Casa De Ville – PT 3

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Recap: Keira is newly married to Paul, they travel to Maldives for their honeymoon and now Keira is with a masochist and Paul her husband is AWOL.



Behind Keira was Paul in the bushes where she was hiding, the very Paul she has been hoping to see all these while, but for some reason, she is more confused than relaxed.

Mouth Ajar, Keira stares straight at Paul and is lost for words, she must be dreaming, she thinks to herself, all these events and no explanation

“Babes, I have been searching all over for you” Said Paul softly as he approaches her

“Interpol at Maldives got Intel that you were in Ghana and I took the next flight as soon as I was told” he pauses then continues ” I can’t believe this is you. I almost gave up hope of ever seeing you, knowing how stories like this end, back in Maldives there are a ton of unsolved cases involving tourists disappearance as I just discovered“

“I have searched everywhere for you, everyone at the hotel  made me feel like I was making things up, even the receptionist denied meeting you the day before” he moves closer to hold her in his arms. Keira is too shocked to utter a word. She extends her hands and starts to cry.

“Please say something” said Paul still looking at Keira sadly.

“Paul, please take me home. This has been the worst dream ever.” Keira finally speaks “I just want to go home, I want to forget this ever happened” Sobbing profusely in his arms

Limping Keira follows Paul to the car which was parked in the middle of the road with the lights still turned on, her feet bruised from running into a rusted metal lying on the road. She could swear it was the same car she was hiding from, or is she mistaken.

She could not help but ask “Paul, why are you out alone at this time of the night, where have you been, what is happening, where exactly are we” confused Keira, still trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

“You should be in company of the police, who knows what could have happened to you this late, the locals here are not very welcoming, he could be following me” still staring at him for an answer, looking agitated for fear that Ajman could appear from nowhere and take her again

Paul patient to allow her ask all the questions as he looks at her quivering body. She sighs and finally says “I sure am glad it was you I ran into, I can’t even gather the courage to tell you what I have been through lately.” Said Keira still agitated, Paul can see the joy in her eyes which once sparkled but now dull and tired

“Babes, please rest for now. I am just glad I have found you” replied Paul

“I was already going crazy, knowing I would not last a day without you”

The ride back to the hotel he lodged is a slow and quiet one, as they are both tired and short for words. The joy of finding one another was just enough

Keira moves closer to hold Paul, as if to say, she might wake up again and not find him close to her.

“Don’t worry Babes, I am not going anywhere this time, nowhere” whispered Paul

The car pulls up in front of the hotel, few blocks away from where he found her.

Keira is fast asleep; Paul carries her to the room and bolts the wooden door.

“Paul, please don’t ever let me go” said Keira in her sleep as Paul lay her on the single bed in the room, barely enough for both of them to sleep comfortably. He picks up the duvet to cover her and tucks her in neatly.

He makes a few calls from the balcony of the room barely audible to Keira, then returns back to the room and snuggles beside her.

Few hours into the night “Ahh” screamed Keira in her dreams “Don’t, please, don’t”

Startled Paul quickly rushes to calm her “Baby, I am here, please stop crying, everything is going to be ok”

This is the second time Keira is screaming in her dreams and it is not yet dawn, Paul is beginning to get tired from the constant nightmares, she had barely slept for two straight hours

As the early morning sun struggles to pierce through the blinds, Paul gently lets go of Keira who was snuggled very close to him so he can use the gents

“Wake up babes, its morning and you need to eat something” said Paul as he walks out of the convenience “called room service and he is on his way up with our breakfast”

“I have also arranged for our flight back to Nigeria, but that would be tomorrow as the flight for today is fully booked due to the holidays”

Keira lets off a sly grin then slowly raises her head then turns to continue her sleep. Her savior is here so she can sleep peacefully, food can wait for now.

“I don’t feel like eating anything, not today” she replied still facing the wall

“But you have to eat, to regain your strength. Please love, even if it is just a little” Paul says now beside her and gently stroking her hair

Paul raises the spoon of rice to her face and tires to feed her, but she moves further away from him. He gives up and changes into the Jean and T-shirt hanging on the chair close to window. He picks up his phone to make some calls then leaves the room.

Five hours later, Paul walks into the room, lifts the duvet and tries to wake Keira who is still fast asleep.

“Babes, I know you have been through a lot, but you have to start recovering soon, try to let go of the past for us”

“Easy for you to say, you didn’t have to be gagged and humiliated by some stranger” Keira starts to sob once again

“Sorry dear, didn’t mean it that way, I just want the best for you, and I miss my baby” replied Paul as he plants a kiss on her palm

“I think you should see a doctor before we leave, just to be sure that noting bad has occurred this past days we were not together, your feet is beginning to swell, we don’t want it amputated now, do we?

“Ok, If you say so” responded Keira nonchalantly

“I say so”

“I would have to ask around for a reputable hospital, thereafter we would go for routine checkup, please try to eat something love”

After sometime, Keira picks the spoon and manages to swallow two spoon full after which she went back to sleep.

Paul lifts the curtains to let in some fresh air into the room that was beginning to heat up from the blazing sun outside. The ceiling fan squeaking from old age and barely cooling the room. He picks up a magazine from the bedside drawer.

“It’s going to be a great day love, I can feel it” said Paul as he flips the pages to pass time while sitting on the only chair in the room

“Huh uh” replied Keira with her back turned

Suddenly he stands up from the chair like he had forgotten something “Be right back, if all goes well would be returning with the doctor for the examination” said Paul as he rushes to the door

“Ok” replies Keira not noticing his worried look as he jets out

At 5.00pm she finally lifts herself lazily from the bed and enters the bathroom to shower. As she enters, she is greeted by a mouse in the middle of the bathroom, she screams and runs out. “So much for a shower” she talks to herself.

She changes into Paul’s shirt and gives up on taking a shower, sits down to eat and is surprised at how she managed to swallow the whole plate of food in the blink of an eye. Hungrily she picks up the phone and requests for more from room service, the food is brought and the same way, she wipes the plate clean and washes the food down her tommy with the cold bottle of water from the small fridge inside the room.

After some time, there is a knock on the door

Tap! Tap!!

Slowly, Keira manages to stand up from the bed where she was patiently waiting for Paul since she could not call him to know his whereabouts due to not having a phone. She looks through the hole in the door to make sure it was Paul and no one else

Excited to see Paul she opens the door to let him in

“Babes, there is someone here to see you” Said Paul

As Paul steps aside to let the visitor in, Ajman appears from behind him and Keira falls to the ground unconscious


Editors Note: Shocker!! Now what happens next? Find out in the concluding part of the story.

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