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He put off the bedside lamp and the room became dimly lit with only the candles providing light.
“Relax” he said, I could however not just relax like that I was no longer used to it.
He then stood up and came round to my side and started to unbutton my shirt I was rigid, I did not know how to react. “Relax” he said again, I couldn’t the whole situation wasn’t to my liking, but that did not stop him, he continued and succeeded in removing my shirt. I was left wearing only my bra. And honestly I had forgotten how to be naked with my husband I felt very self-conscious and exposed.
“You need a bath” Peter said. Words failed me I had no response, no answer, no sharp comeback I just sat while he proceeded to undress me completely. He then proceeded to lift me and did not drop me till we got to the bathroom, where he then dropped me gently in the bath, turns the bath was filled with warm water. He had been running the bath all this time. The feel of the warm water on my body was pure bliss.
Peter was giving me a bath, I had craved this bath like forever but he had always said it was not something he could do.
I could almost have fallen asleep in the bath he had obviously added some of my favorite perfume to the water. It felt so good I was almost drifting off to sleep then I realized he had left the bathroom and for one minute I became alarmed. My eyes darted around frantically and then I saw him come in wearing only his towel, which he pulled off as soon as he came in. Funny how things change, while I’m sure he was okay with been nude with me.
I was no longer comfortable being without clothes and in the same room with my husband Peter.
My mind was not as relaxed as my body was working in overdrive as I was seriously wondering why Peter had decided to give me a bath. Even when our relationship was at its best he was consistent in his refusal to give me a bath whenever I requested one.
So what had changed I was now very curious to know why he was being so nice.
Knowing me as he did Peter must have felt giving me a bath was the final way to get to me. While I enjoyed the bath, it did not make me view Peter in a softer light.
I was only thinking that whatever it was he wanted he must want it really badly for him to be going to these lengths. He hardly bothered these days.
After the bath he lifted me up again and took me to bed. And then proceeded to make love to me it was just like old times, maybe even better.
And I enjoyed it in spite of myself, it was not the $3x I had thought it would be, Peter made love to me.
“I’m sorry he said” just as I was about drifting off to sleep, I thought I did not hear well. “Hnnmm” I murmured. I’m sorry he said again. The sleep cleared from my eyes.
“Sorry for what” I asked.
“Everything” he said looking into my eyes; “Can you forgive me” he continued.

“For what” I asked. I never thought this day would come. Peter, begging me for forgiveness. I could not believe I was hearing right.
What was there to forgive I thought, was it the time he beat my baby out of my body for soiling the bed with spit and forced me to seek refuge in the guest room, or the other time I got a black eye for “talking” back at him. I had lost count.
But sorry just seemed inadequate.
“Can we start all over again” he asked.
I did not know what answer to give, Peter was a little too late. The bird had already flown.
Those nights I spent in the guest room alone had helped strengthen my resolve and I knew what I had to do. First thing tomorrow I would call Nanklin and ask her to hook me up with one of her numerous lawyer friends so I could officially file for divorce. I was finally free or at least I would be come tomorrow.

The End

Editors Note: Sometimes forgiveness is a very hard nut to crack… If you were ‘Nanret’ (the story teller) What would you have done differently? Tell us in the comment section below.

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  • Xerryd says:

    This story is really to short,,and its nothing compaired to the rest e.g after the auction ,,and if he really is her husband,,why cant she forgive him,,its for better for worst,oh

  • Arya says:

    Hmm’ so sad, if the divorce is going to be gud for her then she should get it. She has really passed through a lot.

  • dorcas says:

    There is one thing in love we call second chance,and it has to come again and again. Peter has actually realised his mistakes,all by himself.Give him a second chance and see him do better.
    Peter was a baby-husband before but now,I think he has graduated to teen-husband.

  • hope nkechi says:

    If I were her, I would have forgiven him and give him another chance.

    • Sylvia James says:

      Forgiving him is just like giving him the go ahead to kill her. He beat her till she had a miscarriage the best thing she can do for herself is to leave him

  • Shadow says:

    I want to thank the writer for writing this story and Madivas Pls can I share on FB, Instagram Its about what’s happening in our society which is called domestic violence the women in it can’t voice out all because of what the society will say and the abuse goes on until they realizes its my life I have to get out of this which is for those that are brave enough to face the society while those that aren’t which is most of them stays till they die and the cycle continues.Thank you for this great story.

    • vicky says:

      @shadow you can go ahead and share it but you need to acknowledge the writer Emiene Erameh and stories.madivas.com

  • florence says:

    She should have given him a second chance,cos who knows,he might have really changed 4 gud,nd also wat if d sex dey had dat night results into pregnancy, will she kip her child from knowing d father.

  • she should forgive her husband. let them start over again

  • Great write-up, I am normal visitor of one?¦s web site, maintain up the nice operate, and It’s going to be a regular visitor for a lengthy time.

  • Mirabella says:

    Another chance will be better.
    Though she only knows how she currently and truly feels.
    How one feels determines the action to be taken.
    At this moment , she should seek the intervention of her Maker. He only has the perfect solution.

  • These two better settle their score now before everything ends up burnt!

  • These two better settle their score now before everything ends up burnt!

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