The Nivenger (Retribution) – Finale

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My name is Alex Rolland. When I was a toddler, I watched my parents get murdered by a man in a hood. I was then kidnapped and smuggled to the USSR, where I was made into someone else … into something else. Now I am back to Nigeria to avenge all those who have suffered, like me, at the hands of cruel, corrupt politicians. I am … The Nivenger!


Episode Finale


Alex Rolland was besieged with a host of thoughts on seeing his parents alive standing in the room. First was, this must be a hologram. Alex had watched his parents die. He had watched as the man in the Hood killed them. They couldn’t be alive.

Alex took his eyes of his parents and shut them. When he opened his eyes again, his parents were still there, smiling at him. They hadn’t spoken since he had entered. There was so much tension in the room, Alex felt he would choke on his emotions. His heart bled, warmed. Tears blurred his vision first, before they dripped down his cheek in generous amounts. Alex’s nostrils were already moist, so he sniffled and wiped the tears off his eyes. He looked around the room, looking for signs of foul play. Maybe there was a vent through which some sort of hallucination gas was being released into the room. Maybe this was a holographic projection—the latest in holographic technologies that made it seem real.

The room was as mundane and clinical as the one Alex had lodged in for the past two weeks.

“Honey, we are glad to see you,” whispered Alex’s mother. She left her husband’s side and came around the couch to stand before Alex. She was as beautiful as he remembered, though she had aged a little. There were weary lines underneath her eyes, and her hands looked battered and hardened. She wore an expensive red blouse over jeans and what looked like cowboy boots. Dad, on the other hand, wore a three piece suit, which looked fresh out from the tailor. Unlike mom, he wasn’t bristling with emotions. He had a steady gaze and an impressed expression on his face—like he believed that Alex had turned out fine in spite of the tragedy of their deaths … supposed death.

Alex’s eyes focused on his mother right in front of him. “You can’t be here. I watched you die.”

Alex’s mom took an unplanned, emotion propelled step forward, reaching with her hands to caress his cheek. But Alex flinched back, not sure what was happening. This caused his mom to retreat, stung with pain. Alex saw this pain fully expressed on her face and regretted.

Alex’s mom shook her head in regret. “I’m sorry you had to watch us die, honey. It wasn’t safe for us at that time in Nigeria.”

“So, you faked your own deaths?” asked Alex.

This time it was his dad that spoke, as he walked around to stand by his wife. “It was necessary. We were no longer safe. You were no longer safe. We had to get out of the city.”

“You abandoned me!” Alex screamed, his heart exploding with the heat of pain and remembrance. Like a dormant volcano suddenly gone active, memories and nasty emotions of his past poured into his mind and into his heart, threatening to shut him down. Alex was besieged with a multiplicity of emotions that he feared he would lose his mind, break down and begin to weep on the cold hard floor.

“No, no, baby, we didn’t,” Alex’s mom replied, distraught. Alex could see his mom’s fears coming to pass, for her face was fraught with terror. That her son would never accept her back after what she had done. “We had to give you your best chance at survival,” she said, trying desperately to gain control of her voice and failing as despair flooded her words.

Alex had gotten past the fact that his parents were alive and well. But he couldn’t get past the fact that they had subjected him to a life of slavery to the Institute. They had saved their lives by condemning his. He felt betrayed. He felt deeply wronged. How could they? Was it something he had done? Was it something he had said when he was but a toddler?

“We don’t have time,” dad whispered to mom. “We need to leave.”

Alex looked between mom and dad, and then realization set in. “You aren’t here to take me with you? Then why are you here? Why did you come?”

Mom pulled out a thumb drive from her purse and handed it to Alex. Alex took the drive, never taking his eyes off his parents.

“We came to give you that,” said mom. “The content of that device can change everything, Alex. If it falls into the wrong hands …” Her voice trailed off.

“Then we are all doomed,” dad said with a finality in his tone.

Alex frowned. “Then why give me?”

“We are on the run, Alex,” mom said. “It is no longer safe with us. And we don’t trust anybody except you.”

Dad took mom by the hand and they began to move towards the door. They walked past Alex, and Alex knew he should do something or say something to them. They were leaving him again and he knew he might never see them again. But as they passed, he stood paralyzed with fear. It was happening all over again. They were leaving him all over again.

At the door, he asked them, “How did you know to find me here?”

Dad said, “Because we put you here, Alex. And we have watched over you since that night. Never forget this. You may think us evil for what we put you through, but with time you will come to know that all we did, all we are doing, and all that will happen and be revealed in the coming days and months, we did for you, Alex Rolland.” And then they were gone.

The moment the door was shut behind them, Alex let go of his restraints. And the tears flowed unhindered down his eyes.



Alex sat in a semi busy club in Ikoyi. It was a hot, late Monday evening and the bar was teaming with people. They were the sort of people you would see in an upscale environment like Ikoyi: rich business tycoons, bank managers, celebrities, and so on. Alex sat on his own at the end of the bar, nursing a glass of expensive wine. In his hand was the thumb drive his mom had handed him that day in the Russian government run holding facility. He remembered that day as the day his life had actually changed. The things he did for the Russian government … the things they made him do… the things that he saw in the thumb drive…

Alex sighed, feeling a weight pull down his heart into a pit of acrimony and hurt. He took another sip of his drink and did a casual scan of the bar. He was supposed to be meeting Ola here. Ever since the time she had helped him get to the airport using her father’s car, he hadn’t met up with her. The first thing he had done after the president had given him the name of his contact with the Cabal and telling him how to find the Liberian was to call Ola and apologize for not reaching out since the time he had shown up in her father’s house. Ola understood, since she had followed his progress from the TV news. Interestingly, she had moved out of her father’s house and back into hers in Ikoyi. So they had agreed to meet up here. Alex had come in early so he could get a lay of the land, entry points, exit points, that sort of thing. It wasn’t what a normal guy would do when going out on a date—it was just habit for Alex. Alex had been fighting all his life he didn’t really know what it was like to relax and be at ease.

Lexie was right now in their hideout at the airport, figuring out where Mr. Bode would be in the next thirty days. The man was a ghost. Even for Lexie, he was difficult to track down. But Lexie had dedicated his entire time to finding a way to get to the man, and Alex was sure the genius would have a breakthrough any time.

Alex’s phone rang. He pulled out the phone and saw that it was a foreign number. He took a closer look at the number, and a chill settled on his spine. He knew who was calling.

Alex answered the phone, but refrained from saying anything. The person on the other side of the phone was silent too. All they heard was each other’s breathing. Even without speaking, powerful emotions of love flooded Alex’s mind in so much that his affection for Ola receded to the background.

“Alex,” said the sweet soft voice.

“Masha…” Alex’s heart began to hammer in his chest. His tongue dried out, his palms becoming sweaty. “Masha, I’m—”

“I’m calling to warn you, Alex,” Masha cut him off. “They are already in Nigeria, according to Russian intelligence. Scylla and Charybdis…”

And with that, Alex, The Nivenger, felt terror strike at his heart with the savagery of a feline predator. It wasn’t what she had said; it was the tone with which she had said it. Masha was scared. Alex had known Masha for so long to know that if she was this scared, then Alex was entering waters that he would definitely drown in. For this, he was terrified.

“If they come after me, I’ll kill them,” Alex said. Even Alex wasn’t convinced by his proclamation.

“Alex, do you know who they are?” Masha said. She didn’t wait for him to reply. She said, “The twins were former students of the Institute at a time when the Institute’s methods were harsher and more brutal. They are better trained than you ever were and there’s two of them. It’s a fight you cannot win and don’t mistake me: they will kill you…”

Alex tightened his hands. It was all he could do from screaming in despair.

“Come home, Alex…” said Masha. “Come home to your wife, Alex. Come home to me. We can keep you safe. Russia belongs to you Alex. Come, let us help you.”

Alex was quiet for a while. He struggled with himself. Tears stung his eyes even as he shut them tight. Masha’s entreaty was so powerful in his mind it felt like an aphrodisiac. But he couldn’t leave Nigeria. He had to avenge his parents. He had to fulfill his promise to his parents which they both made him give with their dying breath. Only then could he return to Masha, if she would still accept him. He remembered how they had parted ways—how it had torn his heart into two, how it had set him on this part of cruelty and compassionless slaughter. She was his salvation. She was his redemption. But he didn’t need redemption yet; not until the Cabal was dismantled and his parents’ death atoned for with blood.

Alex whispered, “I’ve never stopped loving you, Masha…”

Masha replied with a broken voice: “Don’t do this, Alex. Don’t… Not again…”

“I’m sorry, love,” Alex said and ended the call. Then he switched it off entirely and this broke his heart.

At that moment, two figures entered into the bar. One was a tall male, while the other was a stunning female. Two things were striking about them. One was, they were Caucasians. The other was, they had a remarkable resemblance that only meant they were related by blood—twins, probably. Alex didn’t see them until they were halfway towards him, making their way through the many people on the dance floor. They were searching for someone in particular.

Alex turned to scan the bar as he usually did every ten minutes. It was during this routine scan that his eyes fell on these two figures, and incidentally this was what called their attention to him. As they saw Alex, their eyes filled with recognition then steeled with determination. Alex, on the other hand, recognized them not as Scylla and Charybdis, but as monsters he had faced in the past—an encounter that had left him so brutalized that it had taken him months to recover from.

The moment he realized that who people called Scylla and Charybdis were one of the greatest foes he had faced in the past, incomprehensible dread fell upon him. Masha was right—he was out of his depth. Alex shot to his feet, and at that same moment, the two of them pulled out assault rifles. Someone screamed, but Alex wasn’t looking. He dived for the floor and shot towards the nearest exit, bullets spraying all around him and dead bodies lining his path. Chaos ensued. Alex made it safely to the exit. But Alex knew that he was anything but safe, because the monsters the Cabal had set on his tail would follow him to the ends of the earth until he was dead at their feet.



The Nivenger will return…

Beware, O ye corrupt leaders, for the Nivenger is coming for you!

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