The Nivenger (Retribution) – Episode 4

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Episode 4


The Nivenger stood in the training space at the center of the main floor of their hideout. To one side was a glass protected case where his suit had once stood on display; but now he fully donned it. To one end of the room, near the training space, was the weapons stand, where his arrows, blade, and a host of other delicately crafted, witty devices had been carefully laid out in display casings. Now, he was already armed with most of these weapons.

The Nivenger looked at the glass protector for his suit’s display case and saw a reflection of himself. His outfit was more advanced than the NYSC shirt, hood, and fatigue trousers he wore before. Now he wore a body hugging top that was made of an incredibly tough reflective material. Poly-carbon fibre, Lexie had called it, and it was capable of stopping bullets. Well, bullets from a 9mm, Lexie had corrected, not from assault rifles and the sort. The top extended to form a hood that covered most of his head. He wore a black eye mask, which had a very thin film that enabled him see in the dark. Even though the Nivenger didn’t really need to see in the dark (his training enabled him use his other senses to fight and thrive in pitch darkness), the added night vision would definitely be an advantage.

The Nivenger’s pants was made of the same poly-carbon fibre material. He wore specially crafted boots that had hidden springs in its soles. It enabled him leap higher than usual. Lexie had told him he could manage a 100 yards leap if he ran well and the situations were right; Alex wasn’t sure he believed him, but he was sure the need would present itself very soon. The boots also had a one time, expendable thrusters that, Lexie had commanded, most be used only in extreme cases when he was trapped and needed to get the hell out of dodge.

His hands were covered in gloves, while up to his elbows were fitted with a specially designed gauntlet that was made of the same poly carbon fiber, but was harder and solid, as opposed to his outfit that was a cross between plastic sheets and cotton. The gauntlet could stop bullets from assault rifles, and he could use it to block attacks from blades, sharp or pointy weapons and the likes. The gauntlet on his left arm had a small readout that displayed his vitals and the status of his suit. Apparently, there were sensors all over his outfit that constantly scanned to measure the structural integrity of his suit. The sensors could also detect external temperature, presence of radiation, presence of poisonous gas, and a host of other tasks. These readings were displayed on his readout, and he could call up any information by taping on of the five small buttons below the small display screen.

There was a voice modulator in his suit that, when activated, muddled his voice and made it more hideous and gruff. This served two purposes. One, to make people terrified of him, more than they already were. Two, to hide his identity. It would be crazy if he were apprehended for a reason as silly as his voice. To activate the voice modulator, all the Nivenger had to do was press a button hidden beneath his outfit, by pressing lightly on his chest. To deactivate it, all he had to do was press lightly on his chest a second time.

Though his vest was short sleeved, there was a small thin metal casing that connected his gauntlet to the sleeves, hence sealing him completely.

He wore a utility belt where all his blades were fitted tightly in small thin casings. They were tight enough not to fall off during the rigors of a fight or when he was leaping between buildings. Yet, they were light enough to let loose when he had to throw a blade into an enemy’s eye sockets or heart. Sensor technology, Lexie had said. Whenever he touched them, the casings loosened a little so he could pull them out. This happened in a micro second, so he could never be faster than the sensors. Each blade had a black hilt that was branded: Nivenger. Behind him were two long blades strapped to his back, while there was a cylindrical quiver strapped to his back as well. The quiver was as advanced as the rest of his suit, and had sensors underneath it, which alerted him when he was running out of arrows. Three quarter of his arrows were tipped with a titanium head that was sharp and tough enough to penetrate even Kevlar armor, when released from his bow. The remaining one quarter were tipped with an assortment of devices, such as explosives, tear gas bombs, flash bangs, EMPs, virus loaded heads to mention a few.

His entire outfit was green, which was symbolic of his nation’s emblem. He was the Nigerian Avenger. Beware, all ye corrupt, for the Nivenger is coming for you…

The Nivenger stood there in the slight chill of the hideout and a cynical smile came to his face. If he had been effective in his crusade before, with Lexie he had become infinitely more effective. With his new gear and Lexie’s technical prowess, he had no doubt that he would avenge all those who have suffered like him at the hands of cruel and merciless politicians and leaders and captains of industries.

“Looking good, huh?” said Lexie behind him. He had just come up from the underground level.

The Nivenger turned away from the glass and walked away from the training space towards the bank of screens where Lexie was standing. He hadn’t known there was a lower level until he had asked Lexie how they were supposed to get to Abuja from Lagos, when the entire nation was man hunting for him. Lexie’s response had astounded him. It wasn’t that they had an underground layer that amazed him; it was what they had stored there that amazed him. The Nivenger had decided that it took the cake for all that Lexie had done.

“I don’t know how you did it, Lexie,” the Nivenger started, “but thank you.”

Lexie, smiling, cocked his head. “You have a personal vendetta against all corruption in this country. I do, too.”

The Nivenger sighed. He looked down at his bow. It was bigger than his last one, with the sling being made of intertwined toughed steel that would send his arrows out at an extremely fast speed. It assured greater penetrative power, shattering bones, and hellish screams on the unlucky bastards that would come under his crosshairs. There were tiny buttons on the handle of the bow. He wasn’t sure what they did, but he was betting they could accomplish fantastic tasks. Lexie had promised to give him a tutorial on how to use his new gadgets the moment they took care of the immediate threat of the military government.

Lexie said, “Thirty minutes ago, I got confirmation that Mr. Lawal Adesan was inside his house. Even though his wife and children are out of the country, he has remained in the country, under military house arrest.”

“What, the military doesn’t trust him?” asked the Nivenger.

“The military doesn’t trust any politician,” Lexie said. “Even though the man was the major proponent for ceding to military rule, he can change his decision at any time and seek to reverse back to civilian rule. Better have him under twenty four hour guard than let him fly abroad and rally the Americans and Brits and French to the cause of the Nigerian people.”

The Nivenger only got mad at this. “The fool. He didn’t know what he was getting us into, when he yielded himself to be used by the Cabal as a puppet. And who knew that corruption ran deep in our military.”

Lexie shook his head. “You haven’t the slightest idea.” Then he said, “The area where he lives is heavily protected by military forces. It would be damned near impossible for you to even get into the area, talk more of the private government reserved estate where most of the top government officials reside, including the vice president, the senate president, and speaker of the house.”

The Nivenger only snickered. “Don’t be so sure…”

This took Lexie by surprise and he only stared at the man in the green hood. After a while he shook out of his reverence and said, “Anyway, I have a plan to getting you directly into the house without attracting attention. Although, you’ll have to find your way out.”

“What’s your plan?” the Nivenger asked.

Lexie smiled and led him to a secret side door that fed into a stair case leading down. They came into a well-lit underground level. There was an assortment of vehicles, from SUVs to sedans, all of which were heavily modified for their Nivenging crusade and branded. However, they were insignificant compared to what took up the most space in the cavern. Facing the far end of the layer was a huge, Gulfstream G550. It was one of the fastest luxury private jet built, which could traverse the entire world in a single trip and could remain in the air for about forty eight hours or slightly more. As with everything, it had been heavily modified to achieve this capability, and of course it was painted green and had a bold Nivenger written on the side.

The Nivenger stopped short and whistled. He had seen it before, but seeing it again and knowing it belonged to them … it was staggering.

Lexie started in a jug towards the plane. “C’mon, we need to take off now.”

The Nivenger followed after him. He said, “How again did you say we were able to pay for all these?”

Lexie said, “I found one of Abacha’s stashes.”

Lexie climbed up the ladder into the plane. The Nivenger remained at the step of the ladder, and he looked down the small runway, which ended in a steel reinforced wall. The underground layer was immensely larger than the upper layer, and stretched father from the hanger. The cavern was designed in such a way that the jet could reach take off speed underground, such that when it got to the wall, which folded outward to form a small ramp, it would be in the air already. Also, when landing, it would land inside the cavern, not outside, so no one would detect their base.

The Nivenger climbed into the jet, and the ladder retracted inward. The inside was themed green with plush and comfortable seating for up to seven people.

“Strap in, Alex,” Lexie’s voice came over the intercom, just as the engines roared to life. “We are in for a short take off.”

Alex sat in the closest seat and strapped in. The jet leapt into motion, a great force pressing against Alex. He grunted and yelled above the roar of the engine, “How do you know to fly a jet, Lexie!”

There was a loud explosion as the engine pumped out more force. A loud whine ahead signaled that the wall was folding outward to form a ramp. The plane lifted off the ground before it got to the ramp and never touched it as it shot out of the ground. Immediately they were clear of underground layer, Lexie executed a dangerous 90 degree ascent. The engines screamed and whined, and the entire body of the jet vibrated as they climbed into the night. Alex looked through the window to see the ramp fold back in and a slab of brick cover the exit to match with the area of the abandoned private wing.

They ascended for a full five minutes before they leveled out. Some minutes later, Lexie came out of the cockpit, grinning from ear to ear. He was also holding a backpack in his hands.

The Nivenger unstrapped and rose to his feet. “Are you trying to get us both killed?”

Lexie said, “This jet is capable of much more. Quick, put this on. We will be in Abuja in about five minutes.”

The Nivenger took the backpack and wore it over his quiver and two long blades. It was a parachute.

“It takes about forty five minutes to get to Abuja from Lagos,” the Nivenger noted. “And why am I wearing a parachute.”

Lexie pulled a small computer pad from his pocket and motioned for Alex to come close to the sealed hatch. “First of, this is the latest Gulfstream. At our altitude and current speed, it will only take us a maximum of ten minutes to get to Abuja from Lagos.” He looked at his wristwatch, and he said, “That was five minutes ago. Second, you’re going to jump out of the plane and into Mr Lawal’s house. That’s why you need the parachute.”

The Nivenger gave a short laugh. “How the heck am I going to make such a jump? From this altitude?”

Lexie cocked his head. “I’ve calculated everything. At our current speed, the current wind rate, and our current altitude, I have calculated the exact point you will jump from that will put you directly in his compound when you touch ground.”

The Nivenger was amazed. “Really? And what if I hit a draft of wind and go off course”

Lexie nodded, waving Alex’s amazement off. “You have thrusters in your boots. I can control them from my pad here. I will put you back on course.”

The Nivenger shrugged and stepped up to the hatch. “Whatever. I’m ready.”

Lexie smiled. “I knew you’d say that. I will send the coordinates of our rendezvous once you’re done with Mr. Lawal.” Just them, a beeping sound alerted Lexie. He looked up and said, “You have a thirty seconds window. You need to jump now.”

The Nivenger opened the hatch. And the air rushed out of the cabin, sucking Alex to the edge of open hatch. Alex held on to the hatch handle until the rush ceased. Then he straightened himself on the edge and looked down at the city of Abuja. It looked like the whole city was constructed on a small rectangle in the shadow of huge rocks all around. The darkness was absolute, but the city twinkled and sparkled like fireflies in darkness.

“I don’t know how the building looks,” the Nivenger said.

Lexie tapped his pad, and Alex’s left hand bleeped. He looked at his readout and saw the image of a small two story house.

He nodded at Lexie and without question leapt out of the plane. He fell towards the earth, tumbling, at the total mercy of the violent winds and gravity. After about five minutes of descent, the city had spread out before him and had formed into mansions, major roads, estates, and city structures. The darkness was definite in some areas, while in others it was as though there was no night. The winds buffeted Alex’s body with savageness, roaring in his ears and disfiguring his face. The ground rushed to meet him with shocking expediency.

“You’re still on course, Alex,” Lexie’s voice came over the intercom. “Your vector will put you in Mr. Lawal’s house in less than five minutes, only if you pull your parachute within the next forty seconds.”

Alex pulled his parachute, and his descent was arrested. Two minutes later, he spotted Mr. Lawal’s house. The estate in which it was situated was well lighted and roamed with tanks, armored personnel carriers, and the occasional platoon of assault rifle armed soldiers. No one spotted Alex because his parachute was painted a solid black; perhaps, the soldiers were looking for threats coming at them, not descending upon them.

Mr. Lawal’s house was a two story mansion with high fence. At the top most level, there was a small balcony and a sliding door, which was open. The small breeze flowing in caused the small curtain to wriggle in and out of the house. The light was on. The Nivenger suspected this was the master bedroom.

The Nivenger began to control the parachute, gently redirecting himself towards the balcony. At about thirty yards away, he unstrapped his parachute and fell towards the balcony. He hit the ground, executed a roll, and came up to his knees with his bow and a nocked arrow. He remained on his knees and looked through the curtain. His parachute fell into a gutter outside of the house. No one screamed. His presence was still undetected.

The Nivenger rose to his feet, and then he heard it: the soft, arousing moans of a woman in the throes of pleasure. When Alex remembered that Mr. Lawal’s wife and children were out of the country, the conclusion was simple. The bastard was banging a whore at a time when millions were suffering and dying because of him.

The Nivenger stepped into the room and on the bed was a fair skinned lady riding a chubby out of shape man. The lady first noticed him. Horror played across her face, but before she could scream, the Nivenger let his arrow loose. The arrow impaled her in her back, tearing through her bones and spinal column and erupting through her heart, tearing open her left breast. The blood sprayed over the Special Adviser to the President on Military Affairs, and he opened his eyes immediately, only to see the whore flung away by the sheer force of the arrow.

The man shot to a sitting position, his erection lost in an instant and his hands in the air in surrender, even as the dead body of the prostitute collapsed unceremoniously on the floor, blood pooling on the expensive Persian rug underneath her. The expression on the Special Adviser’s was one of abject terror, and his entire body vibrated under this intense feeling of dread.

The Nivenger pressed the area under his chest, activating the voice modulator, and said, “Mr LAWAL, YOU HAVE FAILED THIS COUNTRY!” And then he pulled out another arrow from his quiver and nocked it, aiming for the man’s eyes.”

“I’m sorry, sir,” the man whined. “I didn’t mean to. You don’t understand. The Cabal made me do it. I swear I am innocent.”

“REVERSE IT!” the Nivenger roared.

Mr. Lawal replied almost instantly. “You don’t understand. I can’t. I don’t have the power. Even the President can’t. Only one man can’t and I don’t even know who the man is.”

“THEN WHO DOES?!” the Nivenger’s horror filled voice boomed in the room, the man flinching with each word.

“The President,” replied the man. “The President knows.”

The news caused the Nivenger to waver for a brief moment. He spoke next without as much certainty and force as before. “THE PRESIDENT IS IMPLICIT IN THIS?”

Mr. Lawal nodded. “The president is as corrupt as the lot of them.”

And then the arrow left the Nivenger’s bow. The arrow buried itself in the man’s right eye socket, breaking through his skull, and emerging on the other side of his head, spraying brains and blood on the headboard. The man was alive long enough to feel the excruciating pain and shrill out his lungs, before he collapsed dead. The Nivenger looked on this and was satisfied. Then he took a blade from his belt and with the blood of the dead Special Adviser scribbled on the rug: Nivenger.

The Nivenger said, “Did you catch all that?”

Lexie replied over the intercom. “Sadly, yes.”

“I’m going to pay the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria a visit. Send me your coordinates. I’m coming in.”

There was a beep on his left arm. He looked and saw where Lexie had touched down.


The Nivenger will return in the next update.

Beware, O ye corrupt leaders, for the Nivenger is coming for you!

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  • Bayo Moses says:

    I love today’s episode. The Nivenger has now become a formidable and an invincible one-man force ready to strike hard anytime. But this Lexie guy is becoming almost INDISPENSABLE. The kind who will gladly play the background. I would call him the Samwise Gamgee to the Nivenger’s Frodo Baggings…

    • Kachi Ugo says:

      Hmmm…. Interesting comparison. I never thought of it that way, but I see your point. I did enjoy the Lord of the Rings books! One ring to bring them all and in darkness bind them…

  • Olubanky says:

    Soooooo interesting…… But I am suspecting this Lexie guy, he seems manipulative, all knowing and dangerous in a quiet way…. hoping Alex isn’t caught unawares and I hope he isnt killing unjustly . Lexie seems to have an answer for everything….. Loving this… #moreinktoyourpen#

    • Kachi Ugo says:

      Hi, Olubanky! I’m glad you’re finding this series interesting! Lexie is a very brilliant computer hacker, much like Chloe O’Brian in 24 or Felicity Smoke in Arrow :). So much of the information he tells the Nivenger he obtained from hacking into the government’s network, etc. But that’s not to say he’s beyond reproach. I guess we shall see…

  • mingle says:

    I love the story but not the part of lexi and him taken on a vendetta.. the terrorists part suits me well…

    • Kachi Ugo says:

      Hey, Mingle! I’m so glad you’re loving this. Lexie must have a reason he’s helping the Nivenger, right? I mean, I guess he could be doing it out of the goodness of his heart, but seriously, would you believe that? It means he must have some score to settle. Something terrible must have happened in his past that would make him see past Alex’s jungle style justice so much so that he is willing to not only partake of it, but also foster it. Lexie must have an incredible story behind him. Or maybe he’s a traitor and a spy, lol. We shall see…

  • Lewis Egim says:

    Expecting the next chapter soon

  • Faith says:

    I see. Enjoying it

  • Blessing says:

    I didn’t realise I was holding my breath until the last line when I exhaled. You actually got me there. Weldone Kachi.

  • Lewis Egim says:

    OK, but why run two stories at the same time ?

  • foly says:

    the Nivenger with epic gadget

  • Lewis Egim says:

    What’s happening with the next episode ?
    It’s more than the stipulated 3days

  • Isaac Ferozah says:

    It’s 5th April,more than the stipulated 3 days,you promised 3days max, please stop holding us in suspense

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