The Nivenger (A Political Action Thriller) – Episode 4

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Episode 4

Breaking News: Senator Abdulla Rasheed gruesomely murdered by the Nivenger

 In a daring move, the Nivenger cornered the Senator, who was reportedly fleeing the country, right before he entered his flight. Senator Abdulla was found dead with an arrow in his head and a blade in his chest, both of which belonged to the Nivenger. Also found dead were his security operatives, his wife, and his child, who had been killed by cyanide poisoning. The Senate is rumored to have called an emergency session to debate the Nation’s response to this Vigilantism. All calls made to the Senate have been met with griping silence, which has forced to ask, is our nation’s leadership terrified by this masked man? More information after the break…


The darkness was absolute, the dark inky void above dominating the heavens. Rain battered the earth, and great puddles of water ravaged the muddy road in a shanty part of Victoria Island. There was not a soul around. Ramshackle squat buildings dotted the landscape, and a cold wind broadly swept the area, proceeding from the nearby ocean. There was a single lamppost on the street, which flooded an area with bright golden incandescent light. The winds and rain rose and fell in intensity, becoming very tempestuous most times. Aside from the incredible drum of rain against zinc roofing sheets and bare ground, there was no sound in the area. It looked like a dead zone, the hovels of houses looking eerily dead, though within them were housed the poorest and basest of society.

At exactly 8:00PM, the sublime peace of this street was disturbed by two Black SUVs. They approached each other from opposite sides of the street, stopping driver door to driver door at the bright spot under the lamppost. The SUVs were tinted an impenetrable black and their license plates were hidden behind leather jackets. The SUVs remained running, while parked beside each other. At exactly the same time, the drivers of the two vehicles wound their windows down.

Two men were revealed. One was bigger than the other.

“Good evening, General,” said the smaller man to the bigger man.

The bigger man responded with a pronounced sneer that split his face left and right. He had a big and imposing stature. His face was stripped with deep scars that resembled tribal marks, which accentuated the wicked look he naturally possessed. His face was hairy to the point it obliterated his facial features, and pronounced on his lower beards were bubbles of what appeared to liquor stayed. Rising out of his vehicle into the stingy, salty air was the sharp, pungent smell of sour wine.

The smaller man, though put off by the senior officer’s odor, remained impassive. In fact, he had a pleasant look on his face. This was because he knew to whom he spoke. He knew for whom the man worked. He knew why he was here. And the dread he contended with predominated his mind such that he had little care for the discomfort of a bad smell.

“What news have you brought me?” asked the senior officer.

The smaller man hesitated. In his mind he recalled the torture people who brought The Colonel bad news had to endure, though they weren’t the cause of these bad news. Pictures of bruised, battered, and mortally injured junior officers rent his mind with a piercing terror. The smaller man looked into his car for a moment to shield the fear that was now hazing his vision from The Colonel.

Some had been killed out rightly. It was as though they were back in the dark ages, when there was no rule of law. Though Nigeria was a democratic state, in the corridors of power, where it all mattered, this was a mere illusion. And the smaller man had seen this first hand.

“There was an attack at the Air Force Base in Ikeja,” replied the smaller man.

“Who?” asked the bigger man.

“The Nivenger.”


“About an hour ago.”

The Colonel considered it for a moment. Though he was a General in the Nigerian army, he was secretly known as The Colonel, the one whose death would activate the Lazarus Protocol. The General had picked up the code name, The Colonel, during his tour as a Colonel with a secret JTF that infiltrated a terrorist network in the heart of Iraq. This JTF had involved US, UK, and French special forces operatives as well. However, the Colonel had so out shined his peers and had been solely responsible for saving the team when the mission had gone south and assassinating the terrorist they had gone after.

The mission had been denied by the US and UK and every document on the mission had been redacted. Nevertheless, tales of this Nigerian operative—The Colonel—had spread to almost every military in the world, including Nigeria. Even though he rose in rank, he retained the code name, The Colonel. Though this code name was a closely guarded secret and only a handful of people within the Military knew who The Colonel really was. This was why The Nivenger was going after top military leaders. He was searching for The Colonel.

“Was the Base Commander on duty?” asked The Colonel.

“Yes, sir,” replied the man.

“What did he say?”

“We can’t be sure, sir,” replied the man. “By the time Military Police mobilized on site, they found him shot to the chest with an arrow.”

The eyes of The Colonel flew wide with rage. “What?” he bellowed, his guttural yell carrying through the smashing rain. The Colonel slammed his hands on his steering wheel, causing the smaller man to cringe back in terror though he was in the safety of his vehicle.

“What happened to the company of soldiers guarding him?” The Colonel roared.

“They were all murdered by The Nivenger,” the smaller man replied instantly, the words seemingly flowing forth, intelligent, from his mouth.

There was a harrowing silence.

“I was told to tell you that he might come after you,” said the smaller man. “You need to take precaution.”

“By who?”

The smaller man cocked his eyebrow. “The people I work for.”

“The DSS?”

The smaller officer nodded.

The Colonel sniggered. “What do you care? You have enough troubles on your hands as it is, detaining those judges. I’m surprised the Nivenger hasn’t already come for them.”

The smaller man smirked. “Where we are keeping the judges, the Nivenger would be too scared to approach.” The man paused. Then he added, “Are you going to inform them?”

“The Cabal?” asked The Colonel. He didn’t wait for a reply, before he said, “No. I’ll handle this one on my own.”

“Are you sure?” asked the smaller man. “Your life is in danger. At least tell the COAS. He’s in town.”

This brought surprise to The Colonel’s face. “How the hell did you know the chief of army staff is in town?”

The smaller man smirked again. “I’m DSS, remember? Knowing people’s secret is my business.”

“Do you know who The Nivenger is?”

“No,” replied the smaller man, sadly. “But my guess is he’s an NYSC member in Lagos. I’ve sent an agent to infiltrate their ranks. The Nivenger will slip someday, and when he does, the DSS will be there to apprehend him.”

“Will he stand trial?”

The smaller man scoffed. “No. He’ll disappear.”

The two men understood that reference.

The Colonel sighed. “Keep in touch,” he said. “I’ll inform the Chief of Army Staff right away.”

The smaller man nodded, and as if choreographed, the two men wound their windows up and drove their separate ways, the small inconsequential street falling back dead.


The Nivenger will return in the next update.

Beware, O ye corrupt leaders, for the Nivenger is coming for you!

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