Casa De Ville – PT 2

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Recap:Paul and Keira are married and in Maldives for their honeymoon. They lodge in a hotel and Keira cannot explain where she finds herself.


Ajman leans forward to closely examine Keira. She could perceive the dust from the regalia gathered over the years mixed with blood and sweat. This smells like death, she thinks to herself

“Mauna you were right, she fits the description perfectly.” said Ajman very seriously

What description is this man before her talking about, what is happening, where is Paul, who are these people? So many questions, Keira tries to talk but she has been gagged, you can hear her muffle through the cloth, her eyes bulging as if they would fall off their sockets.

Ajman still watching Keira closely is moved by her strength as she struggles, she was different he thought. Ajman is a local doctor that specializes in trading illegal organs at the black market and Keira is his latest victim although Ajman now feels differently and is convinced this could be his chance to live his dream with her.

Ajman, who is part Maldivian and part Ghanaian, has managed to suppress his love for masochism since he was a boy. He was mentally challenged and abandoned by his parents. He grew up not knowing what love meant and was abused by his guardian occasionally.

At seventeen, Ajman was a loyal submissive to his guardian Madam Ice. She taught him all there was to know about the act and since she died he had not nurtured that feeling for fear of being criticized. Often times, when he thinks of his past, he would lock himself up and bruise himself deriving pleasure from the act.

Just then Ajman sets his plan in motion and says “Mauna, she is not physically fit for this exercise. We would have to bring in another candidate. Please inform the partners. This could ruin our reputation”

Staring strangely at Ajman, Mauna is confused, this has not happened before and they have had over three hundred candidates since they started this trade. Ajman has always been their doctor, very loyal and discrete.

“Ajman, what exactly is wrong with this candidate? I would like to relay this information to the partners” asked Mauna.

Mauna can sense some funny business, she thought Kiera was as fit as a fiddle; she couldn’t place what game Ajman was playing this time.

Ajman gives Keira an anesthetic while this discussion is going on to put her to sleep. “She has Sarcodoisis, and the moment I start the operation she would die. The organ would be useless at that point and honestly they are useless even now”

Confused Mauna paces from one end to another in the hut trying not to utter a word. It was just the two of them asides from Keira in the hut and Ajman has been known to flare up whenever he was challenged by an inferior in the cult. Mauna finally leaves the room to pass the information to the partners.

As soon as Ajman was sure Mauna had left he fondles with Keiras body, astonished at her beauty. He is definitely on the right track. He smiles and thinks of a way to carry out his plan. He would have to take her as far away as possible else it would be him on the table. For now he would have to face the partners and stall the investigation. He leaves the hut and discusses with some fishermen to alert him if anyone tries to enter the hut when he is away.

Ajman and Mauna arrive for the meeting an hour later to discuss the new development with the partners

“Ajman can you please explain to us what your analysis was of the candidate and why she cannot be used as planned? Asked the senior partner.

Still holding up the act Ajman replies “She would be useless to us  if we continue with the plan, we have to look for another candidate”

“We have put in a lot of investment into this candidate, and we expect to make returns” said the partner

Ajman cannot explain further at this point, but is hopeful the boat arrives on time to pick Keira from the hut to his hideout before they would flee the country as planned.

Not convinced with the response from Ajman the partner speaks

“We the partners are calling for a second opinion” said a partner getting irritated “Mauna please get another doctor that knows his job well because in my opinion the candidate is fit”. The meeting ends and everyone disperses.

Troubled Ajman rushes back to the hut and solicits the help of the same fishermen to help move Keira to the Marina immediately after the meeting, telling them he was trying to save her life.

As they arrive at the marina, the boat arrives just in time, picks up Keira and Ajman and heads out to Ajman’s hideout. Just then the second doctor arrives with Mauna to the hut and they are surprised to meet it empty.

“We have to leave the island this night said Ajman to the fisherman, can you please hide us for the night.”

Keira is so weak she cannot struggle but is well aware of her surroundings; she has been tied to restrict movement. When would this nightmare be over she thinks? That night she struggled to stay awake for fear that she could be killed not knowing Ajman’s plan but slowly drifted to sleep as the sea breeze caresses her body.

Before dawn Keira is woken by the voices of the fisherman and Ajman as they try to propel the boat into the sea so they can leave for Ghana where Ajman grew up in an orphanage home.

The boat ride was an unpleasant one for Keira, she threw up five times and was sea sick throughout. After two days they finally arrive Ghana in the evening.

Ajman waited till dark before taking Keira out of the boat and into the Peugeot 504 parked near the marina. He had called his chauffeur to make sure everything was planned perfectly.

“Welcome Sir, Sure nice to see you, how was your trip” asked the Chauffeur

“Thanks Polycap, it was fine. Please help me lift her into the boot of the car” They both lift her into the boot gently. Polycap not asking any questions as has always been the norm. He knows Ajman is an illegal trafficker but never has he brought his life victims to Ghana, only the organs for him to deliver to high net worth buyers.

The Chauffeur drives slowly to avoid bumps along the road and the police usual check points; he has mastered all the tricks based on the nature of his job.

They arrive home without a hitch. Ajman takes Keira to a room inside the mansion he has built from scratch form his ill-gotten money. As he tries to take off the ropes from her hand he quickly addresses her to avoid surprises

“Please listen attentively to me” Said Ajman.” Starting today you are my submissive and I your Dominant, this means you are to do whatever I tell you to without questions. Should you question my actions you would be punished by me. If you try to escape, I would be violent with you, please cooperate as you owe me your life.”

Staring in confusion is Keira, she has seen this in the movies but she has not in her wildest dreams expected to be living it out.

Ajman undresses Keira and gives her a bath, for fear of being punished Keira did not object, not knowing what the punishment would be.

“I don’t know why I have a special fondness for you Keira, the only way I can express it is through this. Please understand.” Ajman said as he carries her to the bed. There is black laced lingerie placed neatly on the bed, Ajman sits on the bed and watches Keira as she slips into the lingerie. Smiling he walks to the door, locks it and leaves.

“Is this still part of the surprise?” Keira talks quietly to herself as she sobs “When would Paul jump out from wherever he is hiding and tell me this is all a joke”.

Looking round the room for an escape route she discovers the window behind the curtains is without protection but they are on the third floor. She starts to think. The earlier she makes it out of here the better her chances of surviving.


Keira quickly rushes to the bed and pretends like she was sleeping. “I have food for you ma, please eat, master would be furious if you don’t” said the cook

“Thank you” She mumbles.

“You don’t speak unless asked to” says Ajman as he enters the room, looking more handsome having changed into a white linen shirt and blue shorts” I would let this go but next time I would punish you”.

Keira listens to his footsteps as they fade away into the dark corridor behind the door as Ajman leaves the room after observing her for some time

If I tie this bed sheet by the window I can make it past the second floor and jump down, Keira thinks to herself, not uttering a word for fear of being heard. She would have to do this late in the night when Ajman would be fast asleep.

She can hear Ajman through the thin door, talking to a woman whom she believes to be his house keeper. The place is pretty neat for someone who barely lives here, though the aesthetics is rather ancient the house is built to taste

After some hours, Keira is sure everyone should be asleep; she pulls out the bed sheets and knots the edges to form a rope

“I can do this” Keira reassures herself as she climbs out through the window.

She jumps and makes it to the ground without hurting herself. Looking round the compound for an exit, she spots the gate. It’s locked but she would have to jump over, a skill she learnt in secondary school.

She jumps over the gate and lands at the other end

Keira is happy to have landed without a scratch and quietly. Looking to her sides and behind her, she can tell she is alone, no one in sight.

Quietly she tiptoes to the beginning of the close, looks both ways for anyone in sight and begins to run.

As she approaches the beginning of the street, She can see a bright light from afar. “It could be anyone, better safe than sorry” quickly she ducks behind some bushes.

“Shh, that was close” she thinks loudly.

As she turns to leave the bush to her amazement…


To be continued…

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