on both the Sabontashi side and the Elekko side. The kings were furious with each other and exchanged harsh words, each threatening war. The soldiers were on edge, swords drawn and ready to turn on the other. But then the kings found an object to transfer their wrath upon, which was the Amanze beast and the kingdom from whence it came: Amanze.

Now unified against one enemy, the two kings came to a resolution. The Sabontashi king commission his first son and Crown Prince of the Sabontashi kingdom to take as many men as could carry a blade and pursue the Beast. His mission was simple. Rescue the bride and kill the Beast.

“He’s already wounded with a poisoned blade,” the king of Elekko said. They were standing in the ruins of the palace, dead bodies scattered all around them and fires ravaging every flammable material. Some guards were trying to bring the fire under control. “This means he will be weak, if he is not already dead.”

The Crown prince, Mohammad, stood belligerent, venal, violent, and said, “I will dispatch the Beast to Hell!”  Then he turned on his heels and gave commands to some men. They marched out of the smoking palace in the direction of the evil forest. There were about a hundred men who went with Mohammad. They all disappeared into the forest and the sound of their marching vanished with them.

“There’s one more thing, your highness,” said the King of Elekko to the King of Sabontashi.

The Sabontashi King nodded and said, “We are going to war with Amazne right this moment. I will send word to my army. Get your army in place. We will amass by the border of Amaze this night and we will pillage the kingdom to the ground.”

They shook hands and parted ways.

At Amanze

By noon, word had spread throughout all the land that war was coming.

The throne room was teaming with all generals, elder statement, and heirs to the throne. The first thing the king did was to declare Emeka a traitor for betraying his kingdom and bringing the wrath of two powerful nations upon their heads.

The Crown Prince rose to his feet and spoke up to his father. “Father, this is not the time to lay blame on our brother. What is done is done. Now we must salvage the situation. We need to prepare for war because like it or not, it has come to us.”

The king said, “Go, Onyebuchi. Command the army to prepare for war. And send word to our allies and tell them to prepare as well.”

Onyebuchi was about to leave with all the generals when his father spoke again and he had to wait.

“Also, send emissaries to Sabontashi and Elekko telling them we have disowned the Amanze Beast and that it acted alone. Also tell them to halt their troops that have begun marching for our borders otherwise we will be forced to bring to bear on them the might of our military power.”

Onyebuchi only nodded and left, all army generals following in tow, leaving the remaining of his children and the elder statesmen.

The king said, “Amarachi.”

Amarachi slithered to her feet—she was the epitome of beauty, grace, and class. “Yes father,” she said, her voice calm and sonorous, in spite of the death that lay over their heads like a dark cloud.

“Take our best men,” he said. “Find Emeka and bring him back here to face justice.”

Amarachi held her tongue for a while as though considering whether to accept her father’s instruction or not.

“Amarachi…” her mother cautioned, drawing the gaze of the tall, slender beauty. She slid her gaze back to her father who was already becoming livid with anger again.

She sighed, rolled her eyes, and said, “Okay, father.” She turned and walked out of the throne room.



Wura’s heart hammered in her chest. It had been close to twenty four hours since the Amanze Beast had attacked the unification ceremony. Emeka had been cut with a weapon tipped with the ancient curse. This meant Emeka had only hours to live. The poison was so strong that even the Beast had succumb to it.

Wura had dragged Emeka’s body through the darkness thronged palace until she came upon a shrine. Wura was shocked when she pulled Emeka into the small clearing. She was surprised because she didn’t expect to see that a legend was true. She was also surprised that she wasn’t terrified when the middle aged woman in the center of the shrine sitting on a small boulder looked up at her. Wura instinctively put her hands across Emeka’s body, which had the effect of drawing the woman’s gaze away from her eyes to Emeka. Recognition came in the lady’s eyes.

Then she looked up at Wura. “Why have you come to my shrine, young girl? What are you doing in the Forbidden Forest?” Then she paused and looked beyond her as though listening for something. “Two parties seek you out. What have you done?”

Wura told her everything; the tears didn’t stop pouring profusely from her eyes as she told her story. Even the woman was moved by Wura’s tale of love and passion.

When Wura had completed her story, she asked, “Can you cure him? Will he live?”

The woman only looked between Emeka’s body which was burning hot and Wura. She said, “I can. And yes, he shall. But there is a price to pay, and he can’t pay it. Hence, the price shall be exerted on you and then when he recovers the remaining shall be exerted off him…”

Wura was so emotionally she didn’t think of what the woman said. She exclaimed, “Please help him. I agree to your terms. Just save his life, I beg of you.”

“The price shall be your first male child plus the Beast in him…”

Wura stopped crying and took her eyes off Emeka and placed her gaze on the woman. It was then she noticed that the woman wasn’t human because she gave off a translucent glow. She was either a god or a high priestess with godly powers.

“That’s too high a price,” Wura said, second thoughts bubbling in her mind.

“It’s either that or he’s dead, Wura,” said the woman. “You really don’t have a choice.”

Wura really didn’t have a choice. She nodded, saying, “I agree.”

The woman looks at her intently. Then she looks at Emeka, waving her hands over his body. Droplets of greenish substance rose out of his pores and coalesced above his body to form a thick green fluid. It remained there for a brief moment before it was incinerated. With that, Emeka breathed a deep, long sigh and fell into a deep sleep. The fever was broken and his heart now beat at a normal healthy pace. He was cured.

“Thank you…”

“And thus shall a new kingdom be born from you union,” the woman said, her eyes glowing white. “When this happens do not become at peace, for you have only taken upon yourself a greater more savage foe and more dangerous demons.”

Wura frowned and was just about to ask her what she meant before she disappeared. The next moment, the area was swamped by Sabontashi and Elekko soldiers and soldiers of Amanze kingdom. The moment they spotted themselves and Wura and Emeka they became locked in a fierce battle.

Wura had already wrapped her body protectively around Emeka. From the posture of the fighters, it seemed like the combined forces of Sabontashi and Elekko wanted to kill Emeka, while the forces from Amanze wanted to protect him. However, the battle was being lost by Amanze. Even the graceful Amarachi was no match for the violent Mohammed. Perhaps, she hadn’t brought enough men and her men were falling to the sword every second.

At the moment when it seemed like all hope was lost, Amarachi threw down her sword and threw herself between Wura and Emeka’s forms next to the boulder of the shrine and the sword of a Sabontashi warrior, who happened to be Mohammed himself.

“Please!” Amarachi screams behind her armor. The voice of a female causes Mohammed to stay his hands. The battle stops momentarily as no one knew what next to do.

“Unveil yourself!” Mohammed commands.

Amarachi pulled off her armor, and her lustrous dark hair flows down to her shoulders unhindered. It may have been dark, but there was no denying the beauty of Amarachi and how it caused every amount of fierceness to vanish from Mohammed’s face.

“Master, should we finish them?” said a gruff voice from one of his soldiers.

Mohammed, without looking away, said, “Stand down, everybody!” then he put down his weapon and went to his knees.

“Princess,” he said in a trembling voice. “I swear the allegiance of myself, my troops, and my entire kingdom to you. I only ask for one thing in return…”

Amarachi was stunned to her bones. She looked at the legendary Mohammed on his knees and wondered if she wasn’t dreaming or something.

“What do you want in return?”

For this, Mohammed looked up and straight into her eyes. “Marry me.”


Amarachi looked at him intently for a full minute. Every living breathing object around was shocked to silence.

Amarachi sighed and shook her head. “Yes. I’ll marry you.”



Some weeks later, Amarachi and Mohammed were unified in the same ceremony as Wuraola and Emeka. The decree for Emeka’s death was reversed when Emeka’s father learnt of Mohammed’s proposal to Amarachi. By the unification of their sons and daughters, the three kings and kingdoms could finally leave their quarrelsome past behind and forge ahead to form a new kingdom. Since two of the heirs were in Amanze, the Unification Ceremony took place in the palace in Amanze. Guests of timber and caliber throughout all the known realm were present, including monarchs of distant countries, allies and former enemies alike came to witness the birth of a new nation through a wedding ceremony.

Ahmed who had recovered was still holding a grudge against Emeka for stealing his bride. However, nobody was listening to him since it hadn’t been his bride to begin with in the first place. Even though the Amanze beast had slain a great multitude of soldiers all was forgotten for the sake of peace and progress.

The chief priest of Amanze performed the ritual for Amarachi and Mohammed who were regally dressed and pronounced them husband and wife. By this pronouncement, Amanze and Sabontashi were now one nation. Next, Wuraola and Emeka was united by the chief priest. The moment they were declared husband and wife, Elekko had joined the two kingdoms in becoming one single and powerful kingdom.

The three kings spoke in turn, declaring peace and swearing allegiance to the dual leadership of their sons and daughters: Mohammed and Amarachi plus Emeka and Wuraola, who would jointly lead and administer the new nation. When asked the nae of this new kingdom, the kings replied in unison: Kingdom of the Niger.

In that moment, Wura remembered the deal she had made with the high priestess in the Forbidden Forest. Her first male child and Emeka’s Beast for Emeka’s life. Then she remembered the prophecy the woman had given. The first part had come to pass with the birth of Kingdom of the Niger. She wondered about the second one: the greater foe, and the demons… Wura felt a familiar presence and looked up. All the way through the festive crowd wura saw in the back the high priestess looking at her. There was no smile on her face, only one of total pity. She shook her head and disappeared in a wisp of smoke.


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