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I finally completed my job on Tobi and the taste of power has made me want more. I needed to experience more sensations and I needed more jobs. The boarding house would have solution.



Two weeks later I said bye to mum as she dropped me off at school, my request had been granted I was now officially a boarder. It took some time to adjust to the routine, morning prayer by 6am, breakfast at 7:30am, classes till 3pm, lunch at 3:30pm and then prep at 4pm just before evening meal and then lights out. Lights out was however mere words to my mates, that I soon discovered for it always seemed that the very night had its own special activities oblivious to the house master.

My house masters and teachers took an immediate liking to me, it was no wonder because I had always been exceptional with my academics and even represented the school at major competitions. So it seemed boarding house was a mere normal routine… Nothing jolted out of the normal, I didn’t even know exactly what I sought. The first time had been Tobi, he was family and was just close by, this time it had to be clean and must leave no traces. Now how to accomplish this was my problem…
I had spent about a month when I met my next job. This one was strange because he was way older than I was and as at when we met I didn’t think he was going to need liberation. He had just resumed as a corper and assigned to take my literature class. It didn’t take a long time before I became his class favourite, I always took my new poems to him for opinion and corrections and with time it became a regular visit to his lodge. My classmates absolutely couldn’t understand the bond I had formed with uncle wale and I really didn’t see what was coming as it shook me and almost dislodged my whole world.
It was on one of those nights when we all came out of our rooms with our mattresses to sleep on the corridor… I was a known deep sleeper and I had fallen quickly into my slumber. My dorm mates had planned to carry out a friendly prank on me. We would gently lift someone who was a known deep sleeper and drop the person on the bare floor hoping that when the cold floor gets to him he would wake and we would all have a good laugh. But that day was an especially Tiring one for me as I had spent the day reading and going through some assignments. I didn’t take the prank easily and stormed off angrily to lodge. I knew he would be up grading assessments as I had assisted him on many occasions.
“Knock! Knock!”
“Who’s that? ”
“It’s me Kelvin”
” The door isn’t locked ”
I opened up and entered the room. It was lit up with bright lights and I could see papers scattered everywhere , I was right he was grading some assessments.
I walked to the bed and sat down.
“What’s wrong?” He asked me
I told him about the prank.. He laughed and said it’s all part of the secondary school experience. I replied I didn’t enjoy this one and ranted off again about how hectic my day was and how I was expecting to have a good rest which the prank ruined.
“Don’t worry you can catch up on your sleep here.”
He stood up and laid the bed for me and I snuggled in and in no time I was asleep.

Something felt wrong , I opened my eyes without moving my body. Something was moving in my pants. My heart was beating faster than normal, I couldn’t understand what was happening. His hands moved lower and he touched my organ….tears dropped from my eyes.. I shut my eyes tight praying for it to end. The clock read 2:05am I had few more hours before I could leave. I shut my eyes tighter and willed myself to sleep. I felt scarred and dirty. I cried inwardly the rest of the night.
The morning came and I couldn’t wait to get out of the lodge. The rest of my day went by in such a haze. Reading about molestation and experiencing one was apparently different. Subsequent days all passed by with me avoiding him and totally avoiding his class.
This wasn’t me, this wasn’t Kelvin… The shock was greater than any previous sensation I had felt before and I was at a loss at what to do. I kept a great distance from everyone and spent a lot of time thinking and relieving that night. I knew what I had to do… I needed to get myself back and to do that he had to go. He had to go.
The last few weeks in the boarding house I plotted and strategized. It had to be a clean one as there would be a lot of attention garnered around this one. I kept to myself for fear that I would betray my plans.
My day came..and I had to be fast. I stole into his office and took his keys. I knew he took afternoon baths just before lunch, the job would go smooth if I was done before he came in to have his bath.
The previous night I had stolen a bottle of acid from the masters quarters and I knew just what to do with it.
I unlocked the room and headed straight for the bathroom. I could see he had set down a bucket of water before he left. Good this would be smoother than I thought, I was worried he was going to be spooked if he got back and met a bucket of water which he didn’t set. Such a little mistake could ruin everything. I made to pour in the acid solution into the bath water.. But that would mean a possible diluted solution that might not do the job.
“Damn I hadn’t thought well enough of that part of the job”
“I need you gone, I need you gone! ”

I kept muttering to myself as I scanned the room thinking of what to do. Then my eyes fell on the sports water bottle which he always carried to meals at the dining hall and took whifs out of the bottle every now and then. Only I knew that there was always some alcohol in the bottle… I opened it and poured in just enough as it already contained a drink, locked and dropped it carefully so as not to spook it. I took one more scan of the room before I exited.
In 10 minutes I calculated as soon as I sat down in the dining hall with my food on my table, Corper Wale would have a seat at his table and just before he started eating would take a long drink out of the bottle. He always predictably does this like clock work so I was confident that the routine wouldn’t change this time.
He walked into the dining hall looking all confident in himself…..if only looks could kill, he would have dropped dead this instant. However the end was near and I took satisfaction in that.
Few minutes later I looked up as he took the bottle off the table and opened it, my eyes widened in anticipation. He paused and turned to answer another teachers question….
“Get back at it already” I screamed inwardly.
Pictures of what was about to come filled my head, the mad rush that would ensue to save him… Too late I made…… A loud scream broke me out of my thoughts…. More screams followed.. It had started.
I made through the crowd and came up front. There lay corper wale.. He had foam and blood pouring out of his mouth and nose…. He was jerking and his eyes twitching… His fist balled up in a last struggle. I looked at him, I felt no sensation, I felt no liberation.. This was a waste… A necessary waste. The teachers finally got him on a stretcher and moved him to the clinic. I took one last look at him and retreated back into the crowd. It was done.
There was an emergency assembly the next morning announcing his death and the opening of a formal investigation into what happened to him.
This was my final week in secondary school, I knew I wouldn’t witness the case unfold, more so I was travelling again for vacation before resuming to the university.
A week later I packed my bags and headed to the airport…. Mark awaited and with him more sensations and liberation.


Authors note :
What became of me as I left second set school after such a traumatic experience. Expect the finale to find out exactly what transpired.

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