The Nivenger (Retribution) – Episode 10

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My name is Alex Rolland. When I was a toddler, I watched my parents get murdered by a man in a hood. I was then kidnapped and smuggled to the USSR, where I was made into someone else … into something else. Now I am back to Nigeria to avenge all those who have suffered, like me, at the hands of cruel, corrupt politicians. I am … The Nivenger!


Episode 10


The night was absolutely dark and silent. It had rained earlier in the day, so the ground was wet and the air clammy and cool. Alex Rolland and Lexie Whitehall walked down a busy street in Gwagwalada, Abuja. They had flown in two days ago to secure the area and set up an exit plan in case the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, whom they were here to meet, decided to capture them and present them to the Nigerian people as a sign of his renewed commitment to good governance since the return of democratic power.

Four weeks. It has been four weeks since The Nivenger had killed the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) and his five Generals and returned the sitting president to power. Even though the president had thanked him for this, the president had also gone ahead to call him out for his circumventing of the law. Nevertheless, this lampooning had done nothing to dampen the people’s approval for The Nivenger. Instead, they now looked to him as a savior of some sort; the perfect example of justice; the one who would bring to an end the fantastical nature of corruption in Nigeria. And in the last four weeks, the entire populace of Nigeria, irrespective of age, cadre, political and $3xual orientation, religious belief, skin color, and ethnicity, had rallied around the Nivenger’s crusade, voicing openly their support for the Nivenger. In the streets, in churches and mosques, in the open market and in government and private buildings, you could hear being whispered the Nivenger’s mantra: beware, O ye corrupt, for the Nivenger is coming for you…

 Even though spirits were high in the country, the same was not so for Lexie and Alex. Not until two nights ago, when the president had sent word that he was ready to meet with Alex, as per their agreement. Why it had taken him four weeks to fulfill his end of their bargain had eluded both men. Was he trying to lay down a trap? If there was something both men knew about politicians, it was that they were master strategists. In Abuja, no one was to be trusted. Everyone sort their own, some by just means, others by unjust means. After both men had satisfied their concerns, combing the entire vicinity of their meet with the president for signs of foul play, they could now relax and take a stroll.

The president had sent word to him through a courier, who delivered a letter to Alex’s old address. The letter contained a few scribbled lines which read: Front gate of University of Abuja Main Campus. 8PM. Look for the white Lexus. And then there was today’s date and signature.

“Do you think he’d show?” asked Lexie.

Alex declined to answer; he was so engrossed in his thoughts he only gave a shrug. Lexie wore a blue jeans and polo shirt with a jacket over it. His glasses hung loose on the bridge of his nose, and he walked alongside Alex with his hands tucked in his jeans’ pockets. Alex, on the other hand, wore a body hugging T shirt and a plain pencil pants. He had one hand in his pocket and walked with a confident bounce, his eyes automatically scanning every moving person on the street for threat. He had tried to stop it, knowing that no harm could come to him in this student environment. Nevertheless, he found himself reverting to his natural state of carrying out a threat analysis on everybody walking on the street.

By the time it was 7:55PM, they came to the front gate of the University of Abuja Main Campus. In spite of the cold night, the place was alive with traders, students, lecturers, and residents of the area. The street was lined on both sides with sellers of clothes, food, confectioneries, stationeries, appliances—pretty much everything a student would need to survive in the school.

Alex and Lexie found a spot by the main gates and stood, waiting. They remained silent, drinking in the semi normalcy—shrieking traders, giggling girls, raucous guys, soft talking couples, pacing up and down the street, and the occasional sound of car engine. Alex remembered his time in an institution of higher learning. It was nothing as rowdy and unorganized as this. Notwithstanding, he found the dim soothing and relaxing. Alex, for this first time since he had stepped out this night, closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. His consciousness began to drift…

Lexie poked him by the side, bringing him back to attention. Lexie pointed to a white Lexus sedan that was pulling into the street. It was a single car with normal license plates. It looked like a 2006 model. Aside from the fully tinted windows, there was nothing about the vehicle that screamed power and authority—not to talk of one as high as the President of the FRN.

“Could it be him?” asked Lexie with incredulity. “Not even a chase car?”

Alex said, “We shall find out.” And stepped out into the road, so the driver of the car would spot him as he drove by the main gate.

To Lexie’s surprise, the white Lexus came to a stop by Alex and the back passenger door opened. Alex looked through. Sitting on the other side was the president. He wore a baseball cap and a grey sweatshirt over blue pants. He had a smile on his face and gestured for Alex to come in. When Lexie stepped forward, the president noticed him and pointed at the front passenger’s seat, directing Lexie to sit there.

Lexie remained at Alex’s side, not willing to make a move until Alex moved first.

“Where’s the convoy?” asked Alex.

The president said, “Would it have made you feel better if I had brought them? Perhaps, this meeting never happened. I can’t be found fraternizing with a murderer.”

Alex cocked an eyebrow first, before he shrugged. “Fair point.” Then he entered the vehicle and shut the door. The car didn’t begin to move until Lexie was seated in the front seat. The car was mildly cooler than outside and the president didn’t seem to mind.

Alex glanced at the driver through the rearview mirror. The driver kept his eyes on the road as he slowly continued down the street. Alex tried to get his attention by keeping his gaze on him steady. To no avail; this confirmed that the man was military trained. The president had brought back up after all…

“He’s a Major in the Nigerian Army,” commented the president in a light tone. “The best in his class. He’s part of a special elite corp that we are developing that is very similar to the United States’ Marines Black Ops division.”

“You think he can save you from me in case I decide to attack you?” asked Alex

At that, the driver snickered. On his face appeared a sneer. Alex felt challenged.

“You can’t blame me, Alex Rolland,” replied the president. “You are a killer and a fugitive from justice.”

“One that saved this country from certain destruction…”

“Well, not yet,” said the president. “The Cabal has been silent since I declared Martial Law according to their prescription. I can only think of one thing.”

“The calm before the storm?”

The president nodded. “Indeed.”

“Look, Mr. President, not that I don’t enjoy your company, but we did make a deal. I killed the five generals for two things. A name and how to find the Liberian.”

The president was quiet for a while, looking out the window. Then he said, “Mr. Bode Shobowale. He’s my direct link to the Cabal. He’s not an elder himself. But he knows an elder in the Cabal. Find him and you find your way into the Cabal.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” exclaimed Lexie.

This startled Alex. He glanced at Lexie, who had remained silent until now, and saw that he had some sort of tablet device out and was looking down at the screen.

“What is it, Lexie?” asked Alex.

Lexie looked from him to the president and back at Alex. “Mr. Bode Shobowale is the President and CEO of Matrix Inc., one of the largest private military contractors in Africa. He’s a shady business dealer and is involved in both legitimate and illegitimate operations, ranging from guns, drugs, information, and women trafficking to providing small armies for the highest bidders, including terrorists. He has his hands into military hardware, supplying nations like Nigeria, South Africa, and Congo, and Cyber Warfare and Cyber Crime. The CIA and SAS have been trying to take the guy down for years and have not been successful. He has ties to AL-Qaeda, Boko Haram, and ISIS. He’s fucking untouchable.”

The silence following was unpredictably tense. Alex’s anger was already steaming. He glared at the president. “What are you playing at?”

The president said, “The Cabal is not stupid, Alex. Do you think they would have an ordinary man as their link to me? They know this man is incredibly powerful and that I can’t touch him. No one can touch him.”

“No one but The Nivenger,” Lexie added.

It was the president’s turn to sneer aloud. “You have done some impressive things in the last six months, Alex. I’ll give you that. You may be able to do some of the damndest things, yes. But taking down Mr. Bode, that’s impossible. The Cabal, once more, is beyond your grasp.”

“Did you only come here to mock me?” Alex said, his voice rising a tad higher. “Is that why you came?”

The car came to a stop. Alex looked around. They were at a deserted cross road that was illuminated by golden lights from streetlamps.

“This is your stop,” said the Major cum presidential driver.

Alex looked back at the president. “The Liberian?”

“I don’t know who he is,” said the president. “No one does. All I know is that when he’s revealed he will be revealed in the Great Ibom Library in Akwa Ibom.”

Alex opened the door and stepped out. Lexie did the same and shut the door. Alex was about to shut his, when the president said, “Zoko Ayuini Maliha.”

Alex paused. “What does it mean?”

“For when you meet him. Good luck, Mr. Rolland. You’ll need it.”

Alex shut the door and the white Lexus sped down the road, turned a bend, and was gone. Alex was still looking down the empty road, when he said to Lexie, “How far are we from the airport.”

“Far,” replied Lexie. “I’m calling us an Uber.”


The Nivenger will return in the next update.

Beware, O ye corrupt leaders, for the Nivenger is coming for you!

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