The Nivenger (A Political Action Thriller) – Episode 7

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My name is Alex Rolland, and I am the Nivenger…

Breaking News: There is tension across the nation. The National Assembly is under twenty four hour military guard, where most of the Senators are holed up for fear of attack by the Nivenger. After the Nivenger attacked a military base and killed its commanding officer, many fear the true capabilities of this masked vigilante. Many politicians are leaving the country, vowing never to return until this murderer is apprehended. While many are leaving, most are staying back in their houses, paying heavily for military protection. The Presidency has told the people to remain calm as efforts are being made to bring the Nivenger to justice. Our sources have gathered that there was a particular transfer of troops to a residence in Ikoyi said to belong to a very high ranking military officer. Could this be the next target of the Nivenger? Could this high ranking military officer be The Colonel the Nivenger has been seeking? More news after the break…




The darkness was so thick it was freighted with essence and charged with tension. The Nivenger moved through the large hallways with purpose, never for once stopping to look behind. From one level to another he moved, not looking left or right. In the corner of his eyes he saw movement. He never stopped to look for he knew that stopping would be the death of him. Was he afraid? Considering this thought only elicited a sneer from him, because the Nivenger feared no one.

Alex Rolland was your normal youth, who lived and loved life. He was a lover and a fighter, and he lived passionate about the things he was involved with. However, when he donned his hood, he became someone else, he became something else. There was a beast inside of him that came to the fore every time he was dressed in his hood.

At the last floor there was a huge opening in the wall all the way to the end of the house. It was the size of a bank vault, and from it traces of light flushed into the wide hallway.

The Nivenger was, perhaps, twenty meters away from the opening. Through the opening he could see his prize: the four story residence of The Colonel. The ground was dusty and unpaved. The walls leading from him to the other end of the house where the opening stood was a dirty white, and closer to the other end of the hallway were two archways leading into other parts of the floor. Behind him, too, the walls stretched to the front side of the house.

The Nivenger took one step towards the opening and then stopped. His blood ran cold as he sensed it. Danger.

Out of the shadows behind he could feel them moving. It wasn’t until after a few seconds that he heard their legs shuffle. The Nivenger forced his breathing into a disciplined low, tightening his hands around his bow for reassurance. Soon, he could hear their voices: it was an unintelligible groan, like one who sought blood at the deep of the night. They were mostly behind him, but he had no doubt that they were hiding in rooms ahead, waiting in the cover of dark to spring upon him like a predator springs upon a prey.

The Nivenger remained standing, his legs apart in a military stance of power. Since he first sensed these creatures he had not for once looked back. He didn’t need to for he knew what these creatures were. This was what they were: creatures, because they were no longer human. He hadn’t come in contact with these creatures since his time in Kuwait during a KGB run assassination attempt. How they had found their way to Nigeria was beyond him. He made a note to himself to investigate, however right now, his eyes were set on someone else.

The Nivenger, without ceremony, began to take long steps towards opening. Halfway there he broke into a run, pulling a special arrow and notching it. He aimed at the left archway, which was empty. And he let loose. Just as he did, a man-like thing dashed out into the hallway ahead. The arrow speared into the creature’s head, lodging itself in the midst of where its brain should have been. The creature was pushed back a little by the force of impact. This was all the effect the arrow had before the creature regained its footing and lurched towards the Nivenger. It didn’t take two steps before the tip of the arrow, which was in fact a tiny bomb, exploded, shattering the head of the creature into a thousand tiny pieces of rag.

There was a loud roar. It was so loud, and so piercing, that it caused the building to actually shake at its root. Behind, the unintelligible groan grew to a belligerent chaos. The shuffling turned to running footfalls. He had enraged the demons. Now they wanted him for vengeance.

The Nivenger was already racing towards the opening. As he neared the opening, about twenty more of these creatures—the Ragnus, he had heard them called—burst out of their hiding place to waylay him. The Nivenger took another arrow, and in a split second, fired it at the ground in front of their gathering at the opening. The moment the arrow hit the ground, there was a terrible explosion and a highly intense flash of light.

The Ragnus (for this was what they were, both one and many) scattered out of the path of the light, moaning aloud as the flash of light caused them to catch on fire. The Nivenger got to the precipice of the opening at terrifying speed, and then he leapt into the air, across the high fence, and into the wide grounds of The Colonel’s residence.

In an instant, the air was rent with sprays of bullets and the grounds was turned into a battle field. Somewhere an alarm went off, and all over, there were screams and shouts. Since it was dark, the only light came from inside the house. All the bullets blasted past him. Now descending to the ground, the Nivenger notched an arrow and fired it at the power transformer beneath. The moment his arrow was let loose, he pressed the concealed button on his chest and his parachute blasted out, forming a wide canopy overhead. Immediately he felt a jerk as the parachute caught the air and arrested his fall.

For a second there was a perfect silence as the tens of soldiers on the open field saw him descend with a parachute. Every gun muzzle was realigned to target him and a flood light came on, lighting him up like a chicken on fire at the side of the road on a moonless and starless night.

However, before anyone took the first shot, the transformer exploded and the whole house and grounds were plunged into a defining darkness. Less than five seconds later the Nivenger touched down. Death moved swiftly amongst the soldiers, the only report of its presence being their screams and shrills of terror.




The toddler sat bleary eyed on the bare metal floor of the cargo bay. He stank of vomit and engine oil. He had stopped crying because he was famished, his belly so empty it touched his ribs. Beside him were about forty others. Most of them were white, but he and a few others were black. The men who had abducted him paced the large cargo bay with whips in their hands to keep the peace. Though young Alex hadn’t gotten any whips on himself, he didn’t speak or make a noise because he had seen what those whips could do to the body.

 They were in a huge plane. Half of them were lined on one side of the plane, while the other half were lined on the other side. They were strapped to the wall and couldn’t move even if they wanted to.

 They had been flying for hours with no respite. A short man trotted into the cargo bay and went straight for a tall man wearing a thick coat and a hat. They conversed in Russian for a second before the man nodded and the short man left. A minute later, the short man returned with three other men. They were all carrying backpacks.

 They distributed the backpacks to all the abductees and left.

 The tall man spoke English, though it was strained and clipped. “We don’t need an army. We only need a few. For we will turn you into soldiers so powerful you can take on armies. We are currently flying through a forest. Head East when you hit the ground and you will find the institute. There, you will be made into someone else, into something else.”

He paused for his instruction to sink in before continuing. “Make no mistake. The forest is crawling with beasts ready to kill you and eat your flesh. No one is your friend, nothing is your friend. Pull the dangling rope to pull your parachute.”

 At that, the strap holding them in place automatically unsnapped and let them go. Along with the others, Alex stood to his feet. He then realized that he was already wearing a small backpack. On his chest he saw a dangling rope. Was that for the parachute? he asked himself. He looked down at the other backpack he had just been given. What was inside it?

 Alex looked up to ask the man, but realized that all grownups had left the cargo bay. There was a warning sound to his right. Alex swallowed hard and turned to look. The main doors to the plane began to open. They were high up in the air, hurtling at a terrifying speed. Alex felt fear stab at his heart. In an instant he remembered his parents. They had been killed by a man in a mask. Fear turned into anger, which boiled in his heart. His mother had told him to revenge them. He would.

 The plane pitched upwards, sending all of them into the air and shooting out of the open hatch and into the dark night.

The Nivenger will return in the next update.

Beware, O ye corrupt leaders, for the Nivenger is coming for you!

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