Casa De Ville – Part 4 (Finale)

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Recap: Keira is newly married to Paul; they travel to Maldives for their honeymoon. Thereafter Keira is with a masochist and Paul her husband is AWOL. Finally Paul finds Keira in Ghana and they are planning to return to Nigeria.


Keira opens her eyes to see Ajman and Paul talking over her as they try to resuscitate her.

“She is awake” said Paul

As they all stare at one another Keira quickly makes for the door.  Almost immediately Ajman grabs her hand and tries to steady her

“Keira, have you seen a ghost” said Paul “Why are you trying to run away”

“Bu-t Buh” mumbles Keira as she points to Ajman who had not spoken a word since she woke up.

“Please do something doctor” said Paul to Ajman

Keira was still in shock as Ajman injects her with Ketamine to calm her and put her to sleep since her she was panicking and wheezing out of breath

“I told you not to come over but you insisted” said Paul to Ajman “I had everything under control and she was clueless”

“I just wanted to see the look on her face when she sees us together, I told her not to run away and she did” replied Ajman

“Remind me again why you brought her here against the wishes of the cult” asked Paul

Paul had visited Maldives the previous year on a business trip. There he met Mauna at Casa de Ville and they enjoyed a mutual rendezvous during the short stay. Paul was astonished at the lavish lifestyle she was living while putting up a front as a receptionist.

He was able to gain her trust by revealing that he was ready to do anything to live the same way. They talked at length and then she took him to the senior partner of the cult. Without knowing, Paul was put to a test where he was asked to watch a live demonstration where a human was being operated upon to remove the vital organs.

Paul did not shrug through the process, kept a straight face and did not comment. After which he was given the details and told the consequences of betrayal. He was asked to bring a victim during which his initiation would be completed.

That night Paul tossed and turn the length of his bed thinking about what he had experienced, and if he would go the mile just to become filthy rich. By morning he was still staring at the ceiling before coming to the conclusion that he would get rich or die trying either way.

Back home, he stumbled upon Keira at a friend’s party. At first they did not get along well being that Keira was very well to do and Paul still struggling to make ends meet. After the consistent pestering through phone calls and unsolicited visits she finally gives in.

The proposal was so perfect, barely three months down the line. He had taken her on a yatch and knelt down while they were at sea. It was just how she imagined it would be though she could not phantom how he could afford to treat her to such.

Before the wedding, he had made her believe she came up with the idea of going on a trip to Maldives by leaving clues around her, taking her to see romantic movies, playing songs where Maldives was mentioned and occasionally mentioning Maldives in her ears while she sleeps.

The night they lodged at the hotel, he left the room door open, and the unsuspecting Keira rushed to bed without imagining what was to befall her.

He had sedated her by mixing her drink with what Mauna had given him and she slept through the whole process.

Paul helped move her to the hut that night while Mauna distracted the Security in charge of monitoring the camera.

The whole time he was the orchestrator of the event that has unfolded and Keira had been hoping on him to save her.

“I brought her here so that we can share the profits equally without sharing it with the other partners” replied Ajman.

“If that is the plan, why did you not involve me until now? If you had not lost her would you have sought my assistance” asked Paul

“I was lucky to have tracked you down to Ghana thanks to the fisherman who fortunately for me has loyalty to the highest bidder.”

Ajman begins to fume as Paul is raising his voice at him.

“Please tone down your voice” said Ajman as he is trying so hard to control his anger

“Tone what; you have not answered my question. I have waited this long and even cooperated with you without blowing your cover and all I get is tone down. Do you think I risked it all for you to abscond with my investment?”

“Just tell me the truth now” Paul says now shouting on top of his voice

Just then Ajman grabs Paul by the knee causing him to fall and hit his head hard on the ground.

They scuffle for some time trying hard not to alarm the people in the hotel knowing the implication once they are found out.

Ajman’s head under Paul’s arms, both breathing heavily as Keira wakes up to see them fighting.

She quietly moves to the door and lets herself out. As she moves to the lobby in the hotel she turns to make sure she is not being followed. She rushes into the street and as she tries to cross the road jumps into a moving vehicle hearing Ajman scream her name

Everything happened so fast, people gather round to help her but she slowly fades into oblivion


“Keirama” her mother called out, seated facing her daughter who has been in coma for two weeks

Keira slowly opens her eyes to see family gathered around her smiling as she regains consciousness. The room was occupied with different flowers, some already withered and needing a change, some balloons reading get well soon, a blanket  arranged in a way suggesting someone had camped in same room with her for days.

“My sweet daughter” her father says standing behind her mother

She was pleased to see everyone, back home away from her oppressors, closed to her loved ones.

Hugs and Kisses from every one as she struggles to sit up on the bed. Her mother watched in astonishment as the smile quickly fades from her face immediately Paul walked into the room. He had stepped out to quickly speak with the doctor who had confirmed to him that she was recuperating fine.

“Baby, why are you looking like you have seen a ghost” said Paul

“Please stay far from me” said Keira already white with fear

“Mother please don’t let him come close to me, Please call the police, this man is a murderer” she starts to panic.

“Calm down Keira, Calm down” everyone was trying to make sense of what was going on

“No mother, he almost killed me, he is wicked” she sobs

“Ah, Keira, this is your husband, he has been here with you since you slumped at the wedding” her mother quickly rushes to remind her. “What are you referring to, because you have been on this bed since then? There was an accident involving the chandelier used to decorate the reception hall. It was due for maintenance but was overlooked by the hall management team. As you walked down the aisle with Paul it fell on you knocking you out immediately”.

“He has not left your side since then and you missed your flight for the honeymoon trip”

Still finding it hard to believe she requests that Paul leaves the room for some time to give her enough time to figure things out herself.

Perplexed, he leaves the room so as not to upset her any further and send her back into another coma.

She requests to see the newspaper lying by her bedside so she can know what date it was.

“But it has been just a week” she speaks as she slowly lets off her guard “How is it possible I have been on this bed for this long”

“Mother, seems it was only a nightmare all along, the longest one I tell you, am sure Paul would not mind hearing it as well”

“Please, I would love to apologize to him in person” she says now relaxed

Paul walks into the room and heads straight for Keira, hugs her tightly and whispers into her ear “Welcome back Baby, the nightmare has just began”



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