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Afraid that I was coming home late, afraid of what he would do and also afraid because he was so calm and deliberate.
Back in the day when we were dating, making me breakfast in bed was one of Peter’s ways of apologizing after we had a fight. And I loved it.
So, today as I walked to the table I tried to think what this was all about.
“Sit” he said. And I sat down not sure what to expect.
“How was your day” he asked. “Fine” I answered, I was getting very scared, was this the calm before the storm. I wondered what he had planned. Peter’s attitude today reminded me so much of our dating days and how I was so sure I had found the best man.
Back then he used to be this very considerate man with whom I could truly be myself. But everything was different now.
I opened the dish in front of me, pounded yam and Ogbono filled with meat. It was hot and he put the soup and pounded yam on the same plate just the way I liked it.
Peter knew I liked meat and so he had spared no expense in preparing the meal there was plenty to chew.
“Did you succeed in getting your ID card” I was quite surprised that he remembered.
“No” I answered. “Eat” he said. And I thought what if the food is poisoned which would explain why he was being so nice.
Then he took a morsel and swallowed. I ruled out poison.
I suddenly felt sad because things had degenerated so badly I would even contemplate the thought that my husband could poison me.
Peter was quite good at playing mind games and this had me always questioning the motive in whatever action he took. So right now I was thinking if there was something more sinister coming after the food. He took another morsel and asked why I was not eating. And so I threw all caution to the winds and dug in. And I enjoyed the meal.
After eating we sat down and talked and lost track of time just like old times.
I saw my husband laugh again for the first time in what seemed like ages and it felt good. It felt so good I lost my guard and laughed heartily at his jokes. I checked the time and was shocked to see that it was almost midnight.
“Let’s go to bed” Peter said. Another shocker, we had not slept in the same room for months and so I was taken aback by the suggestion, he must have seen the shock on my face.
“Its okay” he said.
This was sure a night of surprises. The fear I had felt earlier when I came back home returned. I was afraid once again we had fought for so long I had forgotten how to be a wife.

Peter’s words took me back to another time years ago when we just got married.

My husband then was my angel and my world. And I was so so happy. I remember trying to match make my friend Charlotte with a friend of his. But it did not work out Charlotte said Peter’s friend Jay was lacking in finesse, and Jay said Charlotte was too fussy and that was how my one attempt at match making went.

When we started having problems and Peter hit me the first time it was to Jay I went.

But his efforts at intervening did not do me much good. After Jay had a talk with Peter he came home and gave me the beating of my life. Stripped me naked and tried to drag me out of the house by holding to my breast.

He said I exposed him to ridicule by discussing our fight with his friend Jay, and insisted that he must expose and disgrace me before the world like I had done by discussing his private matter with his friend.

He left me with a black eye and a split lip and I had to call in to the office sick because I did not know what excuse to give my colleagues and friends to explain how battered I looked.

And things went downhill progressively from then on with Peter saying I had no respect for him and he was going to show me how to respect a man.

I was very confused in the early days. I guess this was because I was trying to reconcile the Peter I used to know to with the monster I now lived with.

I remember when my sister came visiting I tried to act lovey dovey with my husband, but he always looked at me with suspicion. Thank God he was hardly home and so it was easy to deceive my sister that he was preoccupied with a project he was working on.

My sister came to attend a job interview and I prayed really hard for her not to get the job because I did not want her to know what was actually going on.

If she knew she would tell my Mom when she got back home and I did not want that. My Mom was a single parent and she had raised both of us single-handedly, she had become hypertensive around that time and I did not want her worrying about me.

I broke out of my reverie and sighed, I looked up at peter and said a silent prayer…


Editors Note: Mmmm What is peter really up to? Find out in the next chapter

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