The Nivenger (A Political Action Thriller) – Episode 5

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Episode 5


Breaking News: Massacre at Nigerian Air force Base in Ikeja!

The military has cordoned off the base and everyone is being denied access, including the press. However, from what we can gather from shaken up residents of the base who have been displaced from their homes pending the resolution of the attack on the base, we can say that scores of military combatants have been killed in this new attack by the Nivenger, including the Commanding Officer of the base. According to several unconfirmed reports, The Nivenger is said to be in search of The Colonel. Who this Colonel is, is anyone’s guess. All efforts to contact the Air force’s spokesperson have proven futile. More news after the break…

“Hello,” came an angry voice over the phone.

“It’s me sir,” said the Colonel, his handheld on his ear. He was parked in the garage of his Ikoyi residence. It was raining here also, but in his garage there was a commanding silence.

“The Colonel,” said the Chief of Army Staff—COAS. “We are to meet tomorrow. Except this is an emergency I’m going to hang up the phone right now.”

“He might know who I am,” said The Colonel.

There was silence.

“Is it because of the attack on the Air Force base?” asked the COAS.

“They say he came for my name,” replied the Colonel. “He wants to know who I am. If he finds me, there will be only one left before the Lazarus Protocol is activated. I need not remind you what that will entail…”

The COAS gave a loud sigh.

“We have to tell the Cabal,” said The Colonel.

The COAS sniggered. “They already probably know. We need to take action against this vigilante before he does something the entire nation will regret. It’s not just about the Librarian, it is about what happens before the Librarian comes forth.”

“I remember the last time the Librarian came forth,” said the COAS, a sad memory on his tongue.

“The Civil War?” said The Colonel.

“Yes for Nigeria,” replied the COAS. “The Holocaust in Germany, the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Russia, Nine Eleven in the US, and the list goes on. Anywhere, anytime the Librarian is called major disasters precede’s.”

“We can’t let this mad man enact the Lazarus Protocol,” whispered The Colonel.

“We need to call in the twins,” suggested the COAS.

The Colonel gasped in abject fright. “That’s insane, excuse me for saying, sir! The Cabal will never sanction such a thing.”

“The twins are our only hope if we want to stop this Nivenger before he enacts the Lazarus Protocol,” said the COAS.

“But contracting them will cost the Cabal a fortune,” said The Colonel. “Even more it will bankrupt them.”

“But they will still be standing,” replied the COAS. “And Nigeria and Nigerians all over the world will still be safe.”

The Colonel said, “Sir, let me deal with The Nivenger. I’m not some senator or out of shape base commander that a man in a mask holding a bow and arrow can kill. I will assign more specially trained soldiers to my residence and will prepare for him. He will never be able to kill me.”

The COAS considered this for a moment before he said, “Okay. But if you fail, I will give the order. I will contract the twins to kill The Nivenger. I will call in Scylla and Charybdis.” And the line went dead.

As the COAS called their names, a terrible chill slid down The Colonel’s spine.


The moment Alex Rolland sneaked into his room, the light came on. Alex’s left hand immediately came to his eyes to shield them from the harsh glare of the overhead fluorescent. Then his free right hand skillfully pushed to his behind the bag that contained his gear.

His roommate, Lexie Whitehall, was sitting by his computer near the light switch. He was a tall, bony looking guy in his early twenties with thick rimmed glasses. He wore a white T shirt that hung from his frame and a brown pair of trousers.

Alex looked at him, uncertain. “Uh…” he muttered, wondering what he would say.

Lexie cocked his eyebrow, “Yes?” he said in his thick American accent.

“Look, what do you want me to say?” Alex replied, easily recovering from his previous shock at finding his roommate awake and waiting for him. “I went to the bar.”

Lexie’s eyes fell down to his right hand which was bent around his back. “And what might you be hiding in that bag, Alex … or should I say Nivenger?”

Terror struck at Alex like a loud sounding gong.

He stuttered, his mind fuzzy as he tried to understand what had just happened.

“You can’t fool me, Alex,” said Lexie. “I graduated summa cum lade from Harvard University. I have a PhD in computer science. It is my job to analyze and solve problems. You don’t think you could be moonlighting as a vigilante and your room mate wouldn’t know?”

Alex Rolland still had his mouth agape.

Lexie scoffed. “I see you don’t give me too much credit. I know you’re The Nivenger, Alex. I didn’t suspect until the killing of the senator. Then I put a tracker on you. When you showed up at the airport where Abdulla was killed and now at the air force base where all those soldiers were killed, I pieced it all together.”

Alex Rolland dropped his bag on his bed and drew to full height. “Suppose you’re right. Suppose your ridiculous statements are true. What are you going to do about it?”

Then Lexie smiled. “If I were right, and I am by the way, and you were The Nivenger, I would swear allegiance to you. This country is way too corrupt. The only way we’re going to make progress is through a cleansing. And I want in.”

Alex Rolland said, “You want in? What could you possibly do?”

Lexie gestured at his computer. “Is there something you’re looking for? Somebody you’re trying to find, maybe?”

Alex’s heart leapt in his chest. “The Colonel,” he said immediately.

Lexie nodded. He tapped away at his computer, a series of alpha numeric code running up and down the screen. After a few seconds, he said, “The Colonel is the military code name for a senior officer in the Nigerian Army named General Emeka Okeke. There’s a lot of information on him I can send them to you when—”

“I just need his present location,” said Alex Rolland, shell shocked at the ease with which the tech whiz he had for a roommate had found an information he had labored to get for the past two weeks since he killed Senator Abdulla.

“He’s currently residing at his Ikoyi residence,” Lexie said, taking a piece of paper and scribbling on it. He handed the paper to Alex.

Alex took the paper and looked at the address. After a moment, he looked up at the unassuming guy. “Are you sure about this?”

“About wanting to join you or about the address?” asked Lexie.

“Wanting to join me,” said Alex.

Lexie nodded.

“But first,” Alex said, taking a tall stool and pulling it up to Lexie. Sitting down, he said, “But first, you have to know everything. How I became what I am.”

Lexie nodded.

Alex took a deep breath then said, “My name is Alex Rolland, and I am the Nivenger.”


The Nivenger will return in the next update.

Beware, O ye corrupt leaders, for the Nivenger is coming for you!


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