Curse of the Full Moon (The Amanze Beast) – Episode 6

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Episode 6

A tap on the shoulder woke up Emeka. Emeka grumbled a little, tousling on the bare floor before he came to full consciousness. Standing over him was Onyebuchi, his face twisted in anger. Emeka’s first urge was to apologize to his brother; he just couldn’t bring himself to say the words.

“We are being summoned for a meeting,” the prince said. “The spy has returned with news.”

Emake nodded and rose to his feet. “I’ll be there shortly.”

Onyebuchi looked on him with a look of pity for a moment. He shook his head and walked away. Emeka changed into his regal robes and found his way to the throne room. This time it was just all of his siblings and the generals that were present. The elder statesmen and ancillary staff were not.

The moment he walked in, his father eyed him. Mother flashed him a surly gaze, and everyone was solemn. This told Emeka many things, one of which was he was going to have a conversation with his family that he wasn’t going to like after the meeting.

The throne room was huge and adorned with all the splendor of a kingly realm. Fine silk draped the walls. Diamond studded thrones lined the dais, one for each of the king’s children, with the king and queen’s thrones taking up the middle of the dais. At the center of the throne room was the spy, a middle aged man who was dressed like a peasant. Apparently, he’d had to dress like a peasant to gain access to the kind of information that he needed.

After he was granted permission to speak, the spy began to narrate his ordeals and the information he was able to obtain. He informed them that there was indeed an alliance brewing between the kingdoms of Elekko and Sabontashi, and that this alliance would be sealed by the next full moon, which is about seven days hence, with the union of the two blood lines. Three days after that the united kingdom would launch an offensive against Amanze, and they had calculated that the numbers of their combined force would be so great that even the Amanze Beast will be rendered powerless to stop them.

After the spy spouted out all the information he had, there was a defining silence.

“So, what do we do?” asked the King.

One of the generals answered and said, “We attack right now. We stop the unification ceremony or attack one of the nations. If we attacked and went to a full out war the king would be so busy fighting he wouldn’t have time for a wedding.”

Another general supported saying, “And while we are at it, we can spread false rumors about the other kingdom secretly helping us. That way we can prevent the kings from going ahead with the wedding in spite of our onslaught.”

The king said, “What are our chances of success?”

The first general said, “About seventy percent that we stop the alliance. The only problem is the tentative peace we have had for the past two years would come to a violent end as we plunge the entire region back into war.”

“Any other suggestions?”

Onyebuchi said, “War isn’t always the best option. I think we need to forget about the alliance and create one for ourselves.”

This got the king’s attention. He said, “Go on.”

“If we form an alliance with all the lesser kingdoms in the region, we can become so strong that the alliance between Elekko and Sabontashi becomes irrelevant.”

One of the remaining three generals who hadn’t spoken said, “I think this is a better plan, your highness’s. It prevents us from going to war again. It also preserves the peace and will mark a time of growth and prosperity for us. Perhaps, it’s possible, my Lord. You have many children who can be used to forge a strong alliance.”

The king nodded thoughtfully. “Indeed, I do. Any other suggestions?”

Emeka wanted to suggest they go to war and stop the wedding. But he was already in so much trouble, he didn’t want to draw attention to himself.

“Then by my order we shall proceed with my son’s suggestion,” said the king. “Onyebuchi, I want you to personally plan the different envoys, and we need to act fast.”

Onyebuchi said, “Yes, my Lord.”

The king said, “This meeting is over. I want time alone with my family.”

Emeka swallowed hard, watching with dismay as the generals filed out. The moment the double doors of the throne room was shut tight, the argument started. Father was quiet all the time, watching Emeka in silence as his mother and all his siblings cited reasons why he shouldn’t interfere with Wura’s planned wedding. But Emeka rebuffed them fiercely. They pointed out that it was against the law of their lands for him to even be in a relationship with the daughter of the enemy, and that father in his mercy had chosen to spare him. However, when it became obvious that Emeka wouldn’t be convinced by the voice of reason, his father spoke.

The king said, “Emeka, I forbid you to intervene in anyway with the Wura situation. If you do so, then consider your rights to this throne and to life forfeit.” And then he stormed out of the throne room.


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