The Nivenger (Retribution) – Episode 8

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My name is Alex Rolland. When I was a toddler, I watched my parents get murdered by a man in a hood. I was then kidnapped and smuggled to the USSR, where I was made into someone else … into something else. Now I am back to Nigeria to avenge all those who have suffered, like me, at the hands of cruel, corrupt politicians. I am … The Nivenger!


Episode 8


Alex Rolland sat beside Lexie Whitehall in the beat up Toyota Muscle. They were both sporting neatly pressed NYSC uniforms. Lexie drove through the heavily guarded main entrance of the Defense Headquarters without qualms. Their plan to use NYSC as a cover for infiltrating one of the most secure places on the African Continent was a staggering success. Now they drove towards Block C, which was incidentally all the way on the other side of the military campus.

It had been Lexie’s idea to dress up as corpers. There were definitely corpers posted to the defense HQ here in Maiduguri. And there were definitely some who had cars. And they definitely came to work every day. Maybe the first few weeks, the soldiers would have scrutinized them very well. But after some time, the soldiers at the gate would let them in without a second glance. Lexie had made this compelling argument in their safe house on the outskirts of Maiduguri, where they had parked their jet. This was the better option than Alex’s idea to parachute into the conference room, where the COAS was supposed to be meeting with his generals within the hour.

“That’s not going to work in broad day light!” Lexie had protested before suggesting his more discrete plan of ingress.

Alex looked into the back of the car as they approached a three story maintenance block. Splayed on its side was Block C. In the back of the car were two duffel bags. One contained his weapons, while the other contained his specially designed outfit.

“Are you ready?” asked Lexie as he pulled into the small jam-packed parking lot of the maintenance building. Adjacent to Block C was the administrative block, a seven story tower that rose head and shoulder above all other buildings in the cantonment.  It had a larger parking lot, which was parked as well with all manner of military themed exotic vehicles. Also, there were heavily armed soldiers patrolling around, and amidst them was a little chaos created by the numerous civil servants moving in and out of the building.

The sun was already at its peak.

Alex wasn’t used to operating in the day. It wasn’t that he couldn’t. It was just that it wasn’t exactly his style. However, when it became necessary for him to operate in the day he had to be extra cautious.

“I’m ready,” Alex replied, retrieving the two duffel bags in the back.

Lexie said, “Now remember. The mission is simple. Get to the conference room on the top floor, using our planned route. Find the bastard and kill him. By the time you’re done, I’d be ready to pick you up.”

Alex looked at the man. “Don’t be late.”

Lexie flashed a wan smile. “When have I ever been?”

Alex only nodded and jumped out of the car. He marched straight for the sliding doors into Block C, falling behind a knot of admin officers carrying files. There were two armed guards in the waiting area, but with the way Alex marched, plus his NYSC uniform, they didn’t bother to stop him. Alex recalled the floor plan he had seen on one of Lexie’s computers, and using his memory he made his way into a narrow hallway. Following the hallway brought him to a door.

The door was locked. Alex pulled out a device from his pocket and waved it across the door handle. There was a click, and the door opened. It was a staircase that led down to a dank corridor. Alex locked the door behind him and followed the stairs down. The corridor was narrow, about two meters apart and was rough and unpaved. It smelled of wet sand and was dark, save for a small, weak incandescent bulb in the ceiling at the exact center of the short corridor. On the other end of the corridor was a red door, which led into the service stairwell of the administrative block. Alex was ten minutes away from his price.

Alex laid down his bags on the ground, opened them on, and began to suit up. Ten minutes later the bags were empty and he was fully adorned in his Nivenger power suit. Systems reading on his left hand display showed all systems were online and fully functional.

“Lexie, do you read me,” Alex muttered. “What’s your status?”

There was static for a brief second before Lexie’s voice came back crisp and cool. “I’m already in position, Alex. Fly time is five minutes. Will move on your command. What is your status?”

“I’m ready for phase two,” Alex replied.

“Copy that,” Lexie replied. “You may proceed. Target is already on seat. I repeat, you may proceed. Standing by.”

Alex tightened his hand around his bow and made a run for the red door. As he approached the door at speed, he slammed into it. There was a man on the other side who got hit by the opening door and was thrown against the opposite wall of a landing. He was dazed a bit by the force of impact, but recovered quite quickly. He tried bringing his assault rifle up, but the Nivenger kicked it out of his grasp. As the gun flew out of grip, the Nivenger unsheathed a sword and ran the soldier through.

The soldier cried out with a loud voice and then collapsed to the floor, dead. The Nivenger pulled out his bloodied sword out of the dead body, cleaned it with the soldier’s clothe, and sheathed it back.

“Lexie, I’m going in. Begin your approach,” Alex said.

“Copy that,” came the reply.

The Nivenger ran up the stairs, taking the steps three at a time. He was in a service stairwell, the one used by the maintenance staff of the cantonment. This service stairwell could be accessed only by maintenance staff, and it could be accessed from the maintenance block adjacent to it. At the seventh floor, the Nivenger burst through the door into a wide corridor, his bow and arrow aimed. Most of the armed guards were on the lower floors, so the Nivenger didn’t meet much armed resistance. There was one soldier standing at the front of the door into the conference room on the other side of the cubicles. The arrow struck his chest just as recognition filled his eyes. Screams flooded the seventh floor as civil servants and noncombatant staff ran in all direction, dread descending upon them like a black cloud.

Oblivious to their scurrying about, the Nivenger marched into the conference room and slammed the door shut and sticking a locking device on the door handle. The Nivenger secreted a dart from his person and threw it at the COAS at the head of the conference table. The dart embedded itself in the COAS’s left neck, causing him to yelp with pain. The Nivenger arrowed the AC system, causing it to shut down, and then he produced a small gas bomb and slammed it into the ground. This series of actions took him less than five seconds to execute, such that the five generals and the COAS were still too stunned by his appearance to realize that they had been trapped in a room with no ventilation filling with a green poisonous gas.

The Nivenger leapt on top of the conference table, wearing a gas mask he had hung around his neck. He stood there and watched as the five generals died. The dart he had inflicted on the COAS’s neck was an antidote that preserved his life, nevertheless he had passed out. It wasn’t until about two minutes later that the gas had somehow cleared from the room. In that time, sirens began to blare incessantly. Troops were at the door, trying to force their way in.

The military leader recovered with a shocking gasp, only to find the Nivenger standing over him with an arrow to his face.

“YOU HAVE FAILED THIS COUNTRY” the Nivenger roared. “And you shall pay with your life.” The Nivenger was about to let the arrow loose, when the COAS spoke.

“Alex…,” he muttered, fear filtering into his voice. “Yes, I know it’s you, Alex Roland. You may think you have won, but you haven’t. You have only played into the hands of the Cabal. Though democracy will return with my death, but you are already dead.

“You may think you have all the information, but I ask you. How do you know what you know is true? Like your parents…”

“I’m about thirty seconds out, Alex, get ready for extraction,” Lexie’s voice came over his comm.

“It wasn’t the Hood who killed your parents, but you already knew that didn’t you?” said the COAS.

Alex let the arrow loose. The arrow pinned the man’s head to his swivel chair, killing him instantly. Behind, the soldiers turned their weapons to the door and opened fire. Outside, Alex could hear the distinctive sound of a chopper. Alex leapt off the conference table onto the ledge of the window and jumped through the glass, shattering it into pieces. As he fell towards the ground, he pulled an arrow and let it loose.

At that exact moment, an army chopper was flying extremely close to the roof of the building. The Nivenger’s arrow caught the chopper’s landing gear and the rope attached to it arrested Alex’s fall. The chopper pulled away, rising sharply into the morning sun, pulling the Nivenger with it. At first the soldiers around were confused. When they realized the Nivenger was getting away via a stolen military transport aircraft they began to fire into the air. But by this time it was already too late. The Nivenger was far too gone, and he had accomplished his mission.

* * *

Some hours later, the military ceded rule back to the president, who then ordered a list of senior military officers to be tried for war crimes under the Geneva Convention. The president then came online later in the night to thank the Nivenger for his significant contribution towards returning democratic rule. However, he still declared the masked vigilante wanted for capital crimes against humanity and against the law of the land.


The Nivenger will return in the next update.

Beware, O ye corrupt leaders, for the Nivenger is coming for you!

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