The Nivenger (Retribution) – Episode 6

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My name is Alex Rolland. When I was a toddler, I watched my parents get murdered by a man in a hood. I was then kidnapped and smuggled to the USSR, where I was made into someone else … into something else. Now I am back to Nigeria to avenge all those who have suffered, like me, at the hands of cruel, corrupt politicians. I am … The Nivenger!


The sun was just coming up when the Nivenger entered the small barn on the country side just outside of Abuja. The jet was smack in the middle of the massive farm. Aside from the barn, there was no other structure in sight for as far as the eyes could see in every direction, just plain, level farmland.

The small barn was really a hollow shed made of wood with several splintered portions through which the diffused sunlight of dawn filtered. Lexie had already set up a makeshift operations center with a small desk and two computers connected to a series of gadgets and one big tube like equipment that had a long antenna. Next to his computer set up was a large bed, a table, and a suitcase packed with food and water, all of which he unloaded from the jet.

Lexie stood up from his desk the moment the Nivenger came. Alex pulled his hood, removed his mask, and plopped on the bed, exhausted.

“You can’t,” was the first thing Lexie said.

Alex had mildly expected Lexie to disagree with his plans. Nevertheless, hearing the young man voice his disagreement made Alex question himself, which was something he rarely did.

“It’s not up for discussion, Lexie,” Alex grunted, unhooking his quiver and blades. He laid them on the bed and got to removing his utility belt, blades and all.

“But it should be,” Lexie replied. “For crying out loud, we are talking about the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, not some deadbeat senator!” Lexie was now standing before him, livid with fear and anger.

Alex ignored the man and pulled his vest, then his gauntlets, then his gloves, laying them individually on his bed.

“Lexie, he has failed this country,” Alex said and started removing his boots.

“Jesus!” Lexie exclaimed. “So what, you’re just going to assassinate the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria?”

Alex was getting angry. Frowning was all he was doing to keep from exploding on his partner of barely a month.

“It matters not to me what position the man holds,” Alex said. “If he is guilty, he will die by my hands.”

Lexie fell to his knees so he was looking directly in Alex’s eyes, then he said in a whisper. “You do this and not only will the Nigerian people hate you, but all those who know you, who worship you, who look to you as their savior, will see you as a loose cannon. You may be enjoying the people’s support now. But kill their president and you kill yourself.”

Lexie stood to his feet and stalked out of the barn.

Alex was still fuming when he removed the last of the Nivenger’s outfit. He grabbed a pants and T shirt that Lexie had picked out for him and wore them. Then he feasted on the packaged food in the suitcase, taking gulps of water until he was satisfied. After this he lay back on the bed and soon he fell asleep beside his gear.

Alex didn’t wake up until sundown. He awoke to Lexie’s whispering. Alex sat up and saw Lexie speaking in hushed tones to what looked like a teenager. When they were done, the teenager looked in Alex’s direction, causing Lexie to look into the barn. The light was already gone from the atmosphere, so Alex couldn’t make out the looks on their faces.

Lexie gave a final instruction to the teenager and the boy ran off into the darkening field. Lexie approached Alex. He had in his hands a nylon bag, and before Lexie got to him, Alex perceived the aroma of suya. Immediately, he become overly conscious of how hungry he was.

Lexie said, “His name is Musa. His family owns this abandoned shed. They don’t know we have a jet parked here. Only the son does, and so far he has kept it to himself for a small fee. I sent him to buy us suya, and also the watch the main roads leading here from the city.”

Alex nodded his approval. “In case the tanks come rolling in…”

Lexie smiled. “We’d be out of here before they even get to the gates.”

In silence they ate their suya.

Lexie broke the silence. “Look, Alex, I’m sorry if I overreacted earlier…”

“Don’t even say it, Lexie,” Alex cut in. “I was out of line. I think I let my anger at Mr. Lawal’s revelation cloud my judgment. I’ve been so retributive that I didn’t even want to think of the ramifications of my actions.”

Lexie said, “That’s not to say we wouldn’t kill him if he’s corrupt.”

Alex nodded. “We’d just be more discrete about it.”

And thus, the two of them were agreed.

Lexie shot to his feet and walked out of the barn. When he walked in he handed a tuxedo over to Alex.

Alex frowned. “What’s this for?”

“The president is hosting a small delegation of foreign dignitaries in a private residence somewhere in Abuja. I hacked the presidency and got you invited. The party begins in an hour. You’ll have to be there on time otherwise your IV will be void.” And then Lexie handed him the IV.

Alex had learned not to argue with Lexie when it came to operational decisions. The guy was just so damn good. Alex changed into the tuxedo. Lexie led him outside to the private jet. Just beside it was a 2017 Peugeot 305 sedan. It was painted a shiny green, and branded conspicuously on the bonnet was an N.

Alex almost laughed. “You couldn’t have made it any more obvious?”

Lexie threw him the keys, saying, “N can mean anything, Alex. Your mission is simple. Find the president. Get him alone and make him sing like a fucking canary.”

Alex gave the man a thumbs up and got into the vehicle.

“Hold on!” Lexie said and dashed up the ladder into the jet. Alex started the car and revived the engine while he waited for Lexie.

Lexie returned with a slick looking cane. He opened the back door and placed it on the backseat.

“I don’t need a walking stick, Lexie,” Alex said.

Lexie sniggered at that. “No one knows that. Anyways, it would give you a reason to carry a weapon.”

“Weapon?” asked Alex, taking a look at the innocent looking walking cane in the backseat through his rear-view mirror.

“There’s a button underneath the handle. Press it, and the casing falls off to reveal a long blade. It’s not your beloved bow and arrows, but it’s enough to avenge this country.”

Alex drove off a minute later. With the help of Lexie, who had hacked into police and army and had their deployment schedule per time, Alex was able to avoid all major police and military roadblocks. He arrived at a small private residence in an elitist estate with only a few minutes to spare. It was a one story antique building that reeked of power, grace, and style. There was a small discrete armed presence around the building, but no one stopped him not even when he drove through the main gates, up the driveway to the single building. He alighted from his vehicle with his cane at the entrance bay, where a valet drove his car away. After presenting his IV to the man at the door, he was allowed entrance into the grand house.

There were foreign dignitaries everywhere. He could see the French, Saudis, and even some powerful politicians from other African nations. Alex, not wanting to waste time and understanding that the more he spent wandering the small house the greater the chances that he would be caught, went straight to looking for the president.

About ten minutes later, Alex decided to ask a waitress. He flagged one down and took a drink. Then he said as though it was an afterthought. “Say, I’ve not seen the president all day. Where might he be?”

The waitress smiled and said in a cheerful voice. “He’s in a special room upstairs preparing his speech. If you ask me, I think he might be making a confession or something. At least this is what the other waiters say.” The lady excused herself and walked her way.

Alex made a beeline for the stairs and began to climb up. The chatter of the politicians died away as he came to a small, silent hallway that ended in a big red door. Standing before the door was a soldier, his eyes occluded by the darkest shades ever. Alex took in a deep breath and marched for the door like he owned the place.

While he was still come paces away, the soldier raised his hand in a “STOP” gesture. “Stop right there, sir,” the man said in a steely voice.

Alex kept on walking, though he began to say, “Sorry, I’m looking for the bathroom. I think I took…”

“Sorry, sir,” the soldier cut in, “The bathroom is the other way…”

Alex Rolland grabbed the man by the hand and jerked him forward. The man was as weightless as a paper and came forward at a startling speed. Alex had already raised his right knee, which connected with the soldier’s abdomen. Alex actually felt the man’s bowel lurch at the force of impact, even as the man was knocked unconscious instantly. The soldier collapsed to the ground, spraying blood and tissue all over himself.

Alex took in a deep breath, looking at the limp form on the ground and resisting the urge to break the soldier’s neck. Then he opened the door and walked into a dark room.

The only light coming into the room was from outside. The curtains were parted and light came in through huge windows, light from a lamppost. There was a desk and a chair by the window, and a man stood backing Alex, looking out the window at the compound and the still arriving guests.

The President was conscious of Alex’s presence, but he was yet to acknowledge it.

“I am…” Alex began.

“The Nivenger?” The President cut in without looking back. He spotted what looked like a grey suit and his hands were folded behind his back. He seemed unruffled.

Alex pressed the button underneath the handle of his cane and a sharp sound resounded in the room, much like when a sword is shoved out of a scabbard. Alex raised his cane turned long blade and pointed at the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Though the man seemed unfazed by Alex’s threatening motion, not that he could see it, Alex knew that the man must be terrified right now.

“Mr. President,” Alex said in his gruff voice. “YOU HAVE FAILED THIS COUNTRY!”

“Why?” replied the President, nonchalant. He hadn’t even turned to see who faced him. “Because of what that man told you? I saw what you did to him. Was it really necessary?”

Alex remained quiet. What did the president know? Was he indeed innocent?

“You know I have followed your progress with interest,” the man said, turning to face Alex. His facial feature was shaded by darkness. Only an outline was discern-able of him, and this outline differed from one that has come under the influence of dread. Alex frowned. The man was truly unafraid of him. Could he be innocent? For only the guilty trembled at the presence of the Nivenger.

“And I wonder, have you ever stopped to think that the people you kill maybe they tell you what you want to hear and not really the truth?”

Alex said, “Are you saying Mr. Lawal lied?”

The President smiled. Alex knew this because of his white teeth that suddenly appeared on his face. “Now, is that what you came all this way to ask me?”

Alex waved his sword and roared, “Talk now or DIE!”

The President shook his head. He ignored Alex for a moment and sat down at his desk. It was then Alex saw the paper and pen on the desk, and the President continued writing what he had been writing before Alex came in. The President wrote with the light from outside.

Alex put down his sword and said, “Mr. President, my mission is simple. I want to overthrow the present military government and restore civilian rule.”

The President stopped writing and looked up. “And you think coming here and threatening me or killing me is the way to do it?”

Alex sighed. “I had to be sure you were not aligned with the Cabal.”

“And now?”

Alex shrugged. “I’m still undecided. But you need me as much as I need you.”

“I don’t need you, Alex Rolland.”

Alex held his tongue.

The President smiled again. “Or didn’t you think the Cabal would tell me who you were?”

Alex remained silent.

The President said, “I will make you a deal. Now, naturally you only need to kill the COAS to give me a chance to seize back power. But that is not enough. I want you to kill the man and his five top generals. That way I can revoke Martial Law without any threat from the military and bring them back to order.”

Alex said, “And what would you give me in return?”

The President said, “Isn’t that what you came for? To find out how to restore democratic rule?”

“But you told me you were making me a deal. I assumed you had something for me,” Alex replied, defensive.

The President said, “Do what I’ve said to you and I will tell you the middle man between me and the Cabal. This man knows one of the 24 Elders of the Cabal. Plus, I will tell you how to find the Librarian.”


Alex said, “Why should I trust you? Heck, why shouldn’t I just torture you for the information?”

The President smiled. Then he stood to his feet, walked back to the window, and opened it. A gust of wind blasted into the room, flinging the letter off the table and to Alex’s feet. Alex took a brief look and saw that the President was, indeed, writing a confession. Alex remembered the soldier he’d defeated outside and it clicked.

Alex looked up at the President and his heart filled with compassion. “They were going to kill you today, weren’t they? They were going to put the Vice President in charge, or were they going to kill him too?”

The President sighed. “That does not matter again. Now, you need to go. Because two minutes ago I hit my panic button. This place will be swarming with the DSS in less than five minutes.”

And then, a siren went off somewhere. Alex didn’t need to be told twice. He dashed for the window and leapt out.  He landed in the bushes and dashed through the small courtyard for the parking lot. He found his car parked by the fence and made his way to it, crisscrossing the many luxury vehicles parked in the lot. Then he realized that his keys were still with the valet. He looked back at the house and saw armed operatives running into the house, some filtering into the courtyard to go around to the back exit.

Alex crouched to hide himself, then he spoke softly, knowing Lexie was listening in. “Lexie, please tell me there’s a way I can get into my car and hotwire it?”

Lexie’s voice came back curt and crisp. “Why would you need to hotwire it? Just touch the handle and say Emergency. It has a modification built in for situations like this.”

“Good man.” Alex touched the door handle and said, “Emergency.” Instantly, the doors unlocked and the engine started. Alex got in.

“Ram through the fence. The road is directly beside you, and it’s clear. Reinforcements are about ten minutes out.”

Alex revived the engine, threw the car into gear, and stomped on the pedal. The car screamed and leapt into motion, smashing through the fence. The bricks gave way like dominos, though the fender and bonnet of the car was totaled. Surprisingly, the car still ran. Alex turned away from the house and sped down the road.

Lexie guided Alex through the city, helping him avoid the police, DSS, and Nigerian Army all looking for a green sedan with a totaled bonnet. A journey that should have taken thirty minutes took more than two hours. By the time he was out of the city and driving towards the barn, it was almost dawn.

“Lexie, tell me you already have the current whereabouts of the COAS and his top five generals,” Alex said, tired.

“I do,” Lexie replied. “They are to have a Command Meeting in twelve hours at the Defense Head Quarters in Maiduguri.”

Alex said, “Great. Prep the jet. We leave within the hour.”


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