Curse of the Full Moon (The Amanze Beast) – Episode 5

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Episode 5

“…and there is nothing you can do or say to change my mind,” Wura said.

Emeka was shocked. He remained rooted to the ground, looking at the girl he would die for. He wondered where it had all gone wrong. How would he start? What could he say? Lekan had said there was still hope as long as she hadn’t tied the knot with some other guy. But with the finality with which she spoke, Emeka couldn’t see the hope. Instead, he was getting enraged. Who did she think she was? To spurn him the way she was doing? He had been the best man he could be for her. He had groveled at her feet. He had sworn to leave all his power and wealth and influence behind for a life of peasantry as long as she was at his side. And this was how she decided to treat him?

Emeka couldn’t help feeling like a used and dumped product, and this caused anger to steam in his belly. With the anger was the gut wrenching and sickening feeling of transformation. Emeka shut his eyes tight and fought for control over his body. Anger was a very combustible material when it came to the curse, especially in the night when the moon was shining down on the earth. If Emeka wasn’t careful and his anger took over, no army in the world would be able to stop him from slaughtering the ladies and Wura like pigs.

Emeka opened his eyes and saw Wura looking back at him. This time the look in her eyes was different. This time the certainty in her posture and eyes were gone. All Emeka was seeing was uncertainty. All he was seeing was his woman who was trapped by duty. It wasn’t her fault. She hadn’t chosen to be with someone else. It was an alliance brokered by her kingdom and Sabontashi.

Emeka became sick with himself for blaming her, albeit slightly, for their present misfortune. He had to be strong for her. He had to convince her to choose passion over the duty. Emeka knew it was a tough decision, and he knew it was one he would have struggled with. Wura didn’t need a judgmental partner now. She needed Emeka to help her make the right decision. If she was going to betray her kingdom over love, she needed Emeka now more than ever.

Emeka took several steps forward until the distance between them was no more. Then he took both her hands and held it. It was nothing too invasive—he wasn’t trying to lay with her. It was a friendly gesture; a show of love. Sometimes, words weren’t enough, Emeka had come to understand. Sometimes a touch going along with words would do the trick.

“Do you remember the first time we met?” Emeka asked.

Wura thought about it for a while, then smiled. “You were injured on the battle field during the border skirmish and I had to tend to your wounds.”

Emeka smiled too. “Even when you owed me no allegiance. Even when there were several skilled healers to do the job, you did it yourself. You didn’t take me prisoner. You set me free. Can you remember why?”

Wura held her breath for a second, her eyes searching Emeka’s. She exhaled a little while later. “Because I felt there was something unusual about you … and something intense between us.”

“Yes, Wura,” Emeka replied. “It’s because we are soul mates, Wura. We were meant to be together, which was why it took a border skirmish to get you off your throne in Elekko and me off mine in Amanze, only for us to meet on the battle field.”

Wura let off a short laugh. “I fell in love with you the moment I saw you. I never thought that was possible.”

“And I with you, Wura,” Emeka replied. “Don’t you see? Because we were meant to be. The universe has prophesied it. Our union would be the uniting power needed to heal our land.”

Wura didn’t reply.

“This is why we have to stick together,” Emeka continued. “This is why you have to refuse the marriage with that Sabontashi prince. Please, Wura, come back to me.”

Emeka could see the uncertainty widening in her heart. He stepped closer and held her hips. “Wura…”

Wura pushed his away. “Leave me, Emeka! I can’t, you don’t understand…” Her voice was riddled with gut wrenching fear and anger.

At that moment, one of the girls ran into the clearing and said, “Sabontashi reinforcements. They’re here.” Before she said anymore, horses galloped into the clearing. They poured in by the tens, led by Wura’s betrothed, the Sabontashi prince.

Wura grabbed Emeka’s arm and said, “Run!”

Emeka turned on his heels and ran in the opposite direction. Arrows whizzed by him as he zigzagged, throwing the archers’ aims off. Closer to the edge of the forest, Emeka let go of his restraints. By the time he was in the forest, he had transformed into the Amanze Beast. He fell to all fours and bounded in the direction of Amanze.

A journey that should have taken three days, the Amanze Beast completed in one night. This time Emeka’s mind was in control so he knew to remain in the shadows the moment he entered the kingdom. He found his way into the palace and into his room. Filled with hurt, hate, and confusion, the Amaze Beast lay on the bare floor of Emeka’s room and fell into a deep sleep. Two minutes after the Beast had slept, it transformed back into human form.


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