The Nivenger (Retribution) – Episode 3

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My name is Alex Rolland. When I was a toddler, I watched my parents get murdered by a man in a hood. I was then kidnapped and smuggled to the USSR, where I was made into someone else … into something else. Now I am back to Nigeria to avenge all those who have suffered, like me, at the hands of cruel, corrupt politicians. I am … The Nivenger!



The gate master led Alex to the entrance of the central tent, which was as large as a bungalow. It was the operations center of this terrorist cell. There was a large space before the entrance, where people milled about. But the moment the gate master stopped Alex in the center of this clearing, everyone stopped what they were doing and began to watch them.

Alex’s heart hammered in his heart so much so that he could hear it in his ears. He was surrounded by incredibly dangerous men, who didn’t think twice before they lashed out in violence. He was surprised the gate master hadn’t already shot him. Maybe the rule here was trespassers got shot or slaughtered by the leader. Alex had been found out. He had to act fast if he was going to survive.

Alex counted about seventeen men within immediate proximity. Most of them had their AKs on their shoulders in relaxed positions while others didn’t have any visible weapon. Alex wasn’t sure how many men lurked in the surrounding shadows. He didn’t know how many men were in the huge tent before him or in the surrounding tents. Alex didn’t know how many men there were in total in the camp. If he was going to make it through the night, he was going to have to act now.

Alex could easily defeat the gate master and possess his gun. By the time he executes that move, everyone would have labeled him a threat, and they would begin aiming at him. He would have about five seconds to find cover and return fire. His play would be to dive into the tent, and into the unknown. Hopefully, the people inside would still be confused about what the whole issue was, which would give him enough time to locate the terrorist leader and kill him. From there, he would make his way out of the camp, employing stealth and trickery, which were his strengths.

Zaeim!” the gate master roared. “Ladayna mushkila.Leader, we have a problem.

Alex tensed. He forced his breathing to a calm as he got ready to act.

The leader came out of the tent almost immediately. Following him were about five hard looking men. The one who emerged the last was impossibly large with muscles that rippled. He was about twice as tall as Alex. He held a perpetual sneer on his face, and his exposed body was riddled with battle scars, including one that ran the length of his chest from above his rib cage to his waist. The cold didn’t seem to bother him; in fact, his eyes burned with intensity. He had no guns, but strapped to his army green pair of trousers was a scabbard holding a long blade.

The leader glanced from the gate master to Alex.

Alex was stunned by the leader. He had been expecting to see a lanky, old man with a long beards and a very terrifying facial feature. Instead, he saw an extremely handsome man in his early thirties. He was evidently Middle Eastern, but he could have passed for a westerner. He wore a three piece suit and well-polished and gleaming shoes. He reeked of money and style, while the people around him looked as poor as dogs. How this man was leading this terrorist group defied logic. What lies had he fed them that they were willing to die for him or his cause? Alex was beginning to think that this was a CIA (or one of the many shady intelligence organizations of the world) run terrorist group. This would explain why they were well funded or why some American drone had not pegged their location already.

“What is this, Ahmed?” the man said with a sneer, addressing the gate master in impeccable English. “Who is this young man?”

Alex saw an opportunity and took a risk. Before the gate master could level his accusation, Alex took a step forward and stopped short before the leader. Guns immediately came up to aim at his chest, sharp clicks of chambering rounds splitting the air around them.

Alex looked in the leader’s eyes and said, “I am Mohamed Al-Amin, and I have come to avenge my fallen brethren.”

The leader arched an eyebrow. “Kid, go back home. What we do here is no child’s play.” The leader said to the gate master, “Send him away…”

Alex yelled, “I am no child!”

The leader had begun to turn away, but Alex’s outburst stopped him in his tracks.

“Oh yeah?” the leader said, anger coloring his eyes and words. “Prove to me that you’re not a kid and you can join our glorious ranks…”

Alex was already angry, partly because it was inclusive in the trickery, and partly because he hated been underestimated and insulted. He pointed at the impossibly large muscled man in the back and said, “I challenge him to a battle to the death.” Alex heard himself a second later and shock struck him in the face. What?

The man was surprised too. He pointed at himself and said, “Me?”

Alex firmed himself and said, “Yes! If I kill him, I join this group. Otherwise, my life is forfeit and he can have the satisfaction of killing me.”

Amazement, surprise, and shock spread through the faces looking at him, including that of the leader. He turned and looked at the huge man. “Hassan, do you accept this challenge? There’s no shame in saying no.”

Hassan sniggered and stepped forward. “I accept his challenge.”

Everyone evacuated the space and it was just Alex and Hassan standing in the clearing.

Hassan looked down at Alex. “I’m going to crush your bones and feed it to the dogs…”

Alex wasn’t looking at him again. He was looking at the leader. Looking beyond the leader into the tent. He had succeeded in ingratiating himself into this group.

“Leader, I hope you don’t need Hassan again,” Alex said to the leader. “Because today is his last night on Allah’s earth.”

The leader gave a hearty laugh. “Kill Hassan, and you can take his place at my side. Fail, and your life is his to do as he pleases.”

Alex nodded. “Fair enough. Who’s going to call it?”

No one did before Hassan surged forward, his hands going for Alex’s head. Alex fell to his knees immediately, missing Hassan’s grab by an inch. Alex leapt to the left, swinging his leg and tripping Hassan. The bulky man fell out of control and slammed into the dust. The crowed murmured.

Alex stood to his feet and put more distance between himself and Hassan. He didn’t want to fight for too long. His mission was the leader, not Hassan. Alex decided he had to kill off Hassan as soon as possible, without displaying too much of his abilities.

Hassan jumped to his feet, enraged. He pulled out his blade, gave a battle cry, and marched for Alex.

Alex stood his ground, bringing up his hands, ready to fight.

Hassan didn’t come too close before he slashed at Alex. Alex dodged the attack, sweeping into Hassan’s space before he could bring his blade up again. The issue was Hassan was so strong, but slow. Alex was strong as well, but he was playing for speed.

Now in Hassan’s space, Alex jabbed him in the belly, causing him to cringe back. Alex jabbed him again, only this time up his chin. Teeth shattered, and blood sprayed into the air. Hassan began to go to the ground. Alex swung around him to stand in his back, just as he fell to his knees. Alex held Hassan’s head, whispered, “Allah rahmat ealaa ruhkGod have mercy on your soul, and then snapped his neck. The sound was sharp and definite, and everyone in the gathering descended into silence. Hassan collapsed to the ground, dead.

The leader, Al-Hassid, shot to his feet, pulled a pistol from the holster of one of his right hand men, and dashed towards Alex.

Alex held his stance, his muscles tense. He held his breath.

Al-Hassid stopped and aimed the gun at Alex. “You killed my best warrior!” he roared, anger bleeding into his words.

Alex held his head high, remaining silent but looking defiant.

For a moment, Alex thought Al-Hassid was going to kill him. The air was charged with tension. Everyone looked expectantly.

Then Al-Hassid smiled and flipped the gun so that the grip faced Alex. “Welcome to the Brotherhood of the Emancipators!”

Alex took the gun. “Thank you, leader. I will not fail you. ‘Uqsim ealaa dhlk.” I swear it.

Al-Hassid embraced Alex and said, “Show him to Hassan’s former tent and someone remove this body.” He pointed at Hassan’s dead body. Then he returned into the tent, his right hand men following him. Some people came to congratulate him, while others left without saying a word.

Alex remained standing, still reeling from the shock he was feeling. He had infiltrated the terrorist group, and he hadn’t even stressed a muscle. Alex took a deep breath and let it out softly. He looked at the gun in his grip, then looked at the tent. Phase one was over. Now, he had to kill Al-Hassid. Alex began to walk towards the tent, when a man stepped into his front.

“This way, please,” the man said, and started walking in the opposite direction. Alex stared longingly at the tent, before deciding there was no rush and following the man.

The tent he was led to was among the larger tents and looked more homely than the cell-style room he had back at the Institute. There was a naked girl waiting for him on his bed, and there was food and water in the corner.

The man said, “Woman for your … well, your needs. And food and water for your refreshing.” And then he left.

Alex glanced at the naked woman; there was a small lantern on the table in the left that illuminated the woman’s curves. Her bare breasts were appealing and inviting. Her large hips stirred Alex up. Alex became very nervous. He felt a hardness in his trousers, and he wasn’t sure what next to do. Was he supposed to introduce himself to her? Was he even supposed to sleep with her?

The lady curled in bed and gestured for him to come. Alex tried to swallow and found out his mouth was already dry. He took a trepid step forward before the man that had brought him here stepped into the room again.

“You are being summoned,” he said, and with that simple statement, Alex’s mind was forcefully brought back on mission.

“Why?” he asked.

The man didn’t reply. He only had a furious look on his face, like Alex had done something bad.

Alex didn’t even look back at the woman as he followed the man out of his tent. They met Al-Hassid in front of the central tent. He was talking with one of his right hand man before he spotted Alex and waved the man off. He also gestured for the man who was leading Alex to go, leaving himself with Alex.

Alex became pensive, when he noticed he and Al-Hassid were alone in the clearing. Most of the firelights had been put out, hence there was a distinctive darkness around them, and the wintry air was beginning to make the temperature fall below zero.

Al-Hassid spoke in a hushed tone. “Have you had time to settle in?”

Alex was about to reply negative, when Al-Hassid spoke again, “Did you see Hassan’s woman? Big tits on that one, huh?”

Alex frowned. He wasn’t sure if that was a statement a “supposed” holy warrior was supposed to make. Not knowing what to say he kept mum.

“Well, that will have to wait because I want you in on our secret meeting,” Al-Hassid said, and started towards the tent.

Alex fell in line behind him. “What’s this meeting about?”

Al-Hassid smiled and craned his neck so he was looking at Alex when he said, “We are going to strike at the heart of Mother Russia.” And then he went through the tent’s entrance.

Alex followed him into the tent, surprisingly thinking of the woman on his bed.


The Nivenger will return in the next update.

Beware, O ye corrupt leaders, for the Nivenger is coming for you!


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