The Nivenger (A Political Action Thriller) – Episode 8

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Episode 8

My name is Alex Rolland, and I am the Nivenger…

Breaking News: We can confirm at this moment that The Colonel is under attack. Reports coming in suggest that The Nivenger descended into the compound like a dark knight and the soldiers guarding his house opened fire. While it is uncertain what is going on, neighbors report screams of pain and terror in the compound and unceasing scatter of automatic weapon which are increasingly becoming random. We have called the police to confirm the report, but they have failed to pick our calls. More news after the break…




Toddler Alex Rolland’s first response was similar to the other kids’ response who were tumbling through the inky void towards earth. He screamed, his heart jerking in his chest. The boy had a multitude of feeling, ranging from dread to terror to anxiety and then back to dread. The winds buffeted his body like it was a ragged doll. The pull towards the ground was so great he felt like it would pull his intestines right out of his belly.

 Alex’s eyes stung from the onslaught of great winds against his face. His heart was already beating against the underside of his throat, trying to beat its way out of his mouth. Alex’s vision blurred as he tumbled out of control. The icy cold was already making his muscles rigid and sluggish. All around him, the screams of the other kids came to his ears, coupled with the roar of the wind.

Alex struggled with the backpack against his shoulders and the backpack in his hands. Well, he didn’t need to worry about that one since his frozen hands clutched it as though they both were one.

Alex tried to remember what the man had said. Pull the rope…

Alex saw the rope dangling in front of him, whipping uncontrollably the same way he fell: without control. Alex reached for the rope with his free hand, and he got a hold of it with a firm grip. He waited until he was righted towards the ground before he closed his eyes and pulled hard. There was a rapping sound behind him. Following this was a sharp pull that jerked him upwards, arresting his momentum sharply. The pain on his shoulders was so sharp he almost let go of his survival pack (what he was beginning to call the backpack the man had given him).

Alex was now slowly descending towards the ground, at the total mercy of the soft wind. Beneath him was a vast green canopy of tree leaves and treetops. All the way ahead was a massive citadel; this was probably in the direction of East. This was probably where the man wanted Alex to get to—the institute. All around there were more than a dozen similarly floating kids. The rest were still hurtling towards the ground. Alex feared for them.

Alex landed a few minutes later, in a small muddy puddle. He struggled with the parachute for a moment, before he was able to extricate himself from it. He unbuckled the backpack from which the parachute had come out from and dragged himself and his survival pack out of the puddle. His red top and blue shorts were already soiled in mud, which had dirtied his survival pack as well.

Alex paused at the edge of the lake and sat on the ground. His heart was still doing a number on him. He felt a strong pressure underneath his throat, like he should cry. Pain wrecked his entire body. His hands and feet were sore. His head was pounding. His parents were dead. He had been kidnapped by people he didn’t know, who wanted to turn him into someone else, into something else.

Alex spent the next thirty minutes crying and hoping this was all a dream. After that, he sucked it up and opened his pack. In there were four items. A gun. A blade. A bottle of water. And a morsel of bread. Seeing the water and bread brought to the fore his ravenous hunger. He munched the bread in three swallows and gulped the entire bottle in four. He pulled the knife and the gun and threw the bag away.

Alex wasn’t trained in using these weapons; however, he was old enough and had watched a lot of movies to know how to pull a trigger and stab with a blade. The man had talked about wild animals in these forests. Alex wondered what kinds of animals prowled the surrounding woods.

As if by fate, at that moment, a hollow howl rent the night’s air. Following this were several howls. Wolves.

Alex became extremely self-conscious. He looked around. The trees were tall and dark. There were shadows everywhere. Great dread fell upon him, wrapping around him like a black blanket. He knew what direction he had to go in. Incidentally, that was where the howls were coming from.

Alex pulled himself up to his feet, his blade in his left hand and his gun in his right hand, and he began walking in the direction of the citadel. He waded through the forest for the first hour, no end in sight. Every rustling leaf and snapping twig had him swirling around looking for any predator that might want to launch out upon him. Before long, his hunger returned, making him edgy.

As he walked on, the forestry thickened. The howls increased and he began to see the dead bodies of several of his comrades who hadn’t been able to or weren’t wise enough to pull the dangling rope and release the parachute. He raided their backpacks for bread and water, and before long he collected several food and water and extra blades and guns in a backpack he picked along the way. There was no time for remorse or guilt; he was becoming someone else… He was becoming something else…

By now, Alex could see the citadel rising up ahead. He was almost there. Just a little distance and…

Out of the shadows appeared an impossibly large wolf. Several meters ahead and in his way, the wolf had already spotted him. At first shock fleeted through the wolf’s eyes as though a human presence was foreign to it. Then it recovered with a terribly terrifying smile that contorted its grotesque face. It bared its teeth, howled at the moon, and then leapt towards Alex.




The last soldier alive in the lush green grounds of The Colonel’s mansion saw him thrust his arrow into the eye of his comrade, who shrilled at such a decibel that it was almost impossible for the human throat to produce. This comrade fell dead at the feet of the Nivenger, limp as a vegetable. The last soldier standing had his assault rifle raised, though he was so distracted he didn’t think to aim it at the Nivenger.

The alarm still blared away. There were flashes of red emergency light, pulsing in the darkness.

The grounds was littered with the bodies of dead soldiers. Though some had died by the friendly fire, most had died by the Nivenger’s blades and arrows. The last soldier looked around him at the great wasting with which the Nivenger had laid waste to The Colonel’s security forces. He came to a smart conclusion: that in spite of the fact that he held a gun to the Nivenger, he was still severely deficient. He dropped his gun and ran in the opposite direction.

This soldier didn’t get far before he was struck with an arrow in the back of his head. He was dead before he hit the ground.

The house looked deserted. Every window was shut tight; every door was closed. The Nivenger went around retrieving his bloodied arrows and blades. It took him about ten minutes before his quiver was full again. He wasn’t sure how many men were in the house. He also wasn’t sure how far reinforcement was. All he knew was that today he would slit the throat of the one called The Colonel.

The Nivenger approached the main doors. They looked like they were made out of an exquisite type of wood. He made short work of it by arrowing it with one of his explosive arrows. The door was torn off its hinges by the blast, revealing a man dressed in full combat fatigue, but only holding a 9mm Berretta. The Nivenger saw him just as he was the Nivenger.

The Nivenger threw a blade just as he felt the bullet tear through his body. A split second later he heard the gunshot, and he was falling towards the ground, his world spinning out of focus…

The Nivenger will return in the next update.

Beware, O ye corrupt leaders, for the Nivenger is coming for you!

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