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In the last chapter, I told of how I moved into the boarding house and was molested by my teacher… of course he had to go. I disposed of him and that marked my second job and my exit from secondary school.


While I was on vacation, the news got to me of the outcome of the police investigation into the death of corper Wale. I wasn’t the least bit scared as to being discovered it was a clean job and I was glad he was gone. The police found traces of acid in his bottle and with the help of the Doctors his cause of death was established. Then the actual investigation began as to how acid got into his bottle that day. Safe to say they never discovered how and the case was closed as inconclusive. His burial shook the school and even made it to the daily papers. I wasn’t feeling any sensation and as soon as I told Mark he shook his head, showed me a list of all the names of people he had marked for liberation and those he had already ticked off. He said …
“Ken man you gotta find you someone real quick to ease with”
Those words stuck and never left me. I was back to the country to resume University but somehow I couldn’t find me an ease.. It was taking too long and I was gradually loosing it.
Every morning before my early jog around the campus I had a session where I sat on my bed and relieved every job I had done, feeling all the sensations again as this prepared me for my day. I committed the same ritual at night before bed. These ultimately kept me going until I received the shocker of all news. Mum called me one afternoon and after our casual greetings she asked me
“Do you remember our neighbors in the U. S? ”
I replied yes feigning a little disinterest in what she was saying even though I knew she spoke about Mark.
” Can you imagine that they found human parts buried in his parents garden and when his parents challenged him, he murdered them in their sleep and shot himself afterwards”
My world stopped, the earth spun from under my feet, I had to hold on to a nearby pillar to stop myself from falling to the floor in shock.
Mum continued excitedly with her story.
“They even found a diary with a lot of names on it, and when they investigated they found he was responsible for a lot of previously unsolved murder cases”
“Mum are you serious? ”
I was afraid my voice would betray the turmoil I was going through
“Are you okay Kelvin? ”
I quickly interrupted her questions 

” yes I am okay just really shocked that we lived so close to a vicious killer”
“My son that’s the sad world we live in, you can’t trust anyone, I thank God for your life and how far you have come. ”
My mind ran to Mark and I’s phone correspondences and my heart jumped into my mouth… The police would discover our chats and calls If they dug deeper into Marks psychopathic life. There was no doubt I would be discovered. My world would come tumbling down on me.
I finished off the call with mum and went straight to my apartment. I had never cried this much at any point in my life. Mark was my anchor, he knew me, he only could understand me, he discovered me, he made me realize how much of a god I was and now he was gone and with him the possibility of the continuity of our work. If the police discovered all we did, everything will be ruined.
I tried to nap a little but sleep never came and I decided to drive into town and pick some materials needed to run a project given by one of my lecturers. I felt a distraction from my thoughts would help me a while for I knew I was doomed to feel the weight of Marks loss and nothing could pull me from that.
I caught myself talking out loud during the drive, my mind was in shock.. Lots of questions left unanswered, lots of questions only Mark could answer. Well what should I have expected Marks golden rule was never to get caught. I replayed Mums shocked face when she finds out just how connected I was to Mark.. I knew it was a mere matter of time before all will be exposed and with it my freedom to feel.
I came down from the parked car and headed for the fruit stall.. I picked up two bunches of banana and my thoughts hit again
“Mark! Why leave me this way, confused , why take from the very gift you gave me….why? Why?. ”
I stood momentarily speechless on a spot, until I snapped out of it. I turned with the bunches of banana and headed for my parked car.
It was then I heard the first shout
“Ole! “.
I turned , my brain not fully grasping the possible event about to unfold. Something moved me further towards my car. Then the shouts doubled, it rained everywhere.
“Ole! Ole! Ole! ”
Everyone joined in the shouting, chaos was imminent , I could see it coming. My heels picked up speed and out of nowhere I felt a sharp pain hit me at the side of my hips, I looked it was a large stone. The pain resonated all over, I limped on and another hit my ankle. The pain jolted up my legs and tripped me . I fell and started crawling. The crowd was gathering… My first tears dropped and kept flowing… I was confused. Everyone was shouting and the noise drowned me. I was speechless. Another stone hit my head and I lost consciousness. My mind retreated into it’s cove and for a while it numbed my pain.. I was safe in there no one could hurt me.
However my minds respite didn’t last for long as I quickly regained consciousness and it truly then dawned on me the weight of what was happening. My whole body ached, the metallic taste of blood was all over my toungue, I touched my face and it was all rocky. The beating had continued even as I was unconscious. I saw phones and excited people making videos. I cried and cried, someone tossed the bunches of banana at me and the stoning resumed. Someone screamed
“Rabiu ! Bring tire and that fuel wey dey for shop”
The crowd roared with excitement. I closed my eyes as the stones kept raining down. I was too weak to attempt to shield my face with my hands, they where broken anyway. That metallic liquid flowed freely from my head as if like a minor water fountain. I desperately wanted to retreat back into the cold arms of unconsciousness but it eluded me.
The tire landed on me, then another and another, a woman rushed and raised my head up to insert the tire properly… I was too weak and I knew it was time. My poor mother would never believe her son would be here, at this time and this place. Things like this never happened to anyone she knew she would say.
A warm liquid found itself into my mouth, I licked my swollen lips and tasted fuel mixed with blood. Someone came forward with a large stick and Gbim! Kpon! He started hitting me…. I heard a crack and I touched my face something felt amiss in my face. I struggled to see through my almost shut eye… I glimpsed the clear blue sky and transfixed my gaze on it. It was truly a clear beautiful blue sky.
Mark appeared from the sky, reached out from there and pulled me away… I stood away from the gruel scene and I watched as the first match landed on me.. My body lit up in swirls of flame and thick smoke, the crowd cheered. I remained in my transfixed position.
Mark pulled me towards him, as we walked away I took one last look at my body and smiled I WAS LIBERATED.


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