The Nivenger (Retribution) – Episode 7

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My name is Alex Rolland. When I was a toddler, I watched my parents get murdered by a man in a hood. I was then kidnapped and smuggled to the USSR, where I was made into someone else … into something else. Now I am back to Nigeria to avenge all those who have suffered, like me, at the hands of cruel, corrupt politicians. I am … The Nivenger!


Episode 7


The dreaded ride into the heart of Moscow began very late in the night. Since they were basically traversing a vast barren land they had to leave in the night so they could get to their target at or before twilight. Once they sneaked into Moscow before twilight, they could plan for the next phase of their attack on Mother Russia.

There were twenty men in total, and three small nondescript trucks. There were about eight men in the foremost truck, including the driver and the two in the forward passenger seats, while there was an equal number of men in the truck bringing up the rear of the small procession. The middle truck was occupied by Al-Hassid, Alex and about two other men. One was named Mustapha, and he was a tight lipped Asian man who sat at the wheels, guiding their truck through the treacherous path they currently traversed. The other man was named Ali, and he was like the second in command—he was Al-Hassid’s most trusted follower, one, it was rumored, who could give his life willingly for Al-Hassid as though for Allah. He sat with Al-Hassid in the front, while Alex squatted in the large space in the back.

Alex was alone in the back of the truck, and he was thankful for this because he had the time and silence to think of a plan. The fact that he didn’t have a plan going into battle caused him to tremble with dread. One of the no-no’s of his profession as a skilled killer was to never go into battle without a plan. Never, ever, go on a mission without a clear plan of action. But now he found himself on a trip with nineteen mass murderers who were planning on dealing a decisively deathly blow at his homeland, Russia. He was probably the last hope Russia had at stopping this attack, and he had no plan. Such a costly mission, yet he had no plan.

As much as Alex hated to admit it, he was frightened. It wasn’t as though it was his fault. He’d had little time to himself to plan an attack. In fact, it wasn’t until late this afternoon that he knew that the mission day was today. It was only Ali that knew the details of all of Al-Hassid’s plan—Al-Hassid called it compartmentalization. Al-Hassid said it was necessary to prevent the whole mission from being compromised when any one of the actors was compromised. Prior to today, all Alex had known was that they were hitting a top secret gathering of Russia’s most elite leaders, which gathering included the President and Leader of the Politburo. He wasn’t aware of the location, the time, or the way they were going to hit the building. Was it even a building? Was it an open field?

All the information he desperately needed to formulate a counterplan, while executing his mission of killing Al-Hassid, he had gotten only this afternoon. The next thing he knew, he was being hauled into a truck and being driven towards Russia, with little time to think for himself or even get word out to the Institute.

Of course, the moment Alex found out the true plans of the terrorist group, he could have killed Al-Hassid and he wouldn’t have been branded a traitor to Russia by his peers. However, he hadn’t had the right opportunity. He and the man had never been alone. If Alex had made a move, he almost certainly wouldn’t have made it out alive. Further, since the time he had been informed of the details of the plan till now, he had never been alone or by himself, and as such he had not been able to get word out of the plans of this terrorist cell.

And so, finding himself in this precarious situation, Alex had only his wits, his skills, and his strength of will. He most definitely had to act. The question was, how?

Alex thought of attacking Al-Hassid now. There should have been an iron mesh separating the forward cabin with the driver and the two passengers from the backward cargo hold of the small truck. But in this particular truck, the iron mesh had been dismantled, giving the occupants of the truck free access between compartments. Alex could easily lunge for Al-Hasid and strangle him to death, while keeping the driver and Ali at bay. He could even cause the driver to drive off course and make the car crash, in which time he would have executed Al-Hassid, pronto, and escaped the crashing vehicle. The only problem with these plans was the other vehicles with about fifteen men in them. Even if he was able to flawlessly execute his plan, he still had to deal with them.

Alex glanced out the side passengers’ mirror in the forward compartment. The bumpy road had ended and they were now plying a well tarred road. The ground in the direction Alex was looking was white with snow and flat and vast. A poorly skilled marksman would be able to take a headshot even at a distance of a mile out. And Alex knew there were some pretty good snipers on their team. He wouldn’t make it far before he was shot dead.

“We are ten minutes away,” said the driver to Al-Hassid, who nodded in turn.

Alex frowned. He may not have spent so much time outside the Institute ever since he was a toddler, nevertheless he knew Russia like the back of his hand because he had studied its geography for several months in the Institute. It was how he knew there was a small settlement along the border of Siberia and Russia. And this was why he knew that Moscow was still, or should still be, several hours away. Alex looked up at the sky, still through the passenger side window, and saw that it was still nighttime. They still had some hours before twilight, which was when they were originally billed to arrive in Moscow.

Alex realized with heightening dread that he had been lied to. He had been fed a dud plan. And for a moment, he struggled with deciding why. Did they know he was a spy? Did they know his mission? Alex sneaked a glance in the rearview mirror and found Al-Hassid and Ali observing him. Then, as the vehicle turned off the main road into a minor road, the driver looked up at the rearview mirror at him. Alex felt his heart climb his ribcage.

“Where are we going?” Alex muttered, his voice coarse with apprehension. Already, power was pumping into his bones, adrenaline lacing his blood. He was at high alert, ready to defend himself even in close quarters. “Where are we going to?”

Al-Hassid looked back on the road. He said with a characteristic nonchalance, “You shall soon find out.”

About five minutes later, the three trucks come into a small insignificant town, which Alex didn’t think existed in all the maps he had studied, whose only significance was the three story modern looking complex at the center. Curiosity overcame dread, and Alex felt his heartbeat slow to a tremor.

Alex was about to ask what they were doing, when all of a sudden, the last truck behind them veered around them to join the foremost vehicle. The two vehicles lurched forward and began to accelerate towards the three story complex. To Alex amazement and sudden pensiveness automatic fire from the complex filled the air. While in motion, the backdoors of the trucks were flung open and the men leapt out like a flood, scurrying out of the road and scattering into the darkness, the vehicles surging ahead.

Alex, his breath stilled and chilled, watched as a rocket propelled grenade was launched from a handheld somewhere at the west end of the complex’s roof. The RPG slammed into the truck by the right and it exploded into an orange ball of flame. The shockwave from the impact slammed into the vehicle on the left, causing the glasses to shatter and the tires to burst. The loud report of the last three seconds left Alex in state of stasis. The truck had already lost control, nevertheless it plunged into its target, which was the fence high gate. It tore through and barreled into the small compound, where it was taken out by another RPG.

Alex’s truck veered off the road leading to the open gate and parked out of a line of sight of the RPG man on the roof.

“Get down!” Al-Hassid barked, which startled Alex. He recovered from his shock and realized that he was the only person remaining in the truck. The rest had jumped out as soon as it had come to a stop by the side of the road.

Alex jumped into the forward compartment and exited via the driver’s seat. There were houses on both sides of the road leading up to the complex. The truck was parked neatly in between two, which occluded it from view.

“Take this,” Al-Hassid said, handing Alex an AK-47.

Alex looked at Al-Hassid. “What is this about?” he asked in a shrill tone. Alex took one second to look at the trail of burnt truck and smoking metal shards that led up to the complex. The air was tainted with the smell of burning gasoline, gun powder, and burnt flesh.

Al-Hassid replied, “Listen to me, kid. That complex you see is a discrete Nuclear Weapons Testing Lab.” And he fell silent.

This was all he needed to say because it all fell into place for Alex. They were here for one simple reason: to obtain a nuclear weapon and use it on only God knew where. And in that moment, Alex was truly struck by deep fear.

He took a deep breath and took the gun. Al-Hassid handed him a walkie as well. Alex took that, refusing to meet the man’s eyes.

“Stay back here and guard our getaway vehicle,” Al-Hassid replied. “If any of the locals try to intervene or mount a resistance, shoot them dead. Understood?”

Alex nodded, his blood turning cold.

Al-Hassid said into his own walkie: “Proceed as planned.” He, Ali, and the driver, who were also equipped with automatic rifles, started making their way towards the complex. Alex descended on his haunches and counted up to ten. Before he got to ten, the night was once more filled with the sound of automatic weapons.

The terrorists didn’t gain control of the complex until after about thirty minutes of incessant gunfights. When they did, silence reigned.

Over the walkie, Alex heard the information he had been patiently waiting for.

“Mustapha, count our dead! Ali, get the access code to the weapons vault from that facility administrator now! Reinforcements will be here in about thirty minutes.” Al-Hassid barked over the intercom.

Alex rose back to his feet, gripping his weapons tightly. He waited.

Ten minutes later, Ali said, “Our dead is ten, leader.”

Alex didn’t wait for a response. He started towards the compound. Ten dead meant there were nine terrorist he had to kill, including Al-Hassid, to stop this terror attack from success. Alex found about five loitering around the compound. He dispatched of them without firing a single round of his bullet. He strangled them, dragging their bodies into a crevice in the wall of the complex; another he smashed a heavy piece of stone on his head, shattering his skull and killing him instantly; and the remaining two he gutted open with his knife. It was five down, and four to go.

By the time Alex was about entering the complex, Mustapha came out of the building with Ali and another man in tow. They saw gutted terrorists at his side first, before they looked at him. By the time they comprehended what had happened, it was already too late. Alex brought his rifle up and squeezed out three rounds in quick succession. The three men collapsed to the ground, dead, a smoking see-through hole on their foreheads.

In the distance, there were sirens.

Alex thought of going into the complex, but then decided to wait for Al-Hassid to come out. Alex dragged all the dead bodies of the terrorist out of sight, so it wouldn’t deter Al-Hassid. Alex waited out of sight of the main double doors.  He calculated that reinforcement was about seven minutes away. He wasn’t sure how Al-Hassid planned to escape with reinforcement so close, but he was sure the man had a plan.

Some seconds later, Al-Hassid trudged through the double doors, dragging on the ground a huge black bag.

Alex approached him, saying, “Let me help with that.”

Al-Hassid ceded the bag to him, “Where are the rest?” He started for the main gate, leaving Alex behind to heft the bag along.

Alex said, “They’re all dead.”

This caused Al-Hassid to stop in his tracks and begin to turn towards Alex. Alex pulled out his knife and threw it at the man. The knife lodged itself in the man’s throat, where blood spewed out like a reel gone haywire. Disbelief played across Al-Hassid’s eyes even as he clutched his throat, knife and all, and fell to his knees. Alex walked up to him and said, “Long live Russia.”

Al-Hassid tried to say something, but then he fell placid to the ground, the light vanishing from his eyes.

Alex looked up and saw the armored trucks and APCs speeding towards the complex. He could also hear the faint rotor of an approaching helicopter. Of his own accord, he fell to his knees and laced his fingers behind his head in surrender. He watched as Russian soldiers flooded the area, going around him and entering the complex to secure it. Others secured the nuclear device behind him and for a moment, no one paid much attention to him. But then, the commander pointed at Alex and ordered him be taken into custody.

The Nivenger will return in the next update.

Beware, O ye corrupt leaders, for the Nivenger is coming for you!


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