The Nivenger (A Political Action Thriller) – Finale

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Episode 11 – Finale

My name is Alex Rolland. When I was a toddler, I watched my parents get murdered by a man in a hood. I was then kidnapped and smuggled to the USSR, where I was made into someone else … into something else. Now I am back to Nigeria to avenge all those who have suffered, like me, at the hands of cruel, corrupt politicians. I am … The Nivenger!

Breaking News: The Nivenger is NOT dead. In a shocking twist, the Nivenger has killed the Colonel, and escaped the Colonel’s mansion. It is unclear how this happened, but some eye witness reports say that they saw a man dressed in a hood leave the mansion in the cover of dark with another man in a van…




Somewhere in Nigeria

2300 GMT+1

Less than 24hrs after the death of The Colonel


It was a long and rather thin room. There was a long table at the center of the room, stretching the entire length of the room, which was about twenty yards long. There were exactly ten chairs on both sides of the table, with one at each end, making twenty four chairs … and twenty four Elders. These twenty four Elders formed the single most powerful organization in the entire African Continent. They were the Cabal, and they saw themselves as emissaries of God, calling themselves the twenty four elders that sat before the face of the Lord. They were brutal, cruel, and above reproach, not because they did no evil, but because they felt that no one was worthy to condemn whatever actions they took. They were above the law, and they were larger than life. If ever there were gods among men, it was them.

The twenty four Elders sat silent for a moment as they watched the red haired lady give the news on the TV. The Nivenger had somehow killed the Colonel and escaped. The woman reported this with hidden glee. It wasn’t news to the Cabal that the Nivenger had won the hearts of the Nigerian people. Who doesn’t love a good Robin Hood story? Who doesn’t love to see the high and mighty fall? For a time, since the Nivenger became active, the Cabal had ignored him. After all, he went after politicians at the lower rungs of the Cabal’s extensive penetrative network. But when it became clear that the Nivenger was after the Book of Skulls, they had to do something.

Over two hours ago, the Colonel had sent word through the COAS of the Nigerian Army that he had captured the Nivenger. The Cabal had called an emergency meeting and all the Elders had flown in from all parts of the country for this meeting. When they had discovered that the Nivenger was actually Alex Rolland, it further complicated issues. What exactly did Alex know of the Cabal? Did his parents reveal the Cabal’s deepest and darkest secrets? Was that why Alex wanted the Book? Who else had he told?

So many questions needed to be answered that they had decided to offer this masked villain a truce. They were waiting in their secret meeting room when the word came that the Colonel was dead and the Nivenger was at large. Panic struck at their collective hearts.

One of the two Cabal leaders, Elder Alpha, who was seated at one of the end of the table said, “The Lazarus Protocol has already been activated.”

One elder said, “Can we not stop it?”

“No,” replied another elder, “the Rollands made sure no Cabal member could stop it. We can only let it run its course and hope we survive.”

“We could do that,” said the other leader of the Cabal, Elder Omega, “or we can execute our contingency plan.”

There was a murmur that swept across the room.

One elder plucked up the courage to ask, “What contingency plan? The Lazarus Protocol is unstoppable.” He got some acquiescence from the other elders.

Elder Omega exchanged looks with Elder Alpha, who then sighed aloud and nodded. “The year after our founding parents, the Rollands, passed, we had to form a contingency plan to the Lazarus Protocol. We called it Operation ShutDown…”

There was an ominous ring to his words.

“What does it do?” asked a female elder.

Elder Omega responded. “It matters not what it does, but if it will be effective in curbing the effects of the Lazarus Protocol.”

“Will it prevent the Librarian from being revealed?” asked the same elder.

Another asked, “Will it prevent the seven great disasters that is fated to hit Nigeria?”

Another asked, “And most importantly will it preserve the integrity of our group and our network and our purposes?”

Elder Alpha said, “Elders, nothing is sure. All we can do is hope for the best. While we can’t promise that Operation ShutDown will counteract the Lazarus Protocol, we can hope for some form of salvation from the Lazarus Protocol’s deleterious effects.”

There was a silence.

“So, are we agreed on activating Operation ShutDown?” asked Elder Omega after a while.

All elders agreed.

“Then, it is so,” said Elder Omega.

The female elder who had spoken earlier said, “The COAS has asked for permission to call in Scylla and Charybdis to take down the Nivenger. Should we grant him the permission?”

Elder Alpha said, “The twins will be more of a liability than a help. Is it really wise and necessary?”

Elder Omega said, “I think so. The twins can destroy him and everyone who knows about us. It’s our safest option.”

Elder Alpha sighed and said, “Call them in.” After a sad whistle, he said, “God help us all…”


Somewhere on Lagos Island

2350 GMT+1

Fourteen days after the death of The Colonel


The Nivenger stood on the flat roof of one of the high rises on Lagos Island. He looked across the city. Vehicles’ honks reached him from far below. He could even hear snaps of conversations carried by the soft, salty wind from far away. Lights blazed, twinkled, and fluttered from one end of his view span to the other.

The Nivenger held his bow in his hands, his quiver hanging across his back. Behind him was the dead body of the corrupt LCDA chairman of Lagos Island. Lexie had sent him after the man. Lexie believed that the man was instrumental in revealing the location of his parents’ whereabouts to The Hood, when he should have been loyal to them. The Nivenger hadn’t been able to get a confession from him, but he could smell the lie all over the LCDA chairman.

The Nivenger took in a lungful of air and let it out slowly. His anger still blazed as bright as a bonfire. He was going to locate the people responsible for the death of his parents, and he was going to slaughter them all like pigs. He had declared war on the Cabal, and he would see to it that the Cabal is dismantled and their nefarious activities brought to light. And it is in the depths of their shame that he would murder them all. He would not rest until every last one of the Cabal members was dead.

“This is Over watch, Alex, come in,” a voice chirped in his right ear.

Alex pressed against the comm in his right ear and said, “Go ahead Over watch.”

“What’s the status of your target?”

The Nivenger looked behind his shoulder and saw a potbellied man lying dead on the gravel layered roof. His white agbada was stained with blood, and there was an arrow sticking out of where his heart should be. Beside his body, scribbled in the blood of the dead chairman, was: The Nivenger.

“He’s dead,” Alex replied, looking back at the sprawling city.

“Did he say anything before … you killed him?” Lexie asked, as though killing someone was a light matter. For Alex, it was, since he was the Nivenger. But he was surprised that Lexie had adapted seamlessly to their life of vengeance.

“No,” Alex replied. “But he gave me all the proof I needed to know he was culpable in their deaths.”

“Okay,” Lexie said. “I’m going to need you to come back to the den immediately. We have an emergency.”

“What emergency?”

Lexie replied, “The government just declared a nationwide emergency. Martial law is in effect, and the army has ceased power. They have declared you persona non grata and enemy of the state…”

Lexie didn’t finish his sentence before a siren went off somewhere, and a flood light lit him up like a neon sign in the dark.

“Shit!” Alex yelled and dived off the ledge of the high rise, even as bullets scorched the place where he had stood a second ago.


Beware, O ye corrupt leaders, for the Nivenger is coming for you!

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